State Fair and the End of Summer

I spent all day yesterday at the Puyallup Fair with my Dad. We got to see everything from the quilts and jellies to draft horses and cows. For some reason the Scient~LOL~ogists had their own booth with their creepy free “stress test”. It was definitely a what-the-fuck moment. Sadly the commercial booths weren’t handing out swag this year, which was sad because I wanted to see how many free pens, pencils and candy I could come home with. 

Up near the arts and crafts show I added about four rows to a knit scarf that will be donated when it’s completed. I don’t know to whom it will be donated…but it was a pretty neat idea. We saw a free show about draft horses and, oh my god, those are big fucking horses. You really have no idea how big they are until a whole team pulls up to the grandstand and they look at you from over the railing. I did, in fact, take pictures and video but I’m still trying to figure out how to get them off my phone. Apparently my phone doesn’t want to share it with anybody. When it’s ready to come out of time out, pictures will be posted.