On the eve of Skyrim: Special Edition’s release, let us remember one of the greatest moments in the history of both Giant Bomb and Skyrim.

Demisexual Yuuri is canon in my heart and soul oh my god

  • Does NOT like anyone pushing him before he’s emotionally ready
  • Does NOT like getting touchy feely with someone he’s not comfortable with AT ALL
  • He’s slow to warm up to people but once he is, he loves them to death
  • He’s able to access his emotions really well, but only for a certain few
  • Honestly he sees people in either a familial or platonic sense and has, so far, only seen VICTOR in a sexual sense

like….. I don’t make the rules friendos………….. Demi!Yuuri

There’s a big difference between an affirmation and a question.  When you say to yourself, “I’m happy; I’m happy; I’m happy,” this might cause you to feel happy if you produce enough emotional intensity, change your physiology and therefore your state.  But in reality, you can make affirmations all day long and not really change how you feel.  What will really change the way you feel is asking, “What am I happy about now?  What could I be happy about if I wanted to be?  How would that make me feel?”  If you keep asking questions like this, you’ll come up with real references that will make you begin to focus on reasons that do in fact exist for you to feel happy.  You’ll feel certain that you’re happy.
—  Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within