The #Annunaki taught humans the secrets of #levitation(#antigravity). You can see this Annunaki #giant in this famous#Sumerian #cylinderscroll that has been analyzed dozens of times by scholars, but the #secret eludes them. You need 4 things to reverse the magnetic polarity in an object.
1. #Magnetic field generator. The Annunaki king is sitting on that device. Notice the Lions on the box facing opposite each other. That represents the opposing #magneticfields.
2. #FieldAmplifier. That’s the technology device in the Annunaki kings hand. He uses that to control and modulate the magnetic field.

3. #Cymatic frequency generator. The #cymatics are the most important. You must place the cymatic frequency directly on top of the object that you want to levitate. You can generate a cymatic frequency using a home stereo speaker and amp. Research cymatics in your free time.
4. A loud #whistle. Notice the 2 men #whistling behind the man lifting the stone table with 1 hand. The whistling tone interacts with the magnetic field and the cymatic frequency and the atoms in the stone table reverse polarity greatly reducing the tables gravitational field.
If you have been following my page for a while, you would have seen a post that I made about my visit to the #CoralCastle in #Miami Florida. It was built in modern times by a 4 foot 11 inch tall man named #EdwardLeedskalnin. He claimed to have rediscovered the secrets of ancient #Egyptian stone building and Stone levitation. He worked alone and could often be heard whistling. Edward used a very similar device as shown above in this post.
All matter in the #3rdDimension can be completely manipulated because matter is only a #frequency condensed into a slower #vibration. Everything is vibration, sound and frequency emanating from electromagnetic waves. (In the beginning was the Word = Frequency and vibration) Let That #4biddenknowledge Marinate. Good night.

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My new giant femboy character Miki. Here’s his bio:

Name: Miki Kriemhild
Nationality: Born in Germany where his mother is from, moved to Japan with her where his father is from after they married.
Personality: Dim, Righteous
Age: 18
Skin: Peach
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown (Dyes black often)
Height: 5"2
Biography: A senior in high school, set back a year due to failure. He was abducted by aliens and experimented on resulting in his sudden growth and his strange power. Every use of said power makes his maximum height increase. To what extent is based on the condition of who he uses it on. He uses these powers to deal with social problems and minor crime fighting.

He’s a wannabe slut who just can’t bring himself to be so shallow. Despite wanting to just be a tool to satisfy his own and others desires, Miki has a very strong sense of justice. His small frame belies just how much he’ll explode when he sees any form of mistreatment. Especially for people who don’t deserve it, can’t fight back, or are known to him to be good already. He has a soft spoken best friend named Toboe who he confides a lot in, but never notices the advances of.

Miki: “Why can’t I just be shallow like everyone else!”
Toboe: “…cause you’re simultaneously too dumb and too smart to be.”

-Size changing, with the maximum height change based on how many people he’s [Redacted], and how terrible of people they were.
-Constant mass, no matter how big or small he is he always has the same mass equal to his maximum size
-Changeable Weight, despite his mass beign constant he can change his weight. Allowing his force to be that of his usual diminutive minimum size up to the force of his massive giant form.


Three days have passed since Applejack experienced a growth spurt after assisting Twilight Sparkle in a royal pillowfight. To keep her friend safe in the furious battle, Twilight outfitted Applejack with enchanted garments that greatly amplified one’s inherent magical properties. While the garments kept Applejack alive and even a force to be reckoned with, they effectively unleashed her natural magic and she managed to accidentally grow herself. 

A lot. 

For the foreseeable future Applejack is stuck because, being the one to ‘cast’ the spell, she is also the only one that can undo it. Twilight seeks to keep everything a secret among her closest friends and the mayor for as long as she can but it’s only a matter of time before the Big Apple is discovered.