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will looks like such a pretty nerd in that fbi photo like, it's no wonder hannibal fell so hard look at that soft puppy *~*

I read your ask and was smothered with the image of Will Graham being a giant comic book nerd (his dad would buy him comics as a kid because they were cheap and Will liked to read and he could walk into a gas station/grocery store and pick one up/let Will choose whichever one without being worried about the price

Will would grow up and save his money from the odd jobs he takes to buy a ticket to a comic convention and get hit on by literally every single person because he really is the prettiest nerd with those curls and those big glasses he wears to avoid any and all eye contact and those gorgeous eyes that change color depending on the light framed by thick pretty lashes–he’s devastating–and all he wants to do is to buy that damn rare comic he heard was going to be sold here, but the social aspect is killing him, it feels like every five minutes he has to step outside and get some air away from all those emotions and then get hit on again

and then when he finally can order his merch online? And he has a stable job with some spare income? He can’t stop himself from buying that limited edition Captain America

and all this culminates in Will living on the first floor of his two story house, Hannibal asking why he doesn’t use the second floor and Will wondering which would scare Hannibal ‘loves classical music and likes to slip French into every other damn sentence and would probably rather die than eat a Big Mac’ Lecter more, Will secretly liking how he felt when he killed or the fact that the reason he lives on the first floor of his house is because every room of the second story is filled wall to wall with boxes of comics.)

(answer: Hannibal asks to read his favorite comic book–because love–and Will word vomits his nerdiness at him at such a rate Hannibal’s pants are off and Will is showing him his favorite panel of bare chested Captain Rogers.)

It Happens

Prompt: Growing/Shrinking

AU: ???

 This idea literally came to me while I was writing for a different idea and I just really like it for some reason. Enjoy!

“Thanks again for letting me stay with ya Mark.” Jack said as he placed his suitcase down on the guest bed. Mark was leaning against the doorway, a smile on his face.

 “Course, it’s not a problem. It’s just stupid how the hotel gave your room away because you were ten minutes late.” Mark scowled and Jack sighed.

 “Yeah, that was a bunch of bull, wasn’t it?” Mark hummed in agreement. “Next time, just stay here. I’ve got plenty of room.” Jack smiled.

 “Well, maybe I’ll take you up on that offer, depending on how this visit goes.” Jack chuckled. He was joking of course. He was very grateful towards Mark’s offer. Mark chuckled along with him and started stepping away from the door.

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