Let’s Play Grow | Keep | Shrink!

Here’s how this works:

Send a character to my ask box, from any form of media, be it games, movies, books, whatever, and I’ll tell you whether I’d grow them, shrink them, or keep them the size they are! I’ve seen a lot of things, but I haven’t seen everything, so I’ll do my best with things I haven’t seen yet.

Submit away! :D


Here’s my half of the Art Trade with @mo-mowritesgt! She requested a scene from the writing prompt she got awhile ago. On top of that, she suggested I doodle my favorite scene from the See Me story, in which I drew Tori giving Wes a kiss before heading out! I hope you like it, and thank you again for trading with me!

See her side of the trade here!

-Please don’t use or repost without my written permission!! Don’t interact if you are 18+ as well, thank you!-


Yuihin by PatrickHarperCR2
Via Flickr:
at Adventure world, Wakayama, Japan