giant wrestler

Sam Sylvia

Problematic as HELL BUT

* Takes a backhand from a GIANT WRESTLER for Carmen
* Tells Debbie how smart and talented she is, and recognises how she had been mistreated by her previous employers
* Is incredibly supportive of Ruth during her abortion
* Apologises to Cherry, Justine and Ruth when he is hurtful
* Loves dogs


While I’m on Team Rowlet (because I REALLY just love birds so much), I still DO adore the Litten line, but more specifically, Incineroar. It’s design just calls out to me in the way Hawlucha drew me into it, apart from being a bird, because it’s a Luchador.

LIKE, can you imagine all the cat-like things you can make Incineroar do?? WITH THAT DESIGN?! Because you have to admit, making the wrestler tiger do the cat thing is pretty damn amusing to even imagine, LIKE…

The most cat-like thing I can get from its design is the fact that you probably can’t touch its stomach because of the fire belt. But like…have you ever tried to touch a cat’s stomach in the first place?

I want to imagine this fucker just bringing fainted Hawlucha to your door like, “I beat them for you.”

Flying/Fighting vs Fire/Dark, Incineroar will be pretty damn PLEASED if it can bring that toddler-sized luchador bird that’s known for taking on Hariyama and Machamp to your door. Because by any other means, Hawlucha would have had the advantage. But NOT THIS TIME, so Incineroar wants you to see its conquest against a typing that it doesn’t do so well against.

(I’m using Hawlucha as an example because cats and birds and what better Pokemon to pair the wrestler tiger than the luchador bird?)

This giant buff tiger just sleeping on your pillow and you waking up next to it in the morning, like doesn’t even give a shit that they’re huge, THEY CAN MAKE IT WORK. It probably get pretty damn annoying in the summer or in some high temperature area because of the fire-typing.

Or the best of all things: BOXES.

If it fits, I sits…if it doesn’t BURN.


C A T  N I P



Except go a step further because this thing is a wrestler, like…”oh hey, looks like we’re gonna have to replace the table because Scoville forgot that they weren’t a Torracat anymore.”

*breaks a mirror* “God dammit, Scoville, that’s seven years bad luck!!”

Or just a hilarious situation in that an Incineroar will try to play with you BY FUCKING SUPLEXING YOU OR SOMETHING. Like, halfway through hug, you get German Suplexed by this fucker.




so i was playing Inquisition when my father arrived, stared at the screen for a few minutes and then asked me why was I trying to kill a dragon with a giant horned wrestler, maleficent and freddie mercury

Preference #26: He sees you with another guy after your breakup (his POV)

Harry: I groaned. “You need to socialize," Liam had scolded before dragging me away to Funky Buddha. I didn’t even like this place. I didn’t know why Liam was so obsessed with this place. It was loud and crowded, people flirting and talking around the room. The dance floor was crowded with girls dancing in tight, short dresses, swinging their hips like they didn’t have a care in the world. But all I saw was y/n. That girl has the same color as y/n. That girl has that little birthmark on her neck like y/n. I watched as Liam make his way over to a group of bunch of girls. I turned to follow him, but I froze. There she stood, looking like she had popped out of the latest issue of Vogue. Her hair was cascading down her back in soft curls. A tall, muscular guy with biceps that made mine look like tiny sticks had his arm around her waist. She was smiling at him, her eyes twinkling the way they never did around me. Her skinny arm was around his waist as he pulled her close, pressing his lips to hers. I felt my stomach turn and twist. Liam looked back. "Oh, mate, I’m so sorry, I wouldn’t have made you come if I knew she would be-” he said. I pried my gaze away from the happy couple. “It’s fine, let’s get out of here." You broke up with her, I reminded myself, but my eyes kept flying back to her and her new boyfriend. 

Liam: "Happy birthday, Niall!” I said as I gave him a hug. Me and the boys were throwing him a party at Zayn’s flat. I looked around the room and I saw Zayn, eyeballing me and motioning me to come over. “What’s up?” I asked as I made my way over to him. “I’m sorry, but I had to invite her, okay? She was Niall’s, like, sister. I didn’t expect her to come but-” “What?” I cut Zayn off. “Who are you talking about?” Zayn stared at his shoes nervously. “Um.” he said. “Zayn, come on.” “y/n is here.” he said. “What?” I said, looking around the room hastily. There she was, standing there in a pretty t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans she’d had since forever. Wait, she was with someone. A guy. “Who is she with?” I asked, staring at her. He was tall. Handsome. A bit older than her. “Are you gonna go say hi-” Zayn started to say, but I was already making my way over. “Hey, y/n. How’s it going? I didn’t think you’d be here,” I said casually, ignoring the sting of jealousy in my chest. “Hi, Liam.” she said, her voice a little sharp, but nice enough, “this is my boyfriend, MIke.” she said, Of course. The word boyfriend felt like a giant pro wrestler was knocking me down to the ground. But I knew it was over. She had moved on. “Nice to meet you, Mike. I’m Liam, her ex.” I said, before walking away quickly, disappearing into the crowd she she wouldn’t see the tortured look on my face.

Niall: “Greg, this store is for old people. Let’s go somewhere else.” I said. I was helping Greg buy the perfect anniversary gift for Denise. He was going around the mall, going in every store that sold women’s jewelries. “I think I just saw a pretty necklace. I’ll be right back.” Greg said. I sighed. I saw a bench nearby, and sat down. I was about the pull my phone out the pocket and text Louis or something, but I saw someone. y/n. She was with a guy. He had long, straight brown hair that swept across his forehead, kind of like Liam’s old haircut from when we were on the X Factor. He was tall, his muscular arm intertwined with y/n’s arm. Even though we had broken up months ago, I still felt a little twitch of jealousy in my stomach. I scrolled through my twitter feed, hoping that she wouldn’t see me. “Oh, hey, Niall!” she said cheerfully. Ugh. I looked up to find her smiling at me, holding hands with her new boyfriend who looked a lot like the older version of X Factor Liam. “y/n! Hi!” I tried to keep my voice upbeat, but I was obviously failing. “You okay?” she asked. I nodded, forcing a smile. “Oh, this is Jake, by the way. He’s my new boyfriend. Jake, this is my ex, Niall.” she said. He held out his hand. I shook it. His hand was much larger than mine, his grip strong and firm. “Nice to meet you,” he said. His voice low and husky. “Well, we gotta run. It was nice seeing you.” y/n said, her voice bubbly. She walked away. She looked so much happier now. Even though I was jealous, the part of me was glad that she found someone she could be her happy self.

Louis: I knocked three times. I gripped the box tighter. I could hear voices behind the door. Her voice, and a lower, thicker voice I didn’t recognize. The door opened. She stood, in her sweatpants and old off-the-shoulder t-shirt, but looking beautiful anyways. “Louis.” she breathed. “Who is it?” I heard a male voice. She looked behind. “It’s just, my, um, ex.” she said, her voice cracking a little. I held out the little box. I had found some things she forgot to pick up when she moved of my flat. “You left some of your things at my flat,” I told her. “Oh. Thanks.” she said awkwardly. I heard soft footsteps behind her. There stood a tall guy with dark hair and broad shoulders. My stomach lurched. Maybe she had moved on. Maybe she was completely over me. “Um, Louis. This is Sean, my boyfriend.” she said. Sean walked over. He was wearing a tight black tank top that showed off his huge biceps. He smirked at me before sliding his arm around y/n’s shoulder. I gritted my teeth. I knew he was doing it to piss me off, and it was working. y/n didn’t deserve to date a cocky, arrogant asshole like him. But as she turned and pressed her lips to his, I knew I couldn’t change a thing.

Zayn: “Okay. Romantic comedy or action?” Harry asked. I shrugged. He had made me go see a movie with him. I didn’t want to go out, I wanted to stay home and sleep. Instead, I was at this stupid movie theater with Harry basically dragging me around. “Action it is.” Harry announced. He dragged me away to the screening room, I looked back. “Wait, Harry. Let go.” I called. I felt the grip loosen. I turned to see y/n, holding hands with some guy I’ve never seen before. She was laughing at something he’d said. Her laugh was the most beautiful sound in the whole world. It was the kind of laugh that could end wars and cure cancer. The guy was laughing too. He stared at her lovingly, the way I used to look at her, the way I still looked at her. I felt something in my stomach, probably jealousy. I still loved her. I was too stubborn and arrogant to swallow my pride and ask her to take me back. Now I was too late. “Zayn, you okay?” Harry asked, his raspy voice worried. “I-I’m fine,” I said. She didn’t see me. A part of me didn’t want her to see me. She looked so happy with him, I didn’t want to be the one to ruin that. She was probably happier with him than she was with me. “Let’s just go watch that damn movie,” I announced, disappeared into the screening room.