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Feysand Smut Week #1: Public

Summary: Feyre and Rhys can never seem to keep their hands off of each other.

Rating: Explicit

A/N: So, it’s not very good. I didn’t have too much motivation to write this but I needed to do something to get myself to start writing again, so here you go. This is for the Feysand smut week! Enjoy!

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December 24th

I’ll Be Home

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Present Day:

Aelin didn’t know why she was crying. She didn’t even know she was crying, or when she started. It was only when a single tear fell down, landing on the picture of the day her and Rowan got engaged, that she realized she was, indeed, crying.

However, despite the tears, Aelin was smiling. It was a small smile, pulled up in just one corner, but it was a smile.

She always smiled when she looked at that picture.

Her heart clenched as she wiped her tears. When she looked at the photo, it brought back the memory of that day. It was one of the happiest days of her life. And it also made her realize just how much she was missing Rowan right now, on this Christmas Eve night.

Aelin looked at the clock on top of the fireplace. Rowan should be home by now. There was no pushing the thought out of her mind or thinking about anything else. Rowan should be home.

Aelin closed the photo album and placed it back under the coffee table. A sigh left her lips as she leaned back against the couch.

She should put on Evalin’s gifts. It was getting late and Aelin didn’t want Evalin to wake up to no presents under the tree. She already had to wake up to no father-

The sound of paws on the hardwood floor stopped Aelin’s train of thought. Fleetfoot rounded the corner and walked into the living room. She jumped up onto the couch next to Aelin, resting her head on Aelin’s leg.

“I know girl,” Aelin smoothed Fleetfoot’s head. “I wish he was home too.”

Fleetfoot let out a whining sound, as if agreeing.

“He’ll be home soon,” Aelin continued, trying to convince herself more then anything. “He will be. He has-” She trailed off. Her hand stopped on Fleetfloot’s head briefly before continuing. “We should get Evalin’s gifts out. Rowan can fix them when he comes home.”

Aelin looked down at Fleetfoot as she let out anything whine. With one last look at the clock - and before a new set of tears could start - Aelin stood up.

“Come on, girl.”

Maybe putting out Evalin’s gifts would keep her mind busy until Rowan got home, Aelin thought as Fleetfoot jumped off the couch. She started to make her way towards the hallway, when the sound of a key in a lock stopped her.

Both Aelin and Fleefoot froze. Slowly, almost as if she was afraid of scaring away a bird, Aelin turned towards the door. Everything moved in slow motion. The locked turned and then the doorknob, before the door was pushed opened, a dark figure stepping in.

Rowan stepping in.

Aelin didn’t breathe. She watched as he took off his coat, hanging it on one of the bar stools by the island. Like he did every day when he came home.

Then, he turned around, spotting Aelin standing there. She took in his pine-green eyes, his wind blown hair, his rosy cheeks from the cold. God, she missed him.

“Aelin,” He breathed out her name.

That was all it took for her to take off. Aelin ran to him, locking her arms around she neck as he caught her, pulling her as close as possible.

The tears started again, and Aelin cursed herself in her head. But she couldn’t help it.

“Rowan.” She breathed in his scent before stepping back not an inch.

Without another word form either of them, Aelin pulled his lips to hers. She poured every bit of love she had in her heart into the kiss. If they didn’t need to pull back for air, Aelin could have kissed him all night long.

“You’re home.” She panted once they broke the kiss.

“Of course.” Rowan pulled her close once again, placing a kiss on her forehead. “I couldn’t miss Christmas with my girls.”

“You,” Aelin pulled back to look him in the eyes. “Are never allowed to leave around Christmas ever again.”

A smile pulled on Rowan’s lips. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”

Despite the tears and the way her heart was pounding, Aelin smirked.

“Good. Cause you seem to be better on gift placement under trees then me.”

Rowan let out a deep chuckled, before pulling Aelin into his chest once more. Almost as if he also couldn’t believe he made it home.

“You should go wake Evalin,” Aelin whispered into his chest. “She misses her daddy.”

“And I miss her. And you.”

Wrapping his arm around Aelin’s shoulder, Rowan started to lead them into the hallway, towards Evalin’s room.

“And then, you can put out the gifts while I sit back and have a giant glass of wine.”

Rowan looked at Aelin, a smirk on his lips. “Just like every other year.”

“You know what,” Aelin rolled her eyes. “I don’t know why I missed you.”

“Because you love me.” Rowan turned to Aelin as they stopped in front of Evalin’s bedroom door.

“And you love me.” Aelin smiled before Rowan bent down, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

“That I do,” he mumbled before pulling back. “Let’s wake Evalin for a few minutes. I want to hold both my girls.”

As they walked in and woke up Evalin, Aelin couldn’t keep the smile off her face. She watched with so much love as Evalin rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before they landed on Rowan and she threw herself in her daddy’s arms. Rowan held her closer before cuddling in bed next to her. He pulled Aelin in so the three of them set on the top of Evlain’s bed. Then, Rowan picked up Evalin’s Christmas book and started reading, funny voices and all.

Just as it was their first Christmas together, and in all those photos in the photo album, Aelin’s heart was full with so much love. And she was forever grateful. Because Rowan was home for Christmas.

Not halfway through the book, Evalin was sound asleep once more. Rowan put down the book, but didn’t move. He simply looked over Evalin’s head, his eyes holding as much love as they met Aelin’s.

“Merry Christmas, Fireheart.” He whispered, and Aelin gave him a smile.

“Merry Christmas, Buzzard.”


Thank you all so much for joining me on this fun ride these past 12 days. I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. Happy Holidays to everyone!


Request: @hellocapnkickass- Can you please do a Supernatural scenario where the reader is not a hunter and is dating Dean, but does not travel with him.  One night, the reader forgets to turn their stove off and finds themself stuck in a house fire.  Dean, who is a couple of hours away receives a phone call from the hospital and is incredibly worried.  The reader ends up with burns and smoke inhalation but is otherwise fine.  Lots of fluff please. :)  if you could do this it would be awesome! :D

Warnings: swearing 

Tags: @brandinicole911 @everydayrandomlife


Originally posted by cursedestiel

“I’ll be back from the hunt soon sweetheart. I love you!” I can hear Dean’s smile over phone. I stir the rice on the stove, trying not to cry from missing him so much.

“Okay babe, I love you!” I say, wishing more than anything that Dean was here with me.

Hitting the end button on my phone I sigh, tonight is going to suck. Dean and I have been together for five years now, and living together for three. I have accepted the fact that he and his brother have to leave for hunts, that they are saving the world, saving me from the things that go bump in the night; it just doesn’t make my nights alone any easier.

Putting on my music to jam out, I head over to the fridge for some much needed wine. Pouring a glass of my favorite red, I start to smell the smoke.

Spinning around, I see the cat jump off the counter. In a panic I drop my wine glass. I feel the shard of glass rip through the bottom of my foot, as I rush to the stove.

The cat was batting around the dish towel, and pushed it onto the gas stove. All it took was a second for the dish towel to ignite, sending it up in flames.

Before I could make it over to the stove the towel fell to the floor. the line of fire spreads as it finds the spilt wine on the floor. I scream as I run away from the kitchen, I have to get out.

I am at the front door, grabbing the car keys when I remember, the cat. “Fuck” I scream. The house is filling with smoke. I take the stairs two at a time, knowing the cat would be in Dean and I’s room; that’s where he goes when he is scared.

Flinging the door open, I start calling his name. “Taz!!” Cough. “Taz! Come on we have to go” I cover my nose and mouth as I cough. I can feel my lungs filling with smoke, as my head feels lighter and lighter.

Getting on my hands and knees I look under the bed. Sure enough Taz is under there curled up, scared. Reaching my hand under I beckon for him to come. He looks at me scared, unsure what to do. I cry out as I feel the heat starting to surround me.

“PLEASE COME HERE!” I try and scream, but the smoke hinders me. Finally, he starts to crawl over to me. Grabbing him, I stand having to catch myself on the bed.

Every step I take towards the door is a stumble, like I am black out drunk. I manage to keep Taz cradled in my arms, he doesn’t fight me, I think he is just as paralyzed with fear as I feel.

Out of our room and into the hall I try and get to the stair case when the floor gives way under my foot. I feel my left foot touch the flames. I scream as I slide backwards, lifting my foot out of the hole in the floor.

I manage to crawl back into the bedroom. Somehow I manage to stand as the flames creep up the walls, the room dark with smoke.

I can feel darkness encroaching. I am going to die. I try and get the window open, ignoring the searing pain of hot metal from the window fixtures. Finally, they open, giving me some much need oxygen.

Throwing my leg over the side, I step out onto the roof of the garage. I thank god that we picked the house that had the garage next to our bedroom.

I stumble on the roof, letting go of Taz. He jumps down off the roof, landing safely on his feet. I am not so luck as I sit on the edge. Out of energy as I fling myself off the roof, onto the grass below, I hit the ground with a thud. Feeling the cool grass on my face as fall out of consciousness.

Dean’s POV:

Sam and I check into the hotel for the night. I drop my bags on the bed, and run my hand through my hair. God I miss (Y/N).

Stripping out of my cloths, I plan to hop in the shower when my phone rings from across the room. My heart picks up, hoping it is (Y/N) again, wanting to hear her voice.

I frown as I see an unknown number flash on my screen. I answer. “Hello?”

“Hello, is this Dean?” the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

“Yes, this is him.” I tense. I get a bad feeling from this.

“This is Sargent Thomas, from the Naples police department. I have some bad news regarding a (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N).” He pauses briefly. “There was a fire tonight, that engulfed your house.” My heart stops. “(Y/N) was found unconscious on the back lawn. It looks like she went through the bedroom window, onto the garage roof to escape. She is alive.” I feel the tear slip down my cheek at the news, breathing a sigh of relief. “She is currently at Naples Hospital receiving treatment. She also got your cat out of the house, and he is at Naples Animal Hospital being checked out. Both should recover fully.” I break down, fully crying now. Sam comes over and puts his hand on my back as I give my thanks to the officer. Wiping my face, I end the call and fill Sam in on everything that happened.

It takes no time for us to be back in the car, and on the way home.


The beeping is loud and annoying. I feel a pain in my feet and legs. Taking a breath my lungs feel like they are on fire. What happened? The darkness consumes me once again.

Dean. The beautiful green eyes, soft kissable lips. The love of my life. I swear I can hear him. God I would give anything to be with him right now.

“When will she wake up?” I hear Dean say. Confusion washes over me. Who is he talking about? Me? Where am I?

I try and open my eyes to see where he is. I need to see him.

I am surprised by how hard it is to open my eyes. I scream in frustration as I use all my strength. Finally, I see a ray of light. Its blinding. I close my eyes again feeling the burn of the light.

“Did you see that Sammy! She opened her eyes!” Dean sounds so happy and excited, like a puppy.

“I don’t know Dean; I didn’t see anything.” Sam voice sounds tired and concerned, but Sam almost always sounds like that.

“That’s bullshit Sammy, I Saw it. I think she can hear us!” Suddenly there is a pressure on my right hand. It feels warm and comforting. I know it dean’s hand; only he could make me feel this way. “Babe, if you can hear me. Please, please open your eyes. I need to see your beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes. Please.”

I try. I use every bit of mental and physical strength I have and slowly I see the bright white lights come into view.

I feel Dean’s hand tighten and hear Sam stand from his chair. I turn my head, wincing at the pain on my neck.

Dean sit in a chair on my right. Hands clutching mine. A smile that looks out of place with the tears filling his beautiful eyes.

“…” Only a croak come out as I try and speak.

“Hey, hey gorgeous. Oh you have no idea how much I love you.” He puts his head in the nook of my neck. I can feel his tears soak into my hospital gown.

I try and speak again. “wh…” my throat and mouth are so dry; I can barely make a noise.  

“Sam, get her some water please!” Sam nods.

“Of course, I’ll be right back.” Sam gets to the door, when he turns around and looks at me. “oh and it’s good to see you awake (Y/N)” I nob my thank you, not even trying to talk again.

Dean and I are finally alone. “You scared the crap out of me.” He sits back down in his chair, clutching my hand like he was afraid I was going to leave.

We sit in silence for what feels like hours. I had so much to say, it was killing me not to be able to say anything.

Sam comes back bringing a nurse with him. She is beautiful and smiling at Dean when she enters, causing my hand to tighten around his. He laughs at me scowling at her, knowing full well I was annoyed with the leggy blonde.

She comes over and does her medical thing, but her eyes and attention stayed on Dean. my blood boils. She finishes her test or flirting with my boyfriend, whatever you want to call it, and brings me a cup of water with a straw.

I lift my hand to grab it, when I “accidentally” lose my grip and spill it down the front of her pants, making it look like she peed herself. Dean burst out laughing, while her face turns bright red. She says it’s okay, it happens sometimes; but gives me a dirty look as she gets another cup of water and helps me drink through the straw.

Nurse “Stay in your lane”, as I decide to name her, leaves. Dean laughs again. “lying in a hospital bed, and you still manage to make sure every girl knows I’m yours.” I give the biggest smile I can in response.

Dean leans over and kisses me on the forehead. My eyes start to feel heavier and heavier. Dean can see my eyes slowly start to close. “you can go to sleep. It’s okay, I’ll be right here.” With that I fall sleep once again, a smile on my face.

Three days later:

I have burns on my feet and legs, along with a giant cut from the wine glass. The doctor also said I inhaled a lot of smoke and my lungs were going to take the longest to recover. I have to take it easy, and walking as much as from the bedroom to the bathroom down the hall would feel like hell.

I can talk again though which is nice. I could tell the annoying nurse all about Dean and I’s amazing relationship.

I am being released from the hospital today. Sam said Dean and I can stay at his house till ours is rebuilt.

Sam and Dean picked Taz up from the animal hospital. He took in a little too much smoke as well, but will be fine, and he really loves Sam’s house.

We are putting our bags in Sam’s guest room when Dean stops in front of me. “(Y/N) I love you so much.”

“I love you too Dean.” I say. Suddenly he drops to one knee. And pulls out a little red box.

“I have had this for a while, I just need the perfect moment to give it to you. But I can’t go another day without knowing you will be mine forever.” I put my hands over my mouth. Tears forming in my eyes. “will you (Y/F/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N) marry me?”

“Yes! Of course I will!” He stands up, and slips the diamond ring onto my finger. Slipping his hands around my back he pulls me close, and kisses me so soft yet so passionate I lost my breath and had to sit on the bed.

Clapping and congratulations come from Sam, who is standing in the door way watching. He and his brother hug, and when I catch my breath he hugs me too. Taz jumps up on the bed, and rubs his head on my back.

My beautiful happy family and I are alive and well.  

You’d think she’d be used to it by now. Knife ear. She’d been on the road long enough to hear it with relative frequency. But Skyhold seemed to be different. Until tonight. A single soldier drunkenly demanded a song. She obliged, but it definitely lacked her usual spark. Once she finished, she headed straight for the bar. A giant glass of wine later, she loosened up a bit.

 In the tavern, the Qunari stood out like a sore thumb. She couldn’t help but approach. Maybe a distraction would improve her mood. 

“Evenin’, handsome.”

Things I need:
- A giant glass of wine
- A cute guy to cuddle and watch Netflix (and not chill).

Things I have:
- A giant glass of wine.

I’m still pretty good with just the giant glass of wine.