giant wasps

y’know sometimes I really think about how Fallout New Vegas was an actual game that happened 

like, this was a game in a series that’s about a post-apocalyptic wasteland with a 50′s esque setting. The main character is usually from a vault or has a connection to a vault and has some goal that mostly involved saving someone, you tend to run around a shithole filled with mutated abominations and bloodthirsty raiders

and then you get this game that just 

like Fallout New Vegas was a game that included: 

  • mass murdering roman legionary cosplayers 
  • post apocalyptic cowboys and cowboy robots 
  • a dominatrix zombie 
  • a sexbot called ‘Fisto’ that you can test-fuck 
  • an entire clan of Elvis impersonators 
  • Chandler from Friends 
  • fucking giant killer wasps twice the size of a person
  • a bunch of Genghis Khan cosplayers 
  • old ladies that try to mug you with rolling pins
  • a casino that’s secretly a bunch of cannibals 

And the main character, well

Fallout 1: Your from a Vault and you have to find a water chip to save your vault.
Fallout 2: you’re from a tribe descended from a vault and you have to find a GECK to save you village.
Fallout 3: your from a vault and you have to find your dad and save the wasteland. 

Fallout New Vegas: You’re a fucking mailman from christ knows where and you have to find the asshole who shot you and then fuck up the mojave two ways from sunday. 

I dunno I just think this game was a wondrous masterpiece 

TMNT Season 1: Michelangelo saves his brothers from being eaten alive by giant mutant wasps. Nobody says thank you.

TMNT Season 5: Michelangelo leaps over perilous cliffs and dodges fire balls in order to retrieve, repair, and wield an ancient esoteric seal that controls the powers of an invulnerable hell demon. Despite the seal being allegedly impossible to fix and requiring vast knowledge to wield Michelangelo succeeds in his mission, banishing a god-tier demodragon back to the underworld and putting an end to Hell’s invasion of New York City. Nobody says thank you.


This week’s release schedule makes me look super busy!

If you didn’t catch them all, this week Jeremy wrote:

The short story “Mile Hydra” staring Giant Man in “Secret Empire: Brave New World #1″

The Unstoppable Wasp #6

Avengers #8 (co-written with Mark Waid)

And My Little Pony: Legends of Magic #3

These were of course all written months apart, but release schedules line up funny sometimes.