giant veggies

Dinner: 100 cals

So, this is probably one of my favorite foods of all time: Green Giant riced veggies (this is the cauliflower medley). You just put the bag in the microwave for 5-6 minutes, and one bag makes 4 cups!!! And there’s only 25 cals per cup, so only 100 cals total!!! And it tastes so good to me (I put a little salt on it too), and it’s really filling. I don’t feel guilty at all after eating it, which makes me feel really good about myself 😊

Stay safe and remember to eat and drink water and stay active! ♥️


Okay. NEW SERIES! I had to do it because my love for AJ is beginning to over take my whole life. I did this one based off an AU prompt that’s been floating around. Basically the OC has an antique necklace that her grandma gave her that’s got supposed special powers to find her soulmate. She obviously doesn’t believe that, until she meet AJ Styles (the man she’s been crushing on for a while now), in person for the first time and something odd happens.
I hope you all like it!

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Warnings: FLUFF
Word Count: 2869 (whoops)

Chapter One: Electricity

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How to learn to like vegetables:

1) Pick a vegetable you want to grow accustomed too.

2) Find a recipe or quick meal idea that includes that vegetable. Make sure the new veggie is not the main ingredient. Add in even less than what the recipe calls for if you have a strong aversion to the taste.

3) Cut the veggie into very tiny pieces. Get used to the new flavor before the new texture(s).

4) Gradually increase the amount of this veggie used in this recipe, but still cut into tiny pieces, and also in more recipes.

5) Start enjoying the vegetable in a more dominant way. Learning to like spinach? Make a spinach salad. Learning to like broccoli? Get one of those Green Giant veggie blends with broccoli in it. Cover it in butter, dressing, whatever you need to. Complement with fruit or dried fruit. Gradually take back the dressings of the vegetable and learn to enjoy it lighter without having to smother it.

6) Try preparing it in a number of different ways. Raw, baked, steamed, etc. With cream, with sweet, with bitter, and sour. You may enjoy one veggie only cooked, but another only raw.

7) Start ordering dishes at restaurants you enjoy or from another cook other than yourself. Learn new ways to enjoy it. Get excited about it.

NOTE: This is not necessarily a fast process. You may discover you like one veggie right away if it’s prepared one way, but another veggie may take months of an open-minded effort to learn to enjoy. Take your time, don’t get frustrated!

TIP: Every time you’ve successfully fallen in love with a new veggie, take out a negative in your life. Stop thinking about that ex, cut out a fast food place, stop biting your nails, etc. Enter the good, release the bad.

Boiled potatoes with nutritional yeast, sautéed veggies and guacamole for lunch today. 😍😋 It was delicious even though I ate too much avocado in one sitting. (It was a giant one!) 

For our veggies: onion, mushrooms, carrots, peppers, okra and zucchini seasoned with dried thyme, basil and tomato paste. Simple and tasty! For the guacamole: avocado, lemon juice and cilantro. That’s it. 😉 Kuba doesn’t like cilantro so it was all for me.

Thanks for all your nice comments on my video today, and thank you for watching. It means a lot to me to connect with like-minded people online. 🤗 I appreciate the good vibes! 💕

Not my best but it was eating my brain...

Been watching the old south park episodes. Im on season 7 now. The fun with veal episode was pretty hilarious.

More I see Stan the more I relate to his weirdness and the fact that he doesnt just want to do what everyone wants him to do.

I remember reading someone headcanoned Tweek becoming a vegetarian due to watching one of those horrible slaughterhouse videos on facebook.

In my brain this takes place in middle school.

Like and comment if you enjoy my random brain. Lol

“Craig, aren’t you a homosexual?”

Craig shut his eyes. He felt a headache start to tick in the front of his skull. Do not. Do not ever engage Eric Cartman in conversation. Pretend he doesn’t exist. Pretend you cannot hear his obnoxious voice and the even more obnoxious stupidity he says.

“W-what do you mean?”

Dammit. Tweek still hadn’t learned the art of dealing with the asshole. Now they were trapped. Blue eyes opened slowly just in time to watch Eric Cartman smirk with almost unrestrained glee at the questioning blond sitting across from him at their cafeteria table.

“Well, since Craig is a homosexual, I’m surprised he’s letting his boyfriend turn into a giant vagina.”

This was worse than he thought. What the fuck was Cartman even spouting? No matter what the nonsense though, it had the blond sputtering and with a twitch, Tweek dropped the fork he had been holding, the utensil clattering down onto his tray beside his salad.

“Agh! W-what?!” Tweeks green eyes were wide and terrified.

“Thats right. I seem to remember when Stan tried to become a vegetarian he got sick and the doctor said it was because he was turning into a giant pussy.”

“Ah! Is that true?!”

“Mmhm. That’s right.”

“Agh! I’m not a pussy!”

“Cartman. Shut the fuck up.”

“Agh!” Tweek spazzed a little. He stuck his fingers in his hair and tugged a little. Craig knew he needed to stop this right now before it got out of control.

“Oh Craig. Here to protect your vagina turning boyfriend? He already can’t stand up for himself?” Eric was getting the exact reactions he wanted from the duo and was beyond pleased with himself. Tweek would become a wreck, Craig would stand up for him. They would probably make a big scene and get detention. And he would laugh.

“Stan got sick because you guys locked yourselves in a room with baby cows for a week and all Stan was eating was apples.” Craig’s voice was even, stating the facts. His blue eyes searched for Tweek’s. They made eye contact from across the table. With just the glance Tweek started to visibly relax.

Casually Craig dropped his left arm onto the table top. Without even thinking Tweeks smaller hand was twining their fingers together. His hands were out of his hair. Good sign.

“Still doesn’t mean he wasn’t turning into a giant–”

“You can’t become a vagina by becoming a vegetarian. You can’t become a vagina at all.”

“Really? I think Tweek is a total pussy already. You’re defending him and fighting his battles. He’s such a weakling. What a wuss.”

The fingers wrapped around Craig’s instinctively twitched. One sure fire way to rile Tweek up was to insult him.

“You fight all his battles Craig? Is he some helpless princess? Just a useless spaz? A giant veggie eating pussy?”

Craig smiled. It was rare he smiled in public, in front of people he hated. It was a small smile that to his close friends knew spoke of someone’s demise. It was his smile when he knew someone was going to get what they deserved.

The fingers in his palm were clenched tight. Tweeks shoulders were shaking. But the blond was utterly silent. Green eyes were shut tight behind ashen lashes.

Craig turned his steel blue eyes to Cartman. The guy was grinning. He knew he just had to push a little harder. Tweek would meltdown. Craig would explode. Or that’s what he thought.

“Why would I fight Tweeks battles when he is more than capable of dealing with you?”

And with that Tweek jumped up out of his seat and sent a right hook that landed Cartman right on his ass, winded, gasping for breath and without a single comeback or retort.

Sure Tweek got detention. But so did Cartman and Craig. It was worth it. The look Cartman gave them in the detention hall, as Tweek was trying not to twitch and giggle as Craig doodled on Tweeks outstretched arm beside him. Their fingers interlaced briefly when Craig caught Cartman’s brown eyes staring at them like they were a couple of psychos.

Yep. We are. And we put you in your place. And we’ll do it again and again and again.

Sundays are my favourite day of the week, especially when the sun is shinning. I went on a run this morning and it wasn’t until the end of my 15km that the clouds parted and the blue sky opened up. I stood in the sun for awhile, simply enjoying the warmth, as it feels like weeks since I felt the sun. I made pancakes for breakfast, vacuumed, changed the sheets on my bed, cleaned my room, got a load of washing on the line and then spent my time reading Harry Potter outside. In the late afternoon I took my little pup for a walk and took my camera with me to take some photos. I love ending my day with a walk, whether that’s walking home from work or taking my pup down to the walking tracks around Hobart, I love the fresh air. I came home and made a giant veggie stir fry for dinner which has been demolished and my plans for the evening involve a little journaling, lots of reading and then hopefully a good nights sleep. I have tomorrow off before four days of work so I will be doing lots of food prep and a lots of washing dishes.

thxn-spx  asked:

So if I were to go into being vegan how do you recommend I start so i dont ever go binge on things I shouldn't? (only if you give tips) aha thank you ♥️

Here’s a few tips I can give you, go plant based. You can be vegan and still eat bad things like Oreos and ice cream but I know you don’t want to eat that bad stuff.
Things like that WILL make you binge. 💀💀💀
But, first off if you’re really committed to being vegan the first thing you have to do is get rid of any animal products. That way you won’t be tempted to eat them.
Then I suggest going grocery shopping, and be really precise on what you buy. So make sure you have healthy, low calorie food/snacks all stocked up. 🍎🍐🍊🍇🍓
For example a really good item is the green giants riced veggies. 🌽🥕
You’ve probably seen this floating around in this community. And I mean honestly I’ve eaten it and it tastes bland as shit, so just add a lil pepper and garlic salt to give it a little favor. Almost forgot the most important (and best tbh) part, the whole bag is 100 calories!!!

But stay safe, and try to eat a lil more when just eating fruits and such. Your body can easy digest unprocessed food so you might feel more hungry than usual at first.
Good luck 🍀 🍀🍀

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm really struggling with vegan lunch box ideas as I'm making my school menu for the week and I'm so stuck :( (this is my first week of going vegan!!!!) Xx

Hey pal!! Congrats on your first week that’s an achievement to be proud of! Here are some super easy lunch box meals and snacks:

  • PB&J sandwich
  • wrap with hummus, lettuce, carrot, tomato and felafel
  • veggie burger with beetroot and pineapple
  • carrot sticks and hummus
  • muesli with coconut yogurt and blueberries
  • a huge bunch of chilled grapes
  • trail mix
  • vegetable stir-fry
  • homemade cookies
  • bananas. lots of them.
  • homemade pizza
  • strawberries and coyo
  • dark chocolate
  • bliss balls
  • apples or apple slices with pb
  • giant smoothies
  • veggie chips
  • dried fruit

I actually have a pretty huge list of suggestions just over HERE :) That’s so cute that you have a menu for the week, always something to look forward to haha!