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Life is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis In-Depth Review

(Disclaimer: This review is from the point of view of someone who views the relationship between Max and Chloe as a blossoming romantic one. I believe that relationship to be the most major plot point of the entire 5 episode series, and I will treat it as such.)

From the very beginning, we can tell there’s more to this game than meets the eye. The very first scene of the episode shows Max encountering a giant tornado rushing toward the town of Arcadia Bay. There’s something to be said about the opening because of how insane the game begins, we know we’re in for a ride from the very start. A giant tornado hurdling toward a town in a blistering storm? You’re drawn into the mystery as much as Max is, as she questions what is happening exactly. She gets to the lighthouse and she is immediately thrust back into reality.

Max Caulfield is an 18 year old student and photographer at the prestigious art school, Blackwell Academy, in Arcadia Bay, Oregon. Because what LGBT game doesn’t take place in the Pacific Northwest these days? We’re quickly introduced to several of the other major recurring characters in the game in this scene. We meet the bitchy bully, Victoria Chase. Rich and beautiful, Victoria has a major disdain for Max from the very beginning. There’s also Max’s friend, Kate Marsh, a quiet religious girl who is the target of Victoria’s bullying. Kate just wants to be left alone, but she isn’t given that much. Finally in this scene there’s Mark Jefferson, a famous photographer who is teaching photography at Blackwell. One of the storylines, the Everyday Heroes Contest, is introduced here as a contest that Jefferson continuously attempts to get Max to enter, but she usually blows it off. The scene ends and we’re introduced to Max’s inner thoughts about everyone else that plays somewhat of a role.

Before going any further, let me just say, this game’s score and soundtrack is amazing. Every song in the soundtrack fits in with Max’s “hipster-ish” attitude that she has. I’m not much of a critic of music, so let’s move on.

From the very beginning, we’re thrust into Max’s head. Everything Max thinks, we hear as typical of this sort of game, but this time it’s a much broader picture. Max has an opinion about everyone, from Victoria’s lackeys to Dana, one of the few popular people who isn’t an ass to Max. Max has her opinions and they’re very much in line with a normal person’s thoughts. She certainly has a lot of negatives about people, mostly because she herself is more quiet than the average person. It gives good insight into how Max thinks, both about others and herself. “I shouldn’t be so catty, Dana is nice to me.” Max doesn’t think too much of herself, and in her mind she attempts to put down others to help make herself feel better. She doesn’t do this to their face, nor behind their backs, it’s simply within her head. She likes Dana, but Dana at the same time is the outgoing soul Max wishes she could be, but it simply isn’t in Max to do be that type of person.

The walls are also littered with missing posters of a girl named Rachel Amber, a major character in this game’s overall story. Max is surprised at the sheer amount of posters there actually are.

The bathroom scene gives another insight into Max’s self-loathing qualities. First off, she goes in there so she can be alone and have her “melt down” without anyone seeing. She rips the image she was going enter into the contest. This doesn’t bother her though, because the minute she sees that blue butterfly flutter in she goes to it. Fate draws her over to the corner to take a photo of that odd blue butterfly.

The first major point of the game comes in that bathroom. It’s probably the most important scene in the game. Local richboy, Nathan Prescott, comes into the girl’s bathroom and has a mini-meltdown before being confronted by a blue haired punk girl. The argument between them escalates until Nathan fires a bullet into the girl’s stomach. At this moment, Max comes out from behind the stalls and holds out her hand. Then, Max wakes up. She’s back in her classroom that she was in a few minutes prior.

The main mechanic of this game is the ability to rewind time. This type of game usually has action sequences in the form of quick time events, however Life is Strange dumps the QTEs in favor of the rewind feature. Max has the ability to rewind a few moments of her personal time to a previous point in order to change it in her favor. She accidentally breaks her camera? Rewind time. Then the camera is back to normal. It’s a pretty fun mechanic and it breaks up the monotony of similar games that have me slamming the buttons on my controller or keyboard.

Max goes through the entire scene again, this time utilizing her powers to have the outcome more favorable to herself. Victoria embarrassed Max in the original timeline, having answered something Max didn’t know. But in this case, because Victoria said the answer, Max uses her answer to get on Jefferson’s good side so she can hopefully save blue-haired girl from being shot. 

This begins Max’s crusade of her powers. These powers allow her temporary omniscience in some cases. She has full control over her own conversations and how to reply utilizing her powers. That’s probably one of them more interesting things about Life is Strange compared to other similar games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

In The Walking Dead, you have to make all of your choices at that moment. Anything and everything you say will be held against you depending on your timed answer. That’s what makes that game so great. Life is Strange takes a different approach, which helps to separate it from the others. Rather, you are not timed in your answer but rather how you answer and if you choose to change how you answer.

In a later scene, Max can speak to Brooke, another girl that she sorta knows. Brooke is flying a drone around campus, and Max doesn’t know much about that sort of thing. Brooke blows Max off as someone who isn’t that bright. Either A) Max can leave the scene or B) Rewind. She can take a look at the type of drone Brooke owns and then use that knowledge in a conversation Max has already had.

In story, Max uses this power to save the girl from being shot by Nathan. Probably a much more heroic use of her power as opposed to using it to saying the right things to other people. Of course to do this, she sets off a fire alarm. Like other games of the genre, there are certain choices that are more important than others. Max is confronted by the head of security and principal for not being outside right away. What if she was just using the bathroom and she wasn’t done yet? Great job guys, grilling some girl for using the bathroom and she didn’t get out in time from the fire alarm. 

Both David Madsen and Principal Welles play a part in the story, the former more so than the latter. David comes off as very unlikable and paranoid. Especially against an 18 year old photographer coming out of the bathroom. It takes Welles to get him out of her face, and Welles is sorta in my opinion a Skinner type character. He does his job and that’s it. You can hold that against him, sure, but he’s just doing his job in the end by asking what was wrong with Max. No matter how Max responds, it goes negatively for her in the end which makes him come off as a hardass. We can either choose to throw Nathan under a bus or not. For the sake of this review, we are throwing him under the bus.

Ugh. Let’s talk about Warren Graham, one of my least favorite characters in the game. He sends a text to Max, sending her on a quest to find his flash drive. Just from looking at his texts we see Warren has a… fixation with our heroine. He’s sent her several texts and Max has ignored most of them, until he’s like “Yo I need my flash drive back.” Max doesn’t seek him out, and only replies when he needs something that belongs to him. This becomes one of my issues, which I’ll talk about later. Warren it pretty flat as a character too. His character is basically “nice and dorky” and that’s about it.

We see how bitchy and petty Victoria really is. Because Max answered instead of Victoria in class, Victoria doesn’t let Max into the dorms. Kate makes a brief appearance sitting on a bench, but she says she isn’t in the mood to talk. Utilizing her time travel powers, Max manages to tamper with a paint can being used by Samuel, the grounds keeper, and soak Victoria in paint. For this moment you do see Victoria’s “actual” personality, which is really just being hidden by a facade she keeps up. Max can be a bitch back to her or be nice, and I usually choose the latter out of pure kindness. It shows that Max isn’t petty enough to sink down to the very level that Victoria usually sits at on Max.

Max’s room screams her, it really does. From the personality we’ve been given, her room really fits that character. From the “definitely not Catcher in the Rye” poster to her meme rug to her plentiful books on photographers, you can see that this is Max’s domain. She walks out of the shitty outside world into a world that is her own. There’s her guitar, her bed, her music, her books, her laptop, her wall of photos, etc. Basically everything that makes Max comfortable. When she lays down on her bed, she is at peace. She doesn’t have to deal with any of the bullshit that she deals with.

Observing her room, we can look at photos from her past. From her original life in Arcadia Bay to her life in Seattle. We get our first glimpse of Chloe Price, Max’s best friend from her life five years ago. Max, guiltily, admits that she has yet to contact her.

The next scene, again, really is just a play at how awful Victoria is. This time she’s messing with Dana, whom I mentioned earlier, and Dana’s best friend, Juliet. A lot of this seems to show how insecure Victoria actually is, and how she’ll target pretty much anyone she decides to put on her shit list. Juliet wrote a negative article about the Vortex Club, a group of party dogs that Victoria and Nathan run. So even though this article isn’t exclusively targeting Victoria, she is insulted enough to attack Juliet. Max manages to settle the feud between the two friends, and manages to grab the flash drive.

The flash drive presents one of the major reasons I dislike Warren. He is a creeper, simple as that. Some people don’t take him as that, I do because of obvious reasons. First off, the flash drive contains a folder labeled “MAX”. This folder was opened and seen by Dana, who tells Max about it. Warren doesn’t come off as the dorky friend with a one-sided crush. Most people don’t have a folder dedicated to just a “crush”. We see that Max just is kinda irked by it too. Depending on your actions (whether or not you interfere with Dana’s personal life), you will receive the following journal entry.

Max does not see Warren as anything more than a friend, which is why he constant attempts at shutting him down happen. And he doesn’t seem to get the memo, which makes him seem creepier when we get to a certain scene in Episode 2. And please note, that we haven’t even met the character yet, and we already know that Max does not have any romantic interest in him.

Anyways, Max gets the flash drive from Dana and we go to the next scene where we go to meet Warren in the parking lot. 

We are introduced to the first Kate choice in the game. The Kate Choices, as I call them, are a group of choices in the first two episodes that effect a major event later on in the game. These choices mostly deal with how Max reacts to how Kate is being treated by other people. Madsen is confront Kate over something, and unable to see this through any further Max can step out and defend Kate from Madsen. The player, and Max, are completely unsure of what just transpired, but Kate is thankful for Max stepping in. As passive as Max can be usually, she has a certain friendship with Kate that keeps her from being passive in that case.

We head over and when exploring the parking lot, we can look at a trashy pick up truck taking several spots up. The driver seems to be the one putting up the posters, since the back has several boxes full of them. Max can also draw on the dirty window of an RV, that becomes more significant later on.

We meet Warren, and he’s coming off as overly “touchy” the moment we meet him. “Hey Max, how are you?” Warren says, going in for a hug, which Max completely rejects because she’s there to give him back his flash drive and that’s it. There’s a certain lack of social awareness that Warren just doesn’t have, and that coupled with his fixation on Max makes him very uncomfortable to me. For the sake of this review, based on my last playthrough which is fresh in my mind for this, Max will not be pursuing much of a friendship with Warren. Most choices to Warren are negative.

We’re given a much more clear picture of the game’s major antagonist, Nathan Prescott. I don’t like Nathan. A lot of people see him as not an antagonist, which is something I don’t understand based on things that happen over the course of the game. Anyways, Nathan is not too happy that Max saw him in the bathroom earlier and immediately grabs her neck. Yes, that’s obviously something a well adjusted non-antagonistic character would do. 

If anything, Nathan makes for a very good antagonist. His motivations are unraveled throughout the game, so I won’t delve too much into it at the moment, but we can concretely place Nathan into the antagonist category with David at the present moment.

Max takes matters into her own hands and scratches Nathan’s face, showing Nathan who the boss is. He knocks Warren out onto the ground, and attempts to get up on Max’s grill, only for Max to be narrowly hit by the trashy pick up truck. 

Max’s old best friend, Chloe Price, is the driver of said trash truck. Despite not knowing what’s going on Chloe immediately tells Max to get in before driving off. This first interaction in five years immediately helps to set the bar for the oncoming relationship between Max and Chloe. There is no denying their bond, considering it takes only seconds for Chloe to tell Max to get in the car.

Chloe’s car and room pretty much set her personality up. Her personality is a wild storm, both messy and unpredictable as a result of the last five years. Chloe is hurt that Max has been around for a month and has yet to contact her. She is both happy and upset. Upset that Max hasn’t seen her yet, but is happy that Max is here now. Their conversation helps to delve into their sudden reconstruction of their old friendship. It’s been five years and they’re pretty much strangers. Max’s structured life has resulted in her being more quiet and sheltered, her only means of expressing herself being photography. Chloe’s unstructured life has resulted in her becoming a rebellious, drug taking party girl. Deep down though, they are still best friends.

Outside of optional photographs, Max usually only takes photos of things she deems great to be in her lens. She only sees her camera is broken after attempting to take this photo.

Max already considers a simple photo of Chloe in front of the sun as a photograph she wants to take. Taking a photograph of Chloe becomes a recurring element for the first four episodes. Chloe and Max briefly bond over Max’s usage of the word “cereal” instead of serious, and Chloe happily welcomes Max home. Because now Max is home. Arcadia Bay without Chloe isn’t home to Max. Only once Chloe is back in her life can she consider the Bay home.

We enter into Chloe’s home, a familiar but distant territory for Max now. Chloe remarks that her room is different from the last time Max has seen it. Again, a result of the issues regarding the incident of the death of Chloe’s father five years prior. Chloe, both emotionally and mentally, is broken and scarred by abandonment. The second they get back, Chloe needs to lay down and smoke a joint to calm herself down.

Her room is messy and disorganized. Small things, like her shelf, remain from her old life but everything here represents Chloe’s world as much as Max’s room does for her. In Chloe’s room, all her likes and fears are on display. Disorganized messes, disorganized lighting in the form of Christmas lights, etc. Her fears are on display too. A height chart in the corner shows how torn Chloe is in life. “DAD IS GONE” it reads on the height chart. “EVERYBODY LIES NO EXCEPTIONS” it says near her door.

Max’s nosiness allows her to find out that the missing girl, Rachel Amber, became Chloe’s close friend after Max moved to Seattle. However, she went missing several months prior. No one cares enough to find her or do anything except Chloe. Her dad said he’d come home, he didn’t. Max was supposed to be her best friend forever, she moved away. Rachel was supposed to escape the Bay with Chloe, Rachel disappeared without a word. “EVERYBODY LIES, NO EXCEPTIONS” becomes a very deep and personal motto to Chloe. Two of the closest people to her “lied” to her. Rachel couldn’t have possibly done a thing like that. Chloe refuses to believe such a thing, which is why she continues to put up posters months later.

In an attempt to fix her camera, Max can stalk downstairs and reminisce about better times with Chloe. Back then, those times were easier for Max and Chloe. They were best friends, and we see that those memories flood back into Max’s head just by sitting down on the couch or on the swing set. These mean something to Max. To Max these are the happiest times of her life compared to now. 

The garage gives us some more insight into David as well. David Madsen just happens to be Chloe’s new step dad, go-figure. The Blackwell Head of Security is stepdad to hell-raiser Chloe. Despite the fact that she’s only supposed to get tools from the garage, Max snoops around and we can see that David is very paranoid. About pretty much everything. He has cameras set up around the house and has a file on Kate Marsh, photos and notes about the religious girl. David, even though he’s only been in two unrelated scenes so far, we can that his paranoia exceeds that of a normal person. While is time in the Middle East may play a part, one must wonder where he truly stands.

Chloe is truly happy for Max to be back in her life. After several months of what we can assume is probably lack of a true friend, Chloe is more than happy to see Max here. Max fails to fix her camera, but Chloe takes notices of the blue butterfly photo. She recognizes the butterfly and puts two and two together to recognize that Max is the one who saved her earlier in the game.

This immediate connection helps to set that Chloe isn’t dumb. On the contrary, Chloe is probably the smarter of the two girls. Her lack of application of her schoolwork results in her eventual expulsion from Blackwell. She doesn’t care enough, but the smarts are there. That’s something we’ll explore more in Episodes 3 and 4 though.

Chloe is more than overjoyed, she truly believes fate has called the two back together. Max stopped Chloe from being murdered, what’s more fateful than that? Chloe gives Max a new camera, one that belonged to William Price, her father. Taking in their renewed friendship, Chloe cranks up her music to party and reacquaint more with Max. David’s arrival at home crushes this however.

David is a hardass, and we can see why Chloe clearly has no respect for the man. His inability to relate to Chloe and his paranoid tendencies DO NOT help him be in a good relationship with his stepdaughter. David seems to argue with her for the sake of arguing, sometimes completely unfair to Chloe. What’d she do this time? One of his guns was missing and that results in a very tense, heavy handed lecture from the so-called stepdouche. We can see he is worried since it is a gun, but the fact that he accuses Chloe without a shred of proof leads us to see him in the wrong. Max, who is hiding in the closet, can either step out or not. The latter results in David striking Chloe physically. They do not have a good relationship. However, stepping out and taking the heat for Chloe results in David storming off and Chloe being more than happy at her friend’s “bad-assery”.

After what happened earlier, we see that Chloe has stolen one of David’s guns. David’s paranoia seems a bit more justified now considering we didn’t know what happened to said gun, but now we know Chloe was the thief and she stole it for self protection against people like Nathan. We can see where she’s coming from this time around, especially since Nathan nearly kills her. A gun is what she needs to feel safe now. Not only from Nathan, but the other shit she has gotten herself mixed up in.

The duo head up to the light house, one of the only places that Chloe thinks is worthwhile in Arcadia Bay. The lighthouse is truly beautiful, but Max instantly recognizes it as the path of her nightmare earlier. We can see pieces of Chloe and Max’s history as well. They’ve carved their name into a tree stump and marked their fort on a map so they could find each other if they got lost. It truly shows how close these two were when they were 13 and 14 respectively. 

At the peak, we find how Chloe is indebted at the moment. Over 3000$ in debt. In an attempt to scrounge money, she attempted to get some from Nathan in a bar. Nathan, the ever so loved, drugs her and drags her back to his dorm. Here he undressed her, and crawled up on her with a camera in his hands. Chloe, not being one to be trifled with, easily fought back against him and escaped. From here on out there really is no way to justify anything that Nathan does. He is an antagonist. He is the villain. I will go into further justifications of this role for Nathan later on as more evidence against him piles up. Max then reveals that Chloe’s house is under surveillance, something that obviously sends chills down Chloe’s spine. Chloe knew it was happening, she just lacked proof until now. Something is going on in Arcadia Bay. Something odd.

Their talk is interrupted by another nightmare segment where Max makes her way to the top of the hill once again, this time discovering that the tornado is due on Friday of that week. Chloe snaps her out of her stupor, where Max collapses into Chloe’s arms. Chloe is obviously incredibly worried for Max, and Max immediately hops into the safest arms. Chloe’s arms.

While earlier Max can “attempt” to tell Warren of her powers, she ultimately doesn’t. With no hesitation, she tells Chloe of her nightmares and her new powers. Chloe reacts as expected of any rational person and assumes Max is high or delusional.

It begins to snow. Obstacles by Syd Matters plays. It’s the beginning of October in Oregon. “Max, start from the beginning.”

Chrysalis is an excellent introduction to these characters and the blossoming mysteries to be put forth. We get to know Max, we get to see how she views the world, and more importantly how she can utilize her powers for her own benefit. Max becoming reacquainted with Chloe serves at the entire game’s basis, and will lead them on their journey of growth. Stay tuned for an indepth look at Episode 2 - Out of Time.

c-jay321  asked:

Can I get a jealous Izuku izuocha fanfic? 030 (that's bad wording lol)

   Note: Wow, 3 fics in 3 days HAHA, I’m in love with writing these so thanks for the ask and also for being so supportive! Yay, Eri and Kaibara Sen (Class B guy) play a role in this story. The wiki had no info on Kaibara’s quirk; it just mentions that he does some swirling thing. Also was inspired by a scene from Heiji x Kazuha from Conan. Happy Reading!

In which Midoriya goes undercover 

“Just check out the bridge, Midoriya,” Todoroki uttered into the phone, “Iida and I will split up and check out the stations.”

“Got it,” the green haired boy replied as he stepped to the side a bit, eyes lingering on the next location, “I’m a few steps away so I’ll see if there’s anything. I’ll give you a call if he turns up.”

“Thanks. Be careful out there.”


Midoriya hung up without looking and stuffed his phone into his back pocket. If experience had taught him anything (other than not to underestimate your enemy), Midoriya knew that it’s always best to wear a disguise before heading to a drug deal.

Todoroki, Iida and Midoriya were assigned by their agencies to check out various locations where an infamous yakuza gang were doing their drug exchange. It had been a few years since he, Mirio and the others successfully rescued Eri and despite having minor panic attacks once in a while, Eri had decided to work for Midoriya in order to contribute her knowledge on gang raids and their functions. It lifted Midoriya’s spirits to think how impressive it was for Eri to have grown this much since the incident.

Pulling down his baseball cap and zipping up his navy blue windbreaker, Midoriya slogged through the busy, wet streets of Kamino and stopped at the west side of the bridge. According to Eri, yakuza members would usually send a young guy whose appearance isn’t anything conspicuous to do the trade. Optimal time should be around 6 o’clock where everyone’s rushing back home from work too. Midoriya lifted his arm to glance at his bulky sports watch. 5:30 p.m, it read, meaning anything could happen within the next hour.

Hopefully Eri’s right and they didn’t miss it.

As he watched one of the ducks swim across the river below where he stood, he rested his arms on the railings and held his chin in his hand. Such trifling scenery was to be admired often. Particularly for heroes whose lives and reputation were always at stake. Midoriya knew his career was not all glorious even for an optimistic guy like him, and finding work-life balance was challenging.

At the corner of his eye, a slender girl wearing a bright orange off-the-shoulder dress appeared within his range of view and he turned his head slightly, still resting on his palm. He looked at the girl, round-eyed.

It was Uraraka, and she wasn’t alone.

“Kaibara-kun,” Uraraka said, standing too close to the boy in front of her in Midoriya’s opinion, “How’ve you been?”

Kaibara was a dark-haired boy from Class B, Midoriya remembered, and the way he portrayed himself to Uraraka made his head steam. Since both of them had a busy schedule, Midoriya and Uraraka had been hanging out with one another only on the rare occasion that their old classmates would meet up. It’s unfortunate, but being the best of the best was everyone’s priority so no one had the courage or the time to focus on their love lives. Midoriya groaned to himself, his eyes peeled at the pair a few meters away from him. Should he say hi? Midoriya pondered but fought against it. He had a mission. This was not the time to be doing anything other than his duty as a hero.

However, it was quite odd as to why Uraraka hasn’t noticed him at all. Given their somewhat close proximity, he would have expected her to at least do a wave. The green-haired boy shook his head from side to side, attempting to clear his mind completely but failed.

And so he continued to observe from afar.

“I bought the tickets,” Kaibara spoke as he stuck his hands in his jacket, “see?” He pulled out two pieces of wrinkled paper and Midoriya assumed they were the tickets, “Beauty and the Beast, you said you wanted to watch it.”

Uraraka’s face brightened, “yeah! I can’t believe you remembered!” She had the voice of an angel and the face of a princess, but Midoriya wished it was directed at him instead. The boy’s fists clenched watching those two and he cursed under his breath. Why would they need to watch the movie when Kaibara could easily be the beast?!

Midoriya grunted. Kaibara’s presence was cringe-worthy, and his ass was clearly asking for a beating. Suddenly, to his right, a man holding a bouquet of roses stopped right between Midoriya and the pair, distracting the one-for-all hero from his pensive gaze. The green-haired boy turned around and took a few steps back, eyes still locked onto Uraraka and felt a vibration.

“Hello?” Midoriya picked up his phone and began to talk softly, “It’s cool over here. How about you guys?”

Todoroki’s voice was stern, “Nothing over here, Eri messaged and said it’s most likely gonna be at the bridge. Keep your eyes opened.”

“Ah alrig—“ Midoriya froze without warning and stared with his mouth wide open. Was Kaibara holding onto Uraraka’s waist? And she seems to be totally fine with it? Impeding himself from yelling right then, he noticed the two were positioned like peas in a pod. He exhaled to keep composed.

It’s fine. They’re friends, he tried to convince himself, yet he couldn’t drag his focus away. Patience is virtue. Patience is —

“Wait a minute, Todoroki.”

 Without letting go of the phone, his arms swung fervently back and forth as he pushed a stranger, who was receiving the bouquet from the previous man, away. He stomped right through that couple and pulled heavily on Kaibara’s jacket, receiving a stupefied look from the latter.

The next sounds that came from Midoriya’s side of the phone to Todoroki’s was a cry of anguish.

“Midoriya, what’s happening?“ Todoroki inquired as he felt himself sweating from the disturbance. Was Midoriya engaging the yakuza now?

“What are you doing to my Uraraka?!” Midoriya yelled as bystanders formed a semi-circle to watch, pointing and whispering.

Uraraka innately grasped onto Midoriya’s arm, causing the boy to drop his phone, “Deku-kun, what are you doing? Let go of Kaibara-kun now!”

“Midoriya, could you still hear me? I’m heading over right now!” Todoroki was still yelling into the phone and Uraraka’s eyebrows looked as if they were knitted together in annoyance.

With a quick push, Kaibara pried himself out of Midoriya’s fierce restraint, the former taking the heated accusation in stride. There was something else Kaibara seemed to be focused on at the moment and as quick as a bullet, Kaibara turned to face the other way.

Midoriya darted his eyes towards the same direction and realized that the couple that were beside them were now running off. The crowd seemed to be in a panic as the bridge began to rumble all of a sudden.  Crap, Midoriya muttered to himself, so it was them all along!

“Uraraka,” Kaibara cried out, readying his quirk, “stand in front of me, without my quirk we can’t catch up to them!”

Uraraka nodded quickly, pulling Midoriya behind her in one swift movement as the concrete bridge swayed back at forth. Must be the villain’s powers. Midoriya knew he compromised their mission, and his heart paced, feeling as though a void had swallowed him whole.

Kaibara motioned his fingers with ease and let out a small puff of air from his mouth. Within seconds, the puff of air became a torrent and a giant tornado shot out, lifting Uraraka forward in a blink of an eye. Uraraka elongated her arms, timing perfectly as she reached the villains and their shocked faces were the last thing she saw as both of them started to levitate into the air. Writhing their arms and legs, the villain’s bouquet slipped out of their grasp and soon, what assumed to be bags of quirk enhancing drugs floated out of the tissue wrapping of the roses. The gravity heroine detained them with handcuffs and within minutes a team of policemen came.

Uraraka huffed and wiped a sweat off her forehead as Kaibara and Midoriya ran towards her.

“Excellent job!” Kaibara lifted his palm up and they did a high-five in victory. Midoriya’s gaze fixated on her in disappointment.

“I’m so sorry,” Midoriya let out and Uraraka stifled a giggle.

“I can’t believe you thought we were dating! I’ve never seen you so…irrational before!” Uraraka playfully punched Midoriya and Kaibara began to laugh as well.

“I’d suggest you don’t let your boss find out that your cover got blown because of jealousy though,” Kaibara said, looking at the embarrassed expression on Midoriya’s face.

Uraraka sighed, “Our agency was also on this case, so Kaibara-kun and I were undercover. But we weren’t allowed to tell you Deku-kun.” She scratched her cheek gingerly and a blush appeared on her face, “What was it that you said again? Something about me being yours?”

Kaibara smirked and walked away from the two, allowing them privacy.

“I didn’t say that!” Midoriya denied. Abruptly, the eerie sound of his own voice appeared behind him. Turning on his heel, Todoroki stood there, one hand on a button of his phone and the other ensconced in his front pocket.

“What are you doing to my Uraraka—what are you doing to my—what are you—“ Todoroki kept pressing ‘rewind’ and ‘play’ one after the other on his phone, and thwarted his phone away from getting seized by a perturbed Midoriya as the green-haired boy headed to him.

Todoroki had an uncanny knack for irritating others without twitching a muscle.

Hearing the awkward replay of Midoriya’s inadvertent confession, Uraraka greeted Todoroki with a wave of her hand. Her actions were flustered, and she began to occupy herself with the police team.

“Ugh, you’re ruthless,” Midoriya groaned, “tell me you’ll delete that from your phone.”

“Nope,” Todoroki said, uncaring, “I want to show Iida. And probably Yaoyorozu too. And your mom.”

“….Todoroki, you better not…”

Uraraka shifted her eyes over to the two boys as the policemen drove away and her lips tugged upwards toward Midoriya, who would always be displaying his protective side for her sake.

She’s going to confront him about today for sure. But right now, she needed to concentrate on the responsibilities that await behind the closed doors of her office.


[the streets are literally flooding and full of sharks that have fallen from giant watery tornados]
the locals: fucking la. man i hate this city


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Request: “Can you make a gif set of my girl jinora about that whole kai like going ‘best friend spirit project i know u can do it’ while their in the poachers truck and she says 'i can’t because i need peace and quiet’, then fucking does it inside a giant tornado in the battle against kuvira”
Someone spent those three years practicing~

"It's in theaters now! Coming this summer... Two brothers. In a van. And then a meteor hit. And they ran as fast as they could. From giant cat-monsters. And then a giant tornado came. And that's when things got knocked into twelfth gear... A Mexican...armada shows up. With weapons made from to- tomatoes. And you better betch'ur bottom dollar that these two brothers know how to handle business. In! 'Alien...Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers...Who Are Just Regular Brothers a Van from an...Asteroid and All Sorts of Things: The Movie'. Hold on! There's more. Old women are comin'! And they're also in the movie and they're gonna come...and cross...attack...these two brothers. But let's get back to the brothers because they're- they have a strong bond! You don't wanna know about it here, but I'll tell you one thing. The Moon. It comes crashing into Earth! And whaddya do then? It's two brothers and I- and...and they're's called 'Two Brothers' ...'Two Brothers'...

it’s just called ‘Two Brothers’!

Tales of Rapunzel 1 & 2





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DND campaign loosely based on Junji Ito’s “Uzumaki”

Spirals are a creating increasing problems in the world (giant snails, whirlpools, tornados, etc)

It’s in theaters now, coming this summer…

Two brothers. In a van. And then a meteor hit. And they ran as fast as they could. From giant cat-monsters. And then a giant tornado came. And that’s when things got knocked into twelfth gear…

A Mexican… armada shows up. With weapons made from to- tomatoes. And you better betch'ur bottom dollar that these two brothers know how to handle business.

In! ‘Alien… Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers… Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running… in a Van from an… Asteroid and All Sorts of Things: The Movie’.

Hold on, there’s more. Old women are comin’. And they’re also in the movie and they’re gonna come and cross… attack… these two brothers. But let’s get back to the brothers because they’re- they have a strong bond. You don’t wanna know about it here, but I’ll tell you one thing.

The Moon. It comes crashing into Earth. And whaddya do then? It’s two brothers and I- and… and they’re gonna… it’s called 'Two Brothers’… 'Two Brothers’… it’s just called 'Two Brothers’!

Sanversweek Day 2: Nerd Girlfriends

Both Alex and Maggie were really excited for tonight’s date. Alex was excited because she had been planning it for weeks. Maggie was excited because although she had no idea what Alex had planned, she knew that she would love it. She loved absolutely everything Alex did.

Alex walked up to the door of Maggie’s apartment. She knocked, and Maggie opened it a few seconds later, an excited smile on her face.

“Hey, Danvers!” said Maggie. She pulled Alex into a tight hug.

“Hi, babe,” said Alex, smiling happily, as she always did when she was with her girlfriend. She leaned in, and gently kissed Maggie.

“So Danvers,” said Maggie, after they had pulled away from their kiss. “Do I get to know where we’re going tonight?”

“Not yet,” said Alex. “You’ll see when we get there. But I promise, you’ll love it.”

“I know I will,” Maggie said. Alex smiled, happy to know that her girlfriend trusted her, even if it was just something as simple as plans for a date.

“Ready to go?” asked Alex.

“Yes. I’m excited to see what you’ve planned!” said Maggie, allowing Alex to grab her by the hand, and lead her out of her apartment. She pulled her keys out of her purse, and locked the door behind them. They walked downstairs to where Alex had parked her motorcycle. They got on the motorcycle, Maggie sitting behind Alex, tightly hugging her around the waist.

When they got to their destination, a huge smile spread across Maggie’s face.

“Danvers, you nerd,” she said, still smiling. “You planned a date at the science museum! You’re so cute, babe!”

Alex blushed, and smiled happily. She was really glad that Maggie liked her plan for the date. She knew she was lucky to have a girlfriend who shared so many of her interests.

“Ready to go in?” she asked.

“Definitely!” said Maggie with a grin. Alex held open the door for her girlfriend, and then followed her in. When they got inside, they were both amazed at how huge the museum was.

“Look babe!” said Alex excitedly. “There’s a giant model of a tornado!”

She walked over to it, so fast that it might have been considered running rather than walking.

“Wait up, Danvers,” Maggie said, almost yelling. A few people near her turned to look, startled by how loud she was, but they smiled after seeing how excited she was. She hurried over, although not as quick as Alex, and followed her girlfriend’s gaze up to the ceiling. The tornado model was huge. It stretched from the ground to the ceiling, a height that seemed to be about fifty feet.

“This is amazing!” said Maggie, smiling happily. “Thank you for planning such a fantastic date! And just so you know, it would be fantastic no matter where we are, just as long as you’re with me.”

Alex blushed, and leaned in to gently kiss her girlfriend. When she pulled back with a smile, she reached for Maggie’s hand, and laced their fingers together.

“Come on, babe,” she said, starting to drag Maggie in the direction of the stairs. “I hear there’s a periodic table upstairs, where they actually have samples of all of the elements! Well except for the elements that are unstable or have a really short half life.”

“Danvers, you are such a nerd,” Maggie said. “I love that you’re so smart, and that you like to share your knowledge with me. I love seeing you so passionate and excited about something. It’s so adorable.”

“You’re a nerd, too,” Alex said with a laugh. “You were so excited when you saw that I planned our date here. And admit it, you’re just as excited about the tornado and the periodic table as I am.”

“Guilty as charged,” said Maggie. “So, are we going upstairs to see that periodic table, or not?”

Alex didn’t answer, but she started pulling Maggie towards the stairs. As they walked upstairs to the periodic table, Maggie smiled, think about their date, and how much they had in common. She was so happy that she was finally dating a woman just as nerdy as her, if not more. Maggie could tell that she and Alex were perfect together, and she knew that she had finally found the woman she would spend the rest of her life with.


Warnings: Fluffyness
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: You’re scared of storms and your brothers aren’t home, so you break down and cry until Sam comforts you.
Readers Age: Any
Word Count: 544

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: So fun fact about me! I’m kind of scared of storms! Like I can handle regular ‘everyday’ storms but like giant ones with tornadoes and flash flood warnings NOPE! And there’s a big one rolling in so I needed some Sammy fluff to calm me down! Enjoy!

You were laying in your room waiting for your brothers to get back from a hunt, they’ve been gone for two days and they called saying they were on their way back with some food. You were just about to get up when your phone rang, it was Sam, “Yeah?” You answered, “Hey Y/N, just wanted to give you a heads up that a storm is suppose to be rolling through in a little while, and Dean and I are still quite a ways away.” You froze, you hate storms. Normal rain you can handle, a few booms of thunder and flash of lightning every now and then, no problem. But this one is different, Sam told you that it could cause flash flooding, and even a tornado. That’s not something you’re okay with.

“So just stay calm, and we’ll be there before you know it alright?” Sam said, “Uh.. Yeah just hurry please.” You responded, “We will, love you.” You smiled, “Love you too.” You both hung up.

You were fine for a few hours, it was just rain and some thunder, but then the wind picked up, it felt like the whole bunker was going to be swept away. The lightning kept getting brighter, and the thunder kept getting louder. You just stayed in your room huddled under your covers trying to mute the sounds of the outside.

Then a giant clash of thunder struck, it sounded like it was right next to you, you jumped out of bed, a few tears falling. You grabbed a blanket and ran into Sam’s room, it was the closest one to yours.
You felt a little better being in his room, you jumped onto his bed and hid yourself under the covers. Another bang of thunder sounded, this one terrified you even more, tears started streaming down your face all you wanted was your brothers.

You were under the covers, sobbing, you just wanted it to end. You then felt the bed dip and a hand on your shoulder which made you jump up out of bed. You saw Sam sitting on his bed and Dean in the doorway, Sam stood up and pulled you into a hug. You sobbed into his chest, “M-make it stop.” You cried, it hurt your brothers to see you afraid of something so little. “It’s okay Y/N/N, we’re here.” Sam turned his head giving Dean a nod telling him he could leave, Dean nodded back and starred at you with a face of sorrow before leaving.

“Okay, come on.” Sam laid down on his bed, you followed, you snuggled close to him. Sam pulled up the covers and draped his arm onto you, pulling you closer. You laid your head on his chest you were still crying. Another clasp of thunder sounded which made you squeal and tighten your grip on Sam’s shirt, he rubbed your arm, “Shh.. It’s okay, it’s not going to hurt you, I’m here.” Sam cooed.

You calmed down by the sound of his voice, Sam noticed how you relaxed because of his voice so he kept talking. And soon you forgot all about the storm raging outside, you fell asleep to your brothers voice.

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

I love Killian. He has no magic, no special powers… and absolutely no fear or awe of them.

A magical demon that rips out hearts and chops off hands and can’t be killed? Whatever, I’ll figure it out, just you wait.

Beanstalk with a giant at the top? Who even cares, I’m kinda busy coming up with the next flirtatious comment. Hey Emma, let’s just take a moment so I can bandage your hand as seductively as humanly possible.

Stuck in a room with a giant shrieking mummified-tornado monster? How’s it going, Maleficent, love the new look. Did you do something with your hair?

Wicked Witches and flying monkeys? Naturally. Do try not to marry one of them, Swan.

Time travel? Well, it could be worse, at least we had a relatively soft landing and no one is shooting at us.

Gigantic ice wall popped up out of nowhere? I’ll get the champagne.

Girlfriend is the Dark One? Well hey at least you don’t look like a crocodile, the last guy was infinitely worse. Let’s go for a walk and hold hands, love you.

The most powerful wizard in all the realms is stuck inside a tree? Of bloody course he is. Probably tried to do some magical gardening and his spells backfired.

Basically: magic and monsters, huh? And your point is…?

“It’s in theater now. Coming this summer: two brothers in a van and then a meteor hits, and they ran as fast as they could from giant cat monsters and then a giant tornado came and that’s when things got knocked into 12th gear. A Mexican armada shows up with weapons made from tomatoes. And you better bet your bottom dollar that these two brothers know how to handle business. In: ALIEN INVASION TOMATO MONSTER MEXICAN ARMADA BROTHERS WHO ARE JUST REGULAR BROTHERS RUNNING IN A VAN FROM AN ASTEROID AND ALL SORTS OF THINGS THE MOVIE. Hold on, these’s more. Old women are comin’ and they’re also in the movie and they’re gonna come and cross attack these two brothers, but let’s get back to the brothers because they’re, they have a strong bond. You don’t want to know about it here, but I’ll tell you one thing: the moon, it comes crashing into earth and what do you do then? it’s two brothers and it…and..and they’re gonna…it’s called TWO BROTHERS. Two brothers…”

On two separate occasions, I’ve dreamed about my Animal Crossing town being destroyed.

In the first one, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that some idiot had set the system clock to 2099 behind my back, and because of that, one of my villagers was crushed to death because their house had rotted around them and fell apart on top of them at some point during the time gap. It was probably the only dream where I ever somehow decided that there was no way I was going to stick around for the rest of it—I refused to check the rest of the villagers’ houses, and woke right up.

In the second one, a giant tornado had eclipsed the town, and the characters were being blown around in the air, a bored look on their faces. Mr. Resetti was in the eye of the storm, daring me to fight him axe-to-pickaxe. Apparently I’d reached the final boss battle or something.

Solangelo Life is Strange AU- Episode 1 Chrysalis: Part 3 of 3 [END]

AU where Will is a time traveler and Nico is a punk misfit and the town is going to be hit by a giant tornado :o

Other Parts

Solangelo Portrait // EP 1: [ 1 ] - [ 2 ] - [2.3] - [3] // EP 2: ….

I haven’t drawn anything in a while due to college and ngl it’s been pretty rough but I decided to do this to kinda bring my spirits up :o

Episode 2 will be done… when I have my life together ^^

also ngl I haven’t really drawn backgrounds before I slapped colors on and you know what it looks good.

Healing together

In a week, Max Caulfield has:

- Discovered that she can reverse time and seen the consequences of that
- Seen Chloe die five times
- Been pulled into some kind of conspiracy turned assumed murder turned psycho-photographer-drugging-girls-and-killing-some
- Had to deal with helping Kate down the roof or live with the fact that Kate died because she didn’t do enough
- Found a dead girl’s body
- Been threatened over and over and OVER
- Visited an alternate reality where she put Chloe into a wheelchair and saw her suffer because of that
- Needed to talk to a drug dealer, break into his RV, handle his protective dog
- Been kidnapped, tied up and drugged by the same psycho that did the most horrifying shit to the other missing girls

All of this under the pressure of a giant fucking supernatural tornado that will happen on Friday, and not knowing whether or not she can prevent Arcadia Bay from being wiped from the surface of the earth.

At the same time, we have Chloe Price who has:

- Lost her father to a car accident
- Lost her best friend when she moved away to Seattle
- Had to deal with her mom re-marrying someone who abused her verbally and physically
- Tried to run away from the day Max left
- Lost her new best friend and crush /up to interpretation girlfriend after hearing that she was seeing someone
- Been dealing with the consequences of owing people money from the time she tried to get away (with Rachel)
- Been drugged by Nathan and traumatized in his room (thx. punk-rock-science!)
- Been threatened with a gun and knife
- Found her best friend and crush /up to interpretation girlfriend buried in the place she called her “home away from hell”

What do Max and Chloe have in common, other than the obvious love for one another:

- The fact that they know each other since they were children
- The fact that both know each other’s story, problems, what they’re going through
- They both have experienced this week together, grown back together, learned from one another
- Nobody else has seen the shit they have seen, only they know the details to the story we’re seeing
- They trust one another, believe in one another, support one another to a point where nobody else can possibly do the same
- They feel safe around each other and are okay with calling each other out when they say things the other doesn’t like

Can you imagine what it would be like, if Max had to let Chloe die, or if Chloe saw Max die (Reversed-Monday or Regular-Friday)?

They wouldn’t be able to handle any more. The shit they’ve been through, the things they’ve seen - You don’t simply forget any of that. We can see how Chloe has been affected by the bad things in her life, as they took place before this week. Now we see how things affect Max, and I doubt this heroine can handle any more stress and sorrow in her life.

If either of them disappears, the other will wither away. Without one another, they won’t be able to get past this week’s (and past years’) events. But if they do have each other, they can heal, rebuild, grow new feathers where others have been painfully plucked away. Nobody can possibly help Max heal if she loses Chloe once again. 

Do you seriously think Warren or Dana or Kate could ever truly understand what she’s been through? Would Max even say anything? They’d just think she’s mad, making it up. Chloe knows better, because she’s been there, and if we reverse time, she still has the connection with Max none of her friends have. Chloe on the other hand - Nobody seems to trust what she says because of the shape of life she’s been given thanks to the past events. Max on the other hand, knows her better than that. She instantly understands things, without questioning what happened. They care for each other so much, and this is so painfully but at the same time beautifully written, it may count as my favorite story of all time.

No matter what happens, Max and Chloe have to stay alive and together at the end of my story. Together, they can heal and together, they will always have each other’s backs. Always.