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Why I Don't Like Seeing People Complain About Crystal

I’ll admit it, I’ve probably been a bit overly critical of people who are complaining about Crystal in the posts I’ve made on my personal Tumblr. So, I wanted to take a little while to go through the reasons why it’s upset me so much.

First of all, I want to say, if you love the original anime, I’m really happy for you. I think that’s awesome that you can now enjoy it free and totally legal, remastered, uncut, and with professional subtitles on Hulu. I’m excited for you to be able to buy it on DVD and Blueray in a way that supports the creator and the series itself.

However, I never really got to have that feeling. While the anime was my original introduction to the series, my family never had cable growing up (or now for that matter), so the only time I got to watch the anime was when I rented it from Blockbuster (I’m dating myself) or happened to be over at a friend’s house around 3 or 4'o clock. Luckily for me, my local library had most of the volumes of manga, so I read that voraciously. Even with what little I’d seen of the anime, I already knew that I loved the manga far more than the anime.

The characters were so much cooler! While I loved the silly “Mina” of the anime, I loved the “Mina” of the manga, who could be silly at times, but was also unbelievably strong and was able to lead the other “scouts” even though she felt insecure about her role as leader from time-to-time. In the manga, “Raye” didn’t spend all of her time chasing boys. She wanted to be a career woman, but not the showy pop star career woman that that anime “Raye” wanted to be. Her faith was important to her, as was helping her grandfather, the family she cared most about. Manga “Raye” showed the world a face of perfection. She was an elegant lady, but she was a little bit awkward around the people she cared about. I related to her far more than I ever related to the “Raye” of the anime. (And let’s not even get started on what the anime did to “Rini.”)

Even later, when the internet allowed me to watch the anime in full, with subtitles, it was the manga that was near and dear to my heart. If the anime was the only Sailor Moon that was available, I would have enjoyed it as a child, but I probably would have grown out of it by now. I have a hard time saying that I’m a fan of the anime because really, I’m probably not. Even now, I can only watch it in small doses and it’s hard for me to watch the first season at all because of the changes made to Minako and Rei. Not to mention how much longer it takes Usagi to grow up in the anime than it does in the manga. (It’s also a huge plus that at no point in the manga does Usagi ever turn into a giant tennis ball.)

My point is, while the 90s anime is a dear, dear memory for a lot of you, for me, it’s really not. I never got to enjoy the anime in the way that so many did. The anime was never “Sailor Moon” to me. That’s why it’s hard to see so many people disparaging about Crystal, especially since we’ve only seen 2 promo images, 5 character designs, and 1 minute of footage. I desperately want to be able to find the joy in the anime that so many fans of Sailor Moon have been able to. I mean, just look at this blog! It’s dedicated to senshi who didn’t show up in the anime. How many times do you think I’ve dreamed of seeing the manga senshi on this blog animated? How many times have I despaired that I couldn’t make animated gifs of Lethe and Mnemosyne, since they haven’t even appeared in the musical, that beautiful refuge for those of us who love forgotten characters?

Seeing people already say that they’re ready to jump ship on Crystal terrifies me. I don’t want a repeat of what happened with PGSM. I don’t want Crystal to just cover one season. I want footage of the Sailor Quartet performing their attacks. I want Asanuma to be more than just a 15 second cameo and a name in the credits. I want to be able to make gifs of Lethe and Mnemosyne. I want to see everything I’ve loved about the manga unfold before me in full color.

So, even if you aren’t thrilled about the art or you don’t think anything can ever beat the 90s anime, I’m begging you to remember that not all of us got to fall in love with the original anime the way you did. Don’t give up on Crystal just yet. Yes, it’s different, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It doesn’t mean anyone is going to forget the 90s anime. I mean, it was just relicensed! No one is writing over the tapes. No one is trying to make it like the original anime never existed. It will still be there for you to enjoy. So please, give Crystal a chance. Even if you don’t like the trailer, don’t let that keep you from watching the first episode. Even if you don’t like the first episode, don’t let that stop you from watching a second. It takes awhile for any anime to get the feel of the show and hit its stride. If the first episode is the best episode, it means there’s something wrong with the series as a whole.

Let those of us who could never get excited about the original anime enjoy our day in the sun. We’ve been waiting a long, long time for it.

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Cosplay as Wiggles

I did that last year, actually!

(The Sombra cosplayer is oshova750 and he was RAD)

I’ll probably do it again this year. Mmm, I should add those giant terrifying tennis-ball-esque question-mark eyes I threatened to add last year but never got around to doing….