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Hogwarts house midnight snack
  • Gryffindor: Gets out of bed in knee high socks or huge sweatshirt. Goes to the kitchen and eats a whole big mixing bowl of Cheerios with a gallon of sugar in the middle. Thus, creating a thick milk/sugar ratio. Crawls back into bed and continues to play video game.
  • Ravenclaw: Brings kindle into kitchen and makes ramen. However, they put it in a cup so that they can sip it as they read. Their cat watches and leans against their ankles.
  • Hufflepuff: Comes out in a comforter burrito. Goes to the fridge and brings out crazy foods including rice cakes. Goes back to binge watching something like Merlin, or Dr Who. Ends up bringing a whole liter or soda back to their room.
  • Slytherin: Comes out in underwear with their hair all crazy. They don't talk to anyone else but go into the pantry to look for biscuits. Ends up making a giant cup of tea with a piece of cake. Growls at the dog to make sure he understands that the food is not theirs. Then goes back to doing who knows what in their bedroom.
Just a little change

I wrote this for the amazing @inconspicuous-esparza because obviously she is amazing and deserves this. 

The apartment was a mess. An organised mess arranged according to your new very detailed system, but still a mess. The entire contents of the kitchen cupboards were now sitting out on the benches waiting to be placed back according to colour, size and shape. You knew it was crazy. Everything in this apartment was already in order. Rafael always kept it neat and tidy and that hadn’t changed since you moved in. Yet here you were giving every coffee cup a new home on the shelf cherishing the wave of control that washed over you as you placed each one down. Just as you put your favourite blue mug back on the shelf next to those of similar colours, the front door opened. Rafael entered your now shared apartment, immediately ridding himself of his coat and jacket as he walked into the kitchen with a confused look on his face.

“What have you been up to?” he asked as his eyes scanned over the bench tops covered in kitchen home-wares.

“Oh, I’m just moving a few things around,” you turned around to see that he was a little more baffled than you had expected.

“Was there a problem with the way I had it?” He looked more than baffled now. He almost looked irritated by your effort to clean up the kitchen. You were only trying to make it nice for the both of you.

“No, no, not at all. I just thought that it would be better if we put the cups in this cupboard,” you said pointing to the one directly behind you, “and we can put everything else-“ you stopped looking around at the bare cupboards unsure of how to continue. “Well, I haven’t quite figured out the rest yet.”

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Amusement Park Fun || Hui & Edawn

Group: Pentagon

Member: Hyojung x you x Hui

Genre: fulffy, and cute

Word count: 1K

Request: Can i request a scenario - a really cute day with huidawn (hui and e'dawn) like going to an amusement park with them and nobodys jealous its just an enjoyable time and everyone is really flirty with eachother and caring hhhh ❤❤

A/n:I was going to add a mood board but It was crap so I didn’t I hope you liked it!!! 

Originally posted by yeosprout

“Are you excited Y/n” Hui asked. You looked over at your blond boyfriend and smiled wide for him “Yeah I can’t believe you guys got a day off and choose to go to the amusement park,” you said looking over at your other boyfriend Hyojung to see he had a small smile on his lips. Not trying to be too obvious of his happiness.

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Mafia Boss (G-Dragon Scenario) - Part 18

Archived | Posted June 25, 2016

I love working on this series so muchalöksdjngöresgjdlkmf. This part was so, so much fun to write and I really hope that you’ll like it, people! Enjoy~ ^^

WARNING! Those who don’t handle violence and strong language well, be ware. This is not, I repeat not, a series suited for young and sensitive readers.

All characters in this series, aside from the members of BIGBANG, are fictional. Any resemblance to real life people, in name or otherwise, are purely coincidental.

Summary: Your dinner date with Daesung doesn’t end the way you thought it would.

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Things Could Be Worse {Solangelo}

Hi! So technically, this is the second part of this post, so it’s a two-part oneshot (bear w me ok). I’m still sick and still in writing mood. Leave me your feedback please! As always: English isn’t my native language, so please have mercy with any mistakes you might find. Not beta’d. 

Word Count: 1,698

Genre: fluff (as usual)

Characters: Nico di Angelo, Will Solace (and Jason makes an appearance)

“Good morning, sunshine!” A voice interrupted his dreamless sleep. Seconds later, sunlight illuminated the room, blinding Nico even through closed eyelids. He knew exactly to whom that voice belonged.

“Let me sleep,” he groaned, pressing his face back into the pillows. The memories of last night now seemed far away, like a fever dream. Had he really thought about fighting against an empty corridor? Although his head didn’t hurt as much, he still wasn’t feeling much better. With a lot of effort, he opened his eyes and slowly sat up. His room still looked like a mess; the tray Will brought him last night stood on his bedside table, with an empty glass of water and nectar and three packs of tissues. He almost smiled at that. His quest for the tissues was probably one of the hardest he’d ever been on.

“It’s almost noon, sunshine. I said I’d come back to check on you, and that’s what I’m doing.” Count on Will to sound cheerful and happy, even if Nico felt like crap. He’d gotten used to his attitude over the last weeks, but it was easier to endure when he didn’t feel sick, and he totally did not find it adorable.

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foodisbetterthanlove  asked:

*trying to hide the fact that i asked the question that almost cause John to cry, out of fear of being attacked by Alex* so ummm... what did you guys get to eat? *hides face behind a giant cup of tea*

Laurens: I’m fine just talking about my siblings and my dad too.

Alexander: Oh… Henry Laurens… That guy is a total prick!

Martha: If you don’t mind me asking you this but.. Can you tell me how you got kicked out?

Madison: Oh! Martha I don’t think you need to know.

Laurens: It’s okay. I don’t talk about my dad a lot but I guess I should tell how I left South Carolina.