giant sweet tarts

Today, I fucked up... by getting high and going to the hospital

So last night I was having kind of a hard time falling asleep so I decided to remedy by taking a dab or two. An hour later and I’m as baked as a cheez-it and need to shit. I go to the bathroom yada yada yada, but when I got to was my hands, I see a faint amount of blue in my mouth. I was high and thought I was going crazy, but sure enough my tongue was blue! I was freaking out cause I never fucking ate anything blue.

After having a panic attack I decided that the best course of action was the hospital. Of course the doctor said I was a dumbass and that it was just blue dye. After attempting to explain to him that I never ate anything blue, he told me to come back in 12 hours if it stays blue.

Sure enough when I got home, there was a giant fucking bag of sweet tarts on my bed, I had been eating them unconsciously.

by  Lightngcrash

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