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In the Name of Rome: The Men Who Won the Roman Empire

In his elegantly accessible style, Goldsworthy offers gripping and swiftly erudite accounts of Roman wars and the great captains who fought them.  His heroes are never flavorless and generic, but magnificently Roman.  And it is especially Goldsworthy’s vision of commanders deftly surfing the giant, irresistible waves of Roman military tradition, while navigating the floating logs, reefs, and treacherous sandbanks of Roman civilian politics, that makes the book indispensable not only to those interested in Rome and her battles, but to anyone who finds it astounding that military men, at once driven and imperiled by the odd and idiosyncratic ways of their societies, can accomplish great deeds


starstruckcollectoruniverse  asked:

Can you please explain what it is you drew in the picture you posted??

I didn’t draw it, but it was drawn because I told someone to draw a giant snail surfing on a waffle, while a bear with a boombox tried to shoot them with flaming arrows :P

It’s sadly already getting warm where I’m at, so what better way to celebrate than with warm music! Turtle Giant’s Golden Summer is overflowing with the good vibes and happy moods of the season it’s named after.

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504 series surf & skateboards

French skate and surf gallery boom-art, have collaborated with european surf giant UWL to create a special series of surf and skate decks. The ‘504’ series features works by jan davidsz de heem (1606-1684) and gustav klimt (1862-1918).