giant squid monster

Masterlist of Thunderbirds Fic Prompts

Feel free to use any of these! :)

  • Gordon gets out of his heavy manual chores on the Island by lying and telling Scott his back has been really hurting. Mother!hen Scott agrees to do them for him, and to not tell their Dad. What will Scott do when he’s hauling around dirt on a shovel and John calls to tell him, amused, that Gordon is skiving off and swimming lengths in the pool instead?
  • When a meteor hits Thunderbird 5 John is thought dead by his family and Scott has to prepare himself to retrieve a body.
  • After not seeing each other for three months (Space rotation, swimming trial, more space rotation) Gordon takes Alan on a boat trip as part of brotherly bonding; neither of them expects Alan to be dragged overboard by a giant squid/sea monster.
  • Diabetic!Scott AU with Scott stealing chocolate biscuits he really shouldn’t have out of the tin while one of his brothers distracts their Grandma.
  • Baby!Alan toddling around and following his big brother Scotty everywhere. Bonus Points: little Alan takes a tumble off his tricycle and Scott freaks.
  • John gives a long, low groan, but it’s caused more by the idea that he’s going to have to deal with mother!hen Scott than any pain from his actual injuries. This is why I shouldn’t ever leave Five. He thinks with a grimace.
  • Five times Virgil had to play emergency doctor for his family and the one time he didn’t.
  • Gordon upsets himself when he learns the guitar chords to David Bowie’s ‘Major Tom’ as he replaces the lyrics with ‘Major John’.
  • Young!John calling his family from NASA Space Cadet’s camp.
  • John was the one Alan called for everything; science homework, friend troubles, complaints about the cafeteria food. He’d called John before he’d even called Dad that time he made the track team. Listening was John’s job, after all. What he was good at. So why couldn’t Alan have told him about the bullying?
  • When it all goes to hell in a hand basket, who will rescue the rescuers?
  • One of Tin-Tin/Kayo’s old friends invites himself onto the island. Scott rains down hell upon him after he finds him dubiously cornering a pale-faced Alan as the youngest Tracy comes out of the shower.
  • There’s a malfunction when Two drops Four’s pod over water, with Gordon and John aboard, that sends them straight to the bottom instead of floating on the surface. With Four stuck down there with them, and the pod not opening, how will Scott and Virgil get them out?
  • Virgil has been stuck in this lift with Gordon for 5 hours and its driving him nuts.
  • Out on a rescue the ground gives from under Alan’s feet, sending him falling head over tail down an old, disused well.
  • Scott is a dog person. Virgil is a cat person. Gordon keeps tropical fish and while John insists that space is no place for pets (he has a cactus with googly eyes up on Five instead) he not-so-secretly has a thing for small birds. Jeff tries to keep an open mind, remembering the tarantula he’d had when he was their age. But then Alan brings home Amanda, the alligator and their father is suddenly regretting his open-mindedness.
  • One of the boys is temporarily blinded during a rescue.
  • Gordon develops a habit of pushing his brothers in the pool, he thinks it’s hilarious. The boys think their revenge on him is even more so. Bonus points: John comes down from Five and everyone purposely doesn’t warn him of their brothers latest habit. It’s suddenly a lot less funny when John’s head cracks against the side of the pool and there’s blood in the water.
  • John decides to use Gordon as his test subject.
  • Scott can’t hear his communicator over the wind down on the rescue site.
  • Alan gets kidnapped from his school by a serial murderer and is locked in a crate that is slowly filling with water. The kidnapper demands 20,000 dollars from the famous Jeff Tracy, to be delivered within 24 hours or he won’t give them Alan’s coordinates, and the youngest Tracy will meet a very watery grave.
  • Virgil has a little black and white striped kitten that likes to sit atop his piano, basking in the sunlight, as he plays. Bonus points: The kitten has the name of a famous composer and is grumpy as hell around any of the other brothers.
  • Grandma came up with the spectacularly horrible idea of replacing all their coffee with decaf and now Scott is pretty sure they’re all going to die. Penelope has her tea and is perfectly smug and happy to sip it out of her little china cup and watch them all suffer, until Grandma catches wind of it, and switches that out for decaf too. There will be hell to pay.
  • “Hang on!” Scott screams over the edge and John, with his face scrunched in pain and his fingers slipping off the only thing that’s stopping him plummeting god knows how far into the darkness below, can only shout back; “What the bloody hell do you think I’m doing?!? Throwing a party?” Scott grabs for his wrist, just as John’s fingers fail him, and John feels the sharp snap and pop and grind of bone in his shoulder as it dislocates when his fall is abruptly halted.
  • The brothers morning wake up routines. Scott wakes early; the RAF ingrained deeply in his sleeping patterns, and is jogging on the beach by 7am. Virgil is hell on Earth to try and get out of bed before 1pm. John’s sleep cycles are often thrown out up on ‘Five, and he’s unpredictable. Gordon is up and in the pool by nine. Alan has to be plied with hot coffee and sugary cereal if you want to see him before 10.
  • John takes Alan stargazing.

I really wanted to revisit an OC I made a long time ago. His name is Gus and he’s the owner of an island resort. He’s really big and dorky and shy but very polite and likes talking about the weather!

He’s also cursed to turn into a giant squid/kraken once a month, so being a ship-devouring monster can be problematic sometimes, but hey, at least he can be the only island resort around by eliminating potential competition~