giant squid


Giant squids might be even bigger than we realized

According to research from Charles Paxton, fisheries ecologist and statistician at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews, published in the Journal of Zoology this month, the giant squid could grow to reach as much as 65 feet. But even that is a “conservative analysis,” as size could protect against their #1 predator.

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Imagine a very drunk James Potter determined to destroy the giant squid after Lily said she wouldn’t go out with him if it was a choice between him and the giant squid. 

Because Padfoot, it has to go. I can’t have the Giant Squid as my competition. It would swallow me whole and I’m too fit to die. Also I don’t plan on dying before I get Evans to say yes. Now help me carry this cauldron of sleeping draught to the lake.


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The Squid in the lake is now the school's mascot -unofficially but several students like playing fetch with it- (note do you know their gender everyone is debating names now)

Oh, good!  That’s very good.  Not that I’m encouraging students to interact with a wild creature, no matter how sweet and gentle he might be.

Not sure if the headmaster will approve the mascot choice either, but oh- he’s a boy, yes.  Not that I knew him or had anything to do with him, of course.