giant springs

it’s funny, so i just saw logan last night (which is both Very Funny and Very Not, but that’s a different story)

so you meet dear little laura, and you’re hanging out with her on this father-daughter bonding transamerican roadtrip, right? and she’s making shrieking noises and beheading people and stealing shit from convenience stores, and you’re like okay– secret weapons project, bioengineering, brainwashing, this makes sense. i see how you got here, you precious and wonderful child of death who i wish such good things for. it all makes sense.

but then you meet her cohort of other secret weapons children– and wait. these children are not like laura. these kids got some trauma and some superpowers, but are otherwise a lot more like “hi i’m johnny.” laura is a special murder snowflake.

in the ~final confrontation~ all laura’s buddies are, when cornered, taking down individual soldiers with faces that say “i am a scared but competent preteen and/or teen.” all of them team up to slowly and almost meditatively kill That One Douchebag, and it’s all very Big Deal, this is a Moment

and then you have laura, backflipping off her dad’s back while issuing an enraged nonverbal shriek of full-bodied fury and sticking her landing with her claws knuckle-deep in a baddie’s chest

what was she like in the lab? i mean, this kid clearly has a Protective Streak and also, you may have noticed, giant claws that spring from her tiny clenched fists, like, i bet this was a thing

i can just imagine the kids being like “laura’s late to the rendezvous, should we be worried?”

“she probably just got distracted by MURDER again, you know how it is, remember easter 2023?”

“oh damn it i miss that girl.”

“my favorite sister.”

“i thought i was your favorite sister.”

“only when i need my drink iced– ow– hey!– i’ll tell laura!”

“go ahead! she’ll side with me!”

tl;dr all tiny bilingual mutant found-families need a shrieking murder child

New they might be giants song leaked!

*boing!* *spring sound*
*deep voice* I love pussy
♪I was in a car but I’m dead and I’m not and my name is Kent why did my cat kinkshame me♪
*deep voice again* I love firewood


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(n) a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: tons of fluff, some angst

length: 12k

summary: a new kid on the bus catches your interest, especially when he’s listening to your favourite song

a/n: i wrote this before jimin said he loves the song ‘lost’ by frank ocean. we have some sort of telepathy

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tag yourself, "shit lying around my thesis advisor's office" edition

- her mom’s golf trophies from the 50s
- a collection of elephant figurines
- a book on the cultural history of jell-o
- an entire shelf of books on lacan
- the pussy hat i crocheted for her
- a ceramic bell that says “votes for women”
- a certificate her partner made for her after she finished a long bike race
- an assortment of barbara kruger magnets on her filing cabinet
- various snacks (including sunflower seeds, clementines, and honey roasted peanuts) she seems to produce out of nowhere
- a mug that says “world’s best nana” even though she doesn’t have any grandchildren
- approximately 150 pages of my writing for various classes, dating as far back as last spring
- a giant poster of dante alighieri

anonymous asked:

where is your dream location? if you could open up a door right now where would you want it to lead you? i feel like everyone wants to run away to some great wide somewhere. what's yours?

Truthfully, I’m not 100% where exactly but I can describe it for you?

I want to open the door and see the rolling hills all around me. Green everywhere I look. A cool breeze that shakes the trees.

I want a beautiful calm lake and fields filled with flowers.

I want springs and giant rocks to climb and spend all day reading on.

I want to see the beauty of nature at its finest and to capture it all on paper.

Find me a place like that and I’ll be perfectly happy.