giant springs

New they might be giants song leaked!

*boing!* *spring sound*
*deep voice* I love pussy
♪I was in a car but I’m dead and I’m not and my name is Kent why did my cat kinkshame me♪
*deep voice again* I love firewood

Anyone else feel a giant spring cleaning purge coming on? I feel like my home is full of so many useless THINGS that we just don’t need, and I am ready to drop my attachments and say some goodbyes. Over the next few weeks I will be going through nearly everything I own and boxing up as much as I possibly can convince myself to. After that, I’ll be taking it all to a community yardsale of sorts that my circle of mama friends has decided to make a spring tradition. Last year was so great! I let go of a lot, but I know I need to dig deeper this time.
My life feels cluttered and I feel that the best place to start is by removing physical clutter, before I can move on to healing my emotional and spiritual clutter. I am ready.
It’s time to simplify.


Bao Bao Does Spring (IMG_1552) by katalin_kerekes