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Vera Rubin, the groundbreaking astrophysicist who discovered evidence of dark matter, died Sunday night at the age of 88, the Carnegie Institution confirms.

Rubin did much of her revelatory work at Carnegie. The organization’s president calls her a “national treasure.”

In the 1960s and 1970s, Rubin was working with astronomer Kent Ford, studying the behavior of spiral galaxies, when they discovered something entirely unexpected — the stars at the outside of the galaxy were moving as fast as the ones in the middle, which didn’t fit with Newtonian gravitational theory.

The explanation: Dark matter.

Adam Frank, an astrophysicist who writes for NPR’s 13.7 blog, described dark matter by comparing it to a ghost in a horror movie. You can’t see it, he writes — “but you know it’s with you because it messes with the things you can see.”

Adam continued:

“It was Vera Rubin’s famous work in the 1970s that showed pretty much all spiral galaxies were spinning way too fast to be accounted for by the gravitational pull of the their ‘luminous’ matter (the stuff we see in a telescope). Rubin and others reasoned there had to be a giant sphere of invisible stuff surrounding the stars in these galaxies, tugging on them and speeding up their orbits around the galaxy’s center.”

Vera Rubin, Who Confirmed Existence Of Dark Matter, Dies At 88

Dominant Ni

“Eh, I’ll do that later.” Never does.

States observations. Is seen as rude and mean.

“Where the fuck is my pen, God dammit.” Hint, it was behind my ear.

Forgets where things are .5 seconds after they leave eyesight.

Gets locked out of dorm room after grabbing hair brush instead of keys and not realizing it till the door is closed.

Constantly planning ahead without realizing that they are planning ahead.

“Why is everything so loud and bright and oh god.” *curls up in ball*


*Turns around, hits head against giant moss sphere hanging from ceiling* multiply by four.

*Buys a thing, already has 30 other things just like it.* “But this one is different, see.”

Yellowstone super volcano

*Forgets something after 5 seconds of being told*

Extremely difficult to do something that is not interesting.

Bad at remembering basic human requirements. Like, you know, eating.

Friends! I apologize if I’m a little absent minded this week. 

It’s looking like the shop update on Friday will have close to 200 items, making it probably the biggest shop update I’ve ever had. My brain has been a little fried as I get all of this ready.

Just off of the top of my head, here are some things that will be available on Friday: super quality labradorite hearts, Moroccan red quartz, vanadinite clusters, selenite in a bunch of different shapes, a bunch of different spheres (rose quartz, bright green fluorite, clear quartz, labradorite, and more), stone pyramids of basically every color in the rainbow, a bunch of super affordable tumbled stones (most being $1), giant tourmalinated quartz spheres, blue calcite eggs, orthoceras fossils and carved fossil bowls, rainbow fluorite pyramids, high quality rough specimens of varying minerals, some tiger’s eye carved dolphins, peach moonstone palm stones, big labradorite hearts, a BUNCH of the small amethyst geode hearts, and one of the things i am MOST EXCITED ABOUT!! are smaller, more affordable amethyst geode spheres aka chain chomps lol (range in price from $40 - $65, whereas the huge ones I usually have are $100+) 

This will be a beautiful, colorful update! 

Dating Conner Kent Would Include:

Doing Young Justice!Conner for this one~ and I promise I’ll get around to the older requests, I just don’t have much time and “would include” imagines are always pretty quick and easy.

  • He’s not the best with words, so he mostly just does stuff for you in the hopes that that will be enough. Like, carrying heavy boxes and things (and even stuff that’s not so heavy, like your backpack. If he can convince you to give it to him.)
  • When the two of you go out shopping he insists on carrying everything (we could just get a cart, you know) and ends up holding about twenty bags of groceries and another five of soap or something. He carries all of it up to your apartment in one load, which is honestly a little terrifying but really convenient.
  • He was really shy around you for a while and ended up trying to give you “anonymous” presents. The giant sphere delivering them was a dead giveaway, though, and you eventually realized that you would need to take initiative and ask him out.
  • Your first date was a cute coffeeshop date. Conner ended up arguing with some kids who were bothering a dog tied up outside, and got so mad that he crushed his cup and spilled coffee all over himself. He was really flustered, but you thought it was cute.
  • When the two of you cuddle he’s really careful not to hurt you by squishing you or something. 
  • He really likes watching old animated movies, and you figure it’s because they weren’t part of the education he had pumped into his head while in stasis. So far you’ve watched The Fox and the Hound, Peter Pan, The Jungle Book, Atlantis the Lost Empire, and Hercules (Conner’s favorite.)
Wolf Spell Part I [Minseok x Reader]

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V [M] ||

Minseok x Reader 

Word Count: 1590

Genre: Wolf AU; Romance; Action; 

The wolves that were held captive heard the commotion before you did. Since their arrive they had been forced to remain in their beast form.  Their ears more sensitive, than yours and your sisters, perked up at the unheard noise.  You and your Sisters looked at one another.   

“Somethings happening.”  Ae-ra spoke, a slight twitch of her mouth rising in anticipation.  

“No shit sherlock.”  Cheol-su spat as, you remained quiet.  Your sisters were always the most talkative of the bunch.  

“Taemin! Whats going on? What do you hear?”  Ae-ra barked out as one of the wolves whined backing away from the steel bars.  

“Yes, speak to the wolf that can’t speak back, you are the wisest of us all.”  Cheol-su argued.  You moved away from the bars and towards the back of your cell.  The cold wall was damp under your touch as you looked up at the ceiling.  Magic was keeping you locked in this cell, but it was fading away slowly, which meant only one thing.  The witches who casted the charm are dying.

“Look.”  You spoke, as Cheol-su smirked at the magic slowly dissolving from around the cages.  

“Finally.” Cheol-Su looked at her hands as she felt her magic coming back.  “Those bitches thinking they can control us?”  

“They are from your line.”  Ae-ra teased as she herself felt her own magic rising.  You felt the water begin to rise off of the wall as your magic began to come back.  The barrier was on its last leg when the wolves suddenly began to transform back into humans.  Their spell broken.  The holding cell door busted open as four shifters stormed in with their claws and fangs out and ready for an attack.  One of them ran over to the three in the cage.   

“Brother!”  One yelled as Taemin gripped the side of the bars, his body still reeling from the side affects of not transforming for a long period of time.  The others two were in the same boat.  Their naked bodies trying to get to used to two legs once more.  “Did they hurt you?”  He asked, as Taemin shook his head.

“Nothing I can’t get over.  Chanyeol got the worst of it.”  The hairs on the back of your neck began to rise as Ae-ra became excited, sparks of lightning jolted about her fingers.  She was charging for more energy. All the wolves eyes quickly turned to the three in the cells.  The barrier was too weak to hold all three of them.  

“Check you later sisters.  I’m going to go have some fun with my remaining descendants.”  Cheol-Su quickly vanished in a black void that appeared in the floor.  Ae-ra leveled her hands as she smashed open the cell door making it crash against the cell parallel to her, the wolves dodged the flying metal.  

“Those blood suckers are mine.”  Turning to you, Ae-ra smiled. “I assume you don’t need help getting out?”  She questioned her sarcasm hitting you hard as you raised your hand the meal cage turning into a ball at your command.  

“What about the wolves?”  You asked, looking at them.  Taemin and Chanyeol cowered as you stepped out.  

“Do with them as you like.”  Ae-ra smiled as she ran up the stairs.  You turned towards them as the four who were able to fight stood in defense of their brothers.  Turning to your old cell, you knelt down quickly placing your hands on the ground.  The water from the walls began to rise as the quickly turned into giant hard ice spheres, flying towards the stone wall knocking it down.  You smiled as the hole was just the perfect size for two at time to go through.  Turing you smiled at them.  

“My sisters will kill every living thing in this compound, ignoring if its a wolf, vampire, witch, or human.  I suggest you get your packs up there and leave.”  One of them quickly shifted into wolf form as you made your way up the stairs.  A howl quickly echoed through the walls as you took your first steps onto the battlefield that used to be the courtyard above the holding cells.  Suddenly all the wolves stopped fighting as they quickly began running towards the entrance of the compound.    

“You’re always so weak.”  Cheol-Su spoke as she held one of the witches heads in her hand.  Blood soaked, she smiled.  Walking back to the pile of witch body parts she was creating.   

One wolf quickly ran by, looking up making eye contact with you.  A sudden shiver ran through your spine as the dark grey wolf stopped in his tracks his fur standing on end a low growl coming from him.  His eyes sudden grew to a bright gold as he recognized you.  His soul pulling to yours.  Ever fiber in your being began to pull towards him.

A howl rang out as he looked torn on going to it, or to remain.  With a nod, of your head, he took off, leaving you behind.  

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Wasps are better than Dragons

During a long fight with a red dragon our party was in a spot of bother; very little health left between us and no sign of defeating the dragon.

Warlock - “I cast hunger of Hadar…so that’s like 14 damage”

DM - “Blood splashes across the floor”

Bard - “I send my one remaining wasp from Giant Insect into the sphere”
*Wasp takes 9 damage from Hunger of Hadar*
Bard - “So a 21 to hit…the dragon takes a pitiful 5 damage”

DM - “….It dies. Your giant kamikaze wasp killed a Red Dragon congrats”

*High fives all around*


In Super Mario Galaxy 2, a programming oversight results in a glitch that creates an enormous dark orb in Melty Monster Galaxy. Simply go into the pipe to the Chimp’s room in any mission, then back out. If you use first-person view, you will see a giant sphere occupying a large part of the level. This is actually the skybox from the Chimp’s room seen from outside - an error causes it to not unload when exiting the room.


Mysteries that science has yet to explain.  Hopefully the pictures and the title arouses curiosity within you and you get a chance to look them up

  1. The Voynich Manuscript
  2. The Mpemba Effect
  3. The Baghdad Batteries
  4. The Giant Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
  5. Space Roar
  6. The Baigong Pipes
  7. The Antikythera Mechanism
  8. The Bloop
  • Imperial PR Rep: "Are... are you saying you destroyed a planet?"
  • Emperor Palpatine: "Mhmm."
  • PR Rep: "With a giant flying death sphere."
  • Palpatine: "Death STAR."
  • PR Rep: "I don't care what it's called, where did you get the money?
  • Palpatine: "Why do you think I'd been raising taxes for twenty years straight?"
  • PR Rep: "... this was PUBLICLY FUNDED?"
  • Palpatine: "Credits don't grow on trees, dear boy."
  • PR Rep: "You... you blew up a planet with a publicly funded superlaser that the majority of our citizens didn't even know existed."
  • Palpatine: "Well I mean when you say it like that that you make me sound like some kind of maniac."


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Construction notes under the cut.


Photos of me with Snorlax for scale.

I used 3 blankets (2 dark blue, 1 cream) instead of hunting for appropriate fabric. The body is a giant sphere. The bean bag beans are purchasable at Bed Bath & Beyond. I designed all of the appendages and head freehandedly. The claws are my favorite part, especially the feet. The hardest part was designing the head. The eyes and mouth are embroidered. I hand stitched the head, arms, and feet onto the body. My entire house was covered in black fluff and I had to vacuum Snorlax clean since there was so much lint haha.