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Also if you think “making it good in life” is having a mortgage and having kids by age 23 is smart or good then I will scream laugh in your fucking face. If you had kids you already lost. I know Tumblr is on some weird tirade against ppl who aren’t into loving children but tbh it’s healthy for me. I’m too disabled to care for a child and I am also completely detached emotionally to others. Child free doesn’t mean child hate but I RESENT them because of the narrative that dfab people literally have to have kids in order to be worth it as a human being. I don’t walk up to kids and say mean things or treat anyone unfairly, but I’m not going to lie and say I..have a desire to like them in any way. And it’s not gonna change. Motherly is the furthest thing I am. That Reddit post going around is not ‘you are valid if u hate ur kids uwu’ it’s a giant fucking warning sign to MAKE SMART DECISIONS SO YOU DON’T SHIT OUT AN UNWANTED HUMAN AND FEEL SAD FOR YOURSELF THAT YOU DON’T REALLY CARE FOR IT. How hard is that to understand. Growing up isn’t getting pregnant or sending yourself spiraling into fucking debt. It’s a journey and can go anyway you like.

The signs as Tim Burton movies
  • Aries: The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Taurus: Corpse Bride
  • Gemini: Dark Shadows
  • Cancer: Frankenweenie
  • Leo: Alice in Wonderland
  • Virgo: James and the Giant Peach
  • Libra: Sleepy Hallow
  • Scorpio: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Sagittarius: Edward Scissorhands
  • Capricorn: Coraline
  • Aquarius: Mars Attacks!
  • Pisces: Beetlejuice

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[Mikki Kendall tweeted: “I am fascinated by how many people have assumed the kid having the tantrum on the train is on the spectrum & thus needs extra patience. I can say with some authority a Black kid on the spectrum having that same issue wouldn’t get half as much patience nor would his parent. My youngest is on the spectrum. He had a tantrum in our house when he was 2. My white neighbor threatened to call the cops on me. But okay… When I tell you that my kids couldn’t act that way? That’s totally the voice of experience. Because Black boys on the spectrum can’t do that. At least not if you want to avoid being reported to DCFS or having them handcuffed at school or you know… shot by a cop. Just saying. This is the voice of bitter Black mom speaking though. Because I spend 2-3 days every year at his school dealing with racist assumptions. Black boys do not get to have tantrums in public. They do not get to have them at school either. No matter what’s going on. Trust me on that. Because (and here is indeed a fuck you very much) they will get killed if they cannot control themselves. No matter what’s going on. I have to make sure kid #2 doesn’t have a meltdown in public, isn’t too loud at home either. We live in the hood for a reason. If he’s having a rough day? My neighbors won’t call the cops. They will look out for him. But then they’re Black & they get it. We literally work with him constantly on impulse control & self soothing. Because I want him to live past 20. [link to related NPR article]

“There’s no compassion for kids like my son. My patience for your white ass feelings about Black parenting is pretty much nonexistent. I’m a hardass. I know that. I do. But then I’ve had a dozen  giant red warning signs that my kid can’t stay alive if he’s not in control. Get at me when your kid on the spectrum has a meltdown & you get a call about the possibility of charges being pressed for yelling. Because he’s tall & Black & repeated the same profanity as all the other kids involved in the fight. Call me when you realize he’s at risk. I want you to sit at a table & listen to an adult white woman tell you she doesn’t like teaching your kid because he’s scary at 8. Not that he’s been violent or threatening. Nope. He just yelled at her one day after she blamed him for being bullied. Go to that meeting. Get a call about your kid being a problem because he’s too flat when he speaks. Not that he’s done anything. They don’t like his voice. Have the “We’re going to write him up for trespassing” conversation because your kid sat in an empty classroom to study. Have that call. My kids get good grades. They don’t do half the shit I did. But I have two sons & I stay in their schools keeping them safe from admins. Meanwhile one of my neighbors did 10 years for attempted murder. He’s got no training. But he stops & chats with every kid on our block. He warns them off gangs & listens when they’re mad. He helped teach kid #2 to throw a football. Because he knows how easy it is to get lost. The grace you show to white kids? Try showing it to all kids. Our girls aren’t grown at 5 & our boys aren’t weapons at birth.“]

The signs during the end of the world (Zombie apocalypse)
  • Aries: armed up, SLAYS a large amount of zombies
  • Taurus: eats their way to the grave
  • Gemini: posts selfies and memes with zombies on all social media
  • Cancer: hysterically cries in a dark corner with their dolls
  • Leo: finally finds their enemies and kills them because now it's free to kill ppl bc we all die, no?
  • Virgo: reads book and drinks wine on their cozy coach like nothing is happening
  • Libra: plans a group hug event
  • Scorpio: trynna protect their PC, fights the zombies with their bare hands
  • Sagittarius: Too busy planning what to wear through the end of the world (decides that they're gonna spend the end of the world in front of the wardrobe trying to hug all the designer clothes they have, accidentally is the only survivor of the apocalypse, and cries afterwards because they don't have anyone to speak about their designer clothes that they had)
  • Capricorn: *locks themselves in the safe with their money*
  • Aquarius: actually travels the world and smokes weed, not giving a shit about the actual end of the world
  • Pisces: *gathers all the remaining living people* "-hi guys i gathered you all here today to ....tag urselves im that giant zombie"

I want an AU where Dean is a popular YouTuber who is married to Cas, but no one knows it. Cas is a high school teacher who is kind of awkward, but every once in a while he’ll mention a meme and all of his students are confused wonder how he knows that.

Then one day when he’s teaching he hears a group of girls giggling in the back of the class, so he walks back there and sees them watching one of Dean’s videos. It’s his “never have I ever” video, and right he’s talking about getting a speeding ticket. Right before the girls see Cas he hears one of them say “I wonder what kind of car he drives” so Cas responds, “Do not ever get Dean Winchester started on his car. He will never shut up.” as he takes the phone and walks away, leaving the girls dumbfounded.

Things I wish had been in Dragon Age Origins
  • Wardens of any origin other than Dalish being mildly uncomfortable with having to suddenly live out in the wilderness.
  • “What do you mean I should just go pee behind the bushes!”
  • “The stories I was told as a child were lies, there’s nothing nice in bathing in muddy lakes during midnight.”
  • The dwarven origins being surprised after seeing mabaris for the first time.
  • ANY reaction at all from the dwarven wardens about the sky and being above ground.
  • Dwarven wardens complaining about getting sunburnt.
  • Really though, the whole Ostagar experience is like a giant warning sign about getting the Blight sickness. The wounded soldiers, the darkspawn corpses and those instructors talking about the dangers of touching darkspawn blood or of getting scratched or bitten by them.
  • The Warden, Alistair and Shale are the only ones who are resistant and can face the darkspawn with no fear. Everyone else is in major danger.
  • The Warden realising this and having mild panic attacks whenever they spot one of their companions coming to blows with a darkspawn.
  • Hurried checks after a battle, their breath catching in their throat and their heartbeat banging in their ears.
  • “Did it bite you? Do you have any scratches, anywhere?! We should burn that wound just to be sure!”
  • Having to keep from petting the mabari after it has just licked all the darkspawn gore from the Warden’s armor, not until they get to a river and wash it.
  • The Cousland Warden’s heartbreak in Ostagar after their mabari, the only surviving member of their family gets the blight illness while hunting for darkspawn blood. Being extremely angry with Duncan for not warning them and the worried race through the Arbor Wilds to find that precious flower.
  • Their fear this could happen to their companions and they know of no flowers to fix people instead of dogs.
  • Especially after Tamlen.
  • Especially after Tamlen finding them after he has become a ghoul.
  • Their worst nightmares are no longer those of the Archdemon but of their friends’ faces, grey and without hair, looking at them with filmy eyes. They wake up sweating and yelling, clinging to their mabari for comfort.
  • Any mention about the Lords and Arls of Highever resisting Howe when he claims Highever as his own.
  • It’s known that the Cousland family and especially Bryce Cousland were highly respected by the nobles of Ferelden and the Lords and Arls of his Teyrn should have been sworn allies of his. There’s no way they would silently watch as the man who murdered almost the whole Cousland family was given the very seat Bryce used to have.
  • An actual resistance trying to drive the Howe soldiers out of Highever, the Warden hearing rumors that it is lead by Fergus Cousland himself.
  • Fergus trying to reclaim his anchestral home instead of “roaming the Arbor Wilds for a year”.
  • Tabris being able to actually say ANYTHING to Anora about how shitty her treatement of the alienage elves is.
  • If she’s the true leader of Ferelden, why the hell were elves being taken from their homes and raped in the very capital of Ferelden where she lives. When she says she cares about Ferelden, she’s only really talking about Ferelden’s humans and I wish a Tabris could have been able to call her out for that.
Bird Squad


Requests are open? Yay! Could we get one where reader has real feathery wings and her and Sam get into a argument about whose wings are better? Meanwhile Clint is freaking out that the Bird Squad is arguing (him, y/n, and Sam) and the rest of the team gets dragged into the argument.

Sam has created a chatroom: Birds Assemble

Sam has added Y/N, Clint.

Clint: Caw caw?

You: Caw, caw caw?

Sam: Omg guys stop.

Clint: You did name the chat “Birds Assemble.”

You: You have no one else but yourself to blame.

Clint: Why are we assembling?

Sam: I need you to finally decide who has the best wings.

You: Clint doesn’t need to decide because he knows my wings are the best. RIGHT, CLINT?

Clint: Let’s not argue. You both have beautiful wings.


Sam: Majestic wings, equally majestic booty.

Clint: Did you have a photoshoot just for your wings?


Sam: Here’s Y/N, and her wings. I think this speaks for itself. Spotted next to her is Clint. Too afraid to agree with me.


You: Your wings are basically a glorified jetpack.

Sam: Excuse me, BECKY?



Clint: C'mon, man, leave Y/N alone. And Y/N, don’t you know you shouldn’t call his wings a jetpack!

You: Yeah, leave my MORE MAJESTIC WINGS ALONE. I won’t listen to HIS LIES.

Sam: Talking LIKE THIS won’t help your DENIAL about MY WINGS.

You: It’s for EMPHASIS. I have ACTUAL wings. With feathers! Not some metal contraption!

Sam: Look at how SLEEK and ELEGANT mine are. One gust of wind and all your feathers are ruffled. Not to mention you’re always dropping a few around the base.

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The Signs as My Favorite Movies/Films pt. 3

Aries: A New Hope

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Taurus: North and South

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Gemini: Bringing up Baby

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Cancer: Song of the Sea

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Leo: Pulp Fiction

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Virgo: The Corpse Bride

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Libra: The Iron Giant

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Scorpio: The Handmaiden

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Sagittarius: Fight Club

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Capricorn: Cleopatra (1963)

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Aquarius: Wings Of Desire (1987)

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Pisces: Casablanca

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The Signs as Shit Jordan Says during "FULL ON D U C C"

Aries: I guess that’s the die button

Taurus: *singing the iCarly theme song*

Gemini: Why am I alone?

Cancer: *unintelligible screaming*

Leo: *screaming and spraying fire extinguisher everywhere while Ryan is just trying to talk to him normally*

Virgo: Why are you using my corpse as a weapon?  

Libra: I make interesting sounds

Scorpio: *Backed up into a wall screaming while shooting at nothing because Ryan and Alfred already killed each other*

Sagittarius: We had a meeting

Capricorn: No remorse

Aquarius: Di-Di-Dick Dickelodeon  

Pisces: *singing to the tune of It’s Gonna Get Weird* I feel all fuzzing inside like a duCKLING

Signs as Ryan / Signs as Alfred / FULL ON D U C C  

  • shoma: yuzuru is my goal
  • me: cool
  • shoma: i'm going to repeat a program from 2 seasons ago for the olympics too!
  • me:
  • me:
  • me:

PAX West 2017: Top Photo:  Jacksepticeye Panel

                           Bottom Photo: Autograph session

Thank you again to Jack, the enforcers and the handlers who let me once again be a giant pest at the signings.  

Now that the long drive is over and I’ve had a few hours of sleep, let’s wrap this up ; )        

           Jack, you have come such a long way in the (almost) 3 years that I have been shooting you.  From the shy exuberant young man to this polished (still exuberant) man who is about to start his own road show.  If anything you are kinder, more passionate and have a greater understanding of your “fans” since I first met you at IndyPopCon.  I was and am, more impressed than ever before.  

Please do not edit or repost. Thank you

The Signs as Shit Alfred Says during "FULL ON D U C C"

Aries: The power of Christ does not compel me

Taurus: Why am I put on the other side? Racism.

Gemini: You paid me 3 cents and a subway sandwich to suck your dick

Cancer: I don’t want a gun stuck to my dick dick dick dick dick dick dick *proceeds to say dick many, many times afterwards, then starts singing dick to the tune of Dog Song from Undertale*

Leo: *to the turn of Old McDonald* And on this farm he had a person

Virgo: I hope you stick your dick in a cup of cyanide

Libra: How did the tree give me the succ?

Scorpio: ‘Everyone wants to kill Ryan’ with your host, the bitch himself, R Y A N

Sagittarius: Who pissed in here?

Capricorn: I was gonna do the matrix and I did the mate

Aquarius: Listen *sings to a chilled out beat* I didn’t want to get a gun on my dick no sir, no sir, no sir, no sir. I didn’t want to get a gun on my dick no sir, no sir, no sir, no sir. Not a pistol, or an AK, or a bazooka to it. I don’t want any of that shit, none of it. I don’t want a gun to my dick I don’t want that shit. I don’t want a gun to my dick, I don’t want a gun, no, no, no, no, no sir, no, no, no

Pisces: Quack of the game

Signs as Jordan / Signs as Ryan / FULL ON D U C C