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Welp i said what i was going to do and so behold! Giraffes! Plesiosaurs! Giant Sea Turtles! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY A FAT PUG!!!! (to apologise for the giant arachnid. Have fun slaying that thing.) 

  • Mayura, (Peacock)
  • Gerfauntz, (Giraffe)
  • Niseag, (Plesiosaur)
  • Zaratan, (Sea Turtles/Archelon)
  • The Nope, (Whip Scorpion)
  • Grimble, (Pug)

There will be more (I know @shoddymoddy and @niklisson both want cat grimm). Honestly, I’d end up doing an entire post on prehistoric and deep sea grimm because that map of Remnant has a lot of water and many islands so naturally there would be grimm to reflect the animals in those environments. 

Who’s up for Jurassic Remnant >v> ?

Also check out @ask-team-clst and their Big Book of Grimm tag, as they’ve done bios for the first batch of grimm (x)

Alright I just saw Kong: Skull Island

And lemme just say that I fucking love…giant monsters fighting other giant monsters.

And I don’t care about plots or poor acting.

I just like seeing giant monsters fighting other monsters, that’s just one of my non guilty pleasures cuz I’m not ashamed to admit I like schlock.

But Kong was way better than I was expecting.

It subverted a lot of action tropes, like the guy covering himself in bombs and getting eaten?

Yeah the creature just slammed him into a wall.

His death was meaningless.

Girl tries to make a courageous speech to convince all the men to stand down from shooting one another?

Samuel L Jackson says bitch shut up.

I mean it played a lot of tropes straight.

Standard action.

But it was gorgeous and creative and the slow motion was fantastic.

Plus there was a lot of stylistic shots that I was just grinning so hard at in the theater.

Plus Kong….I just love Kong.

I always do.

Kong is my favorite anti hero and the fact that he’s saving us all from lizard monsters from in the mantle…hell yes.

Thank you, Kong.

So, a little Big Mike story who ya. One of the very few times Big Mike has ever gotten truly angry, was when a thrall enforcer had both Oscar Mike and Alani pinned down and was slowly advancing. Now Big Mike, being the loving hero that he is, wasn’t going to let his best eldrid friend and little brother get hurt or worse. So in a moment of both adrenaline and rage he threw down his weapon and charged the the thrall from the side, knocking its weapon from its hands and tackling to the ground, where he just rained punches after punches to the thralls face. Then as the killing blow he grabbed it by the horns and snapped its neck, killing it instantly. After seeing that it was dead, checked on his friends, they had different opinions on what had happened. Oscar was amazed at the shear awesomeness that Big Mike showed, while Alani was thankful but also frightened having never seen Big Mike act that way before. After making sure his friends were safe, and completing their mission, Big Mike locked himself in his room only allowing a doctor in to check his health, and Yoga Mike to explain what happened.


Aaah terrible picture quality!

I doodled all of my monsters, in the order of rank. And added two new ones because Hunapo needs the muscle. 

So in lackeys, you got those who are there really because they have no other choice; Ira the crab mom, Omra the small crab, Mokomoko the lizard, Moepapa the fluffy spider-bat, and newly caught is itty bitty Uuku the baby axolotl. (I wasn’t going to draw Ira’s 103 crab babies.)

In muscle you got Suia, a creepy heron-like bird, and a giant, grouchy lobster called Kirinuku. Lastly Toka, the offspring of that giant rock monster you see in the background of Lalotai, while also related to Pukuriri on the other side. He’s a big, quiet bruiser.

Then the leaders; Tarakona and Hunapo.


Kirinuku and Toka are dangerous and there by their own will. Watch out, but feel free to interact.

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Giant!chara being offered tea from a tiny asgore and being guided by toriel on knitting a tiny sweater tho? (and maybe the family photo but u dont have to)

Both of these ideas are hella cute anon, thank you for submitting ;u;

The Catch That Came To Stay (Cryptid AU)

Summary: Years after letting the fish whole stole his heart go, Stan Pines finds himself once more sailing the open seas, this time with his twin brother Ford in search of the paranormal. Childhood dreams finally achieved, and yet there’s still only one anomaly out in those waters that Stan wishes he could catch…

Author side note: Because I’m a creature of constant musical inspiration, my suggested listening for this one is Heavy Seas of Love by Damon Albarn

Not for the first time over the course of the past few months spent at sea on board the newly christened Stan Of War II, Stanley Pines found himself staring out at the waves while nursing a cigar, wondering what in hell had possessed him to let his brother convince him that this trip would be a good idea. Here he was finally on the worldly adventures he’d always dreamed of having since Ford and him were freckled boys on the New Jersey coast, and yet despite how happy he was, his moods were often as turbulent and dark as the waters they sailed. He didn’t discuss it with his brother, though he was sure Ford knew what was plaguing him. After all these years, Stan had foolishly thought that maybe he could finally stop caring that his heart still roamed somewhere in that briny depth without him. He’d been wrong.

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A five-month old sketch I re-did completely cuz it was old and therefore crappy. Well, more crappy.

They’re about as comparable as Newt and Hanji srsly

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Unless the kaiju was non hostile, the World of Magic would be utterly screwed.

It wouldn’t remain non-hostile for long.  All the cultures in the Age of Magic are sort of defined by their hubris - no one would see a giant monster and think “shit let’s just leave it be and not try to kill it for the sake of our dominion of the planet.”  Someone would start a fight, and then everyone would learn how nigh-impossible that fight would be to win.

It would end when the kaiju gets bored and returns home or is killed by sheer unrelenting force of non-magical opposition.

The Weight of Jade- Part 10

(sorry it took forever, but i’ve finally figured out what im doing thanks to everyones help with the livestreams. not alot happens, but its the lead up to something important and i needed it to happen so sorry if it disappoints!)

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I’m quite curious to see how Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s character is handled in Godzilla. He puts a face to the nameless military grunts we’re accustomed to seeing giant monsters slaughter by the thousands, and he looks to have quite the personal stake in the action as well. (Recall Strathairn’s line in one of the viral videos: “I know many of you still have family and loved ones in the city.”)

And he’s helpless, too. No flying battleships or giant robots here, and that gun of his might as well shoot Nerf darts for all the good it’s going to do against behemoths that eat Tomahawk missiles for breakfast. Whatever secret missions lie ahead of him, they’re going to be absolutely terrifying and drive home the sense of hugeness that this movie seems to be emphasizing.

To quote a review of Godzilla ‘98, lamenting that movie’s wasted potential: What is it like to confront a godlike being?

(And if he turns out to be just another generic action movie protagonist - hey, at least he’s cute.)

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You tend to really forget that Aradia does not really care about anyone but Sollux though

Wrong. Aradia does care about her friends, and she always did, even while dead. Let me show you some examples.

Here, you see the trolls on some platform about to explode. They, including Aradia (who was a robot at the time), were surrounded by hundreds of other Aradias that the original brought from doomed future timelines. She had her duplicates fight off Jack while she helped the other trolls (including herself) escape to buy them all time, as seen here. She could have left them there and escaped herself, but she cared enough to bring her friends with her, sacrificing her other clones to fight off Jack.

Here, you see a giant monster that the trolls had to fight on their mission to defeat the Black King. As you can see, there are lots of Aradias here to help fight. And here, you see her working with Sollux to help fight off the giant monster thing. If she didn’t care about her friends, she would not have even bothered.

In this pesterlog with Tavros, which was while Aradia was alive before her death, she clearly offered to help Tavros whenever he needed help.

Here, Aradia, as a god tier, visits Dave to teach him stuff about time and guides him through that kind of stuff.

And here, she is explaining dream bubbles to her friends and teaching them stuff as well.

Here, Aradia states that she has to get to work on some stuff and she seems pretty happy when she assured Kanaya that they could all still meet in dream bubbles. Here, she straight-up offers to help get their meteor to the Green Sun and hold off Jack to the best of her ability. And here you see her and Sollux doing the thing with the meteor. 


And here, she clearly states that SHE LOVES ALL HER FRIENDS.

So before anybody assumes that Aradia does not give a shit about anybody besides Sollux, GO BACK AND READ ABOUT WHAT SHE DOES TO HELP. SHE HAS HELPED HER FRIENDS ALONG THEIR JOURNEY, AND HAS PROTECTED THEM. ARADIA CARES.