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Hi my name is Keith K’ogane and I have ebony black hair that’s longer in the back than the front (its NOT A MULLET) and dark purple eyes like limpid grape juice and a lot of people tell me I look like Zuko (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m part galra but i dont have any fur. I have pale white skin. I’m also a paladin, and I pilot a lion that joins up with four other lions to become a giant robot man (I’m an arm). I’m a goth texan (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a dark gray t shirt, black skinny jeans, red and white boots, a belt with two fanny packs, black fingerless gloves, and a cropped red motorcycle jacket. I was walking outside the Castle of Lions. The particle barrier was fully functional, which I was very happy about. Lance stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

Keith’s Galra DNA

So this is a long one, but I think it’s important.

This will go in the “Headcanon” category. If you want to take this idea and expand upon it, please do! Tag me so I can see what you create! And HERE are my other headcanons!

I was sitting in a science class, thinking about Voltron, as you do. And a theory came up and hit me out of nowhere.

Now, I’m no biology major. But we’re talking about a show with giant space robot lions forming to make a giant space robot man piloted by an escaped prisoner with a magic/tech arm and four teenagers. I don’t think scientific accuracy is our main concern.

We know Keith is part Galra. We just don’t know how much. A lot of people are going for the 75/25 split in favor of human, because of how he looks. This is called phenotype - how our genes are expressed outwardly. But phenotype is determined by dominant and recessive genes. The genotype is what the DNA is actually made of.

With that in mind, you can have a 50/50 split in favor of Galra, with human being all dominant. With all the aliens out there that are even vaguely human-looking (with face structure, body structure, etc), it seems like human-like traits seem to be dominant in this universe’s genome. And we see Keith having human traits in the dominant form - dark hair, dark eyes. So we can think that most, if not all of Keith’s Galra DNA is in the recessive form in the genotype. It’s there, we just don’t see it. It could even be a 75/25 split in favor of Galra instead of human, but all be hidden. This is why some children look so much like one parent and almost nothing like the other.

So now that we’ve got the science out of the way, let’s talk about the Blade of Marmora episode and get some theories going.

Imagine Keith’s blade triggering the Galra DNA in his system, pulling it from genotype to phenotype. All the Galra traits were there, but they were all in the recessive form. The magic purple flash changed them all from recessive to dominant. That’s not exactly how our DNA works, but we also have this quintessence stuff that turned him a bit purple? We’re talking about alien biology, cut me some slack.

But this switch wouldn’t happen instantly (like we all wanted and made edits of). It would take time for the biology to catch up.

And that’s the transformation we wanted.

Imagine Keith getting super hungry, his body craving the nutrients to grow ears, claws, a new set of teeth, maybe a tail. With all the hand-to-hand combat he does, he must burn a lot of calories already. He goes to each meal eating three bowls of food goo, begging Hunk to make something with a lot of calcium because he’s so hungry. But once his body has stored up enough, the hunger disappears. He starts to feel nauseated. Who knows what a Galra diet entails, but it’s certainly not food goo.

Imagine him waking up to find that his body is itching from starting to sprout a fine layer of purple hair. He tries to shave it off his face, but it grows back by the end of the day (I mean, come on, they have to have razors on the castleship. There’s no way all of them stay so cleanly shaven, even if you go to the extreme and only count Shiro and Coran growing facial hair).

As his ear biology shifts, his hearing goes out of commission for a while. He tries to read lips, and it works pretty well, but you can’t read lips over an intercom through the Lions. The same thing happens with his eyes. The corners of them start to turn yellow, and his vision blurs as his actual eye is changing.

His jaw would start to ache like getting wisdom teeth, except for his entire mouth, until one day while he’s brushing them in the morning, they start to fall out. Depending on how different Galra bone structure is, he could even be incapacitated for a few days. We never see what a Galra foot looks like, or if their skull structure is different for the ears. He might even grow to a more Galra height, making him even more hungry.

I imagine that he would stay vaguely human-like. He wouldn’t change into an Ulaz-looking Galra, but a much more human-looking Galra. Short for a Galra, tall for a human, and much more human facial features. He’d keep his iconic mullet (even it turned just a tad bit more purple), his gloves would accentuate the aesthetic of claws, he’d even be able to master the very annoyed Galra snarl with the sharp teeth poking out. He would still look like Keith.

To end on a happy note, imagine the entire Voltron team being there for him during this transformation. Hunk would make him the most nutrient-packed meals he can manage, making sure to blend them up into a smoothie so his teeth don’t hurt. Pidge would dive into the science behind it, and even though Keith doesn’t fully understand, it’s somewhat comforting to know that someone does. Lance would absolutely be the personal cheerleader, always talking about how cool it is to have a Galra on their team and all the advantages it brings. Shiro would not only be the King of Moral Support but also help with the physical aspects. He’d train with Keith every day to help him adjust to the new Galra body. Coran would spout the history of Galra before Zarkon started taking over the universe, telling him about their culture and all the good things about them. And after a long period of giving him the cold shoulder, Allura would finally apologize. She’d take great strides to mend the relationship, even going so far as to do research into where his mother may have gone because she knows what it’s like to lose parents. And while that’s not directly helping him with the physical pain, it’s giving him very good peace of mind.

TL;DR: If Keith is going to have a more Galra form, it would be a much more gradual and painful change than just *poof* Galra. And everyone, even Allura, would be happy to help him with it.





Monster Trucks Was Good and I’m Kinda Pissed Off About It

So almost everything I’ve read about this movie has been astoundingly negative.  If you google its name, one of the first links you’ll get is an article titled “How did this Monster Trucks movie get made?”  The general consensus about this movie before it ever came out was that it was absolute trash that deserved to die forgotten and unloved - which is probably why it got shunted off to a January release date, on Friday the 13th no less!

Well, I just saw it.  I saw Monster Trucks and nobody stopped me.  And you know what?  It was good.

It’s not mind blowing.  It’s not high art.  It won’t make you rethink your worldview or ponder the nature of humanity.  But this is a solid movie.  It does everything it needs to, and it does so with a genuine personality.  It’s a simple, sweet little movie, and the fact that it’s been written off so matter-of-factly by almost everyone who’s heard of it kinda pisses me off.

The script is tight.  There’s no unnecessary padding, but it also isn’t rushed or nonsensical.  The actors are all good and likable - there’s not really a weak link in the cast.  The story is focused - there’s no meandering detours or plot cul de sacs that go nowhere.  Everything in the movie exists for a purpose and forwards the plot.  The monster - which, if you know me, is the most crucial part of this story for me - is absolutely wonderful.  He’s adorable in an unconventional way, oozes personality, and is genuinely endearing.

I’m sure you’re imagining the movie has a lot of crude humor and other cheap jokes, but it doesn’t.  There are, like, one or two juvenile gags, and they’re both fairly understated and, more importantly, pulled off very well.  The rest of the movie’s humor - and there’s a lot of it - naturally comes from the plot.

The movie balances humor and tension really well.  It knows how seriously to take its premise - that there need to be genuine stakes, but also levity because it’s a goofy story at heart.  It is exactly what it needs to be.

Yes, the plot is a fairly typical “kid finds weird supernatural animal and tries to help it out” story - I’m sure many reviewers had dismissed it as an E.T. ripoff, but that basic plot predates E.T. by centuries.  The medieval folktale “Maud and the Wyvern” has the same premise and is just a bit more tragic about it.  In my opinion, Monster Trucks is a valid retelling of that premise - and honestly I prefer it to E.T., both because Monster Trucks is good and because I think E.T. kinda sucks.

All I could think about while watching this movie is how huge it would have been when I was a kid.  If this came out in the 90′s, it would have been the highlight of the summer.  There’d be toys everywhere, and to this day 90′s kids would look back on it fondly.  It wouldn’t be life changing, but it’d be a treasured memory all the same - a fun little monster story that would still hold up decades later, something you could enjoy with your own kids when you grew up.

Instead, because it came out in an age where far more bloated, needlessly convoluted action-adventure movies come out every single week, Monster Trucks was tossed out like wet garbage to be ignored and derided.  And that just sucks man.  It just fucking sucks.

Worse, people write it off because it’s premise is unconventional.  Some might try to say it’s because the premise is silly, but we accept a lot of silly shit in our movies nowadays.  The biggest film franchise right now, and one that’s pretty beloved at that, centers on a Norse God, an angry green giant, a robot man, and a soldier who literally wears the American flag fighting aliens and spies with robot arms.  That’s pretty fucking silly too - but because it’s the conventional sort of silly, it can be considered good, while everyone hates on poor Monster Trucks.

Also, Monster Trucks has a very nuanced but prominent pro-environment/anti-big oil company message, which is timely and important in my opinion.

Monster Trucks is a fun, sweet little movie with laughs, fun characters, and a simple story told very, very well.  I won’t say that you’re a soulless shell of a human being if you don’t see it, but I will say that you’re a bad person who has a lot to answer for.  I saw it and nobody stopped me.  I know I can’t make you see it, but I am sad if you stop yourself from doing so.

don’t let Creech down you heartless fools

Original Voltron seems like some weird AU...

Originally posted by trapped-in-cartoon-hell

Oh man am I loving the new Voltron. I don’t even like most things with a giant robot, but man have I fallen in love with these characters. Which has prompted me to look up what the original Voltron may have been like to see what I get to look forward to! But everywhere I look, I seem to find something stranger. Forgive me if some of this is off due to info from Wikis, and of course Spoilers for GoLion/ Voltron Force:

  • Most of the team’s lions are different- Shiro is Blue, Keith is Black, and Lance is Red. But they still wear the same colored uniforms that we see in Voltron: Legendary Defender.
  • Shiro isn’t the leader- Keith is. Shiro used to be leader, but then he ran into some drug problems.
  • Pidge comes from a planet called Bato where everyone is a ninja scientist. They even have their own holiday, “Intergalactic Ninja Apreciation Day”
  • Pidge has a twin brother named Chip, who is on a separate Voltron Team (There are 3 other Voltrons for Land, Sea and Air)
  • Shiro actually dies pretty early on in the series in which Allura takes over piloting the Blue Lion.
  •  …Unless you watched the English version in which he got captured by the enemy forces, driven to madness but recovered and got together romantically with Allura’s cousin. Luckily the Japanese had Shiro’s twin brother whom they could easily claim was him coming back to pilot the Blue Lion again in times of emergency.
  • Contrary to all the “Keith is part Galra” theories, he was actually part Arusian (Or Altean as it has been changed to now), marries Allura, and becomes King of Arus/Altea
  • The Space Mice were still a thing (The English version was inconsistent with their names though, including gems such as Mousie, Cheddar, Cheeser, Cheesy, Pip, Squeek, Toady and Inky) only they could actually form their own Mouse Voltron. They were also cyborgs.
  • Allura had the ability to talk to the dead as well as control the lions outside their cockpit
  • In addition to Coran, Allura also has a caregiver named Nanny. She is fatally shot in the heart while protecting Coran. Only rather than showing the scene or saying the character disappeared/ was captured, the English version cuts the death scene, and continues to use stock footage to place her into scenes after her would be demise so it would be like her death never happened.
  • The series starts with the 5 pilots returning from a mission, only to find out that all of Earth’s population has been killed by nuclear warfare. Apparently, that wasn’t kid friendly enough for America, so they just pretended that it was Arus/ Altea that got devastated by war.

Got any other weird tidbits you can think of? Let me know!

catfqngs  asked:

UHH cyborg from teen titans and/or toph from atla

ooo i’ll do both!!

CYBORG IS A BIG CUDDLY TEDDY BEAR OK. people are hella freaked when they first see him because?? GIANT ROBOT MAN?? he really is a gentle soul tho. loves cats and i headcanon him having a secret affinity for anything cute n pink which he’s super embarrassed about, but embrace it cy, you’re amazing the way u are <3 

ofc when he’s gotta kick butt HE KICKS A LOTTA BUTT AND HARD

as for toph!! my daughter!! sassy lil salt gurl; due to her sheltered upbringing, she didn’t have much friends as a kid, and she spent most of her time with the badgermoles. not only did they help her with refining her earthbending skills, but they formed a really cute symbiotic relationship; whenever toph felt misunderstood or underappreciated by the world she’d go and vent to her furry lil friends. they stuck around for the food she brought, but sometimes it felt as though these creatures really understood her.

Sole Survivor: “Florida Man”

Boston man get’s carried away in historical reenactment, several left in ashes.

Boston man befriends giant robot.

Boston man helps android slaves escape.

Boston man rampages through car production plant with dog, 37 dead.

Boston man caught hanging out with clockwork dick.

Boston man involved in shootout with alien crash survivor.

Boston man rescues settlement from violent mob.

Boston man rescues settlement from zombies.

Boston man rescues yet another settlement.

Boston man retakes historical fort from giant crustaceans, reports heavy casualties sets up his own radio station claims: “all worth it in the end”.

Boston man says yes

Boston man says maybe but really means yes

Boston man says no but really means yes

Boston man sarcastically says yes

• The Web of Life and Destiny is damaged, and even worse – it’s getting TANGLED!
• How are the Web Warriors supposed to repair REALITY ITSELF?!
• Join us for this insane web-hopping romp that features A GIANT SPIDER-MAN ROBOT FROM THE FURTHEST CORNER OF THE MULTIVERSE AS A GUEST STAR!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

I hope Peni is the one inside.

On the other hand, that’s a rather generic design, I prefer the original SP//dr. Or if you wanted a giant robot, why not Leopardon?

(The cover is still cool, though)

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alright, fluffy asks you say? consider this: Bakudeku Fastball Special

jacob pls. also i had to look up wtf fastball special was a reference to but thank u wikipedia for the answer to all questions. 

“Look,” Izuku shouted over the thundering barrage of explosions that rained down around them. “I throw you. That’s how this works. I have the super strength. I do the throwing!”

“I can throw farther,” Katsuki snapped back. He ducked behind a wall that became half of one after another rain of shells. He was running, though, and wasn’t there when concrete and dust fell down. 

“Maybe, but that’s a fucking baseball Kacchan. Not a person!” Izuku punctuated this by punching one of the missiles out of the air before it could explode on him. It caused it to explode anyway but he was paired with Kacchan on a regular basis. Izuku was as blast proof as one could be in a full body suit and goggle combo. 

“No way. Fuck you. I’ll blast myself up there if I have to!” Katsuki vaulted what was once a car but was no longer a car. He crossed the street at a dead run an dropped it into a slide under a different, more burning car. Izuku saw his foot and grabbed it, pulling him to the other side completely. 

“You can’t fly that high. And I can’t jump that high. Let me throw you, Kacchan.” He tried to keep the giddiness from his voice. He failed miserably. “It’ll be like that All Might cartoon from when we were little!”

Katsuki sighed heavily. “Your aim is shit.”

“You can adjust for that.”

“You… Fuck it. Fine.” He crouched. “But if I fall to my death I am going to haunt your ass so hard you never get laid again.”

“Ghost sex doesn’t count?” Izuku asked as he picked Katsuki up.

“… I am not even going to dignify that with a respooOOOOOOHHHH! FUUUUUCK YOUUUUUU!” 

Izuku stood there for a moment, watching his boyfriend sail through the air at monumental speeds. He shielded his eyes with his hand, making sure he could see all the way up until Katsuki landed on the giant robot man. “Hah,” he said to himself, “Nailed it.” 

Katsuki landed somewhere near the head. Izuku watched until the explosions began again- this time from the machine they’d been fighting. With a grin, he took off towards it. Katsuki might be able to survive a flight and the land on the robot, but probably not the fall to the ground afterwards.

And, to be honest, Izuku always loved to catch Katsuki midair. Showing off was incredibly good fun. 

Am I the only one?

I noticed a lot of people got into the new Voltron by knowing the original or loving the legend of Korra. There are even some people who saw it on their dash and decided to give it a shot. But am I the only one who saw a giant robot man on Netflix and was like ‘Hell yeah!“

Booker Goes To Therapy
  • <p> <b>Therapist:</b> So tell me again. Whats your story<p/><b>Booker:</b> I just couldnt find a job so I joined the Pinkertons, my wife died giving birth to my daughter who I eventually sold off because thug life, then some crazy interdimensional British people came and told me to go find this girl and after killing several hundred people, a giant robotic man-bird, and an interdimensional version of myself that took a baptism and became a super religous nut, I found out the girl was my daughter and I had to be killed to stop her never-ending pain and sorrow.<p/><b>Therapist:</b> ooookkkiieeeee<p/></p>

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okay so I'm following about fifty voltron blogs but I have no idea what it is or where it's from (it's a book though, I think). Could you maybe tell me what book? Thank you!!

It’s actually a Netflix series. A series about 5 guys being “chosen” to protect the universe from evil in Lion-shaped Spaceships that can combine into a giant man-like robot who is really really really powerful. There is a really cool alien princess who could kick your ass in no time and space nigel thornberry.
Just give it a try :D