giant robot anime

Is there such a thing as a normal giant robot anime? Like, I’m totally down with a series where the giant robots turn out to be lobotomised clones of an alien god and the “good guys” have been collecting severely abused children to pilot them because they’re literally powered by self-loathing, or what have you, but sometimes you just want to see a fifty-meter robot punch a monster.

On The Voltron fandom

Yes, I’m sorry. I swear I’ll post more mecha art or funny animals or UFC KO’s after this.

But I have one honest, non-ship or discourse related question about the show.

Do you all like giant robot shows? Any of you? Voltron along with Transformers was like THE definitive example of giant robots for a Western audience (we don’t discuss GoBots). Clearly the writers are big fans, with homages to earlier mecha series in designs, and several plot points that echo Voltes V, a classic 70’s giant robot anime/Filipino nostalgia symbol.

The robot almost NEVER gets bought up. It’s always AU’s where there are no mecha or character study for hypothetical pairings that show no canonical evidence of happening. You’d be forgiven for not realizing there is a giant robot in the show.

So I ask, do you like giant robot shows? And if you don’t, why this one?

wizzzzzzard  asked:

If you're taking suggestions, I really like Princess Rosalina, and Samus is always a favourite. Maybe Midna?

AHH SAMUS my 6′ buff amazon warrior queen take me away. Tall dainty Rosalina that’s probably an anime fan. Sailor moon, utena and magical girl stuff. They’d probably be buddys too. Maybe Samus is into mech/giant robot anime, cosplay. Tall blondes unite.