giant red balls

What the Haikyuu!! Boys are doing...

…in their free time. Sometimes [in secret]. And they mostly fail.

Oikawa: He puts himself back in the trash bin.

!Sorry. Now it gets serious! …haha. N0PE

Iwaizumi&Oikawa: Roller skate. Iwa-chan isn’t the best at it.

Tsukishima: Puts a dinosaur costume on and jumps on a trampoline…yup. He does that on a daily basis. 

>>Tsuki: “It isn’t weird. Tch.” 

Look how much fun he has! RaaAAaWRrrr ୧⍢⃝୨

Noya, Tanaka, Yamamoto, Bokuto, Kuroo, Hinata, Lev, Terushima (the fox in the second gif)&Oikawa (the…thing?? in the second gif): They’re a band. With weird animal masks. Their name…they don’t have one, yet.

Asahi: Practicing a special bow. (Just in case, if he fucks something up)

I don’t know why he just wears some speedos…i won’t aks him. N0.

Hinata&Kageyama: Playing with a giant red ball. And sometimes they have to catch it before it destroys whole Japan (not Ushijima, I mean the country. Just to make this clear). 

>> Hinata&Kageyama:  ⊂=⊂=⊂( ┛ °0°)┛

Where did they even get that?? And from who?  (゚Д゚?)

Terushima: Holy fUck! Stop it! 

Yes. He hurted himself often enough. He still does it to show off.

Noya: He can’t sit still. He continues, as long he doesn’t get caught.

Saeko: If she is too lazy to drive home…

I didn’t know that this was possible. Hm (?)

Yamaguchi: Skateboarding!

HE TRIES!!! (But imagine Yams on a skateboard…*faints*)

Kenma: He tried it after he saw it in a advertising in a game he played.

Ouch. Poor little baby cat ♥

Bokuto: In company with Kuroo and Lev, who convienced him to try it.

>> Kuroo: “Great, bro!”

>> Bokuto: “Do I looook cooooowl???

>> Kuroo&Lev: “…yup.” (ФエФ)

Daichi (top) &Sugawara (bottom): They are both not the best at riding bikes…


Akiteru& Child!Tsuki:

>> Akiteru: “And how do you like your new hockey stick?”

>> Tsuki: *smashes the iPad on the ground with it* “I liiiiike it!” *laughs*

>> Akiteru: *runs away with Tsuki on his shoulders* “Shiiiit!”

That was exactly what I would have done.  but pshhhh!

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