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The Octupus Pot in Splatoon

Today I was translating a Splatoon webcomic and revising some terms and names of places to be translated. This time I crossed with the famous Octo Valley. It has a easy translation, but I always look to the Japanese term to have a second option and I found something very curious that I didn’t know!

In Japanese, the place is called Takotsubo Valley (タコツボバレー) and Takotsubo means “Octopus Pot”. I did some search and I found that Octopus Pot is an well-known Octo trap used in Japan.

Made of ceramics and sometimes concrete, this trap is largely used to bait mollusks and crustaceans in general.

I replayed the Octo Valley in order to find anything visual that connected to the Octo Pot, but I didn’t find anything. Nothing very obvious, at least. I realized something, instead:

Aside the big octo structure here, if you look around you realized that the whole Octo Valley is a huge hole in the middle of the ocean. As it’s a giant pot itself, trapping the Octarians where we face them.

Source: The Japanese Wikipedia Article about Octopus Pot

The Gladiator & The Arrow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @akai-echo this my humble gift to you for your Birthday. I hope you like it. A little Gladiator Everlark Romantic adventure! Thank you for all that you do in the fandom, and for creating amazing banners, videos and for being super sweet! Un-Beta’d all mistakes are mine.

Rated: M **Trigger Warnings**

CAPUT I (latin for Chapter One)

“What do you want Katniss?” Peeta’s grave voice answered from the corner of the room. It was night, there were giant pots lit not only for light but to emit fragrant scents. Katniss detected lavender but she also could smell cinnamon and dill.

She said nothing.

His voice wrapped around her like silk, “Come kitten what do you want?” He had an accent, as he spoke Latin, a clue as to his Germanic heritage. Peeta lived alone off the coast of Panormus on an island called Panem. “Have you come for a night of frivolity?”

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fo4 body type headcanons i came up with just now:

cait is 6'4 and bearmode as fuck. she doesnt fit in power armor bc shes so fucking ripped and built. she can and will fight a deathclaw unarmed. also? 100% inked up

curie is a metallic hovering orb with spindly robot libs and intends to stay that way

maccready is ottermode and cant grow chest hair. he can only eat peas and macaroni on account of he got a tiny lil baby mouth

deacon is the lankiest son of a bitch youve ever seen and he has tiny hands like the guy in those burger king commercials

preston is built like a model from the waist up but he skips leg day and he has tiny lil skinny legs and sturges gives him so much shit for it

conversely, old longfellow has uncomfortably toned legs and gigantic bulging calf muscles and when he wears short pants everyone fixates on his lumpy sinewy muscular old man legs.

danse is mighty mighty thicc and hes got thighs that just wont quit. he got a third nut and hhe has a giant pot leaf tattoed on his fucking face

strong is a centaur. but not the fallout kind, the horse kind

hancock is the same as in the game except basically he’s got huge boobs. i mean some serious honkers. a real set of badonkers. packin some dobonhonkeros. massive dohoonkabhankoloos. big old bonkhonagahoogs. humungous hungolomghnonoloughongous

dogmeat is an abnormally large and belligerent dachsund

piper is a stunted, abnormally short person, like the “dwarf” npcs in fo1, and she got lil tiny baby legs that are small even proportional to the rest of her. and she got 6 fingers. and… a bat nose, fuck you

nick valentine has a chainsaw hand and can still use it to smoke. it’s impressive to watch but sometimes he cuts his face up real bad

maxson has undercuts and beards growing from over 65% of his body

x-69 is Operative Fat Fuck and we value his expertise

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One of my favourite parts of the ep. was at the vows, when Aaron says he could've messed things, the way Robert says 'don't', it shows so much his denial, holding back the fear of losing Aaron, Ryan was brilliant here.



it broke my heart because honestly robert has never been happy, never. he is getting married in a little garage in the village he grew up in and it’s the best day of his life - he’s good at ignoring issues, pushing them so back into his mind that it only aches a little when he thinks about it. he can flash a smile, he can focus on the here and now - literally all he used to bang on about pre-wedding to chrissie when it came to him spending time with aaron.

aaron is different though, he can’t just forget it all, he is a giant worry pot and he isn’t able to ignore the damage he’s already done to them and that’s why he says it, that’s why he talks about messing things up because he genuinely believes he has but then robert’s there with his little ‘don’t’ and it means so much.

it means ‘don’t’ think about tomorrow
it means 'don’t’ ruin this moment by thinking like that
it means 'don’t’ make me think about it too

robert has literally been holding back the fear of losing aaron since he came back from the police station, rob’s been this constant pillar of support telling aaron to stay positive, telling him it will be weeks and that things will be fine when he gets out. but in this moment he just doesn’t have the strength to say any of that, he doesn’t have the strength to be that convincing and yes you see it in ryan’s amazing acting, it’s hard for him to even let it out. he doesn’t want to think about the inevitable heartbreak that he will be forced to face tomorrow, he’s pushing that further and further back into his mind and just focusing on getting married to aaron

so yeah with that in mind i think rob’s soul crushing reaction to aaron being inside for twelve months will shatter us all as he finally faces his fear head on.

🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 (why nonnie, why????)


Felicity liked team ups.

It meant seeing her friends from Central City: comparing notes with Cisco on the tech they were both developing in their own pursuits, laughing with Caitlin, teasing Barry.

So when Laurel suggested calling in reinforcements after a close call with a metahuman a few days ago, Felicity had been all for it. Not all for the metahuman wreaking habit on Starling, wait, no, on Star City, but all for the visit from Team Flash.

How was she supposed to know it would all go so wrong?

Everyone was in the new lair, celebrating the take down of their metahuman earlier that night, but instead of the easy camaraderie she had anticipated, it was just one giant pot of humiliation.

“All I’m saying is that you are clearly catnip to superheroes. Proof is in the pudding,” Cisco was still going strong despite her glaring, seemingly feeding off of the giggling of Laurel and Thea, “Just look at your dating history! Honestly, I would find it flattering.”

A low chuckle from her left had her spinning in her chair.

“Dig! No! Do not encourage this!”

“Hey, don’t get mad at me,” he laughed, holding his hands up and backing away from her.

Oliver and Barry were being big fat cowards over on the mats, pointedly ignoring the conversation and leaving her to the wolves. They were supposed to be sparring, Oliver having wanted to work on Barry’s technique now that there were other speedsters out there, but she was ninety-nine percent sure they were just avoiding getting called into the melee.

After her third unsuccessful attempt at beckoning them over so that she wouldn’t be the only one stuck being embarrassed, she threw her head back and reached the end of her rope.

“This is shaming. You guys are shaming me when I have nothing to be ashamed of!” Felicity squawked, but no one bought her defense.

“Come on, we aren’t shaming you,” Laurel reasoned,  rubbing Thea’s back where she was having trouble catching her breath from laughing so hard and smiling innocently, but Felicity didn’t like mischievous lilt to her friend’s mouth,  “You’ve slept with two of the three superheroes you’ve kissed, so most of them… That’s impressive by anyone’s standards.”

“Two! I’ve only slept with two that I’ve kissed! Two out of four is not ‘most’!” she yelled before she could stop herself.

Everyone went completely still at that. Felicity wanted to close her eyes and count back from three, but she made the mistake of catching Oliver’s eyes. Because, oh boy, now he was definitely paying attention.

She’d never seen that look on his face before, not quite the stoic blankness of their early friendship but not the open book she knew of late. His eyes were clear, but his mouth was pinched and his head tilted in confusion.

There was a beat of silence, broken only when Cisco started listing off names on his fingers.

“Um, hold on. Let’s break this down. One, Barry; two, Oliver; three, Ray; Four, …” he let the question echo in the lair.

Slowly, but creepily in sync, everyone turned to look at Dig, whose brows shot to his hairline.

“The hell? No!” Dig cried, looking over his shoulder at Oliver before turning fully, apparently deciding that giving the Green Arrow his back in the current situation was not a great idea.

If  the thought of kissing her psuedo big brother didn’t make her feel the same thing, Felicity might have been offended at the disgust in Dig’s voice.

“Gross, not Dig. Not that he is gross, but he’s basically family, and yeah, no…” she trailed off as all heads in the room swivelled back to stare at her expectedly.

Thea, apparently breathing easily again, questioned, “Dig’s the only other superhero, though?”

“Dig is not the only other superhero,” Felicity corrected, not really wanting to give answers but also not liking the fact that Thea seemed to be ommitting herself and Laurel from the category.

“Yes, he was,” Thea kept on stubbornly, cocking her head in the exact same way as her brother did when he dug his teeth into something he didn’t want to let go, “He was the only other superhero you could have made out with before you got with Ollie.”

Felicity was saved from answering by the sound of a code being keyed into the entrance. Sara came walking through a moment later, arms laden with everyone’s dinner from Big Belly Burger. She stopped in the doorway, frowning at the scene in front of her.

“Why is everyone staring at me?” she asked.

Cisco looked like his brain might explode as he looked from Sara to Felicity and back again.

“OH MY GOD,” he yelled.

Felicity put her face in her hands.

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Max enjoys books and playing with common household objects.

A History of Notable Shadowhunters & Denizens of Downworld, by Cassandra Clare

All I see is Alec and Magnus clutching their skulls in mute agony as Max joyously, and repeatedly, slams two giant pots together. They definitely have a potsn’pans-drummer on their hands. 

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Hey mama blossom! What kind of night creams do you suggest for someone who just turned 20 with combination skin? I know you get what you pay for but could you recommend something on the cheaper end? Eternal thanks!!

Hi!! I’ve been using First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream! It’s brightening and moisturizing. It’s a thick cream so I use very little but I have combination skin too and it hasn’t broke me out. The small bottle is only 12 dollars and I think the giant pot of it is a little under 30. It also comes in a citrus vanilla scent that is so nice ❤️ at night I like to emulsify it with a bit of face oil. I look like a greaseball when I go to bed but when I wake up it’s all absorbed and looking fresh!


Junkrat skin idea! Chefrat at ur service.

Basically the idea was to put him into something super proper dapper for once (in part inspired by this), which would both look cute on him and hilarious when coupled with his animations and voiceacting. then i realized that a crazed chef would make sense for him and would be hilarious. He also looks like a shitty d list golden age batman villain (which sorta fits with his other skins that look like certain batman a listers lol) so yeah. I probably should’ve pushed some design elements further (like more fancy salt n pepper shakers and maybe more kitchenware on him), but eh im tired.

Like Hanzo’s wolfaboo skins, some of his phrases would get changed, adding more kitchen references. when using his ult he’d let his giant spiked pot of doom loose and instead of engine noises, it would make bubbling and whistling sounds before exploding. 

Blizzard hire me.

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Recently I saw a couple of screenshots of a kdrama that I was interested in, but I have lost it since. On the screenshots there was a girl, who was in a giant pot or something in the middle of ancient korean castle. The girl was talking to someone on the cell phone, she was saying that she was in the middle of a movie set or something. Do you recognize this scene? Can you tell what the drama is called? Thanks!

I…do not recognize this scene in the least. Maybe one of my followers will?

If any of you kind people can help this anon out I would be much obliged!



Okay so in this Au, there are five kingdoms as listed above and basically no one likes the other for many reasons.

Anyway, when Flask finds out Hohenheim is going to be the king of Dawn he gets pissed and forges his own kingdom, promising to give immortality to those who join him, only he either makes them chimera’s or turns them into homunculi.

Hohenheim and Trisha know Flask will try and take over their country soon so they suggest an uneasy alliance with the kingdom of Embers. This is major considering the scholarly kingdom of Dawn had never interacted with any other kIngdoms and especially finds the Kingdom of Embers to be brutish.

The Kingdom of Embers is special because they let rejects and detractors from other kingdoms into their city, making it a giant melting pot of every kingdom and their culture. Queen Christmas is more than willing to forge the alliance, especially since the kingdom of Dawn is offering to teach their ways of Alchemy in return for protection.

Now if Roy could just keep Edward from blowing stuff up during his visit, they’re good to go..and oh no, Roy’s flirting with the kid. And now they’re making out.. 

Ya know Sellbots are probably the doucheiest cogs. They don’t wear ties, they have their collars popped with those little puffy neck scarf things and Sellbots is the type with the most cogs with giant fake smiles. Their the ones with the fake laughs to get a little to chummy with you.

Lawbots on the other hand are the most pretentious. They wear bowties, they went to Law School they have the most clean, crisp HQ, you can see your face in the floor. They’re probably all high and mighty bragging all hauntingly about their accomplishment, like what is your fancy expensive degree in Reginold?

Bossbots are then the most lazy cog type. Like Ron Swanson they excel in the field of getting as little done as possible, they’d just rather be golfing. They are that man with that giant pot belly that can’t get out of a chair without grunting

Cashbots are Mr. Krabs basically. You may thing Sellbot HQ is the grossest HQ but Cashbots are the grubbiest bots. They may participate in High Finance and Trade Stocks but they probably spit when they talk too.

Daily Doodle 41/365 - February 10, 2017

Well.. I’ll handle it, I guess

Got last minute work to alleviate the load some team members were enduring, one animator hadn’t slept at all, kinda reminds me when the same thing happened to me. I can handle it, 3 of the scenes are already done, now I need to do one more tomorrow, I’ll see if I can do it all by myself (My college bestie is supposed to help me) but he’s busy enough as it is

.. also, I got another parking ticket, but this time only my back wheel was over the yellow strip.. the rest of the yellow strip was covered by a palm tree in a giant pot.. I DON’T SEE THE PALM TREE GETTING ANY PARKING TICKETS!! I’ll check if I can appeal or dispute this thing, it’ll probably be my first action as an adult.. err.. next step is getting a doctor’s appointment all by myself in the future.. when I get sick.. which hasn’t happened in 3 years..

It’s 3am again


Georgia’s winemaking heritage goes back 8,000 years and centers on the qvevri, a cavernous terra-cotta pot shaped like an egg, lined with beeswax and buried to the mouth underground. But these ancient vessels were sidelined by the industrial wine production dictated by seven decades of Soviet rule. Over the past 10 years, however, qvevri wine has slowly recovered. Today, it is a calling card for Georgian wine around the world.

Georgia’s Giant Clay Pots Hold An 8,000-Year-Old Secret To Great Wine

Photo credits: (top) Daniella Cheslow for NPR (bottom) via Wikimedia

imagine steve working with bucky tirelessly to help him readjust and getting so damn frustrated one day because damnit bucky’s his best friend but making so little progress isn’t rewarding in the least and he’s falling apart because it shouldn’t matter how rewarding it is because this is bucky barnes and steve should be thrilled to have even a sliver of his best friend back and he sobs into his hands on the couch while bucky watches all unsure and apologetic in his pajamas before rushing off and breaking steve’s heart because he’s finally pushed too hard but then bucky comes back with a giant sandwich and a pot of tea and sets it awkwardly in front of steve and mutters ‘it’s okay, stevie, you’re doing your best’ and just sits with steve until they both calm down enough to share the two halves of sandwich and steve realizes that maybe all bucky needed was to take care of someone else because that’s the very essence of who he is and shit it’s the best goddamn day steve’s had in months