giant popsicle

okay credit 2 @hcrryedward 4 the roots of this idea but a hobama au where harry is an alien who’s been abandoned on earth by his ppls for being a lil shit and he’s totally stranded n helpless n doesn’t know where to turn ?? so he does what any self-respecting alien would do and tells the humans “take me to your leader” n the leader is … drum roll pls … OBAMA OFC !! from there blossoms a beautiful friendship ( and later relationship ) as obama shows alienrry the ways of planet earth ,, except sometimes they fight over dumb stuff ( obama’s like “pls dont lick the washington monument //:” n harrys like “u mean its NOT a giant popsicle ??” ) but they luv each other rlly ?? we can make it angsty n shit omg i jsut,,,, rlly need this plot okay pl s


“Loki!” you cry out, panicked, your eyes widening as the realization of what just happened sinks in.

You just shot a surge of raw, powerful electricity straight at Loki.

Straight through Loki.

What was supposed to be a training session in order to help you gain some control over your powers turned into a living, breathing nightmare.

Lately, your powers have been acting unusually. You’d lie in bed and suddenly find yourself quite literally jolted awake, or take a bath and accidentally electrocute yourself.

Loki’s guess is that it’s stress.

You’re inclined to agree.

Things have been a bit rocky, lately. Ever since the two of you agreed to help out the Avengers, you’ve been tired more often than not.

It’s only natural that your powers get a little bit out of control.

Loki suggested a little bit of training to help you focus, to help you take control once again.

Everything was going great.

Then, after another one of his demands that you focus, and focus, and focus, you snapped, and a surge shot into him.

Just like that.

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solemnly-mystifying  asked:

11, supercat, please

With the Weather Wizard defeated and yanked back to Barry’s universe with him, Kara has only one activity in mind. Alex suggests drinking, Lucy wants to go dancing, but Kara is incredulous that they would ignore the first serious snowfall in National City for over 100 years.

“Kara-” Alex starts to protest. 

“I want to play in the snow,” Kara insists. “The only time I get to do that is at the Fortress, and everyone I take with me says it’s too cold to run around in the snow.”

“It is,” James agrees. “What did you have in mind? Cause Metropolis has snow every winter, so I’m pretty sure I can take all you West Coast softies in a snowball fight by myself.”

“Hey!” Lucy objects. “Don’t lump me in with the surfer kids.”

“Sorry,” James apologizes to his ex, things easier between them now. “But this city street slush isn’t going to get it done.”

“You know who has a huge garden…” Kara suggests, because the only thing she wants to do as much as she wants to build a snowman is make out with her girlfriend. Cat always knows exactly how to make best use of Kara’s post-battle adrenaline, but the rest of the Supersquad are still reluctant to spend more time than necessary with Cat Grant. “Besides, someone has to show Carter!”

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