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Oh oh oh!!! Prompt! !!! Victor and Yuuri celebrateing their cat sons birthday!!! Happy Birthday Yurio!

((I’m kinda late with this, but oh well.)) 

“What are you doing.” Yuri deadpanned as Victor steered him by the shoulders from the doorway into the apartment when he arrived at noon. He barely had time to kick off his black boots before he was forced onto the couch by a rather large, exuberant poodle.  

“Nothing, nothing,” Victor dismissed, grinning widely at both Yuri and Makkachin.

He dug his fingers into the poodles fur, giving him a bit of affection. “I don’t believe you,” Yuri said slowly as he looked between Victor and where Yuuri was standing in the kitchen. He turned his head to hide the flush that appeared when Yuuri caught his eyes and flashed him a smile. 

“Don’t worry, Yurio,” the Japanese man said as he poked at something cooking on the stove. “We just wanted you over to have katusdon with us. Our little birthday present to you.”

Yuri perked up at that. Real katsudon made by Yuuri sounded fantastic. It was months since he’d had any. “Well…” he said, pretending as if he was being put-upon (it was better for his image if he resisted a little), “I guess that’s okay.” He paused. “But you two better not be fucking lovey-dovey around me. I don’t want to see that shit on my birthday,” he made sure to add with a glare directed at Victor.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Yuuri said as he sauntered over. He rested one hand on the back of the couch, the other on Yuri’s arm. “Happy birthday, Yurio.” 

“Tch. Whatever.” He pulled Makkachin closer and buried his face in his soft curls so he didn’t have to look at the gentle expressions the other two men gave him. 

“I’m almost finished cooking,” Yuuri said as he leaned over and laid a small kiss on Victor’s lips. “Why don’t you get Yurio his real present. There’s no point in keeping him waiting.”

“Wait. What. You said it was just katusdon,” Yuuri complained. He didn’t like being surprised. Not by Yuuri at least. 

“I suppose,” Victor sighed and stood up, but there was a glint of something either excited or mischievous is his eyes. Now Yuri was worried. “Close your eyes, Yurio.”

“I’m not closing my fucking eyes,” he said defiantly and crossed his arms over his chest. 

“Just do it,” Yuuri laughed as he walked back into the kitchen. “The sooner you do it, the sooner it’s over.”

“It better not be something stupid like a fruit basket,” Yuuri mumbled, but closed his eyes anyway. 

There were some hushed whispers from behind him and he desperately wanted to open his eyes. 

“I’m not going to do this forever,” he said with a frown. 

“Patience,” Yuuri called. 

Yuri huffed as Makkachin left his lap. He felt like an idiot sitting on the couch with his eyes closed. But, as strange as it was, he trusted Katsudon enough to do it. 

“Okay,” Yuuri’s voice came from beside him, startling him a little, “open them.”

He opened his eyes slowly almost expecting to see some kind of stupid gift like a giant stuffed poodle (although giant stuffed tiger might be okay). But he was not expecting THAT. 

“….Otabek?” Yuri said, mouth falling open. It was like a mirage - his friend was standing right in front of him. “What?” He blinked as his brain tried to catch up. Otabek shouldn’t be here right now. He was supposed to be at home in Almaty. That’s where he was last night when they had their Skype call. 

“Happy birthday, Yura,” Otabek said, holding his arms out.

Yuri got up off the couch immediately and took the one step forward to throw himself in a hug. “Oh my god,” he said in shock. He was vaguely aware that Victor was recording everything. “How did you-” He tried to ask. 

“Yuuri and Victor bought me a plane ticket,” Otabek said as he hugged Yuri tightly. 

Yuri refused to let go, but he turned his head to look at Victor. “Really?” He didn’t want to say it was too big of a gift because he was actually so happy, but he knew how much the tickets cost. He had been looking at them for months now. 

Victor shrugged. “What’s money to me if I can’t make my family happy,”

“We’re not fucking family,” Yuri protested, but it was half-hearted. He finally pulled away from the hug to smile at Otabek. 

“I hope this was okay,” Otabek said with a quirk of his lips.

“Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. It’s fine.” Yuri nodded. “Wait. THAT’s why you didn’t text me today?!” he realized and slapped Otabek’s bicep playfully. 

“I was on a plane all morning. Seemed a waste to text ‘happy birthday’ when I could do it in person.”

Yuri bit the inside of his cheek as he tried to stop himself from smiling too much. It wouldn’t do to give away how pleased he was. 

“Ah,” Yuuri distracted him, “lunch is ready.” He placed a couple bowls of steaming katsudon on the coffee table by the couch. 

Before he could chicken out, Yuri stepped around Otabek and pulled Yuuri into a hug. “You’re a liar,” Yuri hissed when they hugged.

“Mmnn,” Yuuri agreed, slow to return the hug, but responding with a tight squeeze. 

“I never though you’d be able to lie convincingly. ‘Just katsudon’ my ass,” Yuri grouched. 

Yuuri smiled, but didn’t say anything as they pulled apart. Victor’s love of surprising people must have rubbed off on Katsudon at some point. But if all of his surprises were like this one, then maybe Yuri shouldn’t complain too much. 

He grabbed a bowl for both him and Otabek and found a spot on the couch between Victor and his friend. This gift was so much better than a stuffed tiger. 

((Happy belated birthday, Yurio. 🎉 (Also, they can be any ages you want, but I was thinking this was a couple years down the road.)))

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alright so post-reunion Thomas's hair starts to get pretty shaggy and he's tired of it getting in his eyes so he asks James to cut it. James is not super confident since he's always had a barber pirate to help but he's formerly Captain goddamn Flint he's not gonna let a haircut scare him. it comes out a little uneven but Thomas loves him anyway and he doesn't really have a leg to stand on in terms of hair since he once had a giant poodle wig which matched his father's.

MONICA I AM DISTRAUGHT  WHAT THE H EC K i have several points: 

  • the very concept of a barber pirate. who. who di d this. maybe it was joji because everybody else had short hair right
  • THE POODLE WIG IS. YI KE S. the *one* good thing it had going for it was that initial over the shoulder turn where he looked straight out of a shampoo commercial. so. y eah. anything is a step up from that. 
  • BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY. !!!!!!!!!!!!! james!! cutting his hair!!! 
  • thomas sitting in the chair, smiling as he watches james Concentrate
  • james telling him ‘close your eyes, love’ when he does the front and just. so gently brushing the hair off of his face.
  • then when it’s done thomas saying ‘thank you, darling - i can actually see you, now, i’ve missed that’ and pulling james down for a kiss while james is still alsdjfalsd’ing
  • later that day thomas is kinda running his hands through his hair that way you do when you get it cut and he thanks james again, and james just kinda shrugs like, ‘you’d do the same for me if i asked you to’ and thomas is just like *gasp* ‘noooo i love your hair long don’t put me in that position’ and james just laughing and kissing his cheek and promising he won’t and the two of them just! being happy!!

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gd please more viktuuri headcanons fluff smut either way


In honor of Ep. 8… 


  • Makkachin got very used to being held in Viktor’s lap and being carried around when he was a puppy
  • He still thinks he is a tiny lap dog and will climb into Viktor/Yuuri’s lap all the time just to prove that he totally can comfortably fit there
  • (He can’t, really. He is a giant ball of poodle and pretty heavy but Viktor and Yuuri don’t have it in them to move him…)
  • Viktor talks to Makkachin a lot. He talks through his concerns and thoughts while Makkachin just looks at him like (^ᴥ^) and Viktor takes his head tilts and what not as responses.
  • So when Viktor decides to move to Japan for Yuuri he’s talking to Makkachin while he’s packing like “Ok, I know Yakov is going to lose it and it might be hard to come back to skating after taking a season off at this age, but you saw the video, Makkachin! I have to do this, right, Makkachin?” And Makkachin is like [!! (^ᴥ^)woof!!] and Viktor is like “yes, exactly!”
  • When Viktor first moved to the hot springs, Yuuri overhears Viktor talking to someone (in Russian) in his room all the time and he’s sort of curious about who Viktor is talking to and maybe a little jealous over how much attention Viktor gives this person…
  • I mean, Viktor will contact this person at pretty much any hour of the day! It has to be someone pretty important to him, right?!
  • Then he realizes it’s Makkachin and feels embarrassed for himself because REALLY.
  • Also, the longer Viktor and Makkachin are around the more Yuuri starts to talk to him too… and soon Makkachin is low-key playing therapist for these two lovestruck nerds
  • Viktor was pretty smitten with Yuuri from the start, but one of the things that just made him fall even harder was seeing how much Makkachin loves Yuuri and how much Yuuri loves Makkachin
  • Because for Viktor, Makkachin is such an important part of his life that seeing someone take care of Makkachin with just as much affection as he does makes his heart feel ridiculous things
  • Makkachin feels conflicted about who to sleep next to sometimes. Should he sleep next to Viktor-Dad or Yuuri-Dad?? It would be a lot easier if both dads were in the same place!! (;´ᴥ`;) He tends to try and pick which dad he thinks needs puppy cuddles more based on their faces and tones of voices. 
  • Makkachin is very happy when his dad and his new dad get their shit together and he gets both of them in one place all the time! (^ᴥ^)
  • [But Makkachin does not appreciate getting locked out of the bedroom as often as he does now! It’s not nice of dads at all! (ಠᴥಠ)]

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I sometimes forget that mrs O'Leary was once described as a poodle when mortals see her through the mist then I remember and it makes me wonder...was she described as a giant poodle/toy poodle/ or standard poodle??? 🤔

I don’t know but lemme tell you….that’s wrong. She’s CLEARLY a Newfoundland. I refuse to accept a Hellhound being seen as a poodle smh 

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Au where Viktor is descended from a line of powerful witches, Yuuri is a shapeshifter (and shapeshifters frequently become picked by the powers that be to become a witch's familiar, protecting and guiding them). Yuuri grows up in the same town and crushes hard on Viktor, so when he feels the pull towards Viktor, he thinks it's wishful thinking and that he couldn't possibly really be Viktor's fated familiar-- until Viktor is in danger, and Yuuri can just SENSE it, so he heads off to save him

What if Yuri shape shifts into a giant poodle?

What if in this AU Yuri is Yuri AND Makkachin?

Yea? Or yea?

More news from the Bokenkamp podcast

I finally completed my second listen of the Bokenkamp interview with The Blacklist Exposed.  Thank you to @whiteairwolf for posting the link!  Some additional news/observations I forgot to post on the first listen:

- There is a free pre-screening every week during the season of the latest episode of The Blacklist at the World Theatre in Kearney, Nebraska (Bokenkamp’s home town).  Sony sends a drive with the episode and Bokenkamp does his best to FaceTime in and chat with the fans about what worked and what didn’t work.

- The mythology and ultimate end game of the series are still where they were when he created it but they have had “detours” and picked up new characters along the way that were unexpected.  Glen is an example.  They wrote the role to fit the actor.  But in general they try very hard to stay true to the mythology.  He admits, though, that the story could change dramatically by the time they get to the end.   

- From his perspective, nobody really remembers the case of the week.  They remember a good character (i.e., the Stewmaker, Milton Bobbitt, Gina Zanetakos, etc.)  They are constantly trying to strike a balance between too much Red or not enough, too much emotion or not enough, too much serialization or not enough.  It’s very difficult.  He definitely reads comments concerning each episode.  He agrees that some episodes are going to be better than others.  They are constantly gauging how fast to move through a story line vs. burning it down (and uses the example of Red killing Sam).  

- He admits that some stuff is premeditated, while other stuff they are trying to reverse engineer from 15-20 episodes ago.  He says they did that “today” (meaning 12/5)  There’s a “fun” character they are bringing back from the first season, but they have to make sure all the “looks” and “glances” will make sense.  

- He has never seen the Sopranos but heard it was a great show (!!)

- He agrees Zal Bin Hasaan could maybe have been a 2 parter.  But they have breaks where the cliffhangers are in 22 episodes.  After episode 8, after episode 18.  Maybe it means her story is not done and they can go back to it at some point?

- “I’m sure we will find some way to weave Samar back in.”  (responding to a question about her being fired by Ressler). He finds “shipping” fascinating and never heard about it before this show.   The moment with Red and Liz on the ship was NOT a nod to the “shippers” but they do pay attention to it.  Every day an assistant is tasked with finding the “strangest” thing about The Blacklist on the internet.  He specifically pointed to the fact that “Mr. Cattington” has a blog.  @askmrcatington

- He noted that people are so attached to Hudson and admitted he was surprised too when the breed changed.  Same color but totally different dog!  He said we should keep our eyes open for Hudson 3.0 .  Like Kenny from Southpark who keeps appearing but is different  every time.  Maybe a giant poodle?  

- They often write in response to the locations found in NY for the scenes and make adjustments.  It’s a very fluid process, even as episodes are being shot.  

- Music selection can be very expensive.  They have a budget for each episode.  Episode 9 was supposed to have 5 songs but is down to 2.  Episode 10 had 2 songs (by Johnny Cash and James Brown) but both are super expensive and hard to clear.  We may get one or neither.  Will have to see.  

- They thought about having no blacklister of the week while Red/Liz were on the run.  In terms of Red not always knowing who the Blacklister of the week is (i.e., Arioch Cain), in his view if Red gives a story and they are able to take down and remove a criminal who otherwise would be existing and operating had he not c0me forward, that fits the format regardless of whether Red knows exactly who the person is.  

- the Troll Farmer was inspired by a real life group of young people in Russia (article in the NY Times) who send out disinformation campaigns

- Bokenkamp’s favorite blacklisters are “the weird stuff” - “the weirdos in the woods.”  Spader likes the big international high stakes characters.  Eisendrath leans towards deep complex characters.

- the comic is a little bit of an “alt-universe” of the show.  Goes to the time period they have to be sensitive/judicious about touching.     

- they are talking about exploring Mr. Kaplan’s past with Red more on the show

-   he is very excited for episodes 3x09 and 3x10 and we can expect some “great turns” in 3x11.  They just finished the script for 3x13.  There are some “really big turns” towards the back half of the season.  They are going to get a little back to “case of the week” and “great stories about blacklisters Red knows about.”  There is a “doppelgänger” story coming.  A fairy tale story.  We need to see where Liz goes, how she handles what she’s been dealt.  The back half is “explosive” in a different kind of way.  

- Regarding Charlene and the neighbor - “don’t expect that to be wrapped up any time soon.”  There might be more on that. 

- Amir Arison will be the guest  on the podcast next week!

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Do you think Roxy and Merlin wake up everyone with Roxy's giant poodle wedged between them?

((I hope you don’t mind if I post this? If anyone ever wants to remain anon just tell me in the message. I wasn’t sure what the everyone referred to, everyday?))

So I think that before they get together Roxy’s poodle just happily sleeps next to her on the bed. Maybe curled up next to her, maybe at the foot of the bed, NBD. None at all. 

When Merlin starts to say over the dog just curls up obediently at the foot of the bed still. It’s not until they’re both dead asleep that the beast of a dog stomps all over Merlin and then plops down half on top of him to get between the two of them. 

Of course Roxy doesn’t even notice, and for a few nights he tries to be nice, not wanting to wake her up while he yells at a dog that has no intention of obeying him. Of course, by the end of the week he’s exhausted and cranky, and he’s not even asleep yet when it starts to walk across him. “Are you fucking kidding me?” 

The shout was louder than he meant, and Roxy is sitting up, gun in hand with a speed that he’s actually proud of. The worst part about explaining what had caused his outburst is the way the dog is looking at him. There’s judgement in it’s eyes, he’s sure of it, but they get things worked out.

Three months later and Roxy’s staying at her parent’s for a family thing he’s avoiding. He doesn’t sleep a wink that night, eyes refusing to stay closed without the warm weight of a furred creature blanketing him.

whenever i hear something like “german shepherd poodle mix” i feel sorry for the dogs involved, like was the german shepherd fucking the tiny poodle with his giant dick?? was the poodle the father? was the poodle fucking the german shepherd with his tiny dick? how do dog vaginas even work i’ve seen my dog’s vagina she lays on her back and points it up its a fucking clit attached to the dog how does anything go in there. i dont even want to know

I’m glad I didn’t binge all of YOI today because you know what? I cannot handle Victor Nikiforov in large doses. Who is this man. He’s a world champion glittering idol, shows up nonchalantly booty-naked in a hot spring looking like a Greek statue, is Mr Smouldery Smouldervich Smoulderikov bishie man, but then he pulls shit like hugging his giant poodle in his sleep and drooping to the ground if you boop him on the head and carrying around a DOG-SHAPED TISSUE BOX HOLDER and demanding hot pots and I just. He is a beautiful and ridiculous varied tapestry woven with diamonds and bits of egg and I can’t take him all in at once