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Legends of Tomorrow | SDCC17 | Doug the Pug (x)

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Good Catch

Good Catch
Ship: Baseball!Jimin | Mascot!Reader
Description: Jimin had a crush on you, the team mascot, for as long as you started working with him, though he was always too shy to confess to you. But maybe the tedious kiss cams can help this batter make a good catch for a change.
Warning: Fluff, Intercourse, Blowjob, Oral, Pretty Fucking Tame Compared to my Other Sin Works
Word Count: 5,229
A/N: OK, so I’ve been dying for Jimin to be in a baseball uniform, and just… what’s cuter than a Baseball player and a Mascot? I wanted something fluffy instead of just straight up sin but I hope you enjoyed the change of this compared to others! I found it sweet.

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@just-marvel-at-them I am so very sorry that I took this long to get back to you with this. I have some serious thoughts on Tonys and cats. But also I’ve been pretty distracted and I kept opening up the drawing and then forgetting about it. 

Also, I only now have come to a thought that maybe you were not talking about Tony being a cat, but maybe Tony with cat ears. If so, sorry to have bombarded you with Cat Tony images. But considering how you have said: “Tony’d probably be shy because he feels more vulnerable as usual” and “can’t use his words to protect himself” and “comes out from underneath the couch” I hope I wasn’t too far off. 

MY head canons are under Read More! And also his (better) interactions with Pepper!

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Cold Imprint (Carlisle Cullen)

Originally posted by panlight

Pairing: Carlisle Cullen/Wolf!Reader
Warning(s): Injury mention
A/N: Wooo carlisle. i dont think i have written for him yet. Also sorry this sucks big time, my writers block was preventing me to do crap.
Request:  Can you do a fic where the reader is a wolf and gets caught in a bear trap and her imprint carlisle helps her?

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@ohwhataprettypinkhat I appreciate you asking anything, and hope you enjoy the fic!

Lance groaned loudly when Allura’s voice came over the speakers, calling the paladins to the control room. They had gone on mission after mission for a week, and his body was about ready to give up whether he liked it or not. He reluctantly dragged himself up from his bed and wandered to meet the others, bones creaking in protest.

“Glad to see everyone is up and at them!” Coran piped cheerily; he was met with several pairs of sleep-deprived and cranky eyes. “Please say we’re going to the space mall or something,” Lance said, stretching luxuriously. “Hate to agree, but I don’t think I want to see anything purple ever again,” Keith grumbled. Allura brought up a large map, and the paladins inspected the glowing screen as she explained.

“Today is indeed a peaceful trip. There is a planet nearby with a species known to be friendly, and we’ll be going to negotiate an alliance.” A chorus of relieved sighs met her words, and she turned around with a solemn gaze. “This is an important mission despite its lack of violence, so I’ll need everyone,” she glared at Lance, “to take it seriously and be on their best behavior.” “You know me, princess! It’ll be a piece of cake,” Lance said, waving his hand dismissively.

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