giant panda


Apparently the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center successfully bred 36 panda cubs in 2017 and decided to introduce them all at once. 36 Panda Cubs. Yeah you’re clicking play and yes I did too.


Let’s Play! (IMG_0361) by katalin_kerekes


For those who don’t know, I actually made another BnHA oc! (Jing is more of a bnhasona) I rather came up with her with impulse after watching and studying video of pandas. Mao is fiercely loyal and protective, she’s like a panda big sister! She’ll give you hugs or teach you how to chew bamboos :> 

The only drawback to her quirk is that if she doesn’t receive enough affection for an amount of time (be it a hug or a pat on the head) she’d turn feral and stop thinking rationally, in turn it pushes to her wild instincts. Who wants to hug a feral panda to stop her from being angry?

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Ouhin and Touhin by PatrickHarperCR2
Via Flickr:
at Adventure world, Wakayama, Japan