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OHMYGAWD MORE GHOSTBUSTERS WHO’DA THUNK I’D BE ON THIS LITERALLY NON STOP I’VE SEEN IT THREE TIMES ITS NOT ENOUGH anyways I drew a thing it’ll be there at San Japan and in the link below to my fancy shop you can buy one for yer wall or somethin also also I got stickers of the girls (and Kevin) if you’d be interested in somethin’ that too.





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Zhang Yimou (director of “Hero” and “House of Flying Daggers” is back. This time with Matt Damon and what looks like a significantly higher budget.
“The Great Wall” seems to be about an army using the Great Wall of China to fend off giant fucking monsters and, quite frankly, I’m sold.
Some of the CGI looks a little wonky, but with a concept that’s basically “Jason Bourne fights demons on a massive wall” you can’t really go wrong.

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Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik for the meme :D

What I like about them:

He’s a funny yet devious crackpot who has been responsible for many cunning plans and amazing machines over the years. He’s genuinely brilliant, he’s almost always fun to watch, it’s almost always fun to fight him, he’s a serious threat in spite of how he looks and acts… there’s so much to go over. Just a great character and villain all around. :D

What I don’t like:

Those giant monster betrayals and other villains showing him up put a frown on my face.

But portrayals of the doctor that I find insulting arguably put an even bigger frown on my face.

Favourite scene:

This is a really hard one, because this is my favourite character in the series we’re talking about, and there are loads of scenes I could choose, for a wide variety of reasons.

But if we’re talking at face value, then I’ll go with the Time Eater reveal scene in Generations. Say what you will about the execution, but seeing Robotnik successfully control a giant monster at long last is the most satisfying thing. I still remember how overjoyed I was when I first learned about who was pulling the Time Eater’s strings. Even better when he turned out to have done it alongside his Classic self.

It was a big moment in showing how the mishaps he had to deal with in the past are finally - in the main series at least - over for good.

Favourite game:

I’ll go with S3&K again for this option. Because I still think it’s Robotnik’s greatest moment in the series so far, from start to finish. It highlights his deceptive behaviour via his manipulation of Knuckles, it highlights his determination via his refusal to give up in the final battle, it highlights his brutality via bombing Angel Island and destroying the ruins of Marble Garden, it highlights his quick thinking when he’s able to adapt to the situation after the Death Egg fell down again, in a volcano no less… I could go on.

Favourite line:

*insert roughly 90% of everything he has ever said*

Favourite outfit:

No outfit he has worn will ever come close to the whiskers on his face. For he is very proud of his moustache, and rightly so.


Robotnik is not a romance man. The way he sees it: If you’re not his reflection in the mirror, you can get to fuck.


Shockingly enough, Robotnik is not a bro man either. Orbot and Cubot do not count, because bro-to-bro relationships don’t typically involve threats and abuse.


Every time Robotnik loses to Sonic, he immediately gets started on his next plan afterwards… once he’s done with drowning his anger in Jack Daniels, that is.

Unpopular opinion:

I feel that a lot of fans tend to sugarcoat his darker traits and crueler acts of villainy in the series way too often, and I can’t help but get the impression that this has made an impact on his overall reputation in the gaming community, both within the Sonic fandom and outside of it. And I find that really annoying.

Yes, he’s goofy. Yes, he acts like a spoiled kid. But he’s still a legitimately dangerous villain in spite of that. That contrast is one of the things that help make him such a brilliant antagonist, at least in my opinion.

I think a lot of it has to do with how he “only” wants to take over the world rather than destroy it. These fans don’t realise that depending on the circumstances and motivations, this alone does not automatically make a villain less of a true bad guy. Especially when as long as there’s something for him to conquer at all, Robotnik doesn’t actually care about the state the world is in under his rule.

Then there’s the whole thing about how not going out of your way to cause casualties =/= caring about or regretting any casualties you may have inadvertently caused at all. But I’m rambling at this point.

A wish:

To conquer the world, of course. (And probably the rest of the universe as well, because let’s face it, Robotnik is greedy with a capital G.)

An oh-god-please-don’t-ever-happen:

Getting killed off by another villain.

Becoming a good guy.

Having to team up with Sonic and Co. another hundred goddamn times.

Five words that best describe them:






My nickname for them:

Doc Egg is the only real one I have. Although I occasionally call him Robotonic as well, in reference to the infamous yet amusing misspelling of his name in Sonic the Fighters.

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The boopier the snoots and the fangier the faces the better!
Gimme all the monsters, be they smol or tol!!!!

Meanwhile, I’m shoving here my entry for a contest that was held in my country a few months ago: you had a base with the shape of a sardine, and you had to decorate it however you wanted, using any methods and techniques. And it had to be related to Portuguese folklore.

I like to “tell stories” in my drawings, so I picked the legend of Adamastor, a giant/monster that lied in the seas at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (named such after being successfully crossed by the PT crew yo), back in the Age of Discovery. The “giant” is a metaphor for the terrible and adverse conditions of the sea back then. Anyway, here’s Adamastor challenging the bold and adventurous Portuguese Gryffindors ships.

Giant monster sizechart by Jaroslav Kosmina.

In order:

Karloff - Pacific Rim
Onibaba - Pacific Rim
Hardship - Pacific Rim
Godzilla - Godzilla 1998
Otachi - Pacific Rim
Cloverfield Monster - Cloverfield
Leatherback - Pacific Rim
Mutavore - Pacific Rim
Trespasser - Pacific Rim
Knifehead - Pacific Rim
Raiju - Pacific Rim
Scunner - Pacific Rim
Sando Aqua Monster - Star Wars Episode I
Godzilla - Godzilla 2014
Slattern - Pacific Rim
Kraken - Clash of the Titans 2010

EDIT: Bigger version thanks to Captain-Raptor!