giant margaritas

My parents apparently witnessed a man walk into fuzzy’s tacos, order a giant margarita, chug the whole thing without even touching the glass and leave without a word all within ten minutes. Nobody else was in the restaurant. It was barely eight in the morning.

Okay but we know Roxy used to drink a lot, right?

Imagine once she got better she still has all these drink glasses
She brews tea in a wine glass
She pours cough syrup in a shot glass
Dirk comes over in the morning to visit her and she’s sitting on the couch, eating cereal and milk out of a giant margarita glass, offers him a champagne flute of chocolate milk
She won’t go near alcohol but serves everyone wine glasses full of hot cocoa and marshmallows, there’s vodka bottles being used as flower vases, bottle corks for cat toys
Imagine Roxy getting better and being healthy and making the best of a bad past to make a better life for herself



1) some of the greatest things in life are found in the most difficult ways. if it’s hard, chances are it’s worth it

2) if you wouldn’t say it to your five year old sibling, don’t say it to your fifteen year old self

3) spontaneity is very good, and very bad

4) sometimes those you want to love the most are the ones you can never love, ever

5) knowing the difference between hot ass confidence and goddamn arrogance is a useful thing

6) sometimes, life is shit

7) you might love her, and she might love you, but that may mean you have to let her go

8) a giant slice of margarita pizza tastes a LOT better than skinny fucking “”feels”“

9) dying’s easier than living, and that is why we have to live

10) the sky is the prettiest after the rain

11) make good choices

12) make bad choices

13) learn from both of them

14) kiss her lips, kiss her neck, love her like there’s no tomorrow

15) free yourself. your only prison guard is you

—  15 things i’ve learnt being aged 15

anonymous asked:

Which is why it's so funny when harry girls hate louis. Like, you ain't gonna find anyone who loves and cares for him better

nothing is better than those girls, I shall use their salt to rim my giant margarita glass while I sun myself on the top deck of the SS Stylinson and munch on a panini of their pressed feelings, wearing my ‘harry styles will never love you’ t shirt, listening to Strong on loop.

You are all welcome to join me. 


Sometimes, you spend an afternoon with friends who are ok with you not being ok–they love you anyway. Then, you go to book club with more friends who accept you–grump face and all. And, finally, you go home to a family that just bear hugs you and let’s you have your day and blast that song for one last much-needed dance party (even though they hate it and roll their eyes at how many times you’ve ALREADY played it). And, you realize…damn, my people are great. And, giant margaritas aren’t too bad either! 😉


Ever gotten busted taking a selfie?

Enjoy these two selfies ‘caught in action’ by the nurse. Did I manage to cover up my embarrassment? Probably not as well as I thought.

Also, I’ve learned my lesson in trying to explain Tumblr, Tumblr friends and Tumblr husbands, especially to people over the age of 40 (no offense.) They just look at you with a blank stare like they can’t possibly comprehend the idea of meeting people online. I picture a bunch of middle aged Zoolanders trying to get the files out of the computer…

Also, tonight was the first night where I wanted to run from this place screaming. I legit almost cried. I can’t handle the stories coming out of this place. It’s ruining my desire to watch OITNB. My time here may come to a close soon…

I’m trying to tell myself that not everyone is cut out for every job. It’s not that I’m not strong enough or smart enough - it’s just that I can’t relate to the majority of the people who both work and rehab here. Save for my giant fishbowl margaritas, I’m clean as the day I was born & this is way outside my comfort zone.

Stay uncomfortable and learn/grow even though it exacerbates my anxiety?
Count my losses and move on?

Decisions. Decisions.