giant koi


墨村兄弟 (Sumimura Brothers), 2016
Brush pen

I love the family dynamics in the Kekkaishi series, and the characters are perfect excuse for brush pen drawing exercise! Here are the Sumimura brothers Masamori (age 21) who can kill people by walking into them, Yoshimori (age 14) who is obsessed with baking, and Toshimori (age 9) who is the most normal and well-adjusted one probably. 

Also appearing in this drawing: Kurohime, Masamori’s giant koi; Shiguma, Yoshimori’s SPOILER who had a 33% chance of being a 20+foot tall cake with legs if Yoshimori hadn’t been talked out of it; and Madarao the family dog/ghost wolf.

okay okay okay but imagine if the atla/lok universe had modern technology juST THINK

  • aang and katara taking way too many goofy selfies together like riding giant koi fish and snuggling turtle ducks
  • sokka and suki skyping miles apart how cute oh my gosh and she like still tries to teach him moves over video but they’re such dorks
  • ty lee taking bomb ass selfies and postying them on instgram every day!! 
  • azula trying shamelessly to sext a bunch of guys but always making it awkward
  • katara!! being able to facetime her grangran!! and keep in touch with the little kids who looked at her as their big sister!!
  • toph having an ipod and listening to music like 24/7 don’t tell me she wouldnt
  • zuko snapchatting everyone being such a dork like “guys how do i do the whole fire lord thing help” with a picture of his dorky lil face being all cute and distressed
  • aang totally pulling a maes hughes and texting everyone pictures of his and katara’s kids saying “look how cute!!” and 24/7 posting about them on facebook
  • asami listening to audiobooks while she tinkers around at work!!!
  • mako and bolin and korra using social media to get the word about the fire ferrets out there and gaining a huge internet fanbase
  • oh my GOsH the gaang and the krew both making DORK ASS YOUTUBE CHANNELS WHERE THEY VLOG THEIR JOURNEYS
  • asami and korra using snapchat to their advantage if you know what i mean 
  • mako being such an awkward social media person like his twitter is just a bunch of retweets of vines and korra’s just like “you know?? you can get a vine for vines and use twitter to tweet, right??” and mako’s ust like “korra, what even IS a tweet, why do I tweet, I’m not a bird??”
  • boLIN BABY he’d be a HUGE viner vines of him like doing stupid cute shit, vines of pabus dancing, of him acting in movers
  • korra!! using facetime!! in the spirit world!! so zuko and uncle iroh can talk again!! because zuko misses iroh so much and it’s so awesome!! to be able to say hi and that he loves him and misses him!!

OLD ART ALERT i found their designs. their lusus’ are giant koi fish

i remember doing a lot of research to give them cool names that also had meaning but i……….dont remember what they mean lmao(luna/sol im assuming is sun and moon and i think??? their last names had something to do w stars)

they have holes in their shirts bc when they get changed their horns poke thru the fabric