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I was in Japan on the day Brexit happened. We were at a garden with koi where we were commenting on how the giant koi must’ve been worth a fortune. Some British guy chimed in and said “All you need to feed them is some of my British sterling.” It was funny because relative to the time the UK broke from the Union, the British pound took a hard nosedive. So America’s my family having a laugh.

Diabolik Lovers: Mafia AU

So in my delirious, fever-state, I started  daydreaming about my stories and somehow or another I ended up thinking of Reiji sliding his beautiful silk shirt off his shoulders, only to reveal a massive tattoo. And then I was like holy shit I need this. Because they’d still be the sick twisted bastards that they are, but they’d be human. And somehow that gets me all tingly lol. Also I’m just kind of a slut for yakuza and the whole secret tattoo shit. Rather than a church sacrifice, the heroine/Yui could just have been sold off to like combine territories or pay off a debt or something. So here we go, in no particular order, based on my google research, the kind of tattoo each character would have:

Kanato: A giant blue Koi facing up on his back. They represent reproduction and are seen as masculine. Kois were believed to be the only fish that could swim against this rapid that was like a “Dragon Gate” kind of thing and the kois that made it past this point returned as dragons.  

Subaru: An Oni Mask. Idk I just feel like it suits him. They’re evil yet they ward off bad spirits and stuff. I think it fits that duality in him he’s always struggling with. These ogre things are also known for punishing injustice so there ya go. 

Reiji: A white snake, along his shoulders. Snakes represent medicine and strength, which I think suits him well. They also serve to protect the bad results of certain decision. As the family mediator I think that fits him perfectly. They also mark good health and wisdom, despite the snake’s stubborn nature.

Ayato: The Phoenix. I didn’t even know this was an option when it came to traditional yakuza tattoos, but immediately Ayato came to mind. Obviously its a signal of rebirth and a renewal of oneself, which I think suits Ayato really well since he’s constantly trying to become the best, to improve, no matter the method. 

Laito: A geisha, surrounded by cherry blossoms all along his back. Geishas represent fertility and good fortune, plus they’re beautiful so I think Laito would go for it. Cherry Blossoms represent the whole “life is short but beautiful” type of thing and I think it’s a good ironic sort of thing for Laito to have permanently etched onto his skin. 

Shu: Chrysanthemum and a tiger, taking up his entire back. Chrysanthemums represent the imperial family or emperor, so I think Beatrix would’ve already solidified this design before he really had a say in the matter.  Then we have the Tiger, which is strength, courage, and protection, and you can’t ever really go wrong with that. 

Karlheinz: And incredibly massive, green descending dragon that goes down his whole back and maybe even parts of his shoulders. His design would definitely be the most beautiful by far. Descending dragons are the older ones, and the idea is that they’re returning to earth after having received their training in heaven. Nothing says Karlheinz more than that lol. Apparently they’re supposed to do good deeds for humankind, and I think in Karlheinz’s head he’d definitely think he’s doing some good in the world lol. 

Heroine/Yui: After the initiation ritual, I think she’d be marked with some beautiufl water and lotus designs. Water represents change, which would be good since she’s joining a new family, and the lotus is a sort of spiritual awakening type of thing, which I feel she’d sort of go through since she’s adjusting to this new lifestyle or whatever. The lotus slowly makes its way up from the bottom of the pond in order to bloom, which I think could definitely represent the heroine’s struggles. 

I might add more headcanons later on. I’m really liking this haha. I’m thinking I’ll write up a short drabble sometime soon. One more project to add to my endless wips Xp But I think it’ll definitely happen because I can’t get that image of Reiji out of my head and I kinda really want Kanato holding a gun to someone’s head *melts* Omg and the sake ceremony thing hnggggg. I’ll get on it. Fear not. 

i had my go at some solavellan fluff with a… twist. YAY. sorry for any confusion or, yknow, disappointment. this was fun and satisfying because this plot/prompt has been cooking in my noggin for some time now

ENJOYYYY, also played with this song

(there’s some nudity but not heavily detailed)

Fluffy, white clouds speckled blue skies. Mountain tops stood guard. A hidden escape? Toe dip.

“Did you like that?” Could practically feel the vibration in his throat as he spoke. Therapeutic. She nodded in reply, both giddy, blissful. With a drop of lemon. The trees encircling them formed a beautiful home over a chilled lake at the top of a mountain path. Nature blew a kiss at the world and this is where it landed.

Blanket of lambswool thrown up, dancing with the wind for a brief moment before coming down and caressing the lush grass. The elves shaded themselves under a large tree. Fruits, paint brushes. Love, still ness. 

“Oh, Solas! Look!” Her charcoal curls slid past her shoulders while she sat hands and knees over the bank, the strands dipping down far enough to tap the water and make sure it was awake. The lake was tinted blue and was crystal clear. The elvhen man slumped next to her, their eyes swimming in unison with the several giant koi that owned the lake. His chuckle cradled her, floating into a dream; before she could even open her eyes, she was laying atop him over the blanket. She laid her head on him, under his chin, humming to the tempo in his chest. Fingers caught her locks, twirling.

A moment’s rest. They don’t exist here. Gratitude radiated, peace absorbed.

“It is beautiful here,” verbal liquid streamed from her lips, evaporating into the air where the leaves swayed. He turned her face to his, finger tucked under her chin as his eyes embraced hers. 
“As are you, vhenan,” he breathed. All he needed was the smile that lit up her face, and nothing more. His thumb took advantage of its position and glazed over her bottom lip. Kiss. No.

With a gasp, Cerise jolted up and startled her lover. 
“I have a wonderful idea.” Excitement warmed her cheeks and widened her eyes. Quickly after standing, her belt and boots were thrown off and away followed by her forest-green tunic. While Solas wouldn’t argue with her spontaneous stripping, he was curious.
“And might I know what it is..?” Before his sentence could finish, she was there in her pale dipped flesh, freckles kissing her shoulders and trickling down over her bare figure. He lifted and pushed himself back so that he leaned against the trunk of the tree that towered over them. His arms were rarely bare but it felt appropriate for this occasion, his body suit clinging to him and his sweater dangling around his hips.

Rosy cheeks. Breasts. Gentle breeze. Slow.

“Paint me…” Suddenly she was shy. This was different from the times he had her naked in the private quarters. Paints and brushes were in reach and craved his fingers. The loose tie in her hair, that was barely doing anything at this point, got tossed onto the blanket- her heavy curls bouncing around her shoulder blades. “Please.”

He had no words, he simply scooped up his supplies and prepared his space for comfort and an inevitable mess. This was an obvious yes; she stepped off the blanket and wiggled her toes in the grass. Once he was ready, she went through several quick poses to let him warm up. Entertainment, relaxation. Finally he was ready for a lengthy pose where she arched her back, a leg bent out, and her arms up holding her hair to expose her neck. The beauty she emitted made the God weak. Do not kiss her.

Quite some time was lost to this activity, but it did not occur to them. By the end of it, they were both naked and cuddled up on the blanket. The sun peeked through the peaks as it set, tinting the pink speckled sky in orange. Their reality was a painting. Eyes wandered before meeting, his painted fingertips stroking her arm that slung over his abdomen. 

“Ar lath m–” Her words fell short from the lips that caught hers. The world lost them, they were nothing but particles floating along abundance. Abundance. Nothing. Their mouths pressed so eagerly together their teeth began to scrape one another. It was nostalgic, given something that was deprived for so long. A kiss that lasted a lifetime. 

Her eyelids fluttered like a butterfly’s wings after it sucked up all the nectar from its flower. He was fading. Translucent. Dust. She was brought to her feet, the hidden escape that brought magic was vanishing from beneath her. Nothing, no one. Before the last bit could fade away

her eyes beamed open, lashes soaked in tears and backside soaked in sweat. Fleeting paralysis held her body in a tight hug, as if trying to comfort and remedy her confusion. Her eyes scanned the familiar ceiling before realizing she was dreaming in the bed he once laid. Now empty, alone. Now soiled, filthy. 

Cerise would lie there in her pool of despair and anger. What once was painted so beautifully had melted into soup. With a drop of lemon.

There’s a lot of Korra hatred on here. So… for the sake of Balance:

1. Korra fulfilled her role as the Avatar by bringing balance to the world over and over again against Communism, Theocracy, Anarchy and Fascism. Aang fought some villain with absolutely no depth who happened to be powerful this one day because of some approaching comet. Those of you complaining about the villains in LoK have got to be kidding. What was Ozai’s motivation besides burning shit up? At least Korra’s enemies were interesting enough for her to learn something from. In the end, Aang faced the firebending dude. That’s nice, I guess….

2. In addition to restoring Balance over and over again in the physical world, Korra had the sense to re-connect the physical world and the spirit world and mediate the resulting conflict, rather than avoid her responsibilities. She followed what she thought was right, even though those around her disapproved of her actions. Korra truly fulfilled her spiritual role, actively engaging with the spirits as individuals, learning about them and promoting coexistence. She didn’t just use them as giant koi fish weapons of mass destruction (or did the koi fish use Aang to throw a fit through him?). I guess Aang gave the Hei Bai an acorn. Yay…

3. Korra faced her responsibilities head on from the very beginning. She was headstrong and determined, unlike Aang, whose cowardice resulted in the genocide of his entire people after he froze himself like a dumbass for 100 years. So much for the awesome power and wisdom of his Avatar State.

4. Korra corrected Aang’s mistakes, bringing back the Air Nomads and then sacrificing herself to protect them. Even still, after being poisoned, she survived, but you still want to bitch about her being weak. Sure.

5. She recovered. Had some problems getting back in one piece, but came back stronger than ever. LoK’s plot is about self-realization, being your own worst enemy and overcoming that.

6. Korra mastered the Avatar State without any of the emotional fuss Aang had to go through. She embraced her duty and let go of her attachments, and connected to the Cosmic Energy, instead of walking away from it because she was too emotionally attached. Remember giant, spirit Korra? But I guess that was no big deal…

7. Korra cast out the Spirit of Darkness from the world for 10,000 years. No biggie.

8. Aang’s Avatar state has the combined strength of all the Avatars from the past 10,000 years. Korra’s Avatar State has…. Korra’s strength, combined with Raava’s. So, Korra’s Avatar State should be judged comparing it to Wan’s, not Aang’s.

I think Aang would’ve worshipped the ground Korra walked on. But I guess she didn’t do cool enough bending for you meatheads? I assure you Korra’s statues in Republic City will dwarf Aang’s in size.

Aang was a good Avatar, but he didn’t have to face half the things Korra had to face. Korra is the greatest Avatar in history. You may not like her personally, but successful women are often disliked. Especially when they leave you for sexy, genius inventor girls and run off into the Spirit World without you. Well, sorry about it… You gotta deal with it.

—  some guy on youtube

skyler10fic  asked:

I laughed at the zombie one but instead how about "You said, and I quote; 'I have an addiction to knowledge!'" Ten or Tentoo x Rose :D

Title:  An Addiction to Knowledge

Pairing:  Ten/Rose

Rating:  Adult

Genre:  Crackfic/Humor/Adventure/Nude Doctor/Running for their lives

Thank you for the prompt!

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After years of practice, Rose had developed an uncanny sense of when a visit to a seemingly pleasant planet would turn pear shaped.   Usually, it started with someone running off with his gob saying whatever came into his brilliant Time Lord brain.  Say what he might about humans, at least she had the ability to filter and a good sense of self-preservation.

Time Lords, it appeared, lacked this ability.

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墨村兄弟 (Sumimura Brothers), 2016
Brush pen

I love the family dynamics in the Kekkaishi series, and the characters are perfect excuse for brush pen drawing exercise! Here are the Sumimura brothers Masamori (age 21) who can kill people by walking into them, Yoshimori (age 14) who is obsessed with baking, and Toshimori (age 9) who is the most normal and well-adjusted one probably. 

Also appearing in this drawing: Kurohime, Masamori’s giant koi; Shiguma, Yoshimori’s SPOILER who had a 33% chance of being a 20+foot tall cake with legs if Yoshimori hadn’t been talked out of it; and Madarao the family dog/ghost wolf.
Captain retirement plans

As requested by anon. :)

It is unclear whether or not Bleach characters can retire. The TBTP arc said no - “retirement” means death or the Maggot’s Nest. On the other hand, Byakuya’s old lieutenant is super retired and sells sunglasses. So what is the truth? Who knows, but nevertheless, let’s find out what retirement plans the captains and former captains have!

1. Kurotsuchi

Kurotsuchi: “Retirement”? You mean, the Maggot’s Nest?

Kurotsuchi: I don’t care to go back there, actually.

Kurotsuchi: I will keep this post until Urahara Kisuke pries it from my cold, dead hands.

Urahara: Uh…


2. Byakuya

Byakuya: When my former lieutenant retired, he opened a shop and sold sunglasses. I would like to do the same.

Renji: Y-you’re going to sell sunglasses, Captain?

Byakuya: No. Do not be ridiculous.

Byakuya: I will sell Admiral Seaweed merchandise.

Renji: Oh.

Renji: Wait, what??

Byakuya: I think I will do very well.

3. Yamamoto

Yamamoto: The Head Captain does not retire.

Yamamoto: If I did, though…

Yamamoto: Then I would nap. I would nap so much.

Sasakibe: Much like now, then!

Yamamoto: …

Sasakibe: S-sorry! I’ll go!

4. Komamura

Komamura: I understand that there are excellent retirement homes for dogs!

Komamura: I would be honored to spend my retirement among friends, eating and enjoying the sunshine!

Iba: Have you been on the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary facebook page again?

Komamura: They just all look so happy.

5. Kenpachi

Kenpachi: Retire?

Kenpachi: Sure.

Kenpachi: For a few seconds. While I bleed out after having been killed by Ichigo.

Ichigo: Wait, what now???

Kenpachi: Let a man dream, Ichigo!

6. Tosen

Tosen: When justice has been served, I plan to go back to the Steves.

Tosen: Spend my days among them, observing their behavior.

Gin: Is there really that much to observe?

Tosen: And I will battle the ignorance of people like you.

Tosen: They are…majestic creatures.

7. Unohana

Unohana: Retire from Squad 4?

Unohana: I rarely think about it. Perhaps I would then be able to pursue my hobbies.

Ichigo: Do you mean murder? I worry that you mean murder.

Unohana: I might mean murder.

8. Shinji

Shinji: Oh man, I will do NOTHING when I retire!

Shinji: Just listen to jazz, read, relax.

Hinamori: Much as you do now, really.

Shinji: Hey! I do paperwork sometimes!

9. Kensei

Kensei: I’d like to think retirement would allow me to relax, perfect my cooking, travel, read.

Kensei: But I imagine I will still be taking care of all of my knucklehead friends.

Shinji: You are the only one who can really cook.


10. Soi Fon

Soi Fon: The captain of the Punishment Squad does not retire.

Soi Fon: I will die in my post. It is the only way.

Yoruichi: …awkward.

11. Aizen

Aizen: One does not retire from occupying the empty throne in the sky.

Urahara: Or from occupying a prison bondage chair!

Aizen: Shut up, Urahara. 

12. Hitsugaya

Hitsugaya: I think, if I retired, I would…go back home.

Hitsugaya: Find a place with an excellent view of the sky.

13. Gin

Gin: I would go away.

Gin: To somewhere.


14. Rose

Rose: I would be able to devote myself entirely to my art!

Rose: Finally finish that rock opera I’ve been working on, with Izuru’s help.

Kira: Why am I in your retirement fantasy?

Rose: Why, because you’re my muse, of course!

15. Ukitake & Kyoraku

Ukitake: Kyoraku and I have imagined being retired!

Ukitake: We’ll get some land with beautiful trees and a giant koi pond…

Ukitake: Plenty of land for the grandkids - if we have any - or for dogs if not!

Kyoraku: Yeah, just two old guys napping, drinking, and enjoying the sunshine.

Ukitake: Kinda makes you wish we could actually get there, huh?

Kyoraku: Yeah. It does.

When You Realize That ATLA Isn’t Just Another Kid’s Show

Book 1: Water is definitely more “kiddie” than the following two books in the series, as well as the show’s spin off, Legend of Korra. However, it is apparent from the first three episodes of The Last Airbender that the story will tackle some dark issues, including the destructive nature of war, genocide, and the weight of self-responsibility.

One of my favorite scenes in the entire series is in S1E2 “The Avatar Returns”, which not only preludes these larger issues but calls attention to the personal struggles and growth of three major characters. It also communicates that this is no ordinary children’s cartoon but a subversive telling of humanity’s fight for freedom, equality, and individuality.

Aang, upon the threat of drowning, enters the Avatar State for the first time in the series and displays a powerful show of waterbending prowess to the amazement of Katara and Sokka.

When Katara asks Aang why he never told them he was the Avatar, Aang expresses that he never wanted to be the Avatar in the first place. 

Katara and Sokka are silent in response to Aang’s confession. Aang, physically separate from his newfound friends, sits cross legged at the edge of Appa’s saddle, slightly elevated above them. Holding his staff, a relic of his lost heritage and people, a lone cloud passes over, touching Aang first, then Katara, then Sokka: a single sweep of darkness among the brightness of the setting sun. Then light shines through the breaks in the clouds above. 

Aang, physically separate from his newfound friends, sits cross legged at the edge of Appa’s saddle, slightly elevated above them

Aang can never be Katara or Sokka: his constant grasps at childhood fun (penguin sledding, surfing with giant koi fish, riding hog monkeys) are self-reminders that even though his responsibility is to the world, he wants to be an ordinary kid more than anything else. But most people, including Katara and Sokka, will look up to Aang, hoping that he will guide them back to peace and balance. To do this, he must grow up and sacrifice a large part of his childhood, whether he wants to or not.

Originally posted by papazuko

Holding his staff, a relic of his lost heritage and people

His staff, which he uses akin to a safety blanket, is not only a representation of his lost culture, but helps to separate himself from the non-airbenders below when he feels misunderstood or alone. Truly flying (using airbending) is a place that he can only be followed by Appa and the memories of his Air Nation family.

…a lone cloud passes over, touching Aang first, then Katara, then Sokka: a single sweep of darkness among the brightness of the setting sun…

Aang isn’t the only one who must grow and learn on their journey to save the world. Through the progression of the series, we see both Katara and Sokka come into their own, overcoming personal struggles, displaying amazing acts of bravery, and becoming integral parts of a team. 

Then light shines through the breaks in the clouds above

Ultimately, Team Avatar comes out stronger, smarter, and wiser than their younger counterparts: Aang finds a family, self-acceptance, and control; Katara finds forgiveness, self-confidence, and release of her anger at her mother’s murder; Sokka finds purpose, empathy, and companionship. Even characters, major and minor, that appear later on in the series, achieve some level of personal growth.

Soi Fon looks for her hair rings

As requested by anon. :)

Youruichi has hidden Soi Fon’s hair rings as a prank! Soi Fon does not know this. She is determined to get them back - by interrogating anyone she thinks is a likely subject!

1. Omaeda

Soi Fon: Omaeda, if you do not tell me right now where you have hidden my hair rings, I will find the strongest Quincy, and I will send you into battle against them. Alone.

Omaeda: C-Captain! You wouldn’t!

Soi Fon: Look into my face and tell me that I would not.

Omaeda: I don’t have your hair rings!

Soi Fon: …

Soi Fon: I believe you.

Omaeda: Thank you!

Soi Fon: You are far too much of a coward to hold out for even these few seconds.

Omaeda: Thanks?

2. Yachiru

Soi Fon: Yachiru, did you take my hair rings?

Yachiru: Nope!

Soi Fon: I will give you this enormous piece of candy if you tell me where my hair rings are.

Yachiru (suddenly holding Soi Fon’s candy): Nope!

Soi Fon: …

Soi Fon: If had you taken them, what would you have done with them?

Yachiru: Ummmm…made them into an art installation for Ukitake, probably!

Soi Fon: I am making progress.

3. Ukitake

Soi Fon: Any new art installations?

Ukitake: Excuse me?

Soi Fon: Has any new art suddenly appeared on your land, possibly involving two hair rings that belong to me?

Ukitake: Not that I know of!

Ukitake: The only mysterious unexplained art is this giant koi statue made entirely out of scarves!

Soi Fon: …

Soi Fon: So she has been busy stealing from Byakuya. I see.

Ukitake: I’m sorry - who has been stealing from Byakuya??

Soi Fon: Never mind. I have to go.

4. Urahara

Soi Fon: If you had to defeat the Quincy using only two hair rings, how would you do it?

Urahara: Hmmmm….I think in that case I would bang them together and yell for Kurosaki, ha ha!

Urahara: Why do you ask?

Soi Fon: I am cleverly determining whether or not you stole my hair rings as some sort of ridiculous plot against the Quincy.

Urahara: Um okay but now that you told me your plan it’s not going to…

Urahara: ….

Urahara: You’re about to lock me in a kido box, aren’t you?

Soi Fon: Yes.

Urahara: I didn’t take your hair rings!

Soi Fon: I don’t have time to worry about a small detail like that.

5. Kiyone

Soi Fon: Did you steal my hair rings in a ridiculous act of revenge for my trying to execute you by stomping on your chest so long ago?

Kiyone: Um….no. My schedule is pretty much 100% stalking my captain.

Soi Fon: Yes that tracks.

6. Grimmjow

Soi Fon: You will return my hair rings, espada, or I will kill you.

Grimmjow: I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if you want to fight, then stop talking and let’s fight!

Grimmjow: But, uh, what am I supposed to have stolen?

Soi Fon: My hair rings.

Grimmjow: Why the hell would I take hair rings?

Soi Fon: You are a cat. Cat enjoy things that they can roll around and play with. Like my hair rings.

Soi Fon: You probably have some sort of stash of stolen kitty toys, don’t you?



7. Ggio

Soi Fon: Arrancar, did your misplaced love for me cause you to steal my hair rings as some sort of pathetic trophy?

Ggio: WHOA. Whoa. Whoa.

Ggio: There is so much wrong with that statement that I don’t even know where to start!

Ggio: First of all, how are trophies pathetic? Trophies mean you won. And winning is awesome! Something I know because I have won in the past! 

Soi Fon: …that’s where you start?

8. Shinji

Soi Fon: Hirako, you are a visored.

Soi Fon: That means that you are shifty, prone to crime, and evil to your core.

Shinji: Uh

Soi Fon: So did you steal my hair rings? 

Shinji: Is this how you flirt or….?


9. Hitsugaya

Soi Fon: Hitsugaya, did you steal my hair rings?

Hitsugaya: Why on earth would you possibly suspect me?

Soi Fon: You are just so tiny.

Soi Fon: How can I trust you?

Hitsugaya: YOU’RE tiny!

Soi Fon: That sounds like something a guilty person would say.


10. Aizen

Soi Fon: Stealing petty objects is beneath you.

Aizen: Thanks for letting me know.

Soi Fon: Nevertheless, it hard to imagine any crime that does not have you as its source.

Aizen: Thanks.

Soi Fon: Sorry, I misspoke.

Soi Fon: It used to be hard to imagine any crime without you as its source.

Soi Fon: Anyway I’m going to go chat with the Quincy.


11. Bazz-B

Soi Fon: Speak. Who among your number would steal hair rings?

Bazz-B: Uh, nobody? Why would anybody bother?

Soi Fon: What about Haschwalth? He has hair.

Bazz-B: Yes, silky hair that flows in the breeze like a magic river.

Bazz-B: No way he’d ruin the silky river with braiding!

Soi Fon: …

Bazz-B: What?

12. Yoruichi

Yoruichi: Soi Fon! I can’t believe you haven’t asked me yet!

Soi Fon: Yoruichi-sama, why would I accuse you?

Soi Fon: After all of the pain you put me through as a child, after our emotional fight and reconciliation, after my century of doubting you was finally put to rest….there is no way that you would once again betray my trust with a petty theft.

Yoruichi: …

Yoruichi: …

Yoruichi: S-so true!

Yoruichi: By the way I saw your hair rings in your office I think maybe under some papers or something you should check that in like ten minutes but first enjoy the air a little bit and then check anyway gotta go

Soi Fon: …

Soi Fon: …

Soi Fon: Yoruchi-sama fixes everything! 

Forget Me Not

On her way home one evening, Asami crashes her motorcycle. She is hurt. Badly. Only the heroic efforts of hospital staff pull her through. She survives, but not wholly.

When Asami wakes, it is to a world she does not know. Thereis a woman curled into her side, holding her hand. A woman who cries and laughs when she sees that Asami has opened her eyes.

Her name is Korra. It means nothing to Asami.

After a few weeks in the hospital with the best healers Korra can find, Asami does not regain her memories but is allowed to go home.

She shares a home with Korra. The tickling suspicion that Korra is more than her friend is realised when she arrives. There are pictures of their life and their love everywhere. Korra offers to take them down. She offers to take Asami to a home of her own if it will make her easier. She does not want Asami to feel pressured to remember. She only wants her to be happy; regardless of whether she still wants Korra as a wife.

Asami stays with Korra and the weeks go by without notice. Months pile up. Still she cannot remember a single detail of her life. She has no concept of how she designed and built half the technology in their home. Korra has to explain and demonstrate bending to her, over and over. It takes her days to process that she is married to the strongest bender alive.

Korra is eminently patient. Supportive. She does not get frustrated Asami has forgotten that both her parents are dead, like Asami herself does. She takes it in stride when Asami kisses her one night before bed and can only offer curiosity as an explanation.

Korra is so patient and loving that Asami feels nothing but guilt.

Approaching the one year anniversary of the accident, Korra and Asami go away together. It is Korra’s idea to visit the places they did before the accident. She reasons that if Asami does not recover any old memories, they are always making new ones. Asami takes photographs with her from her past. They act some of them out. Abseiling around the mountains of Omashu and swimming on Kyoshi Island with the giant koi. There are snowball fights in the South Pole. A long, luxurious night on the beaches of Ember Island where Asami is compelled to spend as much of it as possible kissing Korra.

It is a wonderful break, finished with an expedition through the Spirit World, but their lives are waiting for them to return.

Asami only realises she has fallen for Korra all over again when Korra comes home late, badly injured. Korra smiles and laughs it off but the bruises are already lurid and blood is still oozing. Asami restrains herself while Korra heals but as soon as she knows she will not do any further harm, she is unyielding. Panic makes her desperate. They make love on the floor of their apartment, amongst Korra’s bloody clothes, and Asami releases her hope.

After over a year of soul-searching, she is ready to live the life she has.

Life with Korra is perfect. Asami has all but forgotten that she lost her memory. Particularly when Korra gives birth to their first child.

Their little girl grows and grows. A son soon follows. Asami has never been happier than when they are playing with their children in Korra’s park.

On their son’s fifth birthday, Asami loses her footing and falls down an embankment. Her head strikes a rock under the water. Korra is there to help her stand. Blood is running freely down the side of her face; she can feel it, tacky under her fingers. She looks at Korra with a bright smile on her face. One that quickly falls away.

“I remember,” she says, horrified.

Korra smiles but it is lined with sadness. She brushes wet hair away from Asami’s face. “I love you,” she whispers.

Asami wakes up in a hospital. There is a woman curled into her side, holding her hand. A woman who cries and cries on seeing her finally awake. Her name is Yasuko.


It all comes back to Asami in a rush; the accident, her life. She learns she has been in a coma for months. Her mother does not understand when she bursts into tears.

Korra - their love, her everything - is nothing more than a dream.

okay okay okay but imagine if the atla/lok universe had modern technology juST THINK

  • aang and katara taking way too many goofy selfies together like riding giant koi fish and snuggling turtle ducks
  • sokka and suki skyping miles apart how cute oh my gosh and she like still tries to teach him moves over video but they’re such dorks
  • ty lee taking bomb ass selfies and postying them on instgram every day!! 
  • azula trying shamelessly to sext a bunch of guys but always making it awkward
  • katara!! being able to facetime her grangran!! and keep in touch with the little kids who looked at her as their big sister!!
  • toph having an ipod and listening to music like 24/7 don’t tell me she wouldnt
  • zuko snapchatting everyone being such a dork like “guys how do i do the whole fire lord thing help” with a picture of his dorky lil face being all cute and distressed
  • aang totally pulling a maes hughes and texting everyone pictures of his and katara’s kids saying “look how cute!!” and 24/7 posting about them on facebook
  • asami listening to audiobooks while she tinkers around at work!!!
  • mako and bolin and korra using social media to get the word about the fire ferrets out there and gaining a huge internet fanbase
  • oh my GOsH the gaang and the krew both making DORK ASS YOUTUBE CHANNELS WHERE THEY VLOG THEIR JOURNEYS
  • asami and korra using snapchat to their advantage if you know what i mean 
  • mako being such an awkward social media person like his twitter is just a bunch of retweets of vines and korra’s just like “you know?? you can get a vine for vines and use twitter to tweet, right??” and mako’s ust like “korra, what even IS a tweet, why do I tweet, I’m not a bird??”
  • boLIN BABY he’d be a HUGE viner vines of him like doing stupid cute shit, vines of pabus dancing, of him acting in movers
  • korra!! using facetime!! in the spirit world!! so zuko and uncle iroh can talk again!! because zuko misses iroh so much and it’s so awesome!! to be able to say hi and that he loves him and misses him!!
Haikyuu characters and their pets + gifs
  • Daichi: Definitely 100% a dog owner. There’s literally a picture of him on the wikipedia page for “dog person.” Probably owns one of the athletic guard breeds, like a rottweiler or german shepherd, named after an old general/emperor/daimyo or a favorite character from a 70′s cop show. He always joins daichi on his morning run and is by far the most well-trained of all of the dogs on this list. Friendly towards new people but absolutely adores his owner. 

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  • you know he absolutely doesn’t mind being woken up by this: 

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Bleach characters! It's Ukitake's birthday! What are you going to get him?

As requested by blamesynapse. :)

Today, December 21, is Ukitake’s birthday! So, everyone, what are you going to get him as a present?

Akon: Thought I’d get him a life-sized statue of himself. See how he likes it.


Akon: I mean, I’m assuming he’ll like it a lot.

Kiyone: I got him a mirrored hairbrush! So he can brush his hair and then admire how sexy he is!

Sentaro: I just got him a jeweled hairbrush! So he can brush his hair and then contemplate what a ‘jewel’ he is!

Hitsugaya: I got him a scarf. To keep his throat warm and prevent coughing. And also because every man should have a cool scarf.

Byakuya: I acquired him some giant koi. In the probably vain hope that this will prevent Yachiru from stealing my koi as a present.

Yachiru: What a coincidence, Byakki! I got him giant koi too!!

Byakuya: Well at least I am used to being disappointed.

Ichigo: I bugged my house for him. So that it’s easier to spy on me!

Chad: You may be taking this 'useful to Soul Society’ thing a little far, Ichigo.

Ichigo: What?

Starrk: I got him one of those “not as much of a jerk as he could have been” awards. You know. Because he wasn’t the one who killed both of my halves.

Ukitake: How, um, dark.

Starrk: I use humor to cope.

Yamamoto: Tea with lemon, heated by my own fire.

Unohana: My present is a hand-crafted mahogany fainting couch.

Unohana: For obvious reasons.

Rukia: I found him something in the human world that is absolutely perfect for sick people!

Rukia: I believe it is called a 'lava lamp.’

Kyoraku: Well…when you get to be Ukitake’s and my age, all of the presents have been given.

Ukitake: [sad eyes]

Kyraoku: And it’s not like we need to prove our love for each other, either!

Ukitake: [sad eyes]

Kyoraku: And, I mean, his birthday is so close to Christmas…

Ukitake: [sad eyes]


Kyoraku: I’m just kidding, man. I got you this St. Bernard puppy.

Kyoraku: His tiny barrel is filled with hot chocolate!


Ukitake: I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!


Kyoraku: Happy birthday, handsome.

What Nemu would do (if she knew Kurotsuchi wouldn't find out)

As requested by anon. :)

If Nemu had an absolute guarantee that Kurotsuchi would never know, here are a list of things she would totally do!

  1. Give Kurostuchi bunny ears from behind whenever they walk around.

  2. Sign all of his reports, “Captain Kurotsuchi, Lord of the Daffodils.”

  3. Advertise that Kurotsuchi is looking for new members for his garage band, Daffodil Fever.

  4. Put up “Can You Spot the Difference?” posters with Kurotsuchi’s face on one side, and on the other, a daffodil.

  5. Let Yachiru into Squad 12 so that Yachiru can go through Rin’s candy stash.

  6. Help Yachiru eat Rin’s candy stash.

  7. Allow the WSRA to build a pool inside Squad 12.

  8. Fill the pool with Squad 12’s special breathable water.

  9. Make faces into Akon’s “secret” cameras.

  10. Photoshop Urahara’s hat onto Kurotsuchi’s head.

  11. Share the pictures around Squad 12.

  12. Go on a date with Ishida, just to see what it would be like.

  13. Go on a date with Lisa, just to see what it would be like.

  14. Go on a date with both of them at the same time, mainly because Lisa suggested it.

  15. Create giant robotic fish for Ukitake’s koi pond.

  16. Get rid of the robotic fish after they eat all of Ukitake’s real fish.

  17. Replace Ukitake’s fish with real koi.

  18. Giant ones.

  19. Anonymously tell Hisagi at the Seireitei Bulletin that Kurotsuchi’s real hair is blue.

  20. Start a one-woman construction company for some side income.

  21. Make posters for her construction company using Squad 12 equipment and funds.

  22. Generously donate some of her construction company money to the WSRA because it’s such an awesome club.

  23. Drill holes in random pieces of Squad 12 furniture, so that they collapse at random moments.

  24. Wait until Kurotsuchi is in goo form, place the goo in a bucket, and then cosplay Kira and Odo at a Star Trek convention.

  25. Take pictures.

  26. Share them around Squad 12. 

  27. Let Shutara into Squad 12 because hey. Shutara seems cool. 

  28. Give Shutarta a key to Squad 12 because hey. She seems *really* cool.

  29. Ask Shutara to design Kurotsuchi a new outfit. One that is more obviously a daffodil.

  30. After all, surely that is what Kurotsuchi wants.