giant killing

I friend of mine said that in the sport anime there is always a big variety of ages, especially in the protagonists (lie, totally a lie).

I really wanted to prove him that for some stupid and strange reason the main character of a sport anime almost always is 15 years. So made this:

These are some of the animes that I used to make the graphic:

Ace of Diamond - Sawamura Eijun. 15
Baby Steps - Eiichiro Maruo. 15
Chihayafuru - Ayase Chijaya. 16
Eyeshield 21 - Sena Kobayakawa. 15
Free - Haruka Nanase. 16
Giant killing - Takeshi Tatsumi. 35
Ginga e kickoff - Oota Shou. 12
Haikyuu!! - Hinata Shouyou. 15
Inazuma eleven - Endou Mamoru. 13
Inazuma eleven go - Tenma Matsukaze. 13
Kuroko no Basket - Kuroko Tetsuya. 15
One Outs - Tokuchi Toua. 20
Ookiku Furikabutte - Mihashi Ren. 15
Ping Pong - Yutaka Hoshino. 15
Prince of tennis - Echizen Ryoma. 12
Slam dunk - Hanamichi Sakuragi. 15
Yowamushi Pedal - Sakamichi Onoda. 15

// Those ages are from the first episodes.

Thanks so much for the ones that helped me with the info. Now I’m going to rub this to my friend’s face.