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Why I love villains

Traits I like/identify with in a character:

● Dark sense of humor

● Will do almost anything to meet their goals

● Smarter than most

● Questionable morals/Makes people think about their own morality

● Unpredictable, keeps the audience guessing about their next move

● Emotional conflict gets hinted at rather than explained outright

● Charming and charismatic

Characters these traits are most commonly found in:

● Villains

I think the reason why I’m so in love with Bull is because I find him a fascinating study of dichotomy. He’s a spy for the qunari and he’s a loud, brash, unforgiving sort of gent. He’s strong and bold but also loves nugs and pink. He’s confident and secure in his sexuality and person, but his sexuality revolves around giving others pleasure - which gives him pleasure in return. He prefers the simple, direct approach but he’s also very smart and good at strategy (he holds his own against Solas in mental chess.

He’s so complex but it masquerades as simplicity, and my writer’s fingers just want to jump into his character and find his motivations because his entire nature is so full of chaos and contradictions - but it still works. There’s only one fault I’ve ever found with Bull and that was that one bit of dialogue between him and Cole but the rest of him is accepting, comfortable in his skin and his sexuality and genuinely fun, if a little crude. Underneath it all, though, is this other layer, this deeper layer where he is a spy and is spying on the Inq and also using the Chargers as a cover to make people in Thedas more willing to work with him so he can study their political workings. 

And it’s that last bit that fascinates me, and it’s part that you only find out if you actually side with the qunari in Bull’s mission, because afterwards he tells the Inq that his relationship with the Chargers was effectively a lie. Now, I don’t think that’s as true as Bull wants it to be, but I think he definitely wants it to be the truth. 

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After watching @padfootandprongs07 July Book Haul I decided to buy Giant Days and so far it’s been really good. 

sf giants cinnamon rolls
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you: buster posey
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: hunter pence, bruce bochy, angel pagan, jeremy affeldt
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: gregor blanco, nori aoki, joe panik, brandon belt, sergio romo
  • looks like they could kill you and actually can kill you: madison bumgarner, jake peavy
  • sinnamon roll: tim lincecum, ryan vogelsong

femamerica13  asked:

For Harry Potter AU, Spock is Herimone, Jim is Ron, and Bones is Harry.

Instead of Aragog it’s a giant tribble and Jim is terrified. 

Uhura is Ginny and she is just so, so unimpressed by everything these three idiots do.

Khan is Voldy and most of his show downs with Bones are predominantly Bones yelling at him

Harry Mudd is Lockhart and Spock has a huge crush on him and Jim and Bones never let him forget it

Pike is Dumbledore and Bones spends a lot of their solo time trying to improve the school’s safety standards

Scotty is Hagrid. His dog is a robot. He turned to muggle engineering when he was kicked out of Hogwarts

Chapel is McGonagall and she just has no time for Jim and Bones’ bullshit. She’s fond of Spock, though

The Gorn is Draco and he just keeps trying to fight Bones, it’s surreal

Cragge and Goyle are both Tellarites

Sulu and Chekov are Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnigan and Chekov has a curse on him that when he says “Russia” something nearby get set on fire and that’s why he keeps burning things

Rand is Luna, M’Benga is Neville. The Weasley twins are both Kevin Riley. 

The giant snake of Slytherin is actually the Horta and they don’t kill her, they save her and her children

Fluffy is another of Scotty’s terrifying robots

Quirrel is that dude from the Jack the Ripper ep, the little bald guy who was possessed by Jack the Ripper, but in this he’s possessed by Khan instead.

Spock drinks polyjuice potion in second year and turns into half a unicorn dog

The Durmstrang students are Klingons and the Beauxbaton students are Orion. This means Spock is hot for a Klingon, sorry, I don’t make the rules.

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English artist Jim Kay will be complementing the seven volumes of Harry Potter’s adventures with illustrations of his own creation — hundreds of them, if the first book is any indication. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, which was released earlier this year, features more than 100 of Kay’s illustrations.

Pictures Worth 1,084,170 Words: The ‘Harry Potter’ Series, Illustrated