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Why I love villains

Traits I like/identify with in a character:

● Dark sense of humor

● Will do almost anything to meet their goals

● Smarter than most

● Questionable morals/Makes people think about their own morality

● Unpredictable, keeps the audience guessing about their next move

● Emotional conflict gets hinted at rather than explained outright

● Charming and charismatic

Characters these traits are most commonly found in:

● Villains

Issue 6 of Giant Days is out this week!
There are still more issues to look forward to, but this marks my last issue as artist. The decision to step down was mine, and it was not made easily. Working on this book was such a rewarding experience! Everyone i worked with was AMAZING, and response to the book has been so incredibly positive. I’m so, SO appreciative of everyone who’s read it, talked about it, given it a passing glance on a shelf, shared breathing space with it, everything. I’ve learned and grown so much as an artist working on this book. Comics are in my blood now so look for plenty more from me in the future :)

When I signed on to draw this book, it was planned as a six issue run. I work a full-time day job as a board artist, and i knew that drawing a comic is a job in and of itself, but it was something i’d always wanted to do and i’m such a big fan of John’s so i couldn’t say no.

All told i spent about 8 months drawing six issues. When the series got extended and i was asked to stay on, I had to take a really hard look at the reality of another 8 months working a boarding job during the day and giving my nights and weekends to comics. Working two jobs was starting to take it’s toll, and i had to be honest about the level of burnout i was feeling, and the effect it would have on my ability to do either job well.
I have so much love, blood, sweat and tears in Giant Days, and that made passing the torch incredibly difficult (plus, who wants to pick up a bloody, sweaty, salty torch?), but i know it was the right thing to do. I’m still drawing the covers for the next six issues, so i feel like it’s not really goodbye. I’m looking forward to watching the story unfold as a reader, and i dearly hope that if you’ve been enjoying the series so far that you continue to enjoy it with me!
And if you have yet to pick the books up, there’s a whole lot of Giant Days out there for you to enjoy :)

I’m getting all misty eyed.

I’ve got to end with thank yous. Biggest thanks of course to John for plucking me from relative obscurity and bringing me along for the ride. He’s the only comics collaborator i’ve worked with so i don’t have much to compare to, but i’m pretty sure he’s the best collaborator on the planet. Sorry everyone, i got the best one! Thanks to Shannon and Jasmine for holding my hand and helping me feel out the back end of the comics world, and for generally being super awesome humans. Thanks to Whitney for taking my scribbles and making them beautiful with color, to Jim for his brilliant lettering, and to Kara for making it all look good! And of course thanks to Boom! for supporting us.

sf giants cinnamon rolls
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you: buster posey
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: hunter pence, bruce bochy, angel pagan, jeremy affeldt
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll: gregor blanco, nori aoki, joe panik, brandon belt, sergio romo
  • looks like they could kill you and actually can kill you: madison bumgarner, jake peavy
  • sinnamon roll: tim lincecum, ryan vogelsong

Created & Written by John Allison, Illustrated by Max Sarin, Inks by Liz Fleming, Colors by Whitney Cogar, Letters by Jim Campbell, Cover by Lissa Treiman. Designs by Michelle Ankley, Associate Editor Jasmine Amiri, Editor Shannon Watters Giant Days Volume 4. It’s just so damn wonderful. This is an amazing creative team since the very beginning. Highly recommended series.

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I think the reason why I’m so in love with Bull is because I find him a fascinating study of dichotomy. He’s a spy for the qunari and he’s a loud, brash, unforgiving sort of gent. He’s strong and bold but also loves nugs and pink. He’s confident and secure in his sexuality and person, but his sexuality revolves around giving others pleasure - which gives him pleasure in return. He prefers the simple, direct approach but he’s also very smart and good at strategy (he holds his own against Solas in mental chess.

He’s so complex but it masquerades as simplicity, and my writer’s fingers just want to jump into his character and find his motivations because his entire nature is so full of chaos and contradictions - but it still works. There’s only one fault I’ve ever found with Bull and that was that one bit of dialogue between him and Cole but the rest of him is accepting, comfortable in his skin and his sexuality and genuinely fun, if a little crude. Underneath it all, though, is this other layer, this deeper layer where he is a spy and is spying on the Inq and also using the Chargers as a cover to make people in Thedas more willing to work with him so he can study their political workings. 

And it’s that last bit that fascinates me, and it’s part that you only find out if you actually side with the qunari in Bull’s mission, because afterwards he tells the Inq that his relationship with the Chargers was effectively a lie. Now, I don’t think that’s as true as Bull wants it to be, but I think he definitely wants it to be the truth. 

(More rambling under cut)

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Being a famous YouTuber, and dating Tom Holland would include…


  • Not being able to comprehend the amount of followers you have; you used to be so excited to reach your first 100 subscribers a few years ago
  • Making a video of you pranking/scaring Tom, while being dressed in his Spider-man suit
  • Playing the ‘Touch My Body’ challenge with Tom
  • “Y/n, please don’t tell me that’s your boob. Your parents will kill me.”
  • “Tom, that’s my knee.”
  • Having to dress up in funky costumes all the time when you go outside with Tom, since he’s a famous actor and you’re a famous YouTuber
  • “Oh my god, are you Y/n L/n?”
    “Nah, people just say I look like her a lot…”
  • Tom being slightly jealous of all your YouTuber buddies, especially the guys…
  • “Tom, Dan is just a friend, and Troye is gay. And Jim is married to Tanya.”
  • Joining NigaHiga is one of his ‘I Dare You’ videos
  • “’Lick the toes of the person to your right.’ Alright, Ryan, feet up.”
  • Doing the Yoga Challenge with Tom, and he’s better at it than you are
  • “How the hell are you bending yourself in that position?!”
  • Trying to game with PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier
  • “Okay, we’ve got three of Slenderman’s pages so far, now- HOLY FU-”
  • Joining Anthony and Ian in their Smosh videos when you’re close by to where they live
  • “Every YouTuber Ever, featuring Y/n L/n, so sit back, and relax!”
  • Going on The Ellen Show together with Tom
  • “So, you’re a YouTuber, and he’s an actor. What’s that like?”
  • “Competitive. Very, very competitive.”
  • Visiting Tom on the set of Spider-man: Homecoming, and vlogging videos of him and the cast on set and while acting
  • “Hey, Zen, say hi to the camera!”
  • “And over here, you can see a rare specimen of Tom Holland, extremely vicious and hard to catch.”
  • Doing the boyfriend tag with Tom in one of your videos
  • “Where did we first meet?”
  • “I think you were working on the set of Billy Elliot, and then we just sort of bumped into each other.”
  • Going to Tom’s movie premieres and his Comic Cons as his date
  • And Tom joining you whenever you go to VidCon
  • Tom introducing you to the Avengers cast: RDJ, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany, Don Cheadle, Chadwick Boseman, Samuel L. Jackson, and everyone else
  • And you just stand there, trying your best not to scream and fangirl and cry
  • “Oh my god…”
  • Going to SDCC with Tom, and him dressing up as Spider-man so nobody knows who he is
  • And you usually cosplay as Gandalf or Dumbledore
  • Filming baking videos with Tom
  • “Is the cake meant to be black and green?”
  • “I’m pretty sure we were making a strawberry cake, Y/n.”
  • Visiting Tom and his family all the time, where you always have tons of fun
  • “You better run, because if I find you, Paddy Holland, you are going to be tickled to death.”
  • Hanging out with the British YouTubers, who are pretty much your best friends
  • “Zoe, I don’t know how to do your magical make-up techniques. Are you some kind of wizard?”
  • “Baking is fun, Tanya, but if I eat any more sugar, I’m going to explode.”
  • “I think Nala’s pissing on me, Alfie.”
  • “Caspar, wait, no-”
  • “Tyler, as much as I love you, I’m not going to dye my hair rainbow, no matter how much you beg me.”
  • “Troye, every time you sing, an angel is born.”
  • “Phil, I know you don’t like Eliza Pancakes, but we can’t just kill her off.”
  • “You know, I’m starting to like James more than you, Oli- I’m joking, I’m joking!”
  • “Marcus, you suck at Australian accents.”
  • “I love you too, Louise.”
  • “Joe, I think it’d be better if you didn’t scare the absolute shit out of Oli again.”
  • “Louis John Cole, we are not going to hike up a mountain as a ‘fun challenge of the day’.”
  • “Jack, Finn- Well, sorry, but I can’t tell you two apart, goddamnit!”
  • “You’re like a giant, cuddly teddy-bear, Jim.”
  • “You should keep your curly hobbit hair, Dan. Your fangirls would appreciate it.”
  • Helping Joe out during one of his Dare Sugg videos
  • “It has returned. Dare Sugg. But today, I’ll have a friend to help me out: Y/n!”
  • “This is going to be painful and fun at the same time, Joe. I’m looking forward to it.”
  • Doing a bunch of different videos with Tom’s brothers
  • “Today I am here with Sam, Harry, and Paddy Holland. The amazing trio, the golden siblings. Oh, and Tom’s here too.”
  • Loving your life as a YouTuber, because honestly, who wouldn’t?

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Tickled Pink

Jim, Bones, Spock

Summary: The Enterprise crew find themselves on a pink planet, and Jim discovers yet another expression that is used on Earth but is originally from somewhere else.

A/N: I started this ages ago, but decided to finish it today in time for @heartsywritesthethings‘s birthday. Happy birthday, friend! I hope you like this little fic. The creature in this was partly inspired by Smores from Heartsy’s Tickle Planet series (which you should definitely read asap).

I’m actually super proud of the info dump in the beginning.

Words: 2 562

During his time in space Jim had learned that there were several expressions they used on Earth that had actually originated from various other planets, though it didn’t mean they were necessarily in use on said planets. He’d felt a little silly that he hadn’t realized it earlier. He knew how intertwined the galaxies were, and that it was practically impossible for a planet to not get at least a little influenced by another. Of course Earth wasn’t an exception to this.

Alive and kicking? Apparently there used to be a planet a long time ago - destruction cause: unknown - where the dominating mammals kicked their way through life. Literally. Even when asleep they would be kicking their several pairs of legs, and if the movements stopped it meant that they were dead. Jim had figured this made sense until he’d found out that if their legs were forced to stop kicking their bodies gave in and they dropped dead on the spot. As if their legs were their hearts. He still felt a chill whenever he thought of it.

The expression high and dry had apparently started on a planet surprisingly close to the Milky Way that was at large populated by a species similar to Earth’s prehistoric birds, more commonly known as dinosaurs. That species lived on a very dry planet, but once every hundred or so years a storm would reach them, and the results were devastating. The soil couldn’t handle water, and neither could the population, and while the majority of them attempted to flee by flying away, it was nearly impossible to fly while it rained. It hurt them too much, and thus the expression high and dry was born. High and dry was the goal that not many of them ever achieved, and as far as the universe was aware the population had died out since then.

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