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Kamen rider chalice looks cool. I kind of wish there was a main Kamen rider series with a mantis motif now I know that amazon is one that used a lizard as its base but that got me thinking what other insect would make a good Kamen rider in you're opinion

Well, I really love that Kamen Rider Ghost was based on a firefly:

And we’ve had a Rider based on a scorpion with Kamen Rider Sasword from Kamen Rider Kabuto:

I would love to see a Kamen Rider based on something like one of those Giant Hornets native to Japan.

Those things a TERRIFYING and any villain would likely run away terrified at the sight of a hero based on something that legendarily vicious.

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Can I request a scenario with Oikawa, Bokuto, and Daichi where a wasp gets into their crush (and friend)'s room and they have to devise a plan to kill it without any wasp spray, and the guys want to look macho and heroic ((whether they scream at the sight of it and if they wasp assassination goes according to plan is up to you))

alright so quick lesson in entomology

this is a Japanese (giant) hornet (aka satans honey bee):

these things can grow up to 4.8 centimeters (1.8 inches) and their sting is not lethal if stung just once, but it does have a corrosive effect on the skin. they don’t produce honey, like other species of hornets they just waste space and terrify people

Christ almighty if that thing was in my room id just burn the house down 

He was right on the verge of asking you out, he was so close to ushering out the words when the sudden yelp you emit cuts him off.

“What is it, ________-chan?” Oikawa questions curiously, he’s reaching for your hand when suddenly, he hears a buzzing whir around his ear.

It’s not the hum of a fly, or a passing bumble bee, it’s deeper than that, the baritone hum of the rapid beat of wings instills fear in the setter, that kind of deep hum can only mean one creature.

Without sparing so much as a second glance to confirm his rising suspicion, he darts after you into the bathroom conjoined to your bedroom.

He closes the door behind him hastily, nearly clipping his shirt in the door crack. Switching the light on, he looks at you in your state of panic. He’s thinking that maybe the two of you can wait it out in here, you can sit on his lap while he strokes your hair to calm you down, he can hold your hand and tell you it’s alright. Oikawa nearly considers the possibility of confessing to you in a bathroom, but quickly abandons the thought. He’s pulled out of his day dreams when you speak.

“You have to kill it.”

Oikawa’s heart stops. For a split second he’s thinking about his feelings for you, and how it might not be worth putting his life on the line for.

“But it’s your house!” He shrieks back. “So? you have to kill it before it kills us!” You argue, gesticulating wildly. He hates that he can’t argue with your logic. What he hates even more is that he shares it with you.

“Do you have any spray?” He asks, hopefulness raising the tone of his voice. You shake your head indignantly, and move to sit on top of the bathroom counter.

Oikawa curses his luck. Then, an idea hits him like a volleyball to the face.Or rather, the back of his head. He’s thinking he can trap it under a glass and a magazine, and set it free and win your affections without killing it. He notes the half empty water glass on your counter.

“________-chan, do you still have the magazine I gave you?”

You nod. It was the magazine that he appeared in, he brought you a copy and exclaimed that his career as a model had began.

“It’s still on my nightstand.” You affirm, and it makes Tooru gulp. He reaches for the glass, dumps the rest of the water out and stands by the door with his spindly fingers slowly clasping around the doorknob. He looks back at you, and is met with a reassuring, yet nervous gaze.

He gives a small, quirky smile. When he receives one back, he embarks on his mission. Slowly turning the doorknob he peeks out, calculating brown eyes scan your bedroom for the insect, pinpointing it on the window sill. He slides the door open a little more, and weaves his lithe body out of the small opening with all the grace of a feline.

You have half a mind to shut the door, but decide against it in favor of watching Oikawa through a much smaller crack.

 Momentarily, he disappears from your slim line of vision to grab the magazine. He thinks he hears the horrible buzzing again, but the bug hasn’t taken flight. Yet.

Oikawa, fully equipped, slowly makes his way towards the window. He’s trying to pump himself up, telling himself that this is worth it, and how proud of him you’ll be when he releases it. He thinks of the kiss on the cheek he hopes you’ll give him too.

However as the setter encroaches on his target, it suddenly takes flight, directly towards him.

Oikawa shrieks, abandons all bravery in favor of chucking the magazine and the glass at the hornet, and flees back into the bathroom, almost knocking you over in the process.

Later that evening when the hornet decides your room has nothing to offer except two scared teenagers, it leaves. In its wake, a broken glass, and a Volleyball Monthly magazine on the ground outside your window.

However, the acceptance of his confession on your part makes Oikawa think that the whole ordeal was worth it.

You’re both laughing as Bokuto manages to pin the last corner of the blanket up, completing the less than pitiful blanket fort he some how convinced you to build in your room when you’re supposed to be studying.

As he crouches back down, you maneuver to lay on your back, stealing Bokuto’s pillow in the process.

“Hey!” Bokuto screeches, reaching for the plush cushion that you tuck under your head.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!” you mimic his trademark call, giggling.

“what the heck, ________, that’s mine.” Bokuto smiles, fixing himself to lay his head on your stomach. “You’ll just have to make due, I guess.” He shrugs, then receives a whack in the face from said pillow.

“Bo, that tickles!” Squirming, you try to push the boy’s head off, instead he decides to lay on you entirely.

“Bokuto get off! You’re heavy!” Not even putting much effort into it, your shoving at the musculature that’s almost suffocating you.

“That’s because I’m swole.” He answers, pressing his back into your chest and laying his head next to yours. Quietly, you accept defeat, taking it in the form of going limp and turning your head to look at him.

“So when are you going to go out with me? You’re breaking me heart.” He teases, leaning in closer to press your noses together.

“I already told you, you have to prove to me that you’re boyfriend material, Bokuto.” you sigh, reaching over to run your fingers through his spiked hair.

He closes his golden eyes, and rolls off of you just enough to lay at your side. “Am I doing it now?” He asks softly, opening his eyes and leaning closer.

“Bo please,” You protest. To your surprise, it comes out much weaker than intended, and you find yourself closing your eyes. Your lips brush his and you can smell the faint dregs of the mint gum you shared on the way home.

“________, I want you so bad.” He mumbles, moving an arm over to cup your cheek as your lips connect fully, with intention, purpose.

The thing is, this isn’t the first kiss shared between you two.

You indulge, longer than you should. The glide of his slightly chapped lips siphons the breath right out of your lungs, replaces it with something slow, easy and comfortable.

When his breath fans across your face and Bokuto grows hungrier, his teeth begin to nibble at your bottom lip.

All of it feels so good, so right, and yet you remind yourself that you’re hurting him by not giving providing the answer he already knows.

This is when you’re thrust back into the shores of reality. You pull apart slowly, like you’re surfacing, a strand of saliva connecting your lips, your eyes half lidded.

“I should go start dinner-” You stammer, slowly making your way out of the newly dilapidated fort entrance.

“Stay with me for a while.”
Bokuto says, collecting your wrist in his firm grip. You cave instantly, and fall into supine submission by his side.

He wraps a single arm around you and tugs you to his chest, nuzzling into your hair and inhaling your scent shamelessly.

Closing your eyes, you decide suddenly, you could use a nap.

After a moment, both of your breathes sync together in time with your heartbeats, and it feels like the low him to a lazy love song. You’re just about to fall into slumber when you hear something.


You crack your eye open and look up at the stooping roof of your fort. The blanket selected to be the roof is thin enough for you to make out the shape crawling on it.

“Bokuto-” You whisper, and he simply grunts in response. Until the buzz sounds again, then the shape on the blanket disappears. Bokuto’s halcyon eyes shoot open, with the intent to kill.

It’s a wordless exchange between the two of you, yet it feels tangible because of the fear refined into instinct. Instinct that tells you nothing good comes from that sound.

“________, run! I’ll kill it!” Bokuto hollers, Rising up quickly and destroying your fort as you scramble to the door.

Now is his chance, he decides.

Stretching to his full height, his eyes search for the intrusive bug that’s flying around your room. He doesn’t bother grabbing a weapon, opting instead for his open palm once the bug lands on the reflective glass of your mirror.

All of it happens in a whir of chaotic motions, Bokuto shouts, there’s a bang as the mirror is hit and falls off its hinges to shatter against the floor, you think you hear the crunch of an exoskeleton, but that’s probably the glass of the mirror.

Later, when you’re scrubbing bug entrails off of Bokuto’s hand, you’re amazed he didn’t get stung.

“________, I told you I’d kill it! Who’s a good boyfriend now? I saved your life!” He cheers, beaming at you so widely you can’t stop yourself from giggling as you lather warm water and soap over his awaiting, bug splattered hand.

“True, that was pretty heroic of you, but you smashed my mirror.” You respond, holding his hand under a stream of lukewarm water.

Bokuto wracks his brain for the pickup line Kuroo told him once that involved a mirror.

“You don’t need a mirror to tell you you’re beautiful ________, I can do that for you!”

You roll your eyes and decide that maybe having the energetic captain around isn’t such a bad thing.

Your lips are connected in a bond of sweetness and bliss, and Daichi can hardly ignore the rapid spring of his heart beat. You have just accepted his confession, after weeks of pining he’s finally obtained the nerve to ask you out. He can feel the delicate press of your lips curve into a smile, it makes him smile too as he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer.

His chest is solid, built from years of practice. however, the sinewy muscle paired with a thin cotton t-shirt isn’t enough to mask the increasing thrum of his heartbeat, you can feel beneath your finger tips as you slide your hands up his abdomen to wind around his neck.

For a dreaded second you think he’s stopping, until you feel the hot slide of his tongue swipe across your lower lip.

Parting your mouth, you crack your eyes open momentarily to look at him, and you do, albeit only for a second. A whir of yellow and brown accompanied by a buzz shoots past your line of sight, and lands on the table beside your bed.

It’s probably the biggest one you’ve ever seen.

Imbued with panic you pull away hastily, backing up and leaving a confused Daichi standing at the foot of your bed.

“Daichi! there’s a hornet!” You shout, pointing a finger at the insect crawling over a stack of books. The brunette nearly jumps out of his skin, but remembers your presence and decides to swipe on a calm-as-possible facade.

“I’ll get it,” He states, without really thinking about it. His gaze follows the bug on its flying path until it lands on the dead center of your bed, where Daichi had planned and hoped to ahem, hold you.

You slide him a shoe from your closet, a sandal, of all footwear, Daichi inwardly curses. With that, you scamper into the hallway, peeking your head around the door frame.

He swallows, the inebriation from kissing you only moments before ebbing out of his system, adrenaline and astute paranoia taking its place in Daichi’s veins.

His fist tightens around the sandal as he slides forward to the left of the bed, behind the intruding insect. Daichi thinks he has the element of surprise, when in reality the bee’s four eyes have had a visual on him since it intruded into your room.

He slams the sandal down on your comforter just short of clipping it, but the hornet just manages to evade death by a wing.

Great, now it’s mad.

Against his better judgment, Daichi strikes again, swinging his muscled arm through the air and more or less slapping the large hornet from its original course, right towards you.

You dash down the hall and into the kitchen, where a can of flammable air freshener awaits. If only the lighter had fluid.

Cursing your luck, you run back to the end of the hall way and call for Daichi.

Half of a heart attack later, he answers, affirming his unstung, well-being.

Seconds later he actually appears, and struts down the hallway like he’s on his way to accept an Oscar. “I think you’ll find your room hornet free, ________.” He thinks you can’t tell, but by the nature of his smugness you know he wants another kiss.

Which of course you’re happy to oblige.

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Chie, 10. Although feel free to change 'wasp' with 'Japanese giant hornet'. I'm sure that'll get your brain buzzing with thoughts 8D

saw a wasp: