giant irish deer

Skeletal model of an giant Irish deer. Went extinct during the ice age but these are huge.
Wouldn’t surprise me if they still Roam around EU with or without the skin…


honestly the first time I ever saw the skeleton of a giant Irish deer I legit could not breathe for a second. they’re the kind of massive you can’t really process until you’re standing there looking up at it. it’s so easy to imagine seeing that loom out of the early morning mist

Hey, look. It’s that Megaloceros giganteus portrait I started in April 2015… and finally finished.

Commonly known as Irish elk* or giant deer, M. giganteus lived in Eurasia during the Middle Pleisotcene and Early Holocene. It had the biggest antlers of any known cervid: it could reach up to 40kg in weight, and up to 3.64m across. In body size, it was similar to the Alaskan subspecies of moose, reaching on average between 540 - 600kg, with large specimens weighting 700kg or more.

It’s closest living relative is probably fallow deer (Dama dama)

*elk in British English is exactly the same animal as moose in American English. Don’t ask me why. Elk/moose live in Eurasia as well as North America, so it really doesn’t make any sens to me, but there you go.

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In Ireland, there used to be a type of deer called the Giant Irish Deer (they're extinct now) that were almost 7 feet tall at the shoulder. I think some Giant skeleton protectors would make a great symbol for Irish aces!

I love ‘em so much I kind of want to commission art of our skeleton protector walking in the forest with an ace colore flower clown