giant hinge

you know how you always look at an idol in videos and are like ”you are such a smol bean omg” and then you remember they are actually taller than you and you’re left shook af

page 232 - those buildings attached to the ground with a giant hinge rather than a solid foundation are much easier to reconstruct after an earthquake or particularly strong wind storm.

ourlordandsaviorshuckle  asked:

If you're taking requests right now, could you maybe bring to life an idea my friend and I had? It's a hypothetical Shuckle evolution called Shucolossus and I imagined it being roughly the size of a bus and looking like a terrifying version of Shuckle. Huge tentacles, a giant shell-hinge mouth-body, and the rest is kinda blurry. If that's not enough to work with, I understand, I just thought it might be a neat little project.

I feel alright about this one. 


Donald Duck was very funny to bring in a big fair as Lucca because many people interacted with me to ironically insult me and to congratulate me. Lots of people have come to say that perhaps I am the first in Italy to have done Donald Duck’s cosplay(but this is to be verified yet). However Donald Duck’s dress was a nightmare because of the damned giant hinges, that at the end I have not even found. The scepter instead was a challenge and with the few materials that I used, and I think I have managed well, I made the scepter in the usual way: plaster and polystyrene. This time to realize the hat I would rather use the worbla,but regardless of that, I am happy about my work.