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Consider the following:

○Yuri’s grandpa passed down all his old cameras because Yuri really started showing interest in it at around 13 years old.

○ дедушка / dedushka taught him all the basics like finding the best natural lighting and using white backgrounds and focus settings

○ Initially Yuri just takes a lot of pictures of Potya and some different tourist-y type photos around Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

○When he gets an instagram account he uses horrible filters just like everyone else. so many black and white pictures from high angles. So many Velencia selfies. Twenty pictures of Potya as a kitten, easily. 

○ When he becomes friends with Otabek they go to one of those cheesy photo booths at the mall while shopping one day. It becomes a tradition and they get a new photo strip each time Otabek visits him (or vice versa). (Honestly i could write a whole fic about them taking photo booth pictures and it showing the progression of their relationship tbh)

○After they start dating, Yuri is constantly taking pictures of Otabek. Of course when they travel they have to take cool pictures of all the sights but Yuri often finds himself taking candids of Otabek with his hair ruffled by the wind, his sunglasses on, and something like the eiffel tower out of focus in the background. (”I capture what’s important, Beka. Obviously.”)

○The treatment doesn’t stop at home, either. Otabek just looks so cute when he’s curled up in his favorite chair with his glasses on, a book in his lap. Or when it’s 2 AM and he’s sitting at his desk with his giant studio headphones on, working on a mix. Or just when he’s you know, existing. Otabek always looks perfect through the lens. 

○Yuri’s entire memories section on snapchat is just saved snaps of he and Otabek playing around with the filters.

○He never used the old polaroid that grandpa gave him because he couldn’t be bothered to buy the replacement film, until he has Otabek as a subject/model. He’s worth the film. 

○ Polaroids slowly fill the apartment. Clipped to the fridge, in frames, under the glass of the coffee table. Everywhere Yuri can stick them. 

○ One night Otabek is drifting to sleep, Yuri is tracing little patterns onto his back and suddenly stops, telling him not to move. He hears Yuri get his camera and hears the flash go off, then grumbles and rolls over to his side, but there’s a trace of a smile on his lips nonetheless. “You’re obsessed with me, Yura.” he teases, and Yuri just shrugs. “So what if I am? I have a strong eye for these things, Beka.”

got7 as neighbors

jaebum: the one mysterious neighbor
- barely outside
- the one house nobody dares to go to on halloween
- you would never know when he’s home
- rumors spread about him being a psycho
- his cats roam the yard sometimes
- has about 244 cats
- has on giant hoodies with headphones in as he dumps the garbage
- hot af
- intimidates everyone
- jehovah witnesses skip his house

youngjae: the chipper neighbor
- “good morning Susan!”
- borrows people’s things but they’ll never get it back
- house looks like an entire garden
- is friends with everyone in the neighborhood
- you’ll see him all dressed up for church on Sunday with his nieces and nephews
- always mowing his lawn
- has family and friends over his house literally everyday
- decorates house for every holiday
- very loud

mark: the shy neighbor
- sits out on his porch while listening to music
- always getting compliments from other random people walking past his house
- blushes whenever he makes eye contact with people
- barely talks
- always at home unless he has to go to work at In N Out
- invites his friends over at night for small house parties
- hopes you like rap music since that’s what you’ll be hearing all night
- turns from a quiet small boy to a loud f**kboy
- is really attractive

bambam: the extremely weird neighbor
- the smell of burnt lasagna can be smelled miles away
- always outside with no shirt on as he tries to flex his ‘muscles’
- pool parties in the summer
- has his best friend over everyday
- dabbing like the usual
- flirts with the cute girls that walks by on the sidewalk
- “you can come in if it’s too hot baby.”
- cringey
- gets slapped upside the head by elders
- luxury mansion

jinyoung: the shady Christian neighbor
- despises bambam and yugyeom the most
- “I’m allergic to sin.”
- hands out fliers to come to his church for worship service (especially to jaebum)
- dresses in formal attire everyday
- pastor in the streets but the devil in the sheets
- sits outside with his wife as they supervise their 3 children playing outside
- never at home when it’s Sunday
- whoops bambam on site
- always giving neighbors death glares when they do something stupid

jackson: the loud neighbor
- literally never wears a shirt
- you’d catch him in your backyard borrowing your water hose
- “are you gonna use that bro?”
- makes the ladies blush with his muscles
- always exercising
- gives everyone on the block organic tea for halloween
- his laugh can be heard from here to France
- probably bi
- always screaming
- barely at home
- outside drinking beer

yugyeom: the dancing neighbor
- bumps Chris brown everyday
- everyone knows he can dance. everyone.
- whips with bambam
- everyone assume he and bambam are boyfriends
- plays doorbell ditch at Jinyoung’s house
- gets beaten with a belt by Jinyoung
- “do you have any sugar?”
- somewhere moonwalking in the suburbs
- very tall
- T.P.’s houses on Halloween
- knocks the power out by crashing his Lamborghini

Enjolras Waiting for the Bus Aesthetic vol. 2 ft. color!

  • ripped jeans and flannel shirt from bedroom floor
  • is this Courfeyrac’s t-shirt? smells like bubblegum and vodka
  • tired mole eyes
  • wire frame ‘90s Scully glasses bc fuck contacts at 6 am
  • pencil holding together messy bun
  • the perennial Black Hairband on Wrist
  • civil rights law lecture playing at a passive-aggressive volume from giant headphones around neck
  • quad shot espresso bc he’s had 45 minutes of sleep in two days and he needs to be hearing colors by the time he gets to class
  • about 30 pounds of overdue books
  • pins to offend conservative businessmen (”workers unite!” is def a gift from Feuilly)
  • not pictured: the chat group on his phone with 79 unread texts from Grantaire and Jehan, apartment keys locked inside the apartment, did he remember to turn off the shower this morning?
Advice for dealing with a creepy patron?

(God I submitted like two or three asks and a submission within the past two months I feel like I’m posting so much here I’m so sorry. D| ) This is gonna be long, and I apologize, but I’ve never dealt with this type of person or situation before and I’m entirely unsure of what to do. tl;dr at the bottom.

I work at a public library. There’s this woman who seems very well put together- dressed fairly well, straight posture, etc., but every single worker here has commented for me to be wary because there’s something “off” about her. I’ll call her M. And it took a while, but boy, did I start to notice it. So far, since I have started at the library, M has…

  • Asked workers and volunteers questions by getting so close you can feel her breath on your face.
  • Gotten angry with the circulation desk workers because we charge $3 for a replacement library card (your first one is free.) because she thought that they could write a new number on the back of her current one (numbers and barcodes are printed directly on the cards). She wanted them to write a new number because her crystals said it wasn’t a good number for her.
  • Sits in one of our armchairs and literally stares at us for at least an hour at a time.
  • Asked my coworker a question. Which was answered, no problem. M started walking to the front doors. Got to the doors. Stopped. Turned around and STORMED back to the reference desk, slammed both her hands on the counter as she leaned in really close, and demanded my coworker tell her exactly “how you got your hair like that!”
  • Tried to come behind the desk to look over our shoulders and see if we were using the right websites to find information for her.
  • We release the printed pages at the desk after people pay for them. They come out face down. M, at the time, had a cast on her arm. She kept looking at the cast and then at us, as if she wanted us to ask what happened. When no one took the bait, she decided to say that we better not look at her printed pages because they’re legal documents about her broken arm and it’s her personal business and she is not legally obligated to show them to anyone and we can be sued for reading them. :|
  • Among various other incidents that weren’t like, “you need to get out of the library” disruptive, but have caused workers to become very uncomfortable.
  • M also likes to try and trap librarians and volunteers into conversations when they are not on the clock.

Incidents that were specific to me include:

  • On Halloween, we are allowed to wear costumes, granted they aren’t skimpy/gory. I wore my unicorn kigurumi to work, and also brought my unicorn head mask in case my boss or our public relations committee wanted pictures for our website (I’m not really a picture person.). I was sitting at the reference/info desk with only the hood to my kigurumi up and we got the same kind of “walk past and then rush back” reaction my coworker got for her hair, only without the slamming of the desk. M asked me if she could take my picture. I said “no.” Had that been the end of it, whatever. But she wouldn’t take no for an answer. I got everything from “you’re so cute though” to “my sister in law likes unicorns and [insert semi-coherent rambling here].” Finally, my coworker flagged one of our security officers and he started heading over and M left.
  • When M had the cast on her arm, I was covering circulation one day. She asked if we had a bag, and I told her that we sell reusable canvas bags ($2). She asked if she could have one, I got the sheet out of the cash drawer to record the purchase, and she asked what I was doing. Then she said I was discriminating against her by charging her for a bag because “I have a broken arm and I shouldn’t be forced to pay.”
  • Some time ago, on a day I wasn’t scheduled to work, I took the bus into town to stop at the local art store and grab some sushi. Our bus terminal is a quite large building with storefront-styled windows all on the front and most of the way down the side. It is a straight shot from one street to the next. Normally, I cut through the bus terminal. However, when I neared the entrance, I saw M sitting inside and reading a book. She hadn’t seen me, but I still didn’t want to risk it, so I went around the building. Note, I’m wearing my giant-ass bright green headphones, and looking at my phone while replying to an email. As I get about half through the walkway to the next street, I catch M in the corner of my eye. Unsure of if she noticed me, I turned to go to the opposite side, and she actually speeds up and makes a beeline for me, catches up to me, taps me on the shoulder, and starts trying to talk to me as if I’d hear her over my music. Not really sure of what to do as the woman already makes me uneasy, I just point to my headphones and cell phone like I’m on a phone call and walk off quickly.
  • Today I had two incidents with her. I was assisting a student with her resources for a paper. She was having trouble finding non-reference books that she would be able to check out on the subject she needed, so I was discussing the online resources we offer with her. I’m a generally soft spoken person and she was right in front of me, so no problem. We’re quietly discussing them and I show her how to access them and then she leaves. Five minutes later, M comes over from her seat well across the main lobby, slams one of our database brochures and our bookmark that looks like the header of our website on the desks, and demands I tell her about the online resources “you told that girl about.” I’m just sitting here wondering how the hell she even HEARD me. There’s no way, unless she was either using a sound amplifier or she was hyperfocused on our conversation.
  • The second incident today was when I was on my dinner break. I left the library because my grandmother had asked me to see if there were any Peeps on clearance, being the day after Easter and all. I get out of work, get to the local Aite Rid, and grab a few packs for her. Right when I come out of the store- BAM, there’s M, sitting on the bench near the exit and staring in the direction of the store’s doors. Again, I’ve got my headphones on (don’t worry! I wear them around my neck in stores and only put them back on after I’m done buying my things!). She notices me and picks her things up like she’s going to get up to come talk to me, and I just go right in the other direction and cut through a department store to get right back to work. Fortunately, I think she’s gone for the day.

I’m really unsure of what to do. She hasn’t done anything outright ban-worthy in the library. I also don’t want to sound like I’m being an asshole in case she has a mental illness, but she genuinely makes me uncomfortable- especially since I’m unsure of what do do if she approaches me when I’m on the clock. I can’t really say what I wish I could (Which would be: “Please leave me alone, you’re making me uncomfortable.” or something…), and I don’t know if she’s the type to like, come in to the library and try to start something when I AM on the clock. Other workers in both the circulation and reference departments are also creeped out by her and we’re really not sure what to do because she hasn’t done anything that we really needed security for or anything.

Does anyone know how to handle something like this? She seems harmless and all, but you never really know. Anyone can lash out physically. I don’t think she’s targeting me specifically- as other workers have had similar “off the clock” complaints with her.



Patron at my library is massively creepy. Invades personal space WAY too far (we can literally feel her breathing on us if we’re not safely behind a desk), tries to get behind desks, tries to trap us into awkward conversations, approaches us in odd manners when we’re off the clock, has asked to take pictures of me, has also accused me of being discriminatory when I was going to charge her for the bags we sell as one of our ways of funding the library, and various other incidents. I’m unsure of what to do because she legitimately creeps me out and I’m not sure if she would be the type to lash out physically. 

I’m not sure if anyone here would have tips on how to deal with her, other than to stay within sight/earshot of a coworker or even a patron when she’s near. 

Sorry for this being long, but having two incidents with her in one day kind of freaked me out.

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Okay okay hear me out. What if Yoosung was in the middle of an "important" raid with his guild (mic on ofc) and MC is just like,, extremely needy and just kind of gives him a bj for under his desk and things go farther than expected *wink wonk* and they leave the mic on and his guild is so surprised bc omg???? Shooting star's girlfriend is real??? Sorry I am in need for sin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

lolol i feel like every mysme blog has a post of Mc doing this to Yoosung and i couldn’t be happier i’m joining that :)

also, sorry for the late replies!! i had 3 mid-term exams that ruined me. Thankfully, we have a vacation week rn so i’ll be able to post more often :)

“NO! NO! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SAVE YOUR ULTI!!!” You could hear Yoosung yelling to his mic from the bedroom. How much time had passed already? two, maybe three hours? He had promised he’d pay more attention to you. He did tell you he’d play his game less…. Ha! what a lie… You left the bedroom and wen’t to the office, yep there he was, with his giant headphones. Why was he so addicted to that game? He seemed quite concentrated on… whatever was happening. 

You looked at his screen for a while and giggled… it’d be a shame if something were to distract him… wouldn’t it? You noticed how loud his headphones were when you got closer. God, were they all really shouting?

“This raid is taking a bit longer than expected… Yeah i can stay a couple hours” 

Okay, that’s it. You walked towards him and hugged him from behind. He jumped.

“Ah, Mc! you scared me, hold on i’ll be done soon… i think.” He barely glanced at you. 

This is maddening. you got closer to him and kissed his cheek. When he didn’t react to that, you turned the chair around

“Mc… wait up a bit, we’ll be done soon.” he turned his head back to the screen… well what can you do, this counts as a desperate time, right?

No more playing around. You got on your knees and unbuttoned his pants. He turned around as soon as his dick was visible.

“Mc? what are you.. Ah~” Yoosung jumped as your hand reached the tip of his penis

“M-Mc… W-wait-” You stroked his member as slowly as possible, after making you wait it’s only fair you tease him, right?

His face suddenly flushed red and his breath quickened. You smirked at your work, gosh if it only took a couple of strokes to get him like this… You slowly licked the tip of his dick as you stroked him. 

“Gah-hah… Mc… Please~” Now that you had his complete attention, there was no need to take things slowly.

You placed your lips on top of his dick and looked at him, so flushed… You giggled a bit as you took him in, slowly at first, holding his legs to the chair.

“Ah~ MC…” He tried to get your hands off his legs, he wanted… no, he NEEDED to move.

You bobbed your head up and down, faster. He tried moving a bit when you started going faster but you had him pretty well restrained.

“AH~~ MC!!” He was a moaning mess, you could feel him tense up, Did he reach his climax already?

He took his hands to your head and pushed it down. He came, and he came hard. His grip on your hair loosened and he threw his head back, whilst you took it all in. 

“Ah Mc… I-” Yoosung froze as he saw your face, you were staring at his ears? did he have something on his ears?

He took his hands and placed it on his “ears”. they felt… plastic? Oh no… The headset…

“Please tell me this somehow shut off…” He said as he covered his face with his other hand. Yoosung was a complete blushing mess now.

“It.. Didn’t… but i’m amazed, your girlfriend is actually real?” You could hear a voice through the headset and couldn’t help but laugh. 

His headphones were almost as loud as him.

ASDFGHJk This was so fun to write… i have no idea why but i started laughing like an idiot about halfway through this… i can’t write this sort of things with a straight face lol

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Anything for space boy Chris Beck 😍 Coming home to the reader? :)

(I just suddenly got ridiculously inspired and this happened) 

Originally posted by skywalkerr

Outside the airport’s frosted windows, the sun was just beginning to peek up over the city skyscrapers. 

New York, of course, never actually slept, but the airport itself had been sleek and silent when you had arrived. Only a few stragglers from red-eye flights were lingering, picking up coffee and stale pastries before they ventured back into the city. 

With a quick glance, you could see a few suited men and women, flying out of New York on the first flight to get to another city and dig their claws into the culture. 

But here, you were waiting. 

You clutched the bouquet of flowers closer to your chest, careful not to knock the half empty styrofoam cup of coffee in your other hand. The flight had been delayed, leaving you trapped at the airport while you waited for your boyfriend. 

Like the handful of families around the world, you had been glued to the television when Ares III had remained in orbit longer than anticipated. Every day, you ached for news of Chris, a reminder that he was alright. Nothing much came through, except weekly bulletins to tell you that he was alive. It was something at least. 

But nothing seemed to fix the craving you had for his body pressed against yours, the way he held you all through the night like a child with a teddy bear. The slightly burned edges that his pancakes always seemed to have, no matter how patient he was. The smell of his cologne or his shower gel- always something between vanilla and ‘mountain breeze’, however one could define that. 

You missed him like a lost limb. 

There was an announcement over the tannoy; a harsh instrumental that made your head snap up towards the arrivals board.

Flight 1SA0 from Houston- Arrived. 

Your heart leapt into your throat. Just a few miles separated you and Chris. Depositing the lukewarm coffee in the nearest bin, you headed towards the small arrivals gate, trying to blend in with the rest of the people waiting. 

Some, you noticed, were collecting family members. Whole groups had turned out, holding large banners decorated with names, ensuring that anyone would notice them first out. You glanced into your flowers nervously, picking a stray leaf from a soft pink rose. It seemed silly now. 

The doors of the arrivals gate slid open with a soft whir. Your head jerked up. A few nondescript people in suits or thick winter coats shuffled out towards the exit, desperate to get out of the stuffy heat of the airport. You tried to fix your coat, tucking a strand of flyaway hair from your eyes. 

With a sudden cry, one of the families erupted with noise, cheering and shouting for someone. 

Craning your neck, you spied a slight, redheaded woman, her hair pulled back into a sensible ponytail, grinning at the group of people. 

Even from far away, you could hear the tinny, unmistakable sound of disco coming from a pair of giant magenta headphones that were looped around her slender neck. You glanced down at your watch, fighting back a yawn. 

The fan-club for the redhead had now moved, giving you a clear view of the arrivals gate. As it pulled open once again, you felt your heart leap into your throat, beating at a hundred miles a minute. 

Chris’s hair was stuck up in a hundred different places. He had probably slept on the plane in the most awkward angle possible. His face looked soft and bleary, bright eyes lacking their usual sparkle out of sheer exhaustion. 

The grey NASA sweater and jeans he wore made him look even fluffier and softer than normal; all you wanted was to bundle him up in your arms and cuddle him forever. 

Chris’s eyes travelled nervously over the crowd, searching for the familiar face. You smiled at him when he spotted you. A soft smile grew to touch the ends of his ears, his eyes crinkled. 

Chris ran to you, dumping his duffel bag on the floor and, before you could realise, had wrapped his arms tightly around your middle and held you up into the air, spinning you around with delight. 

‘My angel, my darling, my love…my Y/N,’ he breathed, slowly dropping you down to the floor. You pressed your hands to his angular cheeks, feeling the hard bite of bone underneath. He’d lost so much weight. 


You leant in to kiss him, desperation overwhelming you, when suddenly he took a step backwards, preventing the kiss. Brow furrowing, you stared helplessly at him. His smile never ceased. 

‘Before we do…I want to give you something.’ 

Chris knelt down, speaking as he unzipped his duffel bag and stuck his hand inside, rooting around stacks of unwashed clothes and books. 

‘When we were up there, we all made a promise about something we’d do if we got back to Earth without dying,’ he began, his throat tightening as he took a long pause. ‘Martinez wanted to buy a house, finally. Cap wanted to get promoted so she’d never have to go out of the atmosphere again.’ 

He found what he was looking for, clutching his fingers around the small box buried deep in the bottom of his bag. 

‘And me…well, I wanted to finally ask you something I’d been waiting months to do. It’s just a little belated.’ 

From his crouching position, Chris got down on one knee, holding up a small black leather box. Popping it open, it revealed a simple, elegant looking diamond ring, nestled in a bed of ivory coloured silk. 

‘Will you marry me?’ 

Tears pooled in your eyes, the overwhelming hurt and fear and delight of every minute he’d been gone bursting forth from the dam. 

‘Yes…yes, you silly man, of course, I will!’ 

Chris’s eyes glittered as he removed the ring from the box and gently slid it onto your ring finger. Without a second to lose, he leapt to his feet, his hands pressed to your jaw as he kissed you, hard. Your eyes fluttered closed, focused entirely on the familiar sensation of his lips against yours. 

They were soft and plump, inviting you closer, drawing you in until you were lost in his arms. You felt his hand move from your jaw to your middle, pulling you in until you were flush against his body. His tongue traced your bottom lip, drinking in every inch until finally, briefly satisfied, he pulled away. 

‘I love you,’ you murmured, wiping away a few stray tears with the ratty sleeve of your coat, ‘And missed you like crazy.’ 

Chris laughed, kissing your forehead as he wrapped his arms around you. 

‘I love you and missed you like crazy too.’ 

After a moment just standing in each other’s arms, Chris slung his duffel bag over his free shoulder and slipped his hand into yours; warm, soft hand holding tightly to your fingers. You grinned up at him. 

‘Now. What do you want to do?’ 

Chris pretended to think. ‘I want a cheeseburger. In fact, any solid food. And a shower.’ 

You smiled softly, linking your arm with his and leaning your head against his broad shoulder.

‘That can definitely be arranged, Dr Beck.’


I know I’m on break but this piece was too cute not to post so here ya go! I might put some more things up but I’ll still keep requests closed.
Couldn’t find the right gif for this so excuse the unprofessional format

Dan sighed in relief and shut the front door behind him. Phil dropped his bags and gave a victory cheer now that they were finally home. He disappeared deeper into the house. Dan would probably join his friend in the living room, maybe just crash into the bed and sleep after a seven hour flight. But first, he had to pee like crazy.

Washing his hands in the sink he gave himself a once over in the mirror. The trip had been so taxing on him. His hair was frizzier than he’d seen in awhile, his eyes had bags under them and if he was being honest with himself he could really use a shower. This was so not the way he wanted to come home to her. She woke up to his greasy face every day, she kissed him even with morning breath. It was obvious she didn’t really care about the outside. Still, he had his insecurities. Grabbing the hand towel hanging off to the side he wet it and tried to blot at the oil on his skin. It didn’t do much for him, but it would have to be enough for now because he was pretty much dead on his feet. Out of habit, he inspected himself one last time closely in the mirror. He noticed that he’d gotten a tan on the trip, not as dark as he used to get in his early twenties, but definitely a few hues darker. At the corner of his eyes was something else. At first he assumed it was dirt, but after scrubbing hard they didn’t come off. He hoped he hadn’t caught some airborne skin disease while travelling.

He dragged his bag down the hall but eventually gave up and just entered his room with nothing but a phone. She had his giant headphones on at the desktop. A large sleep shirt swallowed her up and her feet kicked at the carpet. Her camera sat next to the keyboard and she looked almost as gaunt as he did. He crept up behind her, leaned down, and kissed her cheek softly. She smiled slowly, turning and giving him a proper kiss on the lips. “How long have you been editing?” he asked in a tired voice. She stretched her arms outward (jabbing Dan a bit in the side) and her joints made a satisfying pop sound. “I dunno. It’s been a couple hours. I could probably use a break,” she said. The two of them got up and headed toward the living room.

Phil had the television on in there and was playing some online Mario Kart. She hugged Phil around the neck and he gave a half greeting until he told her she was messing with his ability to play. She sat down, Dan slid from one end of the couch and pulled her into his arms. He grew warm and sleepy whenever she was near him, practically couldn’t rest without her close. She continued watching Phil play and he dozed off.

A large pizza dinner later and everyone was tired enough to go to bed. Phil dug a book from his suitcase and said he was turning in for the night. She and Dan decided to push through the dragging exhaustion they felt. Dan’s little power nap had given him enough energy to stay up with her. They sat and ate out of tubs of ice cream, Dan telling her the insane journey he’d had trying to get into America. “It wasn’t bad, though. The Bahamas were warm and bright. I even got a tan.” At those words she of course decided it was time for a body inspection. He kept shovelling ice cream in his mouth while she observed tan lines and poked at him. “Interesting,” she murmured. His arm was in her hand. “You’ve got freckles.” Dan yanked his limb from her hands and looked hard at his skin. Sure enough, those same dark spots at the corners of his eyes were scattered over his forearms. He lifted a foot to the table and saw the same on his calves. “Fucks sake, I’m covered in them,” he whined. She only giggled. It wasn’t unusual, him sighing and her laughing. They were just the right amount of opposite. She moved the spoon from his hand and sat herself in his lap. The sleeves of her shirt fell over her hands and Dan loved her so much. She grasped his neck and he ignored how much he still hated being touched there. “Don’t be upset.” She kissed his nose, his cheekbones, the tiny space beneath the corners of his eyes. “They’re as beautiful as stars.”

He couldn’t deny her words, not when her voice was so sweet and her lips were so soft.

Beautiful Boy (Bucky Barnes)

Summary: A little boy runs into (y/n) and she needs to help him find his dad.

A/N: I don’t know if the permanent tags wanted to be in others besides my peter Parker soo…

Pairing: Dad!Bucky Barnes x Reader!

Warnings: Uh noooo

// Masterlist //

Words: 1,050

 (Y/n) was walking down the street clad in gym clothes, giant headphones on while singing out loud, she’d failed to notice the little body speeding her way. Something hard ran into her, nearly knocking (y/n) over in the process. Catching herself, she gazed down to find a roughly six-year-old boy with big blue eyes and floppy brown curly hair, looking up at her in wonder. Taking her headphones off (y/n) glanced around and couldn’t see anybody racing to their son.

“Hello, I’m Jake!” The little boy randomly blurted out. (Y/n) hesitated before dumping her shoulder bag on the floor and crouched down to his eye-level. “Hello Jake, I’m (y/n). Are you lost? Where are your parents?”

“I only have a dad! My mom died when I was born.” Slightly saddened, (y/n) put her hand on his shoulder. “I’m sorry about that. Do you know where your dad is?”

He didn’t need to answer, a very worried voice boomed over the crowd. “Jacob!” The little boy didn’t seem to notice the voice, but (y/n) sure as hell did. “Do you want to come with me? I know where your dad is.”

The little boy shook his head, “I’m not supposed to go with strangers.” Smiling at Jake (or Jacob), glad the boy had some smarts, she asked. “What’s your dad’s name?” There was a slight pause as if the boy was contemplating his own dad’s name. “His names Bucky, or James. I’m not sure, people in the tower call him different things. Aunty Nat calls him ass-” (y/n)’s eyes widened. “Okay, okay” she laughed nervously.

Standing to her full height, (y/n) calls over the crowd, one hand on Jake’s shoulder. “James! JAMES!” She had to call a couple times over the noise. Glancing down to ice blue eyes, she finds Jake smiling up at her. (Y/n) couldn’t help but let out a silent ‘aw’. Breaking the moment, she looked up only to find identical eyes to the boy looking back at her.

The man came closer, somewhat suspiciously until he saw Jake and his whole demeanor changed. Rushing forward and embracing his son, James begins to look over Jake for any damage. “Why the hell did you run off bud?” The man, James, said sternly but with a light smile on his face. “I saw this really pretty girl-” Jake points at (y/n), “and I wanted to talk to her!”

James/Bucky glanced up at (y/n), before looking back at Jake and laughed. “You’re like your old man, trying to charm every beautiful dame you see, huh?” (Y/n) scoffed with light humor, crossing her arms. James finally looked up at (Y/n) and gave her a dazzling smile before standing to his full height.

Now looking down at her, he offered her his flesh hand. “I’m James Barnes, thanks for finding my son.” Still smiling at (y/n), she started to smile back, “(Y/N) (Y/L/N). It was no problem seeing as he found me first.” They both laughed lightly. “Can I offer to buy to coffee, as thanks?” (Y/N) contemplated the offer but looking down at Jakes big blue puppy eyes, she was convinced. “Yeah, that would be great.”

Entering the café, they re-took the booth James and his son had been occupying before he randomly ran off. Deciding to sit opposite of Jake, (y/n) smiled lightly at the handsome man now ordering her coffee.  Slowly turning her head, (y/n) found the young boy staring at her and a charming smile, like his fathers, resting on his lips. “Can you ask my dad out on a date?”

Choking on air slightly, (Y/n) smiled softly. Actually turning the idea of a date with the quite attractive man in her head, she answered.“Maybe when we know each other better.” Jake smiled even bigger, if possible. James returned to the table carrying two coffees and a small milkshake for Jake, who decided to strike up a random conversation. The boy was very enthusiastic about school and spent twenty minutes talking about their science class while (y/n) listened attentively and asked questions at the right times. During so, both adults were stealing glances at each other without the other noticing. Jake, however, seemed to notice and decide to turn the conversation around.

“Hey, dad?“ 

"Yes, Jacob?” (Y/n) wasn’t really listening in, too busy admiring the adoring relationship between the father and son. She could see the pure devotion and love James had for his son and a thought slipped through her mind. He must have loved Jake’s mom very much, (y/n) hoped someone could give her that same affection.

 Suddenly hearing her name spoken, she zoned back in. “Oh, sorry! What did you say?”

“You want to play pinball with me?” Jake said excitedly. Looking to where he was pointing, (y/n) could see a small pinball machine and a small driving machine. “Uh-” “you go ahead, Jake. (Y/n)’s okay here,” James answered for her as his son darted off the machines.

Watching him go, (y/n) couldn’t wait until she got to have kids with the person she loved. “You have a beautiful boy…” (y/n) let slip, looking to see Bucky admiring his son.

“Yeah, I mean he really takes after me. Shame.” (Y/n) let out a loud attractive (not) snort and laugh. “Yeah, it’s a real crying shame. Those baby blue eyes and curls are just so disappointing” causing James to laugh. The silence drifted around them, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.

“So, about that date?”

“Did you… did you use your son to talk to me?!”

“Definitely not,” Bucky said while tipping up his coffee to drink and (y/n) saw the large smile growing on his pink lips.


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HBO War YouTuber Headcanons

(SO MUCH MORE under the cut)


George Luz
George has a review channel
He sits at his computer at his desk where his camera is set up
A lot of the time, you can see his (big ass) mic in the shot. He doesn’t care.
He’s almost always wearing headphones. Either apple-type earbuds with the cord under his shirt, or giant headphones, one covering an ear, one tucked behind his other ear.
He’s really onto hi-fi audio tech, it’s where most of his spending money goes.
He reviews music, tv shows, movies, books, video games. Anything popular and anything he likes. 

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l’homme de radio (m)

word count: 11182 we’re sorry but also not

a/n: co-written by my mom best friend @yoongguksx! this was honestly so fun so except more from the yoonmin duo ;)))) we literally finished in less than two days and that HAS to be a record somewhere. let me tell you how many times i got so fucked up i couldn’t type. the next part will be posted on rissa’s blog. anticipate.

|| All she wanted to do was pass her classes, run the morning radio station, and get herself together. She never expected to fall for - not one- but two very different boys; shy sweetheart Park Jimin and the flirty pain-in-the-ass Min Yoongi.


x | 2

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5SOS. Monkey Do

Just a random fluff story that came into my head today. I wrote it entirely on my phone while going to and from work. Excuse any typos.


An extra addition of Daphne Hood didn’t seem like any extra weight to carry. The tiny little toddler was a welcomed and easy to bring along on his afternoon trip to The San Diego zoo with his kids. They always took a few days off when in California and Ashton had promised to take his kids to the zoo. It didn’t matter where they went in the world, Molly and Connor loved to be around animals. It wasn’t as if Daphne was ever poorly behaved. She always just seemed happy to be out, quietly devouring the wide world that surrounded her with her giant panda eyes. Ashton didn’t think twice in offering to take her along with them. He knew Calum was nursing pinched nerves in his neck that made even the simplest tasks challenging.

As far as going to the zoo went, it was largely uneventful. Molly collected facts and dreamed of setting all the animals free while Connor did his best impression of different animal noises along with his Dad. The three Irwins loves going to the zoo. It was time for Ashton to really engage himself with his children and learn what was going on in their minds. He always learned so much from them when they went even though his plan was always to teach them.

For the most part, Daphne slept in her stroller and dreamed of waffle cone ice cream treats and baths with extra big bubbles. Somewhere in the aquarium, the blue lights soothes her and she passes out. It wasn’t until they were headed towards the exit that she perked up and paid attention. If she hadn’t opened her eyes then, the paparazzi cameras outside in the parking lot would have shaken her out of dreamland. There was only three guys, one of which Ashton recognized from outside the airport that morning. A fellow zoo goer had posted a picture of Ashton pushing Daphne’s stroller past the monkey exhibit and that was enough to catch the weekend warriors attention, grabbing their cameras and iPhones to try and make a quick buck by being invasive.

“How was the zoo, guys?” The shortest of the trip asked, walking backward as he filmed the family with his phone.

Ashton always tried to be polite. It would only make things worse if he snarled at them or gave them a million dollar shot of him enraged.

“Talk to me, not to them.” Through monotone, Ashton instructed the guys as he kept walking straight to his rental SUV as if they weren’t even there. He just kept pushing Daphne’s stroller, holding Connors hand with his right, and watching Molly as she kept her head down just one step ahead of them. It wasn’t that Ashton wanted to engage with anyone snapping photos and harassing him, he just didn’t want them engaging with his kids even less.

“What’s your favourite animal?” Another piped up as they took a picture, hoping one of the kids would respond. A video went for so much more if a child did or said just about anything.

As Ashton reached the car, he blocked all three of the kids to the best of his ability, “Alright, thanks, guys.” Though insincere in his courtesy, Ashton still impersonated someone kind when dealing with anyone in front of his kids.

Molly had already opened up the back door of the black SUV as soon as they were there, pulling her body inside in a hurry to buckle up. She reached for her brother in order to help him and her dad. The zoo was her absolute favourite place and she tried her best to ignore the noise and strangers outside the car. She didn’t want anything to damper the good day she had. It had been weeks since she saw her dad for more than a couple minutes at a time. She tried to take his advice and find the silver lining in every moment even the bad ones.

Ashton rolled Daphne to the trunk of the car as soon as the side door was closed and his kids were safely strapped inside. He opened up the trunk and bent down at his knees to help the youngest out. It was then he saw her peering over his shoulder where the paparazzi had followed him. Her large eyes were twinkling from direct contact with the sun and her smile giggled over at them. Ashton was distracted by her happy face for just a moment until he realized she was shooting the three men double middle fingers and innocently giggling about it.

“Daph! No!” Instantly hissing, Ashton sprung into action and scolded the toddler. He wrapped his hands over her petite fists and pushed them down onto her lap, holding them there. “That’s rude.” He informed her behind locked teeth. He didn’t know if she had no idea what she was doing or if her parents had taught her the gesture, but either way Ashton handled the situation the way he would if it was Molly or Connor flipping people off. He lifted her up out of the violet stroller and tucked her onto one side so he could fold up her ride. “Stop that!” He pushed her one hand away and rested it on his shoulder as he laid the stroller down. He could see out of the corner of his eye that she was doing it again, this time with a single hand. “Daphne Hood, you little hooligan.” He teased her with an amused smile while carrying her around to the other side of the car. “I didn’t know you had it in you.” She was giggling softly like Snow White would when she first woke up as Uncle Ashton sat her down in her car seat and started to buckle her up next to Molly who was rereading the map from the zoo, recalling the different spots they went.

Ashton was behind the wheel of the car, checking in the mirror that he wasn’t in line to run over any of the boneheads that had met them in the parking lot. Before turning, he glanced behind him to make sure all three kids were safe again. Whenever he had someone else’s child with him, he was more cautious than he would be if the was just his own two.

“Daphne, that’s bad!” He shouted in disbelief. “Stop doing that.”

Molly and Connor instantly looked over at their “cousin”, noticing her giving two middle fingers to the car window, her head turned to see one of the guys still filming as best he could out the tinted windows.

He dropped his two children off at the house they were renting while in California. Molly practically running at light speed inside to tell her Mum about everything she learned. Ashton knew Calum would have happily picked Daphne up after, but he wanted to talk to their road manager at the hotel anyway.

“Daphne, I got to tell your parents.” While she sat back in her stroller in front of him, Ashton informed the little punk while the road up the elevator to the penthouse where Calum was staying along with Michael’s family.

As soon as the elevators doors smoothly slid open, Ashton and Daphne were greeted harshly by the sounds of Bob Seger. He could just imagine Michael singing somewhere in his boxers with Iden on his shoulders and Emmeline on a counter top pretending to play air guitar. Instinctively, he knocked as hard as he could while Daphne covered her ears with both hands. She was used to wearing giant purple headphones when she went to her dad’s concerts.

Inside the hotel room, a commotion began over turning down the music and, what seemed to take too long in Ashton’s mind, the rock music seemed to grow into a gentle hum as oppose to a loud roar.

“Hey Ash.” Grace swung the door open and revealed their party palace. Just as expected Iden was on his dad’s bare shoulders clapping his hands above his own head while Skye and Emmeline were playing Barbies on the floor, a game Grace had just vacated for the door. “Hello Jungle girl.” Grace waved down at Daphne who peeled one hand away from face to wave back, but kept her other hand protecting her ear. “Welcome back.” She said as Daphne sat up out of her stroller that she been sitting like a quiet ruling queen in all afternoon and rushed inside to her mom.

“How was the zoo?” Grace asked once Ashton stepped in, grabbing Emmeline as she ran over to embrace his waist with a Merida doll in hand.

“It was alright.” At this point, Ashton was very particular about his zoos. He had seen so many around the world. It was a tradition to take Molly on her birthday and at any other opportunity. “Cal around?” He asked, poking his head around.

“On the balcony.” Skye yelled from the ground where she was half listening to Emme explain what the dolls were doing to Daphne who had no idea what any of her friends words actually meant. Calum’s girlfriend raised her arm and mimed smoking a cigarette just to fill Ashton in.

“Can I talk to you guys?” He decided to just come right out and ask Skye even though it made both her and Grace look at him with grace expressions.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll go get Cal.” Skye slowly stood onto her feet only picking up Daphne when she lifted up both her arms as a signal. She had missed her mummy after being away at the zoo and in dreams earlier.

“I’ll come.” Ash followed quickly, saluting Mike and Iden as he did.

“Daphne.” Calum turned as he heard the glass door part. He softened from the stress of the pain throbbing in his neck and smiled as soon as he spotted Daphne in her mom’s arms. “What animals did you see at the zoo?” Hoping to improve his daughter’s vocabulary, he asked.

Daphne pulled at her ears and puffed out her cheeks, her silent homage to her dad’s impression of a monkey that was always hilarious to her.

Putting out the cigarette in a wine glass stained with someone’s merlot from earlier, Cal laughed and then made the face back at er before making what he considered to be a very accurate monkey sound.

“Thanks for taking her with you three today.” Genuinely Skye told him before resting half her butt onto a stool. “I hope she was okay…” Skye had never had to check before. Daphne was always a low maintenance joy to most people who babysat her. In fact, Skye and Calum would have liked if their daughter was nosier sometimes.

“She was great. Usual sleepy and sweet thing.” Curling up three of his fingers, Ashton waved at Daphne. “I just wanted to give you a heads up that there are might be photos of us online or a video or something.” Shrugging, he explained.

“Thanks for letting us know.” Cal groaned even if he did appreciate his friend’s advance warning. He wished his cigarette was still lit. He hated when people took photos of Daphne or any of the kids for that matter. It felt like a crime, a violation to someone so vulnerable that they didn’t even understand the harm being done to them. It didn’t really strike him as strange though. The four band mates had a natural habit of warning one another about photographers. It just wasn’t usually something they pulled each other to the side to discuss seriously. More often than not someone would just shout “fucking paps” across the room and that was that.

“That’s all?” Skye narrowed her stare in on Ashton, looking at his messy hair as she felt Daphne cozy up against her.

“Well, Daphne, do you want to show your parents what you did?” Ashton asked the little girl, bringing both Calum and Skye to give her their full and very curious attention.

“Daphne?” Calum’s voice moved into stern with ease as he stepped nearer to Ashton and let his dark eyes pounce into Daphne.

“Noooo…” Holding her lips into a perfect dime shape, Daphne sang so long that she started to sway her hips to her own response. She didn’t know what was being asked of her, but she knew she didn’t like the voice her Dad used.

Ashton dropped down closer to Daphne’s level, bouncing on his knees as he waited for her to focus on him. He held up his fist and nodded to it, speaking to Daphne with his hands and eyebrows.

All she did was laugh and run forward to kiss his hand, petting it like she would one of his dogs back home.

“What did she do?” Skye asked, reaching down and adjusting her daughter’s hair antennas.

Ashton sighed as he stared up at Skye from the ground and reluctantly gave his assistant and friend the middle finger.

Much to his pleasant surprise, Skye loudly let out a laugh. She didn’t try to stifle it at all.

“She saw the paps and I didn’t notice, but she just kept giving it to them.” Ashton explained, standing up as Daphne waddled close to her Dad and then sat on his sandalled feet, landing her butt right on his open toes with delight.

“She sees Cal do it!” Skye chuckled and pointed at her boyfriend across from her.

“I do it so they don’t want to print them or can’t.” He excused himself, chuckling as he looked down at Daphne and tried to imagine her small fingers flipping the bird.

“I just wanted to warn you. If it was one of us, no one would care, but a cute baby is a different bag of tricks” Ashton explained. He would want his friends to tell him if it was one of his kids.

“Well, thanks.” Calum groaned, his neck killing him as he bent down at the knees to lift Daphne up with one quick motion.

“We will punish her accordingly.” Joking, Skye assured him as she went to open the balcony again, the noise of Michael blowing raspberries on Iden’s stomach and then Emmeline’s welcoming them right away.

“That’s all that I ask.” Ashton joked back as he went inside to say goodbye to his other niece and nephew. Even though he saw them all constantly when they toured, Ashton never bored of the new additions to their travel schedules. He missed them all on his day off and always wondered how they were doing.

“Thanks again for taking her!” Calum sang out as he entered the kitchen. “Say bye.” He told Daphne as he exaggerated his wave to Ashton who was letting himself out.

Ashton was almost all the way out of the penthouse when Calum called him back, his head poking around the half closed door, he was greeted only by Calum holding up his daughter’s tiny third digit and Michael and Grace howling.

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request from @boymeetsfiction : A cute lil request where Tae and reader go to an ice rink? Love you~~ heheehehehehe

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

[Taehyung x Reader]

Genre: Fluff, a little Angsty

Words: 3593

—> You lean against the gate and watch him skate for a moment, smiling a bit at how much fun he seems to be having. He’s laughing and spinning in circles, looking absolutely carefree. 

A/N: Thank you Tamara for sending this request in! And I hope you all enjoy this xoxo

First dates were always nerve wracking, but this one made you feel especially anxious.  

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important otp things

who gets hungry in the middle of the night and who walks into the kitchen the next morning to find the first person passed out on the floor surrounded by pizza crusts

who sneaks into the house at three am and who rushes at them with a baseball bat, thinking that they’re a robber

who stops and asks to pet every dog they see and who rolls their eyes but secretly takes thousands of pictures because it’s just too cute!

who sleeps in a cocoon of blankets and who can’t even sleep with a shirt on

who goes to the store for literally three things and ends up buying china and who sighs so hard their lungs collapse

who looks at any couple and goes “i ship it” and who is confused for eighty years afterwards

who likes to draw and who likes to sing

who goes to bed at three in the morning and wakes up at noon and who goes to bed at eight and wakes up at seven

who likes earbuds cuz they’re small and portable and who walks around with giant ass headphones on

GOT7 at an Airport

Jaebum: stressed out af, simultaneously trying to calculate connecting flight times while on the phone with the airline about bambam’s missing luggage. More than once yells, “everyone quiet, I just need a second to think!!”

Mark: giant headphones but he’s not actually listening to music. Bought a pretzel at an airport-only food chain. Tries to pretend like he’s not on vacation with the fam, until Jaebum snaps at him to plz just help out and take the younger ones to the bathroom

Jinyoung: has an excel spreadsheet of everything he needs for the flight. Stands in a twenty minute long Starbucks line ~because~. Ignores a call from Yugyeom asking for a frappucino. Buys three books at an airport store and falls asleep halfway through the first one.

Jackson: Runs through security screaming, “VACTION!” Forgets his phone on the conveyor belt. Purchases ten bags of chocolate because it’s “duty free” and eats five before he takes-off. Somehow manages to board with the priority group because he made a friend in line at the bathroom.  

Bambam: Is held up by security for ten minutes because of all the mini bottles of shampoo he brought. Finds that one outlet by the gate and uses it until the last second before boarding. Sprays himself with cologne from the airport shops. Finds yugyeom when he gets lost from the group. Brought ten suitcases, checked nine of them.

Yugyeom: Misses the tram to the gate bc he’s watching a dance compilation on his phone. Ten minutes later he’s still working up the courage to ask a girl for directions when bambam finds him.  Has one backpack he packed his stuff in, is planning on stealing Jinyoung’s shampoo at the hotel later.

Youngjae: Follows Jaebum around saying, “CHECK” whenever something gets accomplished. Watches planes landing and announces whenever an incoming flight is delayed. Insists on the middle seat, even though no one asked. Does the sign of the cross before take-off.

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kidge w/ side to side?

A/N: I might make this into a full-fledged oneshot because I got ideas. 

Song: Side To Side by Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj

♬ Send me a character/ship and I’ll write a fic for them inspired by whatever song I shuffle to ♬

“I’m not squatting.”

“No?” Allura blinked. “But we’re supposed to be working on our lower bodies today.”

Fuck that. Pidge wasn’t going to get down for shit, and she sure as hell wasn’t going to do any strenuous exercises where it required her ass and legs. No resistance training either. All ropes and bands are off the table.

Except maybe the bedroom.

“Can we just do something else for a change?”

Allura shrugged. “Sure.” She tapped her chin in thought and scanned the gym. “How about cardio?”

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Connor Murphy x Waitress!Reader Pt. 2

(a.n. ok so I’m stumped atm for an actual fic but I have like hundreds of headcanons ?? so enjoy ?? warning: a bmc crossover and cheesy as funk. also like 95% this is ooc but would it really be one of my headcanons if it werent?)


• “Babe! I have a great idea for a new pie”

• “ For the laST TIME CONNOR, this is a family diner, we can’t put weed in the pie”

• “and why not, (y/n)?”

• “oh I don’t know? Maybe because it’s 100% against store policy to sell marijuana infused desserts?”

• ofc the logical thing to do when you can’t have your way in the workplace is to buy your own establishment

• y’all open up a weed shop and a diner right by each other (The Baked Sale is where the devils lettuce is sold, and when those people get the munchies they head to The Bakery to get a cure for their seemingly incurable hunger)

• one time connor tried to help you in the kitchen but all that led to was flour everywhere and an intense make out in the dry ingredient storage room ooops

• your two stores are really a genius marketing scheme

• your child’s college savings are out the roof

• one day this tall kid with giant headphones and a red hoodie walks in (clearly having visited your boyfriend’s weed shop beforehand)

•“let me guess, a large slice of pie?”

• “do you happen to have a slushee machine?”

• “no, but we do have pie, pie, satanic rituals on saturdays, and pie”

• “I guess Ill have a slice of cherry pie then”

• “Ok, one slice of cherry pie coming up for…”

• “Michael”

• “coming right up!”

• since Connor and you don’t wanna leave your daughter at home all the time while y’all work, you have her stay with you at the diner

• she’s mesmerized by Michael’s headphones and immediately runs over to play with them

• Michael doesn’t mind at all, and being high made the event all the more amusing

• you come back over to his table with the pie and

• “honey what did we say about playing with customers?”

• “to not to” she says solemnly

• “I don’t mind at all, your daughters actually quite adorable” Michael pleas

• “just let me know if she becomes too much” you say, slightly thankful for the impromptu babysitter

• Michael actually enjoys babysitting your daughter and comes in practically every day you’re open to help out with her

• and he starts to bring more children along, such as his boyf Jeremy

• and suddenly you and Connor become parents to an entire village of children

• both you and Connor had been working nonstop at your jobs, so y’all decide a date night is definitely something that needs to happen

• “are you excited to stay the night with Uncle Jared and Auntie Alana?” Connor asks your daughter

• “yes dada!”

BOOM heart melted then and there

• even though Connor wasn’t her biological father, you were more than happy that he was the father figure she had

• y’all arrive at Jared and Alana’s apartment and give them the rundown

• “She needs dinner at 6 and be in bed by 8 at the latest” you say, “And Jared? No more dank memes please. I don’t need my child discussing the fundamentals of communism with my customers anymore”

• “Hey, no promises!” Jared winks

• “Jared, I will kill you. Literally kill you.”

• papa bear Connor mode initiated

• “Take it away Alana!” Jared says as he races into the house

• “I’ll make sure nothing too crazy happens, now go have fun kids!” Alana promised

• such a good Aunt

• you and Connor arrive at a quaint little restaurant on the more lavish side of town

• when you’re seated, you see a beautiful view of the skyline

• you’re so caught up in the view that you don’t notice Connor kneeling on the ground next to you

• “connor wtf”

• “(y/n), from the first time I saw you in the diner, I knew I would do whatever it would take to be with you. You got me out of one of the darkest places in my life and I could never repay you enough for that. You and your daughter (fgs does this child even have a name) have been the best thing to ever happen to me. So I just have one thing to say.”

• “420 blaze it? More like 420 engage it!”

• “Connor we’re not even married yet but just for that joke I’m already signing the divorce papers”

• :(

• jk you give him the biggest smooch of a lifetime • “of course I’ll marry you”

• suddenly you’re really happy he stumbled in your diner all that time ago

• the end