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what mech did you guys chose from the jade gate? :o

Michael: Um, the Iron Giant? Duh? I kicked ass using that mech! You should’ve seen how many Squips I KO’d during that final fight!

Jeremy: I chose Voltron. Normally you’d have to have five people to control it, but that was a special case so I pretty much had access to the whole entire thing. It was seriously badass.

Michael: The beginning of that fight was also right after we—

Jeremy: Y-yeah! Yeah. Um, I remember.

Michael: That was totally wild. I pretty much got to announce that we were dating to the whole country!

Jeremy: More like the entire world. Do you know how many stations were broadcasting that battle? Literally the whole planet was watching us.

Michael: That was one of the greatest moments of my life!!


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If you’re a sci-fi nerd like myself, you’ve noticed the lack of mecha novels. Well have no fear! I’ve devoted my life to giant robot novels and found some decent books hanging around. From classics to new reads, you’re sure to find a series you enjoy. Take it from me, the chick who owns and have read five of the six featured novels!

Behind these covers you’ll find military sci-fi, engaging battlegrounds, theoretical science, and even some strong character arcs. So get out there and use your mechs responsibly!

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Wait, Where is Shiro and Keiths first date? (voltron Family)

[The Voltron Pre-Family] Shiro was lying awake looking at the ceiling of his bedroom. Oh my god. Keith is my boyfriend. Oh. My. God. He kept tossing and turning on his bed with that stupid grin on his face, heart beating so fast. Earlier that day, he finally confessed to Keith and it went better than expected. Well, Keith being ace was a surprise but he didn’t seem to mind because it even made more sense that Keith was. 

He looked at his phone and hovered his hand on top. He just said goodbye to Keith a while ago, he didn’t want to be clingy but…

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:55PM
Keith. :D

[Keith Kogane] 09:56PM

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:57PM
Are you going to sleep now?

[Keith Kogane] 09:58PM
Nah. I’m watching anime online. Last ep though so I’ll be hitting the bed in a few minutes. Why? Can’t sleep? ;)

[Takashi Shirogane] 09:59PM
THE WINKY FACE WTF KEITH. THAT IS SO SUGGESTIVE. Anyway, I’m going to ignore that even though it’s the first time you’ve used an emoji. 

[Keith Kogane] 10:01PM
Iconic, I know. ;) Surely, you liked it.

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:02PM
I cannot believe you’re actually flirting with me via texts. What have you done to my best friend turned boyfriend?

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:05PM
Keith? You still there? 

[Keith Kogane] 10:20PM
Sorry. I actually don’t know how to make this whole boyfriend thing work. I literally have no previous experience whatsoever. Sorry if it came off as awkward. I admit, I don’t know what to do. I literally just stared at your message and went to resume my anime watching but I couldn’t concentrate to what on earth Motoko was saying because I didn’t know how to respond to you. Now I’m making things more awkward. You probably thought I was ignoring you or that I fell asleep, but really I’m just being… idk dumb?

Shiro just stared at Keith’s reply and he was smiling so wide because how can he possibly love Keith even more? He was just so… pure? So inexperienced and he was trying—trying for Shiro and he was so endeared. He appreciated the effort. Shiro bit his lip, stopping a really huge grin from appearing. 

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:23PM
Keith, you are literally made of cupcakes and rainbows. <3 Would you like to go out with me to an anime con this upcoming Saturday? My treat!

[Keith Kogane] 10:23PM
Keith Kogane just sold his body to Takashi Shirogane.

[Keith Kogane] 10:24PM
In case my awkward flirting didn’t work, that was a BIG FAT YES.

Shiro barked out a laugh that he even covered his mouth. They went together to the con that following Saturday and Shiro swore he’d never seen Keith so excited in his life. Shiro tried to be subtle with it but he kept on bumping his hand with Keith’s just to have a feel.

Keith: *stares at him* If you want to hold my hand just do it. 
Shiro: *taken aback* Uh…
Keith: *rolls his eyes fondly* *interlaces their hands together* Is this weird?
Shiro: *has a really big stupid grin on his face* *shakes his head* No. No it’s not weird. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. *squeezes Keith’s hand*
Keith: You’re so dumb. *chuckles* C’mon. I have a list of what to buy. *takes out his phone* *moves closer to Shiro to show him* I was thinking of finally getting these figures. I hope they’re cheaper or something. If not…
Shiro: *wasn’t exactly listening* *is literally in front of Keith’s cheek* *softly gives Keith a gentle peck on the cheek*
Keith: *abruptly stops talking* *looks at Shiro pointedly* 
Shiro: *beaming like the friggin sun* I can’t believe I get to do that now. *chuckles* Like… I can do that now whenever I like. *panics and looks at Keith in worry* I mean… I could, right? Kiss you on the cheek whenever I want?
Keith: *flushes* *croaks* Uh… yeah. I g-guess. I mean… I-I think so? I don’t know. *deflates* *covers face* Fuck. I’m so flustered. What the hell, Shiro. What did you do to me?
Shiro: *laughs* *pulls Keith into a hug* Glad I’m not the only one.

They bought a few things and Keith only got two figures out of the 20 he had on the list because THEY WEREN’T ON SALE, SHIRO! They ate at a Japanese restaurant because they were missing home. Shiro took a photo of Keith eating a tempura while pretending to be texting and until this day Shiro had that photo. Keith had his hair in a ponytail because he didn’t want his hair to get in the way of his food and he was trying to blow the food because it was still too hot. They took photos with the giant Gundam and Shiro later on had the photo framed because he was such a sap with the label “Our First Date!” They went back to their dorms holding hands and they shared their second kiss that night.

[Keith Kogane] 10:30PM
It was pretty great hanging out with you today, Shiro. Thank you.

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:31PM
It was called a date, Keith lol

[Keith Kogane] 10:32PM
I knew that. ;)

[Takashi Shirogane] 10:33PM