giant graffiti

G/t idea.

Imagine a giant who ADORES painting, so much so that they’ve taken a liking to using the walls of abandoned buildings as their canvas!
Humans who live in the area are baffled by the sight of this huge creature gently painting murals on the buildings, some are even frightened by the sight- after all they’re not used to giants and especially not friendly ones!

One day a braver human approaches the giant and watches them paint, they don’t think the giants seen them but when the giant is done painting it turns to them with a big blushy smile and points to it’s handiwork-it has painted a beautiful portrait of the brave human!

I like graffiti that says things like I LOVE LOLA, or LOLA AND TIMMY FOREVER! Since no one has ever written for me letters three feet tall that say I LOVE JONNY, I wonder what it was like for Lola or whoever to come across that love shout for the first time. Were they thrilled? Embarrassed? Thrilled and embarrassed? And what happens when Lola and Timmy break up but their graffiti lives on that wall till time takes its toll? How do they feel seeing those passionate words after their love is long gone? No matter what, I envy them. Thomas Lux wrote a wonderful poem about a giant graffiti he sees every day on an autobahn overpass while driving to work. The only problem is one of the words is misspelled so it reads something like LOLA AND TIMMY FOUREVER. The thing Lux admires most is how some idiot would take his life in his hands by dangling upside down over a wall thirty feet in the air to misspell his devotion to his girl for all the world to see.
—  Jonathan Carroll