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Hannah Baker Imagine!

YESSS BBY my first hannah imagine and i am so excited. I legit think that Katherine is so fucking hot and I am so in love with her!

In all honesty, I would die just to meet her. Because she’s so beautiful I can’t 


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  You nervously tugged at the ends of short top, your thoughts running at a million miles per minute. If there was anything or anyone in the world that made you nervous, it was Hannah Baker. She was the epitome of perfection, with her plump lips and clear skin, her soft, glistening hair and adorable sense of humor. It took a lot for you to ask her on a date, and it was taking a lot for you to believe that she had actually said yes. It had also taken a lot of thought and help from your brother, Jeff, to come up with a good plan. You wanted for Hannah to be just as interested in you as you were in her and picking the date had been the most difficult part. Good thing your brother was also your wing man, because he had set the whole thing up for you. Now all you needed was confidence and a breath mint. 

You sprayed some perfume on your wrists and neck before checking your outfit in the mirror once more. You were wearing a cropped, white shirt, with a pair of torn jeans and converse. Your hair was pulled into two buns and your rose colored, heart shaped glasses were perched on the bridge of your nose. You took a deep breath and grabbed your purse, running out of your room and hoping to get to her house at precisely 5:00. You knew that was a bit early for a date to start, but your brother said that it was all in the plan. You made it to the kitchen to see that Jeff was sitting with his fake tuxedo shirt stretched over his chest and a baseball cap on his head. 

“What are you wearing, Jeff? I bought that shirt for you as a joke.” You raised your eyebrows, searching around for your car keys. 

Jeff raised a finger and your ring of keys twisted on it, causing you to stop searching. “I’m your driver, Y/N. You don’t even know where you’re going.” 

You groaned and then looked at your wrist, seeing that there was only five minutes until five and Hannah lived three minutes away. “Change your shirt first.” 

“No, I like this-” 



“Two minutes, Jeff!” 

Jeff rushed off as you rolled your eyes and unconsciously checked yourself in the mirror on top of the fireplace. Yes, nervousness wasn’t hard to come by when it came to the thought of Hannah Baker. She had caught your eye the minute that she had entered the school, and because your friend, Clay, also had a crush on her, it was shocking that she had even said yes in the first place. You didn’t think that Hannah was anything but straight, but you weren’t complaining. 

Jeff came rushing back with a school spirit shirt on, looking like a liberty high sponsor. You snorted as he ushered you out of the front door. The drive to Hannah’s was quiet as you thought of what the rest of the day might consist of. Not knowing what your brother had planned was difficult, but he persisted on keeping the whole thing secret. Your fingers started to tap on the screen of your phone as the car came to a stop in front of the Baker home. 

“Alright, go get her.” Jeff grinned back at you, sending you a wink. 

Your hands began to shake a little as you checked your appearance once more. 

“Y/N, you look good. Look, you have a minute to get to the door and ring the bell.” 

You nodded and took a deep breath, opening the door to the car and counting the seconds as you walked to the front door slowly. You had promised Hannah that you would ring her doorbell exactly at 5:00, and if you were any later or earlier you owed her a free front of the line pass from your work (which was at a theme park). 

(A/N: I just love theme parks)

You looked down at your phone and just as the time was changing the front door of the house swung open, revealing Hannah Baker in all of her glory. Her long hair was cascading down her shoulders in their usual silky waves and a mauve colored dress was wrapping around her body and flaring out at the waist beautifully. Her lips had a slight rose color and her skin was extra glowy. She was wearing a pair of flats that had golden crystals on them but she was still two inches taller than you. She looked gorgeous. You stayed opened mouthed as you admired her. 

“You lose!” She laughed, her eyes scrunching lightly as her mouth opened in her amusement. “Now you owe me a free front of the line pass!” 

She laughed for a few more seconds before realizing that you weren’t giggling with her. She smiled slightly and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, her eyes finding the ground. 

“You look stunning,” You finally said, just as her mother came from inside the depths of the house right behind her. 

“Doesn’t she? See, Hannah, I told you you looked beautiful. Now, shoo. Have fun. Her curfew is 1:00 a.m, okay, Y/N? I trust you with my baby.” Mrs. Baker said as she pushed Hannah from the doorway lightly, grinning at the two of you. 

“Of course Mrs. Baker.” You smiled, as Hannah groaned and tugged you in the direction of your car. You waved at her mother as she smiled and closed the door. 

Hannah seemed to realize that Jeff was in the drivers seat as she neared closer and she frowned slightly, looking back at you as she stopped in her tracks. 

“Oh, sorry,” You said quickly. “My brother planned the whole thing out so he’ll be driving us. He won’t actually be going on the date with us, though. I promise.” 

The smile slowly returned and you quickly rushed in front of her, opening the back door of the car for her to enter. You turned to look at her and saw that she was smiling at you, while being very close, causing your heart to race. She leaned forward as she was entering the car, her breath hitting the loose strands of hair by your ear. 

“You don’t look too bad yourself, by the way.” She whispered, then she sat in the car, grinning up at you. 

You saw that a small part of her dress was hanging out of the door and you subconsciously picked it up and placed it on her lap, your fingers grazing her bare skin. Hannah shivered visibly and her face went red as you obliviously shut the door and went to the other side of the car. 

“Hey, Hannah!” Jeff greeted, waving as he looked at her through the rear view mirror. 

“Hey, Jeff.” She smiled back, still pink. “What’s the plan for today?” 

Jeff made a face as you slipped into the seat next to Hannah, smiling at her. “Well, it’s a bit of a surprise.I promise it’s a load of fun though!” 

Hannah looked over to you and smiled, shaking her head. “Well as long as Y/N is there anything is fun.” 

You snorted and scooted closer to her, but not too close because of your seat belt. “Hannah you’re cheesier than Jeff.” 

Hannah leaned forward and pushed a strand of hair from in front of your face. “What can I say? I like cheese so much I became it.” 

You burst into a fit of laughter as Jeff began to drive off, the both of you sharing jokes with each other. 

After about ten minutes of driving (and Hannah’s continuous laughter) Jeff pulled up to an empty parking lot, where there stood a neon building with giant graffiti style letters spelled ‘Jam’s Roller Rink’. 

“Roller skating! Jeff you know me too well. Oh my gosh, Hannah we’re going to have so much fun.” You turned from the building to Hannah, to see that she was looking a little downtrodden. “Hey, Hannah, what’s up?” 

Hannah shook her head and picked at her nails. “I don’t know how to skate, Y/N. Fuck, I just ruined everything didn’t I?” 

You took off your seat belt quickly and scooted closer to her, as Jeff got out of the car and headed towards the building. You placed your hand on Hannah’s shoulder and smiled lightly at her. “Hannah, I can teach you how. You didn’t ruin everything, I’ve been skating since I was six. I’ll teach you and we’re going to have a blast.” 

Hannah looked up with her eyes wide. “Are you sure it won’t be a bother? I mean it’s a date not a skating lesson and I really like you and don’t want to ruin-” 

You grabbed her cheeks softly and quickly pecked her lips, smiling at her shocked expression. After a second she turned a bright shade of red. “You’re not ruining anything, Hannah. Come on and let’s go have our fun date.” 

You turned and left her there, speechless, getting out of the car and walking around to open her door. When she got out she was still pink in the face and her mouth was pressed together. She then grinned and hooked her arm with yours, and you both set off to the building. 

“Isn’t this supposed to be the hottest roller rink in town? Why is it so dead?” Hannah questioned when you both neared the door, and you scrunched your brows as she opened the door. She was right, usually this place was booming. 

You two entered the dimly lit building where there was music playing loudly and the skating rink was alight with a disco ball and there was absolutely no one there. Well, except for Jeff who was sitting behind a bar while telling something to a person behind it. He turned when he saw you two coming, a wide grin on his face. 

“Hey guys, this is Ricardo, the man who has gladly let me rent out this place for a couple of hours of just you two. He put a nice playlist on for the both of you to skate to and he says there snacks behind here. When he says alone, he means no one but you two are going to be here. The restrooms are that way and I’ll be at the trampoline place next door with Clay. Have fun!” 

Before the two of you could respond Jeff left towards the exit and Ricardo left through a door behind the bar, sending a wink your and Hannah’s way. 

“Wow,” Hannah said, looking around. “The whole place literally to ourselves.” 

You grinned and shook your head. Oh Jeff was definitely such an amazing brother for this. You looked to the rack of skates on the other side of the room and gestured for Hannah to follow. 

“What size do you wear?” You asked Hannah, bringing two pairs of socks out of your bag. 

She laughed nervously. “Uh, an eight.” 

You smiled and looked back to see she was red in the face again. “Me too, Hannah you don’t have to be embarrassed.” 

You went behind the counter and grabbed two pairs of size eight skates and went to the bench near the entrance of the skating rink, Hannah following like a lost puppy. 

“I’m going to be honest with you,” Hannah said as she sat next to you and removed her sandals. “I’m really nervous right now.” 

You laughed as you pulled one skate on and she pulled your favorite socks on. “What are you nervous for?” 

“Actually I’m absolutely terrified of falling and breaking something and making a complete fool of myself in front of a very cute girl.” 

You rolled your eyes and stood up when you were done pulling on your second skate. You grinned and skated around the bench as Hannah pulled on her own skates. “This ‘cute girl’ will not laugh if you fall. She will pull you back up and kiss your wounds.” 

Hannah laughed nervously when you stopped before her, both of her skates on. You grinned and motioned for her to stand up. She did so slowly, her knees shaking as she grabbed onto your elbows roughly. 

“Holy shit, I don’t think I can do this, Y/N.” She muttered as she nearly tripped and latched herself onto you. She looked at your face, not bothered at all by the close proximity. 

“Come one Hannah, just one foot after the other.” You smiled, skating backwards slowly. There was a slight dip in the floor and the two of you made it to the rink, finally, the lights reflecting off of the disco ball making Hannah look even more gorgeous than before. 

You were too busy admiring her to see that she was beginning to fall, and only when you were falling into her lap did you notice. She let out a loud grunt and you groaned in pain as your knees hit the hardwood floor in between her legs. 

“Aw, fuck, Y/N, I can’t that hurt.” Hannah said, her full lips quivering and her eyes glossy. 

“Come on Hannah, just one more try. Don’t give up.” You pulled yourself up and pulled her along with you. 

Slowly you began to guide Hannah around the rink and as she slowly got the hang of it her eyes began to light up and she began to laugh loudly, your hand linked with hers as you both skated around to the beat of the music. 

“I’m having the best time,” Hannah said when the both of you slowed down. She pulled you closer by the arm and you grinned. 

“I was hoping you would,” You whispered when you were both inches apart. she grinned and closed the gap between you two, and her plump lips met yours. 

Your hands went to wrap around her neck but you forgot you were skating and the wheel of your skate twisted so you fell flat on your ass, your lips yanking from Hannahs. 

“I think we should take a break.” She laughed, pulling you up by your arm. She then rubbed her stomach. “They said snacks, right?” 

You nodded eagerly and she intertwined your fingers with hers once more, this time dragging you to the bar. Behind the bar where no one could see were homemade cupcakes and a small sign that said ‘drinks and chocolate covered things in the fridge’. 

“Ohhh, these cupcakes look amazing.” Hannah said softly, picking one up. You picked yourself onto the counter, pointing to one with a Hershey’s kiss on the top. 

“Can I have that one with a kiss?” You asked her, and she blushed incredibly red as she wiped at her lips to remove the frosting she had. She grabbed your cupcake before skating to you and placing a fast kiss to your lips, which you giggled at. 

“I was talking about the candy but that was even better.” You smiled lightly, unwrapping the cupcake of it’s foil cup. 

Hannah blushed deeply before laughing loudly and kissing you once more. 


OMG this is so cute 


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More details on this mural thing in Limerick (via Limerick Leader):

“Limerick hosts ‘monster mural’ for Gorillaz global campaign”

'LIMERICK city has been chosen as a prime location to promote an upcoming album by world-renowned virtual band Gorillaz.

As part of a unique global campaign for the new album Humanz, Steamboat Records was tasked by major label Warner Music with delivering a “monster mural” along Limerick’s riverfront.

Mark Carey, owner of Steamboat Records, said that this project is a “big coup for Limerick”. The giant graffiti piece is on the wall outside the Riverpoint building, by Shannonbridge Roundabout.
“We work with Warner and all the major labels, and Warner are doing preparations for the Gorillaz’ new album launch, which is called Humanz. And they wanted us to do some funky things to create a bit of hype for it. And this is part of their overall global marketing campaign, and they are hoping to plan these kind of things in a few cities around the world,” he told the Leader this Friday afternoon.

“We said: ‘Yeah, we can make that happen. We can get it done quickly, and really well.’”

The image depicted in the city centre is of fictional Japanese lead guitarist, Noodle, and is featured on the album’s front cover and music video ‘Let Me Out’.

Mark commended Limerick artist Steve O’Donnell for delivering the project in the space of 24 hours. Mr O’Donnell operates his own street art-graffiti business in Dublin, All Out Design.

Steve, who described the project as a “monster mural”, posted on social media: “It was an absolute joy to work on this one. Everyone seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did painting it! Constant well wishes, beeps and even a few cheers throughout the day!”

Mark added: “The Riverpoint is such an iconic building in the city, and it works well for two reasons; it is close to where we are, and it represents the future of Limerick.”’