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I don’t even know where I went with this.
Enjoy Dad! Loki.

Dad Loki headcanons:

-when you gave birth he totally said the child looked like an asgardian raisin.

-you were so pissed.

-Probably has no idea whatsoever on how to care for a child.

-Tbh he never thought he’d have a child, let alone even be with you, so it’s a whole new experience for him.

-Thinks of the child as a squishy, puny being.

-10/10 probably lets the baby wear his helmet.

-It’s way too big for them, so it’s hilarious to see something so small wear something so big.

-Never thought fatherhood would feel so rewarding to him.

-Dad Loki is super protective.

-Probably less of a narcissist, not as big as a sassy asshole anymore.

-Being a new father is such an experience for him, it tired him out so quickly.

-Can’t change a diaper to save his life. The last time he tried to, the poor child was wearing it inside out and backwards.

-Probably can’t wait for the child to become old enough to care for themselves.

-Who am I kidding, when the baby grows up, he’ll probably miss these times like hell.

-Low key hovers people when they hold the child without realizing it.

-You’ll have to probably point it out to him.

-He’s 100% going to deny it.

-“but Loki, you were basically breathing down their neck”
-“I have no clue what you’re talking about (y/n)”

-When it finally hits him that he’s going to be a dad, he’s probably scared.

-His father was never a truly good father, and he’s not that great of a person so he’ll probably be so scared to care for something so impressionable.

-Gives the baby cute nicknames like little frost giant or snowflake.

-Wears gloves because he’s afraid his cold skin will make the child sick.

-When the child grows up he’d be so proud to see how amazing they turned out.

-Kinda pissy when they get old enough to be in a relationship.

-“I don’t like them”
-“Loki you haven’t even met them yet”
-“I don’t care (y/n) I don’t like them”
-“okay love, whatever floats your boat”
-“what does that mean?”
-“never mind Loki”

-When he meets their boyfriend/girlfriend, he’ll totally act like he has a stick up his ass, this will later lead to you having to lecture him.

-Loki being Loki, he’ll totally deny everything, ending up with him having an uncomfortable nights rest on the designer couch he bought.

-If the child ends up getting married he’s probably going to cry.

-Who am I kidding, he’s gonna cry.

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I know that the theory that the cartoons used to be humans seems the most possible, but do you feel a bit suspicious that maybe the game is trying to set us up for a curve? There are so many clues that makes it seems easy, almost too easy, especially the "feels like she's a part of me" part. Seeing lots of people point out this line makes me wonder if it's a red herring. A lot of games I've played used this trick. Maybe the theory is partially true but a lot more complex? What do you think?

While that’s always possible, part of me also feels like having Sammy Lawrence look the way he does and how Tall Bendy looks are big points against the idea of this being a red herring. I’m still going to stand by the idea that we still don’t know what the ink creatures are yet and how they could honestly be anything, but Sammy Lawrence doesn’t seem to fit the description of ‘anything’. He has a more defined form than the ink creatures do, and the way how he describes his body as a “prison”, and a “inky dark abyss” gives off this idea that he’s trapped in a body that’s slowly been turned into ink. Seeing that, hearing the Alice voice actress say “Alice is a part of me”, and getting a clearer image of what Tall Bendy looks like, all feel like they’re too deliberately pointing to this idea of “people turned into ink” or “people possessed me ink” is more of a possibility than all of it simply being a red herring.

Speaking of Bendy, how ‘bout that model, huh?


Tall Bendy’s proportions fall more in line with that of a normal human’s proportions. In fact, he kinda looks like a more demented version of SquigglyDigg’s Bendy cosplay. Joking aside, a first glance there might not be anything to disprove the red herring idea, but the biggest element that supports the theory is Bendy’s hand. If you can’t see it, here’s a closer look


This is a close up of the hand with the giant glove on it. I’m aware it looks different from the other picture, but this is the hand that appears in the game. There’s what looks to be a human finger sticking out of the glove. Kind of a weird thing for a 4-fingered cartoon character to have, no?

But, this is where we’re at so far. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt about the idea of all this being a fake out, but it’d be one hell of a confusing fake out, considering all the evidence that’s working against it.

Connection Chap Twelve

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Chap Two. Chap Three. Chap Four. Chap Five. Chap Six.Chap Seven. Chap Eight. Chap Nine. Chap Ten. Chap Eleven.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word count: 4480

Some lines borrowed from The sign of three in BOLD

It was quiet in the bedroom when you woke. You stretched while scanning the room and both the other side of the bed and the crib were empty. You slid off the bed and pulled your over-sized sweater on then strolled down the hall into the kitchen. Mrs. Hudson was sitting at the table and Will’s booster seat was on the chair next to her along with a messy plate with bits of leftover pancake but no Will. She turned in her seat and smiled. You questioned her silently with a glance at Will’s chair and she pointed to the sitting room.

You walked to the doorway and heat bloomed in your chest. Sherlock was in his chair clearly working a case out in his head and Will was sitting indian style in John’s chair mimicking him right down to the steepled fingers. You turned back to Mrs. Hudson with a grin and whispered, “how long have they been like that?”

“About ten minutes or so. It’s adorable. I don’t know how Will does it.” She tilted her head down and her brow rose, ‘I want a picture.”

You couldn’t argue with her and rushed back to the bedroom for your phone. You walked quietly into the room to get the right angle to capture both of them and hoped Will wouldn’t move. Mrs. Hudson was right, this was adorable. You took a few shots just in case then walked back into the kitchen. Mrs. Hudson put a cup of coffee on the table then looked at the pictures with you. “I want a copy.”

“Of course.”

She glanced back at the sitting room. “They’re getting along quite well. I never thought I’d see the day, Sherlock a daddy.”

You put your phone down and picked up your coffee gazing through the doorway at Sherlock. “I did. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but… I had a feeling he’d be good with Will.” You pictured your father running around the back yard with you and sitting down at his easel as he taught you primary colors and the importance of brush strokes.

“Your parents would’ve been so proud of you.” Mrs. Hudson’s smile was warm and her gaze soft but then something caused you to look closer. She turned looking at Sherlock but you could still make out the smirk and the crinkle at the corner of her eye. “I don’t know how they’d feel about your choice in men, though.”

You chuckled, “you love him. Don’t even try to pretend.”

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Drunken Halloween Confessions

TITLE: Drunken Halloween Confessions
PAIRING: │ Min Yoongi  ♡  Jung Hoseok │
SERIES: Halloween Challenge - ONESHOT
GENRE: University - AU , Fluff
NOTE: Slight Angst, Fluff, Confessions, Bi-curious 

High alcohol tolerant Min Yoongi knew that going clubbing on Halloween with his friends was going to be the same as every time they go out. After a few drinks Jung Hoseok would be smashed and would need to be taken home; meanwhile, Yoongi might just be lucky enough to leave the club with a bit of a buzz.

But what happens when drunken Hoseok abruptly confesses his darkest secret, and Yoongi is just drunk enough to reciprocate?

(or: Best friends become more after a drunken night on Halloween in Itaewon.)

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crackfic - Hux has to teach Ren how to dance

(oooh, I like this one. Mostly because I love dancing but am such a wood on the dancefloor it’s awkward to watch.)

“Supreme Leader said what?”

Outwardly, Ren didn’t move, the expressionless stare of his mask as impassive as ever. But Hux would bet his monthly repair budget that underneath that ugly robes, the Knight was fidgeting. 

“You are to teach me to dance, General.”

Hux turned his stare to the viewport. Outside, the stars were still blinking in familiar constellations above Starkiller. The base was solid, thrumming slightly under his feet with the underground works. All felt real. And yet, there was Ren, and his impossible request. 

“It’s essential to a mission of mine,” Ren offered after a moment of silence. He sounded about as much awkward as Hux felt. Hard to tell with the vocoder. 

“What’s wrong with holovid lessons?”  

“Supreme Leader wants no room for mistake,” Ren rattled, and his time it definitely sounded annoyed. Hux could almost sympathise with him. Almost. 

“How is he so sure I can dance?”

The tilt of the helmet was an answer enough. Hux sighed inwardly. Blasted Force users. 


After the first lesson, Hux conjured a theory. This was an elaborate method to punish him for some offence he wasn’t aware of committing. 

Ren was hopeless. Two left feet weren’t even covering it. How could a person so skilled in fight - and didn’t sword fight require some legwork and upper body agility? - turn out so wooden when it came to dancing, Hux had no idea. 

Ren was too big, too warm, too clumsy. He had no concept of personal space, seemed to labour under the idea that ballroom dancing was just a fancy clothed rutting, attempted to lead on the most innopurtune times, and stepped on Hux’s feet approximately four and a half times per minute. 

“Posture, Ren. Slouching shoulders might work in intimidating my troopers but make you look like a klutz on the dancefloor.” 

For the ump-teenth time, Ren’s overly big nose retreated from the dangerously undignified vicinity of Hux’s ear as Ren straightened his back. 

“Hand on the lower back. It’s not called ‘back’ anymore where you have it right now.” 

With another eyeroll, Ren obediently shifted his giant paw higher. 

“Wear gloves next time. You’re sweating.”

There was a vein on the side of Ren’s forehead, pulsing with repressed anger more and more with every passing minute. Ren wiped his hand on his tunic and returned it in Hux’s. Gripping too tightly, again. 

“I am leading.” Well, it did felt nice to say this and receive a mute nod for an answer for once, but Hux was not going to admit that. 

At the end of their first lesson, Ren stormed out of the room, red-faced and hair in a sweaty mess. Maybe it was a joint punishment, Hux mused. Surely it must have been just as uncomfortable for Ren as it was for Hux, having to seek out help and follow the instructions of his most despised co-commander just because Snoke ordered him to.


After a week of countless bruised insteps, one smashed music reproductor, Ren’s hands having their grabby way with almost every part of Hux’s anatomy and Ren not showing any sign of progress, Hux’s patience finally ran dry. 

“Just one last thing, Supreme Leader,” he said, as calmly as possible, at the end of their regular report audience. “I loathe to admit failure but I must recommend that you find another dance tutor for Kylo Ren. I did my best to carry out your order but all my efforts have been for naught.”

The giant hologram flickered and the shadowy figure leaned back, fingers of one hand curling under his chin. 

“Interesting, General. What makes you think that I would ever order such a thing?”