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To Sidlink shippers

Just to say that some fishs can change their gender when in needs. Ok, our sharks can’t do that (there is an asexual way to make children for one of the species, tho), but it’s a world with sexy fish-man, talking giant birds and big monsters so exact science can go masturbate.

That means Prince Sidon and Link can actually get married together without succession problems and CUTE LITTLE BABIES HALF-ZORA HALF-HYLIAN, DO YOU SEE WHAT ‘M TALKING ABOUT ?


space craigslist missed connections:

you were a giant fish man, i was the cool smart hot old man you had against a wall. you were either gonna break my face or make out with me but i never got to find out because my shitty grandson scared you off with an ugly gun.


-rick xoxoxo

(el-gar’s face is completely out of my control and it vexes me)

meltic-daze  asked:

ok but imagine a reverse!Au where link is the giant one instead of Sidon. Cute tiny Sidon


That would be adorable good gravy. 

Imagine Sidon still being a Prince, and in total awe of this giant fish man who has come to save his people from disaster. So like if everything was basically the same except Link is a Zora and the Zoras are all Hylians. 

So imagine Zora Link risking his ass against electric enemies like an idiot and still managing to come out on top. Imagine the elders not liking that some Zora has come to save them, and they resent that Link would be naturally stronger than them. They’d see Link’s help as him pitying the weak little Hylians, and less of him just genuinely wanting to help them. 

IMAGINE SIDON RIDING ON LINK. Link can’t fight and shoot at the same time so imagine him getting Sidon to shoot the ice away as he gets closer so he could swim up the water spouts to shoot Vah Ruta. Or Sidon getting to shoot Vah Ruta, as before his people couldn’t get close enough. 

YOO. Imagine Link giving Sidon Zora armor, and Sidon having absolutely no idea what it means. He’d totally accept the gift and Link would have to clarify what it means and Sidon would be so happy because he loves his giant fish boyfriend.

…. I really love this au now.

Hey, Stranger (Part 2) - N.A.

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So…I was not expecting to write a part 2 to this, but I had a lot of people send private messages and asks wanting a part 2, so here it is.

Y/n sat in the stands of the arena next to a few of her friends as they waited for the 4x100 medley to go underway, the butterflies in her stomach running wild.

“You look like you’re about to cry,” her roommate teased, hair still wet from her event that just finished a half hour ago.

“I just might,” she said back as they started to announce the teams for the medley. She had been avoiding Nathan since that morning, highly embarrassed for how she acted, using her run as an excuse to bolt that morning. Getting attached was something she wasn’t fond of doing, and in the span of a week, this boy already had her eating out of the palm of his hand. She watched as the announcer introduced team USA, the team of four that included Michael Phelps, Cody Miller, Ryan Murphy, and Nathan walking out of the arch with each other heading to their designated lane, y/n biting down on her finger, her eyes raking up his body once again.

“Are you alright?” Catherine questioned as Nathan turned making eye contact with her, a bright smile beaming on his face. She bit her lip smiling back at him, completely ignoring Catherine who caught the two looking at each other. “Y/n y/l/n, I can’t believe it.”

“What can’t you believe?” Aly Raisman asked sitting next to Catherine, a water in hand as she watched the first swimmer step onto the block.

“Y/n’s falling for a guy.”

“Seriously?” Aly questioned as y/n rolled her eyes, her eyes not leaving Nathan as the race started, the boy shifting his weight from side to side as he shook his limbs trying to stay warm and relaxed. “Who is it?”

“The giant sexy ass fish over there,” Catherine pointed to the six foot six man whose focus, now, was solely on the race. “I need an explanation.”

“Can we talk about this after the race, please?” she begged, the next swimmer diving into the water as Michael took his place on the block. She always got so into sporting events, whether it be football, swimming, or even golf. Just watching the competition was enough to fuel her up. The other two girls quickly shut up, turning their heads to the pool, watching the men from their country swim as if their lives depended on it.

“Can you at least spill if he’s good in bed? He looks like he would be,” Catherine asked causing y/n’s face to heat up as she turned to the girl next to her.

“Catherine!” she whined loudly as the girl laughed shrugging.

“What? I’m curious, and that boy looks like he’d dominate, and not just in the pool, if you know what I mean,” she added, wiggling her eyebrows as y/n rolled her eyes catching it just in time to see Michael dive in. “Are you going to answer my question or not?”

“I haven’t had sex with the guy, alright?” she mumbled, eyes fixated on the figure swimming in the water, clearly ahead of the other swimmers as he reached the other end, ready to turn and swim back.

“I’m sorry…so you’re emotionally attached and haven’t slept with him? Who are you and what have you done with y/n, the girl that doesn’t do commitment?” she didn’t respond, Nathan taking his place on the block as he swung his arms, body flexing with each movement as he got ready to dive into the water once Michael reached his end of the pool.

“Maybe she’s finally come to her senses that she wants a relationship and to not just sleep with guys,” Aly said to Catherine trying to stick up from her friend, but she was equally as shocked as Catherine. Y/n was always the one talking about how she couldn’t deal with the thought of giving her entire being to someone else, especially when they could just walk all over her. She was scared.

Nathan dove into the pool quickly trying to gain as much distance from the other teams as he could with his mind on one thing, and that was to win the heat. The adrenaline coursing through his veins was a buildup of his team’s hype, as well as the girl he caught in the stands staring at him, a smile on her face. He tried not to think about how she left him this morning, but the emotion in her eyes told him that she wasn’t telling the complete truth this morning. He surfaced, quickly starting his freestyle swim pushing the thought out of his mind for the next twenty seconds. The three girls had their eyes fixated on him as he swam back to his team, ahead of everyone, touching the wall locking in his time.

“Fuck yes,” y/n cheered, Catherine watching her with a sly glance as Aly cheered with her friend, the team making it to the semis that would be held the next day.

“Alright, when did all of this happen? We’ve only been here for a week?” Catherine asked bringing them out of their euphoria, y/n sighing knowing this wasn’t going to be avoided.

“The day I stole your clothes and hid them in Aly’s room for locking me out of the room a few days before,” y/n explained, not quite getting into the story because it wasn’t quite Catherine’s business.

“I’m just surprised you haven’t slept with him. That was one thing I was not expecting to fall from your mouth.” She rolled her eyes, standing up from her seat in the stands ready to head back to the hotel, Catherine’s questions becoming annoying as she slipped down the stairs to the lobby of the arena, trying to find her way out, but hopelessly getting lost. She sighed clearly frustrated, resting her hands on her hips looking from left to right.

“Hey, Stranger,”  she heard from behind seeing Nathan’s face beaming with a bright smile. “Well, someone just looks very sassy right now.”

“Well, I feel sassy. I don’t know how to get out of here,” she said back as he laughed, his hair still dripping from the water he had collected. “Shouldn’t you be doing some press thing right about now?”

“I don’t really like talking with the press. Besides, why would I do that when there’s a girl right here that’s clearly in need of assistance.”

“Fair enough. Lead the way.” He grabbed at her hand, pulling her behind him as they left the arena and started the trek to the hotel, the warm air around them and cool breeze of the sea making the late afternoon more than tolerable. “You did great tonight.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you came. I was worried you wouldn’t,” he said back shrugging causing her to knit her eyebrows together in. He seemed to have caught on squeezing her hand lightly. “You looked nervous when you ran out of the room this morning.”

“It’s nothing important,” she responded, Nathan stopping her from walking any further.

“It is important, though. I don’t ever want to make you feel uncomfortable.” The look on his face was so serious, her stomach was doing flips just thinking about it. “I want you to be able to trust me.” She sighed, pulling her hand out of his, crossing them over her chest.

“I’m afraid of commitment. I’m worried that once I give my all to someone, they’ll walk all over me and leave me behind…I’ve never done this whole…affection thing. Waking up this morning with you, having done nothing last night but just talk and watch a movie and be with each other, that scared me. But I just can’t get myself to treat you like every other guy.” She huffed when she finally finished, letting her hands fall to her side.

“How do you usually treat guys?” he questioned, her gaze never coming back to meet his.

“Sleep and run. It’s easier that way.”

“Who hurt you so bad that you feel this way?” he questioned, tilting her head up to gaze at him. She didn’t know why, after only a week of knowing this man, she felt she could trust him more than most people she’s known her entire life.

“My dad,” she mumbled, relaxing into the feeling of how his thumb feels grazing over the skin on her cheek. “I don’t want to give my all to someone just to have them walk all over me and never show me the same love.” Nathan looked down to the ground, eyes flicking back to hers after a brief moment, the warm smile she loved having yet to make an appearance back on his lips. “You terrify me.”

“I’m not going to hurt you,” he said back, the power in his voice giving her enough to believe the words coming from his mouth. His face leaned in towards hers resting his forehead against her own as she closed her eyes letting out a shaky breath. “Do you trust me?”

“I trust you,” she let out before he closed the gap between the two of them in a needy, yet passionate kiss, her hand sliding up to tangle in his wet locks as his free hand rested on her waist, squeezing slightly in reassurance as she swept her tongue along his bottom lip, only to be denied of it, having him bite on her own lip as he pulled back from her.

“Let me teach you how to love.”

Guys I’ll be honest it’s only been one chapter but I’m all here for the sweetfish sticking around. Can you imagine Koon just going around the tower with a cute little fish floating beside him? A cute little fish that turns into a giant man eating fish at the drop of a hat? All the shocked faces of people who underestimated it? That would be hilarious. Don’t deny it.

Whoever would have thought that a webseries with a plot about a vampire roommate would develop into a giant fish stuck in a hole, a man dressed up and hunted like a deer, and someone in a relationship with a USB.

“I uncovered an article about the common goldfish.
Kept in a small bowl, the goldfish will remain small.
With more space, the fish can grow double, triple, or quadruple its size.
It occurred to me then, that perhaps the reason for my growth was that I was intended for larger things.
After all, a giant man can’t have an ordinary-sized life.”

bi-biotic  asked:

A couple questions about your Korean study answer. ^^ Where/how do you watch unsubbed shows? What web comics did you start out with? Which ones do you read now? (And where?) If you don't mind answering. ^^;

I hope you don’t mind me publicly answering—again, just in case this info might prove useful to others.

For unsubbed shows, I go to various streaming and avoid downloading since I am a magnet for all forms of internet-communicable viruses.  Jebangsong is a good one that has shows archived from the past two years and an excellent up-to-date movie section.  I also occasionally use Dramahost for variety shows.

I have arari to blame for my web comic obsession. She recommended one about giant man-eating fish infesting the Han River, and I became both terrified and hooked.  (Seriously, I can not cross the Han River anymore without a small moment of “OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT” panic.)  Both Daum and Naver have web comic sections, but Naver is my favorite. They both also have apps you can download.  I check and read my Naver Webtoon app during my morning commutes.  The first web comic I read from start to finish, which you unfortunately can no longer read for free since it’s been physically published, was Orange Marmalade.  (Yes, it’s a teen high school vampire romance, don’t judge me, I cried, OK judge me!)  

Here’s a list of the comics I read currently plus links:


오빠 왔다

프린스의 왕자


신의 언어

늘 푸른 찻집

붉은 실

장미아파트 공경비


안 돼요 마왕님!


은주의 방


And, finally, if you’re interested, Naver has a web novel section too, but I still prefer the breeziness of reading a web comic over a web novel where the flow of my reading is constantly interrupted by dictionary checks. 

Anyway, yeah, this has been yet another entry on Korean learning.


This is exactly how our podcast was like… The fishman represents the broken YouTube Copyright system.

Checkout this #aesthetic af animation done by @cblakula - I made this drawing of @h3h3productions @frankjavcee and @afantano fighting a giant fish man with a boner in a final fantasy game. This was done during a live draw with your suggestions. Live draws happen every Friday at 9pm est on DSC Holla at me #drawing #animation #art #h3h3productions #fish

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my dads just like “yeah i have facey i have 200 friends and i have 27000 likes and people post comments on my things saying ‘cool’ and 'ur the man’ and i post selfies of me and my fish when im out in the boat and people say 'hey, giant fish man’ and i say 'yes i am a master fisherman’