giant fish and man


space craigslist missed connections:

you were a giant fish man, i was the cool smart hot old man you had against a wall. you were either gonna break my face or make out with me but i never got to find out because my shitty grandson scared you off with an ugly gun.


-rick xoxoxo

(el-gar’s face is completely out of my control and it vexes me)

Guys I’ll be honest it’s only been one chapter but I’m all here for the sweetfish sticking around. Can you imagine Koon just going around the tower with a cute little fish floating beside him? A cute little fish that turns into a giant man eating fish at the drop of a hat? All the shocked faces of people who underestimated it? That would be hilarious. Don’t deny it.


This is exactly how our podcast was like… The fishman represents the broken YouTube Copyright system.

Checkout this #aesthetic af animation done by @cblakula - I made this drawing of @h3h3productions @frankjavcee and @afantano fighting a giant fish man with a boner in a final fantasy game. This was done during a live draw with your suggestions. Live draws happen every Friday at 9pm est on DSC Holla at me #drawing #animation #art #h3h3productions #fish

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