giant ducky

Imagine one day Sara is super bored and she’s trying to find new Doctor Zone Fanfiction to read since she’s already read a lot of the good ones so she decides to look though the crossover section and somehow stumbles across this Doctor Zone/Ducky Momo fic. Now Sara had never watched Ducky Momo, she only knows that it was a cartoon for little kids. But since there was nothing really else to do and the doc DID include her favorite show ever, she decides to read it. After two hours of intensive reading Sara is blown away about how good the story turned out to be, and she leaves a long comment on the latest chapter gushing about how amazing the plot was and compliments about the writing style and the motifs that the author had sprinkled in. A day later the author responds to thank Sara for her kind comment. The two then get into a discussion about Their favorite characters and episodes of Doctor Zone and start to become fast friends. At some point Sara starts to watch Ducky Momo out of curiosity and then the discussion shifts to that show.
Over time Sara and the author start to talk about their own personal lives. The author talks about her brothers wild schemes and how their mother never seems to find out about them no matter what she did to get them busted. But even if her brothers are annoying they did try to help her out whenever she had problems that she couldn’t deal with them on her own. Sara talks about the curse th hat seems to follow her family, like how everything and she means EVERYTHING goes wrong when her brother is around and how frustrating it can get to live like that. But her brother is also one of the sweetest kids she knew and wouldn’t trade him for the world.
After about a year or so of messaging each other over the internet the two decide to meet in real life at the Tri-State Area’s Annual Sci-Fi and Fantasy Convention since they had at that point figured out that they lived relatively near each other.
When they day finally comes, Sara waits in the front lobby of the convention center wearing her hand crafted Doctor Zone costume on, just like she told the other girl. Suddenly someone wearing a giant Ducky Momo costume waddles up to her. The person takes off the top of the costume to reveal a tall read headed teen who smiles at Sara and Sara smiles back. And then she says “Hey, you’re Candace right? I’m Sara.”


Heard it was PJO selfie day or something. Thought I’d participate. :)

First one is on board the S.S. Lane Victory today, which was in the same dock as the giant rubber ducky. :) I’m the mini hotdog in the third picture.


Meeting Samwise!, Part 7
(Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

Samwise’s visit last month was full of exciting adventures! After the giant ducky plushie, we walked by a big golden lion. I went right up to that big golden lion and made friends! Much to the consternation of everyone who walked by, I checked out the views from the lion’s nose, from the top of his head, and from inside his mouth. I even took a few short naps on the big golden lion! Including in his mouth, NBD.