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What do you think of Momo's costume? I hear a lot of people (Specifically tumblr) getting upset over her costume showing a lot of skin.

I’ve discussed this with a friend before and I do think her costume has lots of areas for improvement. Tbh I’d like to think that Horikoshi made her costume not too perfect on purpose at this time, especially since she’s just a student/amateur hero now, so when the time comes when she has a costume upgrade we’d be really happy or impressed about it, lmao. In terms of showing too much skin I think it’s really needed given the nature of her quirk, but I do have some thoughts on the costume modification!!

I  have a top designed like this (idk howit’s called haha) and one day I discovered that it could pretty much work in Momo’s case? She wouldn’t worry too much about ripping her top since it’s kinda loose haha

Meanwhile this one’s a bit tricky haha esp. with the tying part but it’s kinda cool to think if she could somehow master the c00L tying skillz (idk about it’s functionality in an actual battle but she could probably wear things like this on casual days when suDDENLY THERE’S A SMALL TIME VILLAIN GOTTA GO CREATE A GUN OR SWORD OR WHAT ABOUT A FREAKING CANON yay my outfit isnt ruined!)


Warnings: smut, daddy kink!!

Requested!“I’ll be here.” Grayson sighed, throwing himself onto the giant chair in the dressing room. He laid back as you closed the door to the dressing room. It was late in the evening and you wanted to find some sexy lingerie but Grayson was too busy to notice what you were picking from the shelves. You quickly shimmied your clothes off, sliding on a blue and black lace thong with a matching bra. You gave yourself a quick look as you slowly opened the dressing room door. Grayson looked up from his phone, his jaw dropping immediately. You smirked as you did a full 180, bending over so he could get a better look at your ass. Grayson shifted himself in his seat, still in shock.
“You look so fucking sexy.” Grayson’s voice lowered an octave. You shrugged, returning to the dressing room as you quickly closed the door, picking up your next matching set. This time you chose a dark red silk and lace matching set with some lace stockings. The stockings reached mid thigh as you admired yourself in the mirror, biting your lip. This was definitely the one. You slowly opened the dressing room door, making sure nobody was around as you slowly strode over to Grayson. He watched you, his jaw dropped as you closed his mouth, straddling his hips.
“You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.” Grayson groaned as you lightly grounded down on his growing member.
“Maybe I do.” You smirked, tracing his jawline with your finger as you bit your lip.
“Get your ass back in that dressing room and change. We’re going home.” Grayson groaned in your ear, groping your ass.
“Sure thing, daddy.” You lightly grazed your hand over his bulge as you got up, swaying your hips as you walked back into the dressing room to change with a smirk on your face.
The whole drive home left you in the passenger seat, clenching your thighs together. The impatience of Grayson beamed as he sped over the speed limit. You were both so anxious to get home, you didn’t have any time to buy anything. Grayson insisted not to buy the lingerie because he would end up ripping it off you that night. You bit your lip, looking over at Grayson. He ignored your stare and you smirked, watching his jaw clench. Grayson ripped the car into the driveway, quickly shoving it into part and getting out of the car. You followed his movements as he took long strides up to the front door. Grayson opened the door for you, he let you walk in first as you heard the door shut roughly. Grayson spun you around and you yelped as he grabbed your ass, picking you up. You wrapped your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck as his mouth attacked your neck. He bit at it roughly, groaning in your ear,
“You think it’s okay to tease me in public?” He bit your ear lobe, trudging up the stairs to your bedroom. His hand fumbled with the doorknob as his other hand had a tight grip on your ass, holding you up with the best of his strength. Your hands held the back of his head as your tongues danced together impatiently. Grayson pushed the door open as he walked straight to the foot of the bed, laying you down roughly. Your body bounced on the bed as a soft giggle fell out of your mouth. Your smile quickly faded as Grayson eyes darkened as he removed his shirt. His muscles flexed as he quickly threw it across the room. Grayson pushed you further onto the bed as you slowly watched his body cover yours. He took your wrists in his hand, pinning them above your head as his mouth attacked your neck. You tilted your head back, giving Grayson more access as he left his marks on your body. A small gasp left your mouth as he sucked on your sweet spot. You felt him grin into your skin as the gasp left your mouth. You watched as he cascaded his kisses down your collar bones, stopping at the collar of your shirt. He slowly lifted it over your head as he continued his kisses past your breasts and straight down your stomach. His kisses stopped at the top of your jeans as you impatiently wiggled beneath him. He laughed lowly as he stared up at you. You were completely under his commands as he told you to lift your hips. He removed your jeans as he dropped them at the foot of the bed. His large hands ran over your thighs, gripping the skin, massaging your body. His hands slowly lead down to your knees as he locked his hands behind them, pushing them up to reveal the wetness soaking through your panties.
“Who did this to you?” Grayson asked, staring down at your body.
“Y-you.” You stuttered, growing impatient.
“What’s my name baby girl?” Grayson asked, his voice raspy.
“Daddy.” You bit your lip, feeling your heat begin to throb for his touch. Grayson hummed deeply as his right hand slowly let go of your knee until his thumb made contact with your sensitive clit. He ghosted his thumb over your clothed clit as you whimpered, pushing your hips off the bed. Grayson smirked, softly pushing the pad of his thumb down on your clit. He nodded his head as you began to grind your hips into his hand, desperate for a better touch. Grayson watched hungrily as you whimpered, not getting the satisfaction you wanted.
“Daddy, I want more.” You whined.
“How about this?” Grayson asked, slowly moving his thumb in circles on your clit.
“More.” You moaned, pushing your hips up into his hand. He hummed softly as his rough fingers hooked on your panties, slowly pulling them down your legs. You bit your lip in anticipation as he spread your legs once again, but this time positioning his head between your thighs. You felt his hot breath against your heat as he trailed a finger down, collecting your juices. His eyes watched your facial expressions as your mouth fell open as his finger dipped inside your entrance. Your nails dug into the mattress beneath you as he teasingly slid his finger in and out of your heat at an agonizingly slow pace.
“Daddy, more!” You whined, your hips bucking. Before you could fit another word out, Grayson couldn’t take it anymore. He quickly added another finger into your heat as his plump lips wrapped around your swollen clit. The sudden jolt made your body jump as pleasure coursed through your body.
“Fuck, daddy!” You moaned as your back arched off the bed. Your hands moved to the back of his head, forcing him to suck harder on your clit. Your heels dug into the soft mattress as you lifted your hips closer to his face. Grayson stuck out his tongue, beginning to flick your clit repeatedly. You clenched around his fingers which fed Grayson’s confidence to go faster and harder. A loud moan emitted your mouth while he looked up at you with dark eyes. Your mouth hung open as you held his stare, watching as his tongue glided against your swollen, sensitive clit. You bit your lip as he curled his fingers inside you, pushing you to your climax. Your nails raked against his scalp as you felt the tip of his fingers begin to rub against your g-spot profusely.
“How’s that feel, baby girl?” Grayson asked, holding his gaze with you. You responded with a loud moan as your head fell back onto the pillows. Your back arched off the bed as you clenched around his fingers even more. His head resumed between your thighs as the rough stubble of his face rubbed against your thighs. You clenched your thighs around his head as he enveloped your clit with his lips. He sucked roughly as moans escaped your mouth. Your thighs began to tremble around his head as he began to slow his movements. You whimpered as he pulled on your clit, letting it go. He slowly pulled his fingers out then began sucking your juices off of his fingers.
“Daddy.” You whined. Grayson smirked due to the fact that he knew you were on the edge of your climax.
“Take your bra off, baby.” Grayson demanded as he worked on the belt of his jeans. You quickly sat up as you both frantically removed the remainder of your clothing. Grayson pushed you down as you felt his hard on graze your inner thigh. He slowly hovered over you,
“I believe you should be punished for the way you treated me.” Grayson growled in your ear.
“I don’t know what you mean, daddy.” You replied innocently.
“I think you know exactly what I mean.” His raspy voice sent shivers over your body as he slowly pushed himself into your entrance. You gasped as his length stretched your wet walls. You spread your legs farther apart, wrapping them around his torso. Grayson didn’t waste any time as he roughly snapped his hips into yours. His plump lips latched onto your neck while he pinned your wrists above your head. You fought against his restraints as your hips lifted of the bed, creating a new angle. Grayson drove deeply into your heat, his tip grazing your g-spot. A loud whimper escaped your mouth making Grayson smirk against the skin of your neck.
“You’re such a dirty girl.” Grayson growled into your ear as the skin of his thighs slapped against yours. The bed rocked with every snap of Grayson’s hips making the headboard sound like it was about to go through the wall.
“Faster daddy!” You moaned, your thighs squeezing his sides. Grayson’s hands let go of your wrists as he sat up on his knees, pulling your hips up for him to fuck you harder and faster. Grayson grunted with each thrust, his dark hair falling over his eyes. Your nails clawed at the bed sheets as you moaned loudly, feeling him pound against your g-spot. Your walls clenched around his as he let out a strangled moan, the veins in his arms protruding. His fingertips dug into your hips as you felt one hand leave to slap your ass harshly.
“You’re so fucking tight.” Grayson growled, his voice deep and husky. You moaned in response as he lifted your hips to pound your g-spot. Your toes curled as you watched Grayson’s head fall back in pleasure. You watched as his hips snapped into yours, his v-line prominent. Grayson’s head fell forward, his mouth open as he watched his length slide in and out of you. He bit his lip roughly as you locked your legs behind his back, forcing him deeper inside you.
“How’s that feel, baby girl?” Grayson asked, rocking his hips into yours.
“So good, daddy.” You moaned, feeling Grayson’s rough thumb begin to rub your clit in rough circles.
“C'mon baby, what’s my name?” Grayson edged you on, desperate to hear you scream for him.
“Daddy!” You half moaned as his left hand had a death grip on your hip.
“You gonna cum for daddy? All over my hard cock?” Grayson let out a raspy moan as he felt your walls convulse around his length.
“Yes daddy!” You moaned, not being able to control your movements as your thighs began to tremble. The knot in your stomach began to coil as Grayson pounded into you.
“Cum on my hard cock.” Grayson demanded as your walls began to convulse around his cock. You let out a loud moan as your orgasm waved over your body. You legs shook as your back arched off the bed as you felt spirts of Grayson’s cum fill you up. His deep moan echoed through the room as you both moaned together. You felt his cock twitch inside you, your clit suddenly becoming too sensitive for his rough touch. Your legs grew slump as Grayson panted into your neck.
“Fuck, you’re such a good girl.” Grayson heavily whispered as he pulled out of you. He hovered above you as he pulled you in for a sweet kiss before throwing himself beside you.
“I guess you should come shopping with me more often.” You breathily laughed as Grayson cocked an eyebrow,
“You know, maybe I should.” He replied with a smirk.


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I need more Joltolock headcanons!


Please consider these mental images:

  • Sherlock wrapped up like a blanket crepe on the sofa with half of him on James’ lap and half of him on John’s lap
  • Sherlock plays his violin while James polishes everybody’s shoes and John lolls around on the sofa
  • John, James, and Sherlock enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner at Angelo’s and Angelo picking up immediately that they’re on date and sending over complimentary dessert
  • James bringing his cat with him when he moves into 221B, and at first John and Sherlock are like  a cat? :/ but that cat becomes the most spoiled creature in existence
  • James borrowing Sherlock’s scarf while they’re out because he’s a bit chilly and then they all have to march home very quickly because John can’t handle how hot he finds that
  • John, James, and Sherlock turning the empty bedroom upstairs into a dressing room/giant closet, and sometimes when Sherlock is stressed out, he’ll just go up there and organize everybody’s clothes into rainbow order
Warm Bodies

💀  🎃  My entry for the Castle Halloween Bash. Happy Halloween!  🎃 💀 

Rick smiled with pride as he observed his make-up in the cramped toilet cubicle. His pale skin was completely covered, a mix of forest greens, concrete greys and muddy browns combining together to create a look of death. There were also sections of fake skin dangling off from his cheeks – which took an absurd amount of glue and would probably be impossible to remove later – that gave the costume an extra sense of reality. He was dressed in baggy, worn-out clothes with dull tones that matched his face. He reached a hand up to ruffle his hair one last time.

Yes, he did look like the perfect zombie.

With a satisfied nod, he left the small room and wandered down the corridor into the large hall. What was usually used for events such as birthday parties and weddings had been transformed into a giant dressing room for those working at tonight’s annual Fright Night.

Hairspray attacked his senses as he opened the door, but he instead focused on the excited chatter of all the workers as he sat down on a plastic folded chair that was on the side of the room. His eyes glanced around as he took everything in.

About a dozen women hurriedly worked on the costume make-up of others and transforming them into their roles for the night: vampires, skeletons, zombies, witches, clowns, dolls, possessed humans and more. Other women – admittedly, the girls were better at the hair/make-up/costume side of things – were assisting more employees by getting them into their costumes; capes wafting through the air, the sounds of prisoners’ shackles rattling, corsets being laced up (usually with the wearer groaning), wigs being thrown around to the correct person. A Halloween playlist sounded from someone’s phone, an orchestra approaching their crescendo blasting through the air.

One of the managers scuttled in, armed with a megaphone in order to be heard over all the commotion.

“Alright!” He shouted, “Doors are opening in twenty minutes! If you’re ready, get to your attractions!”

Obediently, Rick jumped to his feet and shuffled out of the door with a crowd of people, the amount of bodies in the dressing room halving. As he walked around the theme park, he took in his surroundings: the fog machines blasting around his feet, the sound effects of cackling, screaming and shouting coming from the overhead speakers, lights flickering from all directions.

Finally he made it to where he was stationed for the night: The Hunted – Zombie Maze. One every other night of the year, the hedge garden maze was a calm place, with green leaves and blue skies. But now, it was almost completely pitch black, a combination of the darkness of the night and the artificial fog. He entered the maze and continued walking to his designated point, which was located about midway through. He squinted his eyes as he took in the details, small amounts of water trickling around his boots, cobwebs draped over the hedges, the pre-recorded sounds of bat screeches and rat squeaks surrounding him.

“Look out!”

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Imagine: Promise

Louis: You slammed your forehead into the top of the steering wheel again. You promised him you’d be there when he gets back home; that you’d be at the airport exactly when his plane landed. But as you walked through the gates towards the plane, you realized how late you were. The boys were gone; you were an hour late, and even their bags were already gone. As you walked back to the car, you started crying. You promised him, you promised you’d be there. You cried on the way home; he was going to be so sad you weren’t there, so angry you didn’t keep your promise. And when you pulled your house key out to unlocked the door, you were still tearing up. But you didn’t unlock the door. Instead, it opened for you. “You’re a bit late love,” he said, leaning against the door. He looked so sad, so disappointed still. You sigh and hung your head. “I’m so sorry Lou. I…the traffic wouldn’t move and…and I was too late,” you sighed. He lifted your chin to look at him before smiling a little. “I get to see you. So I’m not complaining one bit,” Louis said, pulling you forcefully to him to kiss you. “I promise I’ll be on time from now on,” you said, smiling as Louis pulled you inside, locking the door with a loud click. “Good. And I promise to waste no time,” he said, pulling you up bridal style and up the stairs. You held onto his neck to steady yourself, but you knew he’d never drop you.

Harry: You stepped off the little stool, turning around and around in front of the mirror. Your white dress sparkled and glowed against the dim lighting of the giant dressing room. You and Harry had always thought this day would come; you both knew. You knew he was the only one for you. He knew he wanted to be with no one else for the rest of his life. You knew what you were getting into; the months of touring and the fans and the tabloids and the life. But it wasn’t the life you were marrying. It was the man. The man who held you close, who made you laugh and the one you’d cry over. He was the one that wrapped you in a hug before he’d start crying because he didn’t want you to see it, the one who turned to you in interviews when he had no clue what to say, the one who always left his shoes right in front of the door. And when you walked across that white silk carpet, your feet tapping the wood below as you marched down the aisle, you were more excited than ever. Your veil brushed your cheeks and your flowers felt so soft in your hands; you could feel every detail around you. But sounds were something you didn’t hear. You were simply staring at Harry, the way he pressed his lips together as he smiled. He was stunned, absolutely stunned by your beauty. And you were already so excited to be married to him. Not nervous, excited. Because he made a promise, a long time ago, that this day would come. You weren’t sure he remembered that quote. But as he slipped the silvery, sparkly ring on your finger, he muttered “I always keep my promises” and looked up at you with a wink. He remembered.

Liam: A long time ago, you made him a promise. A promise that you’d stay, no matter how he felt or whatever things he said or whatever else was said about either of you. You promised him you would be there when he wanted you, would be there when he wanted to be alone. Would always be there. And he promised you something. He promised he would never forsake his fans, that his relationship would be kept separate from all other aspects of his life in order to protect you and the relationship itself. He wanted to be with you and live the life he was living all at the same time, and you couldn’t agree more. But now in his most difficult time in the tour, there he was, crying on Skype. You let a few tears slip, but wiped them away quickly while Liam sniffled and took his arm away from his face. Red eyes and glistening cheeks and the saddest look you’d ever seen. You stifled a shaky sobbing noise that shook the back of your throat. “I miss you,” he croaked. “I miss you so much.” “I miss you Liam,” you said, biting your lip. “I want you to come home.” “I…Y/N I want to. I want to quit.” Liam realized it once he said it. You shook your head immediately. No way. “Li, remember that promise you made me? That no matter what, you wouldn’t ever give up this life for a different one. You will not change yourself or let this all die out just because of me. I’m here, I’m with you,” you said, reaching out to touch the screen. He smiled through his tears, sputtering a bit as he coughed and put his hand to the screen. He wouldn’t give all this up. He couldn’t; you couldn’t let him. You smiled and repeated yourself. “I’m here.”

Zayn: He’d promised you that he would quit. That he’d really drop the cancer sticks for good. But he couldn’t, not really. And when you’d gone to work, he’d smoke. And when he was at work, out came the cigarettes on his break. You knew he wasn’t keeping his promise; he wasn’t feeling sick like most people should. Then came the day you caught him in the lie. Cigarette in hand, Zayn stood there on the back porch, grey clouds streaming from his lips. He was wide eyed and stunned, unable to defend himself as the stick fell from his fingertips and onto the concrete. He used his first step forward to smash it, but you were still angry. “You promised me,” you growled, stomping back into the house. You walked to the kitchen, ignoring the sliding door opening and closing, ignoring Zayn’s apologies and his constant pleading for you to just look at him. But you didn’t; you stared down at your hands as you went through a folder of work you had to get done by tomorrow. Eventually, the folder was smacked off the counter. You looked at the Zap! tattoo, and the hand it was attached to, but you didn’t look at his face. “I’m sorry. I’ll stop, I promise Y/N,” he said calmly, realizing you didn’t want to hear frantic begging. You finally looked up at him. “You swear?” “I swear,” he says, taking your hand and putting it over his heart. “I promise, I’ll stop.” You stared at him and smiled a little. You hoped to God he was telling the truth. Because now, he really had to stop. Because that little pink positive depending on him quitting.

Niall: “Come on Y/N, I haven’t seen you in weeks,” Niall whined as he pressed against you. It had been 5 weeks since you last saw him. The tour was crazy, and the boys were all over the place, tired but always excited and determined to make it the best stadium tour ever. Despite all the fun and crazy amazing crowds though, he missed you. Niall was desperate at this point; he hadn’t seen you in weeks. Honestly, you’d been teasing him over Skype a lot, telling him about how excited you were to see him. But your teasing now had to be brought to life. He tugged your shirt a little at the waist band, kissing you as deep as he could in public before you pulled away. “Niall, we’re gonna get in trouble,” you said quickly. Niall was already working on your neck as you spoke. “Ah no we won’t princess.” “Yes we will,” you said, giggling a little before pushing him back. “No we won’t, I promise,” he said, smiling as you took his hand and he sped off to the bus. Two hours later, you lay there with him, fingers and legs entwined in a tangled mess on his bunk. “See, we didn’t get caught. Told ya,” he muttered, his chest still heaving. You rolled your eyes, smiling at him. He smiled his big joyful smile that you loved. Your noses bumped together as you lay there, entranced in each other, before Louis got onto the bus too. You and Niall froze, praying he wouldn’t know or hear you two, until Louis pulled the curtain back and stumbled backward into the bunk across from you. Niall started laughing as you scrambled for your shorts. “You broke your promise,” you said bluntly while laughing with Niall. He winked at you, and you just blushed and smiled. Honestly, you didn’t care much that Louis had caught you guys.