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Lucy sat in this club being board. her cousin had cnvinced her to come here and the nleft with some random guy. “I will just have a pepsi. not a diet pepsi. no ice, please.” sh  rolled ehr eyes as a random guy winked at her after the waiter walked away 

Lucy had left Maine, really unaware that she had just ended up in an area full of the the exact same thing that were in Collinsport. and about to befriend a Vampire. she smiled and listened to the band. playing the loved the steady drum beat. she couldnlt see the face of the bass player because of the spotlights. 

“at least the band here is decent. last time Miranda ditched me i ended up with a giant headache.” then it dawned on her. how was she supposed to get home Miranda was hte one who drove and she knew the city was dangerous for anyone , especially a young woman, alone at night. by the time their set ended most of the people in the club had gone and lucy was still sittign at hte table “Shit. Miranda has the key to the apartment too.” she kept forgettign to copy it. she went over to the stage. to tell the band that she enjoyed them but so many thoughts were runnign through her head that she was afraid she would start crying and she hated cryign in front of people


Plant of the Day

Tuesday 4 October 2016

The students and I visited the Beth Chatto Garden, Essex, and found a great display of Colchicum ‘Rosy Dawn’ (giant meadow saffron) which is a cultivar with large bold rosy-mauve flowers which open up in the sun, showing a deep white throat. The flower stems stand up well to the autumn wind and rain.

Jill Raggett

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for hazy days spent cloudspotting and wandering through forests

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Seriously though.

This is Bog. I absolutely head-canon that he’s secretly great with kids.
100% happy to join in tea parties and dress-up, let them paint his nails and put make-up on him, climb all over him for a better vantage point, do his hair (in an au where he has hair), use his staff and arms as swings.

People are worried at first about the Big Bad Bog King scaring all the fairy and elf kids but they absolutely adore him because he’s so good with them.
And he doesn’t even care too much about people seeing him with flower crowns or painted nails because if they dare upset the kids they’ll have him to answer to.

His patience with adults and goblins who should know better is incredibly short because he has to deal with their crap all day long, even though he’d NEVER admit that he’s fond of them all anyway, but with kids his patience is seemingly endless and the only time he panics at all is when one is hurt because oh god what do i do okay you’ll be fine marianNE HEL P DAWN SOMEONE P L S.