giant cup of tea

Mary Quant Back at home, Mary sips tea from a giant-sized cup while reflecting on the cutaway fashions worn by the dolls (left) in the glass case. 1967

Bestie always has a way of sorting out our thoughts in coherent ways. She said, that Oliver enjoying the kill probably has a lot to do with the trauma he’s been through, and how little to no control over his own life he was given. So when he has the chance to have control over another’s life, he would end it. And I just need to wrap Oliver in a giant blanket and give him a Felicity and a cup of tea.

The Games We Play

Have some sasusaku family fluff!


Normally, Sasuke wouldn’t be caught dead in such a position. But, in the past 2 and a half years he’s learned that there is very little to nothing that he would deny his precious princess; especially when she looked at him with eyes reminiscent of his wife, despite their difference in color. Yup, he was a goner.

“More tea, papa?” asked the little princess, currently wearing a tiny pink princess dress, holding out a play tea kettle in the air for her father. Her father, the mighty Sasuke Uchiha, was a force to be reckoned with, being one of the two most powerful shinobi in the world. His name struck fear in the hearts of other ninja. Yet for one Sarada Uchiha, he was nothing but a giant teddy bear.

“Aa” he said, placing his tea cup towards her as she ‘poured’ the tea into it. Clearly, Sasuke was unable to deny his daughter anything. Which is why, two hours into watching Sarada, he found himself awkwardly sitting/hunched over in a pink, too tiny children’s table, with a hat and purple boa on his person.

He obviously needed to learn how to say no, but when Sarada turned to him, he was putty in her tiny hands, which is why he often found himself playing absurd games, yet he couldn’t find it in himself to regret his choice, especially when Sarada smiled, hugged him and kissed his cheek.

Her happiness was worth any embarrassment he could feel. Now, don’t get him wrong, he would instantly murder anyone who saw him. Sasuke ‘sipped’ his ‘tea’ from his cup, as he played along and watched Sarada talk about anything and everything that would come to min. She was chatty like her mother, which was one of the things he loved about her Between the two of them, he would never live in ilene again, of that he would be sure.

Despite his amusement, his heart stopped at the sound of the door opening, instantly sighing in relief when he noticed that it was only Sakura. Afterall, it wouldn’t be the first time she’d caught Sasuke roped into playing with Sarada. In fact, she found it sweet how Sasuke was such a doting father.

“Hi Sasuke-kun. Sarada, are you having fun with papa?” Sakura asked her daughter as she walked towards the two, giving each one a kiss on the cheek.

“Papa an’ me are playing tea party!” Sarada said, turning to her mother, a large smile on her face. Sakura moved to fix the tiara on her head.

“I can see that, baby. Why don’t you and papa clean up–” She was interrupted by her daughter asking her,


Before she could answer, she was interrupted by two voices. Sasuke froze in panic. Before he could move to take everything off, both Naruto and Kakashi, who had some free time in their schedules and had come for lunch, appeared in the doorway. The igh before the two men caused them to burst with laughter.

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA THAT’S A GOOD LOOK FOR YOU TEME!” Naruto exclaimed, holding his stomach with one arm and pointing at him with another. Kakashi wished he still had his Sharingan so that he could engrave this moment in his mind forever. Not even he was immune to the situation and chuckled into his hand.

Sasuke turned to Sakura with an utten look of betrayal on his face. Sakura gave a nervous chuckle.

“I tried to tell you” was the only thing she saId to him. This was obviously the wrong answer as Sasuke got up to commit a double homicide. But before he could move to murder the two, small feet padded and got in between the men.

Sasuke stopped because he refused to show Sarada such a sight. He would have to ask Sakura to take her to her room. But before he could ask her to do so, Sarada began to speak.

“Play?” She asked the two newcomers, with the same smile she used on her father. Clearly, Sasuke was not the only one immune to her charms, especially when she used her puppy eyes.

The two men looked at her and then at each other, sighing in defeat after a few seconds. Damn. It was impossible to for anyone to deny the little Uchiha princess anything.

And after Sakura returned from the Kitchen to announce that lunch was done, she came across the most ridiculous sight she had ever seen. Three of the most powerful shinobi in the world, the saviors of the shinobi world, were all huddled around Sarada’s table, wearing outrageous accessories, playing tea party. She took this opportunity to take multiple pictures, and none could do anything, not wanting to risk upsetting the little girl.

“Having fun?” she asked the group, amusement leaking in every word.

“Yea, mama! I love the games we play!” Sarada grinned, running to her mother, who caught her in her arms. Indeed, these were memories for the books.

You know what’s endearing? Luke and the fact that he’s almost always nursing a cup of tea when he’s on tour, like he’ll be at soundcheck drinking some steaming hot tea between songs and questions or he’ll be at a meet a greet, his cup resting comfortably in his hand, the teabag label dangling from the edge as he grins at the camera one arm thrown carelessly around Michael or a fan and it’s just so cute that this giant 6ft something man child always has a cup of tea nearby  

i cant sleep so im eating a giant cookie, having a big cup of tea, and Tarot and i are playing while listening to mystery podcasts.

i’ve been thinking about @impish-iggies and outcrossing to create a coated, small sighthound. i see this spaniel mix in town that looks like what i imagine an IG x Cocker might look like, i love her. she is leggy and dainty, with feathering that reminds me of a saluki. you can definitely see the spaniel, though. then i tried to visualize IG x mini american shepherd, or sheltie. a fun little agility dog maybe?

i wish i could draw these speculative crosses.

this cookie sucks. 😕

gay cafes is such a sweet idea like do you know how nice that would be for lgbt folk with social anxiety and who hate crowded clubs and who don’t drink alcohol, i wanna curl up on a comfy sofa with other queer folk with a big cup of tea and a giant cookie