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Without Even Trying

The only use Clint ever had for a bar was a dartboard, and he’d learned over his two years at SHIELD that Phil Coulson and Nick Fury only had use for a pool table. When they went out, someone usually won some cash off of some unsuspecting patrons.

Jasper knew this and picked their bars for The World Is NOT Ending Tonight, God Dammit Nights accordingly.

If Clint was being honest with himself, his only real use for a bar was getting more time to hang out with Phil. He wondered if Jasper knew this and picked this bar in particular just to mess with him.

“This place is nice,” Phil said as he handed out the third round of drinks to everyone.

Clint tried not to get distracted by the three buttons Phil had open on his light blue dress shirt, or the way the shirt was tucked perfectly into his belted jeans so that Phil’s mouth-watering ass was on clear display when he bent over. It didn’t work very well.

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