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Why is there no fandom?

Why is there no fandom for The Underland Chronicles? It’s my favorite book series of all time, but no one has read it!

If you don’t know what it is (which most people won’t) it’s a series of books following Gregor and his two year old sister, Boots, as they fall through a grate in their laundry room in New York, and end up in The Underland.

The Underland is a world filled with giant creatures, rats, cockroaches, spiders, bats, and other animals. Humans live there as well, except they are not giant like all the other inhabitants, but they do have violet eyes, white (or very pale) skin, and silver hair. They have a series of prophecies about an Overland (Overland = our world) warrior, who will save them from their enemy. Of course, they think this “warrior” is Gregor, so he’s off on a quest, (but he’s really only going to find his dad who disappeared several years before).

And, I know what you’re thinking “Oh, great, another one of those stories” I agree that the plot line is starting to become overused, but trust me, this is a unique story.

Reasons to read:

1. Gregor brings his two year old sister on a quest in which they will most likely die

2. Some of the characters are giant rats, bats, cockroaches, spiders, and mice,

3. rootbeer can save lives

4. well-written prophecies

5. people making questionable actions

6. Ripred

7. This book was written by Susan Collins, but it is nothing like The Hunger Games

8. In depth characters

9. A plot that actually has layers to it

10. good development, motivation, interactions

11. Questionable actions from the “good” side

12. Ripred. He remains one of my favorite characters of all time.

Anyway, I have no clue where the fandom is, but it needs to exist.

Psych — Season 5  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Wait a second, you’re mad at me for not being mad?”
  • “Okay, just go with me here for a second. I know this is gonna sound crazy.”
  • “I’m shocked at you for not being shocked!”
  • “I’m just getting started, you giant cockroach. You know what? That was out of line. I apologize to cockroaches everywhere.”
  • “Just so you know, if you go to prison, I will not wait for you!”
  • “I know. I know it’s not fair. And you’re right.”
  • “Why, does that scare you? Or does that not scare you? And does THAT scare you?”
  • “The truth is, I want to change, I need to change.”
  • “I get productive when I’m nervous.”
  • “Am I the only person that’s freaked out he’s been sitting there the whole time?”
  • “Sometimes he over-enunciates when he gets uncomfortable.”
  • “My results speak for themselves; you just hold me to a different standard!”
  • “How do you know exactly how much money I have in there?”
  • “You looked like a bad ass, until you clocked yourself in the face.”
  • “Now, let us go forth and kick much ass.”
  • “I know it doesn’t make any sense. Maybe I am crazy.”
  • “I want to be happy too, and for some reason, I can’t imagine that.”
  • “Easily the best purchase I have ever made and I have never regretted it, not for one minute.”
Cockroach Granny and Locust Spirit Update 😢

For those who don’t know about the locusts check this out- (x)

Also this (x) (To y’all remember this: lmaoooo am i right?) and then all of this (x) but mostly that first one. 

I’ve only returned to my room a few hours ago and I’ve been too tired to try to sense if anyone was hanging around. So then when I was in the shower later that night I decided to try and see if I could feel anyone’s energy.

As I was scanning the area, a voice, old yet energetic, ringed in my ears, “I can feel you trying to tap into me. Why not come out and show yourself.” They definitely sounded more curious than aggressive and I tried to focus my senses on them. Slowly, an image of them began to form in my mind’s eye. What I saw was a giant cockroach sitting on the table in my room smoking a pipe.

“Uh, I’m naked…and in the shower,” I replied. Even though they’re spirits, I don’t like to show my naked body to them and more importantly, I didn’t want my roommate walking in on me standing there talking to a table while not wearing clothes.

“All the better. Ehehehe,” they chuckled, “Come out like that.”

I was a bit taken back by that comment but managed to utter a simple “No…” which made them chuckle some more. I tried to bring the conversation to a more constructive route by rallying off a bunch of questions. “Who are you? What are you doing here? Where are the locusts?”

“Locusts? They’re gone.”

“Really?” was all I could muster. I was greatly upset by this. I had really enjoyed talking to Morier, Leo and the others so to not be able to do that anymore was a great loss. They had taught me so much about insect spirits and spirit work in general and I’m very grateful for that. Basically, if I never met them I doubt I’d be where I am now with my level of spirit work. I mean, hell, if it weren’t for them I would have never met Lady Vendetta.

The roach puffed on their pipe, “Yeah they met up with Cupid (swarm leader who came from Georgia) and his swarm and left for the south, the lower Americas.” I remembered that Morier did tell me (or well insinuate) that locust spirits are more abundant in Central/South America.

“That’s sad. When did they leave and do you if they made it?” I inquired.

“About two weeks ago, they should have made it by now. But don’t worry, Granny’s been taking good care of your place. There haven’t been any fights or anything.” I was a bit surprised to hear her call herself “Granny” though what did I expect considering that I broke the number one rule of being an insect spirit worker.

“I was a bit far away and I could sense you from all the way over there. How come?” not the brightest question but one that I asked anyway as I tried to finish up showering.

“Because I’m old and powerful,” she declared with another chuckle.

“Or maybe I’m just that good at sensing,” I rebutted. Don’t know why I felt the need to be a prick but I’ll blame it on the exhaustion.

She wasn’t amused. “Don’t let it go to your head,” she plainly replied.

My mind went back to the original topic, “Do you know of a way to contact the locusts?”

“They’re too far to contact from here,” she then chuckled, she really liked chucking, “But if you’re so good at your sensing abilities then it shouldn’t be a problem for you.” I decided not to reply to that either worried that I’ll say something stupid again or that I my comeback would suck. I don’t remember. I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off with a towel. After putting my clothes on I went into my room where the roach spirit sat.

“There you are!” she exclaimed almost jumping off the table in the process. “You’re a little shorter than I expected.”

“Yeah, that’s usually how it is,” I said as I sat down at my desk. I took out my phone to start writing down the conversation with the roach so far.

“You’ll work just fine though, just fine,” she said predatorily.

“What does that mean?” I warily questioned. I get a short flashback to the fly rapist god (which btw I recently saw his form and it wasn’t “so beautiful that I would worship him as soon as I saw it” like he said. I can’t even describe it. It was terrible.) and instinctively raised my defenses. I didn’t think she had any relation to him but the sudden recollection was enough to make me suspicious as to her motives.

She walked over to where I sat, holding my gaze in her golden brown eyes. “You’ll see.”

I shook my head, “I don’t want to.”

She let out a hearty laugh, puffing smoke all around the room. “I won’t hurt you,” she said, “I’ve been taking care of your stuff for you after all.” If she really had been taking care of my room while I was away, then I was grateful but I was wary about trusting her too much. But then again, like I said, roach spirits are usually friendly and like humans in my experience so I wasn’t too afraid of her.

“Can I share our conversation with others online?” I asked. I always ask this of everyone that I post about unless they attacked me. And that’s only because I don’t get the chance to ask them as they are trying to kill me.

“Oh yes!” she chirped, “and if they ever want to learn more they should contact me.” That last part made me curious and I will ask about it later in our talk.

“So what’s going on with the other insect spirits?” She should know considering that she’s been camping out in my room all this time.

She put the pipe to her mouth and blows out smoke thankfully not in my face, “The others have been minding their own business. They don’t come around too much cause there’s nothing here for them without you to give them offerings. Though there was this one moth that came around looking for you.”

I put my face in my hands and groaned “ughhhh moths.” Looking back up at her I added “And what about bees?”

She seemed confused that I would ask that question. “Bees? Well bees are everywhere. You can easily get in touch with those.” Looks like I know what I’ll be doing in the next few days.

Out of my peripheral I saw a pink flash land on the desk. When I looked over, I saw Raphael sitting on my laptop. “Stop listening to her. She’s senile,” he growled.

“That’s rude to say,” I countered. I mean she was standing right there.

“Trust me.” It sounded more like an order than a request.

“I don’t know; I mean she seems to know a lot.” It’s not that I don’t trust Raphael, it’s just that he seems quick to dismiss other spirits often even when it’s a little unwarranted.

“The only one you need to learn from is Lady Vendetta,” he declared.

“Hmmm,” was all I replied with. I was contemplating whether or not to remind him that Lady V was the one who told me that it’d be better for me to learn from personally meeting different insect spirits than to have her tell me everything (or really anything) about them. Raphael’s a pretty loyal servant to her so I’m not surprised that he would say that. I still love him though <3

This is where Granny stepped back in: “This one,” she pointed at Raphael, “is so sure of himself and the people he trusts but what if that were all to turn on its head? Would he crumble or prevail?” At the time I thought this was Granny trying to prove that she wasn’t senile and was very wise. I still think this so I don’t know why I began the sentence like that. Raphael just grumbled something under his breath but he seemed to back down.

Granny turned to me, “And what about you?” she began.

“No please don’t analyze me. I’m going to post this online I don’t want to be #exposed like this! I don’t need this in my life.” Yes, I actually said all of that but I think yall should know by now that I don’t post anything that I don’t feel comfortable posting.

“Friendless and alone, is that what you say? So you looked towards what others don’t know as real. But what if it were to disappear? That’s your biggest fear isn’t it? That all this: the relationships, the knowledge, the one thing that gives your life a purpose isn’t real?”

I sat silently for a bit before saying “hmmmm but I know it’s real so ha nice try maybe next time.”

“Ehehehe, I wonder,” she chuckled. Raphael just looked over at me and I could tell that he wasn’t really paying attention to my psychoanalysis™ because he was too busy thinking on his own.

I decided to move on from this topic, “So you said something about teaching others? What will you teach?”

“The history of insect spirits,” she replied.

“I might want that lesson.” I didn’t know much about the subject after all.

“I like to get new students,” she began, “but it may be boring.” I noticed that she had stopped smoking her pipe.  

“It’d be a change from all of my classes. To actually get a lecture I something interesting I mean. Is there anything else?”

“What else do you need? Once you learn the history you learn it all,” she stated.

“So how can you be contacted?” I was referring to her statement from before.

She moved her face close to mine, “I’ll be here always; watching you sleep, watching you eat, and watching you study.”

I leaned backwards cause I was uncomfortable™, “I meant for the others. You know? Online.”

She stepped back, “Why do they want to contact me?”

I was confused by her response, “To learn about the history of insect spirits?”

“Who’s teaching that?”

“See”? Raphael piped up. When I looked back Granny I thought I saw her wink at me.  

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Gomantong Caves

Located in Malaysia, this cave is home to a very large bat population–millions of them. It’s not the millions of bats that inhabit this cave that will leave your skin crawling, but the giant bat eating cockroaches. The cockroaches graze on giant mounds of bat poop, called guano, as well as the occasional bat or bird that falls onto the cave floor. If that still doesn’t creep you out then you should check out Gomantong’s humungo centipedes that eat the giant cockroaches.

  • Ella Masar: [is in a crowd and can't find Carli] 'This calls for drastic measures'
  • Ella Masar: [uses hands for microphone] "UHM EXCUSE ME, BUT THERE'S A GIANT COCKROACH CRAWLING ACROSS THE FLOOR!!"
  • Carli Lloyd: [from across the room, shrieking] "AHHH, WHERE IS IT!? SOMEONE PLEASE KILL IT NOW."
  • Ella Masar: "There she is"
Giant Cockroaches by Mignon Ledgard

I still cry dead leaves
yet leave open one day of the week
for those who drop by unannounced.

Sweepers brush the streets
all night long. I close my eyes,
let them stroke my hair
while sleep filters through coils
of Paradise boxspring and mattress.

The next one will be
a hammock under a rubber tree
with shiny green ant-boats
that float me in waterdreams.

Oh the water—hold me in cold Lima.
Oregano tongue. Quivers.

Then come back tomorrow
just don’t forget your suede jacket
on my leather sofa.

You do not believe in shamans
but witchcraft casts its veil around
your bed in the Amazon.

You fall into the fog of Lima,
this rising cement city against
mosquito heaven, black lizards,
overgrown egrets with freshwater
shrimp in their beak.

You wake
and forget each night’s fear—

giant roaches gone, it is always fun
to hear the conquest
of paranoia, one night at a time.
It reminds me of how I get through
each wild and boisterous day.

[Fabelo’s] studio at the back of the house is crammed with half-finished canvasses and assorted sculptures that have come home from exhibitions. It is hard not to miss the giant resin cockroaches with human heads on a terrace outside. The grotesque creatures were until recently attached to the façade of an art museum in Havana.

i’m staying at australiansanta’s house tonight and he just yelled at a mosquito for looking at him and then suffocated me with bug spray immediately after telling me i’m a baby for being scared of giant cockroaches with wings PLEASE BEN


Special insect friend as promised! My roommate found this gorgeous Polyphemus moth out in the dorm open hair hallway. She came in and was like, “Erin, there’s a big monster out there.” I thought she meant there was a giant cockroach or something so I was like, “Oh I’ll go remove it.” But it turned out to be a giant silk moth :). I brought the moth in my room for a few minutes while I started a load of laundry so no one would step on it while I was gone. I released the moth in the campus nature preserve so hopefully it found a mate :).