giant cockroaches


I let Romeo explore my desk, and he would not completely let go of my hand the whole time. Roaches are deeply unsettled by open, unnaturally flat spaces, so I’m thinking millipedes probably feel the same way.

It’s May 18th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song remix to listen to today: Endless 2 by Em-One

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Batman: Batman Does Things - Part 2

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
While living in Philly, Dan befriended a giant cockroach that lived in the hallway outside of his apartment. When his landlord said he got an exterminator, Dan captured the cockroach and drove it away to safety. His name was Kevin, loved by all.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

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So this is a story about my friend. We were sitting at lunch and my friend starts freaking out and pointing under the table, I look under the table only to find a giant ass cockroach crawling around. Before ya know it the whole lunch table is freaking the fuck out, our algebra 1 teacher comes over and says "calm down! Don't hurt bugs they're our friends!" And my friend screams at her "BITCH ROACHES ARENT FRIENDS" she got sent to the office and we didn't hear from her for the rest of the day.


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Steve gets invited to the annual reunion the USO showgirls have.

There are only nine of them left, not including Steve. He’d been closest to Judy, a petite woman who’d had long dark curls back when they’d met. She’s now even smaller, the top of her head level just with Steve’s sternum, but as much of a card as she’d ever been.

When Steve arrives at Rita’s house early with a bouquet of daffodils, Judy trips him with her cane as he comes in. “Gotcha,” she says, and winks at Steve.

“Hi, Judy,” he replies, leaning down and kissing her cheek. “Been a while, huh?”

“Three months, two weeks, and four days, to be exact. You missed my Christmas party.”

“Sorry.” Steve’s the only one tall enough to get a vase out from above the fridge, so he goes to get one and starts filling it with water.

“What was it that time?” Judy asks. “Was it the giant cockroaches, or the turtle that walked like a man?”


Judy narrows her eyes at him. “International classified, or are we talking crisis-averted bio-agents?”

Steve laughs. “Classified, Jude. How are Danny and Sarah-Jean?”

“They’re teenagers,” Judy snorts, waving a hand. She probably hasn’t seen her grandchildren since Christmas, either. For that derision, Steve knows she’s proud of them; in another hour she’ll be telling him all about Danny’s clarinet recitals and Sarah-Jean’s soccer games. But she’s got that glint in her eye like she’s got something else to bring up with him. “How’s that Sam? Why didn’t you bring him? I like him better than you.”

“He’s laid up,” Steve tells her, placing the daffodils on the counter and turning them so their most attractive side faces Judy. “Some kind of flu, or something. Not quite bad enough that I needed to keep an eye on him, but bad enough.”

“I knew it!” Judy says, throwing up her hands and then pulling her scarf up so it covers her nose and mouth. “Bio-agents! We’re all going to die!” She shakes her fist at him, her eyes crinkled up in laughter over the scarf. “Don’t you come near me. You’re probably an incubator!”

Laughing, Steve walks around the island and wraps an arm around her, kissing the top of her head. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you if you get the alien flu.”

[Fabelo’s] studio at the back of the house is crammed with half-finished canvasses and assorted sculptures that have come home from exhibitions. It is hard not to miss the giant resin cockroaches with human heads on a terrace outside. The grotesque creatures were until recently attached to the façade of an art museum in Havana.

The thing about millipedes is that they’re actually really strong. I’ve tried to hold Romeo’s head in place a few times in order to get a good picture, but he ends up using his little snoot to roll himself out of the way with great force.

Why is there no fandom?

Why is there no fandom for The Underland Chronicles? It’s my favorite book series of all time, but no one has read it!

If you don’t know what it is (which most people won’t) it’s a series of books following Gregor and his two year old sister, Boots, as they fall through a grate in their laundry room in New York, and end up in The Underland.

The Underland is a world filled with giant creatures, rats, cockroaches, spiders, bats, and other animals. Humans live there as well, except they are not giant like all the other inhabitants, but they do have violet eyes, white (or very pale) skin, and silver hair. They have a series of prophecies about an Overland (Overland = our world) warrior, who will save them from their enemy. Of course, they think this “warrior” is Gregor, so he’s off on a quest, (but he’s really only going to find his dad who disappeared several years before).

And, I know what you’re thinking “Oh, great, another one of those stories” I agree that the plot line is starting to become overused, but trust me, this is a unique story.

Reasons to read:

1. Gregor brings his two year old sister on a quest in which they will most likely die

2. Some of the characters are giant rats, bats, cockroaches, spiders, and mice,

3. rootbeer can save lives

4. well-written prophecies

5. people making questionable actions

6. Ripred

7. This book was written by Susan Collins, but it is nothing like The Hunger Games

8. In depth characters

9. A plot that actually has layers to it

10. good development, motivation, interactions

11. Questionable actions from the “good” side

12. Ripred. He remains one of my favorite characters of all time.

Anyway, I have no clue where the fandom is, but it needs to exist.

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"Aah, kill it, kill it!" (For the drabbles, with Jason please)

A blood curdling scream from the living room shocked Jason into a stance. Thinking the worst, he reached for his guns and rushed to the scene.

“[F/N]! [F/N] what’s wrong?!” he exclaimed, worry evidence in his voice and face. You were standing on top of the sofa, shaking with fear. You looked at your boyfriend and pointed at something on the floor.

Jason followed your finger and his eyes widened when he saw a giant cockroach on the floor. He stood frozen for a minute but when it moved all hell broke loose.

Aah, kill it, kill it!” he yelled, stumbling over onto the sofa with you. Due to his weight the sofa tumbled backwards and both of you ended on the floor. You scrambled up and climbed onto the coffee table, Jason following quickly after.

“Where did it go?” you asked, looking around with wild eyes.

“There!” He pointed at a direction on the floor. “Come on [F/N]! Kill it!”

“Me?” you exclaimed. “You’re the one with the fucking gun! Get rid of it! Shoot it!”

“I can’t shoot it! The neighbors would hear!” 

“Well do something!

“… wait! I got it! I know what to do!”

“Thanks for your help Alfred!” you said gratefully to the butler. 

Alfred nodded, bagging the container with the cockroach in it. “I must admit, when you told me there was an emergency, this wasn’t what I had in mind.”

One-sentence drabbles



What followed was this tender embrace. I’m not entirely sure as I am still new to millipedes… but I think this might have been some kind of attempted mating ritual?

  • Amanda: Haven't you embarrassed yourself enough already?
  • Wednesday: Hardly. I'm just getting started, you giant cockroach.
  • Wednesday:
  • Wednesday: You know what? That was out of line. I apologize to cockroaches everywhere, especially Jiminy Cricket, although for the first time in my life, it occurs to me he might be a cricket.