giant club

Imagine one day during lunch tsukishima bursts into hinata’s classroom–where yamaguchi, hinata, yachi, and kageyama were studying–and screams “YAMAGUCHI I SWEAR TO GOD IF U DON’T STOP SENDING ME PICTURES OF THAT FUCKING FROG ON ITS FUCKING FROG UNICYCLE I’LL END YOUR LIFE. WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT YOU NEEDED TO SEND ME 40 OF THESE TO GET ME HERE?” Yamaguchi looks up all wide eyed and innocent and goes “we didn’t know the answer to number 5.” When tsukishima turns to leave yamaguchi takes a pic of his back and sends it to him along with the caption “there go dat boi”. When tsukishima turns to throw his phone at them yamaguchi dodges easily, smiles, and in the fakest stage whisper ever goes “oh shit waddup”. And that is how karasuno discovers yamaguchi is a) a meme lord and b) literally willing to risk his life in order to meme

In desperate need of a way to blow off steam from fighting giant monsters, a group of mech pilots founds the world’s first underground dance club for giant robots right under the noses of their commanding officers

those of wit and learning || ravenclaw || listen

i. she’s a genius // jet ii. different // the academic iii. heart out // the 1975 iv. undercover martin // two door cinema club v. someone new // hozier vi. hopeless opus // imagine dragons vii. stupid // brendan maclean viii. cough syrup // young the giant americana // halsey x. midnight kiss // propellers xi. polaroid // imagine dragons xii. sun shy // dresses xiii. a little opus // little comets xiv. miracle mile // the cold war kids xv. poet // bastille xvi. colors // halsey xvii. alphabet boy // melanie martinez xviii. weight of living pt. i // bastille xix. weight of living pt. ii // bastille xx. oxford comma // vampire weekend xxi. sippy cup // melanie martinez

Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club // Cardiac Arrest - Bad Suns // Cough Syrup - Young the Giant // The Summer - Citizen // Violent Inside - Joyce Manor // Twin Size Mattress - The Front Bottoms // Sex - The 1975 // Old Yellow Bricks - Arctic Monkeys // Take a Walk - Passion Pit // Banker - The Cinema // Flaws - Bastille // Midnight City - M83 // Cigarette Daydreams - Cage The Elephant // Changing - The Airborne Toxic Event // Moon Comes Up - Boy In A Box // Float On - Modest Mouse // Robbers - The 1975 // Super Rich Kids - Frank Ocean

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daylightcolours’ Best Albums of 2014;

I’d like to consider myself a connoisseur of music; I think I have a rather eclectic taste, I’m always open to checking out new artists, and I’m always the first of my friends to discover a new artist. So, I thought I’d try something new and start my year off with a list of last year’s best music, from my point of view.

So Long, See You Tomorrow // Bombay Bicycle Club

This album is my absolute favourite from Bombay Bicycle Club, and not just because I saw it performed live and met Jack Steadman last April (though that certainly didn’t deter me from enjoying it as much as I do). This album is literally perfection from start to finish.

Favourite track? Luna.

Ghost Stories // Coldplay

Say what you want about Coldplay, but your words won’t stop me from falling head over heels in love with this album. From the sappy love ballads like Magic to the conscious uncoupling of Another’s Arms, this album is heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time.

Favourite track? Midnight.

Talking is Hard // WALK THE MOON

Not going to lie, I was very skeptical about this album, from it’s conception under the working title “wtm2” to the single Shut Up and Dance, but after the first listen I was hooked to the extreme. It’s impossible to be sad while this album is playing, so if you’re having a rough day, I suggest cranking up Avalanche and dancing your heart out.

Favourite track? Avalanche.

Hozier // Hozier

Take Me to Church drove me nuts for the first few months I heard it on the radio. Seriously. I’d change the station so quickly you’d think the car was going to blow up otherwise. But alas I gave the album a listen, and boy am I glad I did. He’s as if someone took a little bit of The Black Keys, Led Zeppelin, and The Sheepdogs, put them all into one dude, and made that dude Irish. Not to mention his voice is heavenly; I can see why he needed to be taken to church.

Favourite track? From Eden.

Little Machines // Lights

I never thought I’d fall in love with a Lights album harder than I fell for Siberia, but I was wrong. So, so wrong. This album is the perfect mix of up-tempo and a little bit cutesy at times. Lights truly does tickle a gnarly synth. (Also she’s really sweet in person!)

Favourite track? Oil and Water.

Very Good Bad Thing // Mother Mother

Mother Mother is one of those local bands that you can’t not love. I can’t think of a single track they’ve played on our local radio station that I didn’t find catchy. The album is such a satisfying listen.

Favourite track? Very Good Bad Thing.

This is All Yours // alt-j

This band is so blissfully weird, it’s so gratifying to listen to. Alt-j’s second album goes effortlessly hand-in-hand with their debut An Awesome Wave, yet it is also distinctly its own, complete album. The range of the tracks are all over the place, from the melancholy harmonies of Pusher, to the strange sexiness of Every Other Freckle, to Left Hand Free, a song I dare you to try not dancing to.

Favourite Track? Every Other Freckle.

Tidal Wave // Young Liars

Strangely enough, I came across this group through one of those sponsored posts you see on Facebook, and to be honest I was mainly interested in the album art. But wow, this album rocks. Then I found out they’re a relatively local group, and I was lucky enough to attend a free concert this past summer. This album was one of my two summer albums, and I urge everyone to give this one a proper listen. 

Favourite track? Night Window.

Mind Over Matter // Young the Giant

I love Young the Giant; they were my first 19+ concert, their debut album was the anthem of my 2012 trip to California, and I actually discovered my current favourite band (Gold & Youth, who opened for them at their Commodore Ballroom show in 2012) because of them. Young the Giant will always be in my top ten favourite bands. So, when I found out that this album was due at the beginning of 2014, I was stoked, and when the album dropped, I was not disappointed. For an album that released in January, it has such a summer vibe but not too much so that it’s awkward to listen to in the fall/winter (like The Beach Boys, for example; I love ‘em but if I listen to anything summer-related in the winter months I just make myself sad, so, nope). A+ album, absolutely.

Favourite track? Teachers.

When the Night // St. Lucia

Arguably my favourite musical discovery of the year. These guys have such a distinct sound, and this album is superb. I read a review once that compared a St. Lucia concert to seeing a John Hughes film played out on stage, and when I had the pleasure of seeing them perform at the Commodore Ballroom this November, I found that comparison to be 100% true. If you ever get the chance to see them play live, do it. You won’t regret it.

Favourite track? September.

Dream Your Life Away // Vance Joy

The moment I listened to Vance Joy’s EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing, I knew I needed a full album, and to see him perform live. A year later, and both of those wishes came true.You know when you have one of those concert moments where everyone in the audience is singing along to the same song and you feel so happy that you could almost float on air? For me, that moment was during From Afar; the entire room was singing in unison to my favourite song and I swear my face broke from smiling to hard. This album is an utter treat.

Favourite track? From Afar, obviously.

Sadnecessary // Milky Chance

This album is simply a fun listen. No existential experiences were had during the initial listen of this album, but I love it nontheless.

Favourite track? Sweet Sun.

Well, that’s it folks! Thanks for reading, and I hope I’ve helped at least one person discover their next favourite band!

Just a little thing I thought of

Candela: When speaking with Team Valor, Candela prefers to use the terms “recruit” and “soldier”. She mostly uses them ironically since Valor is considered the more militaristic type team, even though Mystic is just as bad as pushing their trainers to the limits and having them become the best they can be. However, when she feels the need to be especially strict, she will get snappy and serious and “recruit” is what she flings around most of the time. If she knows a trainer’s name, she will use it.

Blanche: Blanche views Team Mystic as a giant study club, and because of such, prefers calling the trainers “student”, despite the fact that some trainers are actually older than them. If they know a name, they’re likely to use it, but they never actually have a particular pet name for all the trainers. They’ll usually say “Everyone” or “You”. When frustrated or angry, they tend to call people “Fool”. When disappointed, they usually just sigh and call others “Pupil”. (Ex- “Once again, my pupil has failed me”)
If feeling somewhat happy, they toss around “Friend” a lot.

Spark: Spark often switches nicknames through out the week, or even the day. He tends to cycle between “Dork” (”Alright, my little dork), “Cadet” (Let’s go, Cadet!”), and “Loser” (”Get in loser, we’re going Pokemon hunting”). He refers to everyone as “Friend” or “Lovely”. With women, he uses “Sweet Pea”, with men he uses “Sour Pea” because he thinks he’s funny. With anyone in between (Blanche), he calls them “Sweet and Sour” with a straight face before giggling.
Hurt or disappointed results in a sad “Kiddo” or “Kid” because he views all his trainers as his children or little siblings.
No one who has heard Spark angry has lived to tell the tale. (In all reality, Candela really hurt Spark once. He had called her “Love”. And that had hurt more than you can imagine. Because someone that angry still taking the time to not call you a mean name is worse than all the bad names you could ever be called)

Morning Glory Playlist

1. Strings (Reprise) [Live] / Young The Giant

2. Wake Up / Arcade Fire

3. Blue Skies / Noah & The Whale

4. Obvious Bicycle / Vampire Weekend

5. Featherstone / The Paper Kites

6. How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep / Bombay Bicycle Club

7. Fresh Feeling / Eels

8. Skeletons / Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

9. In The Morning / The Coral