giant chess piece

imagine if you work as an intern in the new season of twin peaks and you need to ask david lynch how many giant chess pieces they’ll need for the new scene but you can’t find him anywhere so you venture into his secret studio that you are told to never enter under ANY circumstances and you find something like this


Moodboard: Personality Type - INTJ (2). 


With a natural thirst for knowledge that shows itself early in life, INTJs are often given the title of “bookworm” as children. A paradox to most observers, INTJs are able to live by glaring contradictions that nonetheless make perfect sense – at least from a purely rational perspective. For example, INTJs are simultaneously the most starry-eyed idealists and the bitterest of cynics.  

While brilliant and confident in bodies of knowledge they have taken the time to understand, the social contract is unlikely to be one of them. White lies and small talk are hard enough as it is for a type that craves truth and depth and many social conventions as downright stupid, 

Instead, INTJ’s are defined by their tendency to move through life as though it were a giant chess board, pieces constantly shifting with consideration and intelligence, always assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, constantly outmaneuvering their peers in order to maintain control of a situation while maximizing their freedom to move about.

How everyone thought it would be:

Giant-Ass Chess Pieces: we are lawful evil

Zaizen: I am aware, and am secretly trying to stop you for my own agenda

How it seems post-ep 3:

Giant-Ass Chess Pieces: yo, the Knights are kinda being dicks. maybe we should shut down the online, even if temporarily

Zaizen: literally fuck you. giant-ass ivory shit-heads. I know what the fuck I’m doing

Romione 20 Day Challenge - Day 4

4. Favourite Ron/Hermione moment from Philosopher’s Stone

Not too many moments in PS, but I Iove the thought of the bonding time these two would have had after helping Harry with the stone. 

When Ron woke up, the first thing he laid eyes on was thick, bushy brown hair. What’s she doing here, this is the boys’ dormitory! 

Hermione?” he asked.

“Oh, Ron!” she exclaimed, flinging her arms up to hug him in his bed. Ron widened his eyes, frozen in place with terror. Finally, she relieved him by letting go. That was when he realised they were in the hospital wing, and he remembered: chess, giant pieces, falling, the cold ground…

“Where’s Harry? Is he alright?”

“He’s hurt, but Madame Pomfrey said he’ll wake up soon. But oh, Ron, I was so worried..”

“You were?” Ron asked. “It’s just a fall, I’ll be right.”

“But it was so scary!” Hermione insisted softly. “I was just sitting here, hoping you and Harry would be okay…”

“Hermione, I didn’t realise you cared,” he sniffed, wiping away a fake tear from his eyes.

But instead of laughing with him, Hermione sniffed, looking at him seriously. “You’re my best friend Ron,” she whispered honestly. And Ron looked away from her, feeling awfully uncomfortable at this level of seriousness.

“You’re not too bad yourself, either,” he managed to say, though he could feel his ears turning red. 

But though what he said was not entirely eloquent, when he finally got the courage to look back up at Hermione, she was smiling as though it meant the world to her.

And that was worth any embarrassment on his part, really. 

Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS episode 1 thoughts

Finally, it’s here.

This time however, we don’t get title screens. The tittle is displayed at the bottom, a few seconds after the opening. So, guess I’l go with this. Also, now they use “Turn”, but since I’m already using this term for my Vanguard reviews and I’ve been using “episode” for more than 3 years for Yu-Gi-Oh, I’ll continue with it.

My Name is Playmaker

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shitposting aside, i’m actually pretty interested in how the three-way struggle between Yusaku/Ignis, SOL, and the KoH will end up playing out. from what the audience can see, the KoH are obviously antagonistic, while SOL seems to be the virtuous party in the ring, only trying to capture Ignis so they can recover the Cyverse and restore the VRAINS’ power. meanwhile Yusaku is just getting involved because he’s insisisting on bringing his own fight to the KoH, so he’s at worst neutral in this whole affair, if only because he doesn’t know about any other intrigues that may or may not be going on behind the scenes. of course, SOL has the potential to be villainous considering all the tells we’re getting (there is no fucking way any normal company would hold meetings by using giant fuckoff chess piece holograms and code names for their CEOs, never mind that the source for their prosperity is that they’re taking data from the mystical magical cyverse place. like. there is no way that doesn’t have any terribad implications), but Yusaku has no reason to know that, and technically has no reason to oppose them, either. but obviously he’s not going to just hand over Ignis to SOL because then we don’t have a conflict for our story. 

so really this dynamic could go several ways:

> SOL tries to trick/trap Playmaker in order to secure Ignis, which would set him against them. Alternatively, they could go for brute police force tactics, which, again, would immediately put him on guard and set him as his own faction against both parties.

> SOL tries to reason with Playmaker into giving up Ignis, as it’s vital to network security. This would further paint them as benevolent, but Yusaku will most likely refuse. He could do so for a few reasons:

- Ignis might just refuse to go with either SOL or KoH for his own reasons, and Playmaker certainly won’t see any reason to give Ignis up after that. This does bring up frustrating communication issues (why won’t Ignis go with them? that’s weird, right?) but again, shonen. that happens.

- Playmaker just straight up refuses on his own terms despite knowing why SOL wants Ignis, solely because Ignis is his only lead on what the KoH wants and why they stole his time. This is definitely an asshole maneuver, and is actually one I’d prefer to see him make, mostly because it’s already established that Yusaku is kind of a selfish dick who’s pretty much only concerned with tracking down the KoH. It’d definitely be a decision that’d come to bite him back later on, especially once he starts inevitably learning how to friend at some point, so.

> Playmaker just ends up establishing himself inexplicably as a third faction in this party war because of a series of events, and alliances and enemies are always changing the more he learns about just what he’s gotten himself into.

basically there’s a lot of ways this could go and i’m super excited to see where they take this hglglshg


I personally am no fan of any of the Kodama directed shows in Takarazuka, but I’ve heard good things about Naruto~ I have hope. I appreciate Mouri’s work in the latest two musicals, but am still baffled how he was the same person who directed Lycoris 2014… I mean, how could he have given Furukawa the precious advice to be less elegant and be darker, while he let Matsushita “spasm” around on stage as Sebastian??? And also, HOW did he think those giant chess pieces were a good idea!?

It is always easy to dismiss a previous show after you’ve seen its upgraded version, and even more so if you watch them in reverse. But I can never forget how blown-away I was when I walked out of Blue Theater after seeing Lycoris 2014 for the first time. It was the first Kuromyu story that came from the manga canon and few had any idea what it might be like. But when I was walking back to my hotel that night, I cannot help but yell “wow wow wow” in my brain. It was nothing like I have ever seen. I felt like a changed person. It was that impressive.

And the chess pieces? We loved the chess pieces. In retrospect it is clear that Lycoris 2014 was a very experimental play. It was Nelke’s first attempt to put a canon Kuroshitsuji story on stage, and many of the cast were not as well-known in 2.5D fandoms as they are today(let’s be real, back in 2014, who the fuck knew who Teruma was) so budget-wise it was definitely not as generous as future productions. We thought the chess pieces were an ingenious idea, because it was simple but also served multiple purposes. Sure it wasn’t grand and detailed and sophisticated but it was creative and fun, and I still think it was quite an idea especially for small scale theater with a limited budget.

As for Matsushita Yuya’s performance, it would be unfair to blame it on Mouri. Yuya has been Sebastian years before Mouri even touched Kuromyu. In that sense, he is Mouri’s “senpai” in the show and he has a long-established style for himself. Mouri might have different ideas in mind, but it would be unrealistic for a new guy taking over the show to completely redirect the well-walked path of an actor who has had years of experience playing that character and also beloved by the fandom. Also,as Editor Kuma explained once in an interview, Yuya became Sebastian at a time when 2.5D stage wasn’t a mainstream thing, and his portray more closely resembles anime Sebastian than manga Sebastian, since the anime was indeed more popular at the time than the manga anyway. If you put all these factors together, however much you might find Yuya’s performance inadequate, it had little to do with Director Mouri.

And lastly, creative minds evolve and come up with new ideas, especially in show business. They simply had different objectives about Lycoris 2014 than the shows that followed. It was the show that best met their objectives, and they successfully got another chance to advance the series further. And of course later shows are grander and better than earlier shows, otherwise the series is going backwards and we didn’t stay in the fandom for that. At the end of the day, if it weren’t for Lycoris 2014, there will not be Lycoris 2015 and we might not have Yunbastian. For that I am grateful for Director Mouri’s contribution to the Kuromyu series.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I don't know if you still do this but, why did you type Izaya as an INTJ rather than an ENTP? Since most people seem to think he is an ENTP.

I’ll try to remember.

ENTP huh? I did see a mbti chart with Izaya as ENTP, but I read somewhere people typed him as INTP or ENTJ though there was also ENTP and INTJ.

I think people think Izaya is ENTP because of the first season. Izaya in the first season is different from Izaya in the novels. Izaya in the first season is open, seems to have no weaknesses, and doesn’t seem to be lonely at all. And he seems very much like an extrovert.

But Izaya in the novels is an introvert.

There were several graduates from Raijin Elementary School in the class, but no one looked inclined to come to Orihara Izaya to strike up a conversation.

It didn’t make Izaya feel left out, however. He just thought it was natural.

Sure, he was a top student.

But that was all to it: he was not a model student in any way.

He seemed nice, and he was popular with girls – but he remained decidedly detached in all dealings in his school life.

His classmates in elementary school were to later describe him as “Kind of like an alien. But he was a nice fellow.” with a chuckle. Indeed, it was the way most people viewed him, and they too would agree that he was “a nice fellow.” So it was probably not terribly wrong to say that he was more or less your average good student.

He was not particularly hated. Nor was he particularly loved, either.

When everyone else chatted in the classroom or went out for a game of kickball during lunch breaks, Izaya would always remain in the library room. For that reason he even came off as aloof and kind of a lone wolf to some.

When the classes had to be reshuffled for field trips, he would almost always end up being the only one left without a class – but as soon as people realized it, every class would go “Eh, Izaya, you alone!? Then come to our class!” “No, come to ours!” and it would invariably have to be settled with several rounds of rock-paper-scissors. It was strange, but that was the kind of child Orihara Izaya had always been in elementary school.

Izaya himself enjoyed being somewhat detached from everything around him.

-          Durarara Volume 9

So yeah, Izaya is an introvert. Even before we get to the other letters, he’s not an E, he’s an I. Extroverts don’t go off alone, they might some of the times, but they don’t do it all the time. They also don’t brush people off (like Izaya did Shinra in the novel and anime) because they want to be alone.

Introversion or extroversion is not how extroverted or introverted you are. E or I signifies how you get your energy. Introverts (I) get their energy from being alone, from themselves, and Extroverts (E) get their energy from being with people. That’s why introverts need time to recharge, while extroverts don’t. And why extroverts don’t really feel comfortable alone and prefer to be out with other people.

Izaya gets his energy from himself. He gets his energy from his own love for humans, and not humans’ love for him (or lack thereof). He’s comfortable being alone, and he was alone in his apartment before he hired Namie as his secretary. He goes off to screw people’s lives by himself, is an independent information broker, manipulates people online by his own.

Izaya is also socially awkward. He’s social because he loves humans and wants to interact with them, but he’s not very good at social situations, he always annoys people or pisses them off, unless it’s for business. And even then, he annoys Shiki sometimes. He doesn’t bother with socializing for the sake of socializing, he socializes, or interacts with humans because it allows him to gain information and knowledge on humans, his interest.

The Shinra stabbing incident pushed Izaya out of his comfort zone and changed him, but his interest has always remained the same – humans. Only now he is no longer a lone wolf who goes off by himself, but information broker Orihara Izaya. 

How do I say this…Izaya’s interest and love for humans has never changed. Maybe it changed in the degree of passion, but his core being of loving humans and being eternally true to his desires has never changed. 

It’s only the way which he executes it, which has changed. Instead of just looking on from afar and observing humans without anyone noticing him and being satisfied with that, Izaya discovered he wanted more. He wanted to push it a level further, to interact with humans instead, to manipulate them, to see their reactions to the situation he brought about in person.

He was no extraordinary criminal mastermind, but was merely overly engrossed in his interests. But as his ‘interests’ got stronger and stronger, he managed to learn many things in his pursuits, and eventually became someone who earned petty change from selling this information to underworld organisations and the police. 

- Durarara Volume 1

He evolved, and adapted to carry out his own desires. That does not mean he became an extrovert.

I read somewhere that introverts have their ‘secret world’ or ‘story’ that only they know about.

Izaya’s ‘secret world’ is his unusual love for humans. Just like Shizuo’s ‘secret world’ is his desire for peace. Izaya shows his by interacting with humans and talking like an extrovert, and Shizuo shows his by yelling and shouting and executing violence like a…..not introvert.

But when it comes down to it, both Shizuo and Izaya are off by themselves at the end of the day. And they are comfortable with that, as introverts.

So Izaya is an introvert. He’s just an introvert whose inner world happens to be humans, beings who are social, and so in order to find out as much as he can about humans and human nature, he’s stepped out of his comfort zone to pursue what he loves the most. And he draws energy from within himself, from his love of humans so being around people isn’t draining for him. Which is admirable, as an introvert.

His inner world never changed over the years. For instance if Izaya’s inner world wasn’t humans, but something like food instead, he would do things like become a chef, or judge at a cooking contest, and travel all around the world to taste the different food and talk to people of different cultures. Again it would make him seem like an extrovert, but he’s only exploring his inner world as an introvert. Just like Shinra said once if only Izaya’s desires was women or money, he would be more ‘normal’. It’s just that Izaya’s interest is not money or women, but humans.

I think it’s in agreement that Izaya is N not S. And that he’s T, not F. I did think he could be INFJ because he can read people so well, but it’s obvious he relies on, and processes information through logic and reason, so much that he can seem cold-hearted.

So….J. It’s a joke that INTJ are the masterminds, but I think it’s because, well, masterminds plan. They are behind everything that happens, or behind the most significant thing that happens, and so it’s understandable that they need to plan their mastermind plan. I think the key word here is intention. Not that Ps can’t be intentional, but Ps Perceive and are more open to options while Js are Judging and are more structured and organized. So it’s more likely for a J to be a mastermind than a P because they need to plan intentionally, and their tendency towards structure and organization helps them in planning.

Izaya is rather frivolous and seems like he’s just screwing around sometimes, but though he is not a criminal mastermind, he is the mastermind of Ikebukuro. It takes planning and organizing and structuring for the events of different people’s lives to collide in an exact moment. Maybe because he’s highly intelligent that he seems like he’s just screwing or playing around, but it does take a certain amount of structuring to achieve his desired results.

Izaya may not like to dirty his hands, but it’s because he prefers to remain detached. It’s an expression of his middle school days when he enjoyed being detached from everyone around him. It isn’t because he can’t do it, or does not want to do it, or does not want to deal with the work, but because he would rather remain detached so he can see more from the people around him. And usually it’s introverts who prefer to remain detached from the situation.

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Wonwoo Crossing 🌺

a/n: I’m not sure if you guys can see it, but just imagine Wonwoo playing Animal Crossing (New Leaf)

Originally posted by ftwonwoo

Wonwoo x Animal Crossing New Leaf headcanon :))

  • names himself Wonwow; gives himself the “original” character face because he was only answering the starting questions honestly
  • names his town Twilight Town (possible kingdom hearts fan??)
  • the town hall is to the left of his town, and Reese’s recycling shop is to the right
  • the river cuts the town in half horizontally
  • places his house next to the town hall and constantly checks up on Isabelle
  • definitely puts in the “keep town beautiful” ordinance
  • is a massive hoarder !!!
  • the first couple of months, his house is filled with plants and unnecessary furniture (like a storybook, or a giant chess piece)
  • has more furniture than he needs??? the main room has a bunk bed that he doesn’t have the heart to let go….
  • once he gets the second story to the museum, one of the rooms is dedicated to just plants :))
  • he visits the plants everyday and speaks to them one by one
  • the same goes with the flowers around his town; waters all 500 of them every day <3
  • when he shakes the trees for coins or the two special furniture, he lets the bees sting him
  • forgives them immediately after; applies medicine that he always carries around (for emergencies!)
  • another room on the second floor of the museum is filled with cute animals he finds
  • that includes: snails, beetles, an angel fish (yknow the see through one omg), a squid, SEAWEED
  • his character always holds a balloon; alternates between the bunny shaped one and the heart shaped one :’))
  • is still up at like 1 in the morning trying to catch beetles in order to pay off his dEBT
  • always manages to scare the golden stags…
  • sometimes goes on the international server and meets cool people
  • probably writes their names down and hopes he sees them again :D
  • sometimes he sees people talking about seventeen and hits them with:
  • “carat, lucky in my life <3″ (he really puts that heart there too, awww)
  • picks up dandelions and blows them after whispering his wish
  • he looks around his shared room before he makes a wish so the members don’t tease him the next day (awwww)
  • when there’s a meteor shower, he makes wishes too!
  • writes letters to his villagers AT LEAST twice a month
  • always adds a heart at the end (<3)
  • eventually gets rid of the majority of his things
  • his house is nO LONGER CLUTTERED
  • he doesn’t actually get rid of his things though
  • he forces Mingyu and Hoshi to get the game too, and gave them his stuff as “gifts”
  • this boy really can’t let go of anything (like me lol)
  • builds the Roost Cafe as soon as it’s available as a public works project
  • memorizes all of his villager’s coffee orders
  • sells the coffee beans Brewster gives him (he feels reALLY GUILTY THOUGH)
  • one day he receives the cafe uniform and is so touched???
  • he sets his ds down for 10 minutes, his hand clutching his heart
  • changes into that outfit whenever he works at the cafe
  • his dream villagers are characters that he thought were cute or would be a great addition to his town!
  • includes (but not in a specific order): Merengue, Beau, Coco, Kid Cat, Zucker, Lolly, Marshal, Fauna, Ankha, and Genji~
  • (Hoshi fell in love with Genji <3)
  • loves his current villagers all the same though!
  • doesn’t have the heart to let go of moving villagers!!
  • even if he doesn’t like them or they aren’t his dream villagers, he always debates whether he should let them go or not… 
  • after 8 months of playing, he finally has all hIS DREAM VILLAGERS!!
  • he adores them all, but never forgets his past villagers (he really misses Curt and Rolf…. </3)
  • lowkey thinks Coco has a crush on him… (he secretly loves it… <3)
  • never misses a villager’s birthday
  • “Merengue’s birthday is coming up, omg what do I get her???!?”
  • when his villagers invite him over, he always accepts and stays at their house for at least an hour so he doesn’t feel rude (WHAT A SWEET BOY)
  • since his town is now considered perfect, he’s able to build the big flower clock!
  • he places it right in the center of his town :)
  • his score at the Happy Home Academy is always SUPER HIGH
  • strongly believes in the Feng Shui approach
  • probably has half a billion bells in his ABD in 6 months….
  • his goal is to create all of the flower hybrids
  • is SUPER close to getting the gold roses
  • doesn’t want to disable his “keep town beautiful” ordinance so his flowers could wilt though…. ㅠㅠ
  • eventually caves in and NOW HAS GOLD ROSES
  • always participates in the tourneys (bug catching or fishing)
  • always places first….
  • collects mushrooms during mushroom season
  • definitely creates fairy rings (Woozi appreciates it winkwink)
  • refuses to run around his town AT ALL TIMES
  • he doesn’t want to accidentally trample over a flower and destroy it!!!
  • doesn’t like Mingyu and Hoshi visiting anymore
  •  >:((
  • they’re constantly running and just
  • “What was that hyung? Step on your flowers??”
  • Mingyu is just constantly trying Wonwoo smh
  • although~~ he sets up paths in between rows of flowers so he can have natural worn down paths (due to grass wear yknow? ^^)
  • brings his 3ds eveRYWHERE
  • “oh, we’re having a break? time to check on Mary and the gang”
  • Mary is his favorite flower… she’s a golden rose right in front of his house
  • has a lot of respect for the working npc’s like Isabelle, Nook, Reese, etc.
  • posts on the town board (thingy) every week like
  • “have a good week everyone! be safe always and talk to me! also no running!! -from Mayor Wow”
  • yea, his nickname is Mayor Wow lol
  • his house mirrors an actual house
  • the back room is a kitchen, the second floor is a bedroom, the main room is the living room, the side rooms are probably like a game room and a guest room
  • his basement is filled with all his awards from the tourneys smh (I’m jealous)
  • Mingyu LOVES his kitchen
  • it’s so wonderfully laid out omg
  • Mingyu just wants to live with Wonwoo now
  • Mingyu finally gives up knowing he can’t live with Wonwoo
  • but claims the kitchen is his whenever they visit Mayor Wow’s town
  • absolutely HATES Gracie’s Fashion Checks
  • but does them anyway so he could finally upgrade to the T&T Emporium
  • his character wears those circle glasses, a totoro sweater, and like normal jeans and shoes
  • simple yet dashing might I include
  • at first leaves his hair brown (the standard hair color when you start the game)
  • then over time does all sorts of colors like he starts his hair dye experience with black cause thats what his hair color is and then shifts to like red, and then auburn, and even light purple!
  • he’s tried all of the hair colors~~
  • his favorite and current hair color is deep ocean :)
  • absolutely loves seeing the leaves on the trees change colors
  • likes the cherry blossoms the most
  • he also loves the winter <3
  • he always stays up late to see the aurora
  • walks around his town admiring the decorated pine trees~
  • he swears its not an obsession!!
  • but here he is, playing animal crossing at 3 in the morning when his schedule starts at 8
  • eventually convinces all the members to get the game too!
  • every Saturday they have an animal crossing day, and alternates visiting each other’s towns :)
  • Mayor Wonwow brought everyone together :))
  • awwww, imagine playing with him *dreamy sigh*

a/n: This was so looooong, but where are my animal crossing and kpop fans at??!? I can just see Wonwoo rolled up in a blanket playing this ^^ (lowkey his town already sounds better than mine and i’ve been playing for a year OTL) hope you all enjoyed~!

Reconciling Accounts

A/N: This is the first chapter of a little Romione missing moments ficlet that I have been working on this week. I am a bit rusty, but I hope you enjoy!

She knew that she should go to bed, that it might be a bit improper and presumptive to stay, but she had known that when she made the reckless decision to come back to the hospital wing. After all the months of anger and avoidance, she just couldn’t wait another minute to see him again, to be reassured that we was alive.

As she watched his sleeping form, just the sight of his chest rising and falling was a miracle, she could not help but think about how close she had come to losing him.

Even if you never really had him, not in the way you wanted…

She sighed heavily at the thought, but dedicated herself to her newfound mission: to put her unrequited feelings aside, and be the best friend she could be. He deserved to be happy; it wasn’t his fault that he preferred pretty blondes. She had known him long enough to know his “type”; it was definitely not bushy-haired, nightmare, know-it-alls.

OK…enough of that…remember he DID say YOUR name in his sleep. That has to mean something doesn’t it? Well, he probably just heard my voice and was so surprised that he…what if he was trying to tell me to leave? Maybe I should go…

She stood reluctantly, and gasped audibly when Ron’s hand suddenly grabbed her wrist. His eyes looked wild as she stared down at him.

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Day 4: Aesthetic 

(n. a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement:

Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Judgement

 ❖  INTJs are defined by their tendency to move through life as though it were a giant chess board, pieces constantly shifting with consideration and intelligence, always assessing new tactics, strategies and contingency plans, constantly outmaneuvering their peers in order to maintain control of a situation while maximizing their freedom to move about. They radiate self-confidence and an aura of mystery, and their insightful observations, original ideas and formidable logic enable them to push change through with sheer willpower and force of personality.  ❖