giant calves

I keep looking at shoes online as though a) it wasn’t a horrible idea to shop for shoes online where you can’t try them on, b) I could even vaguely spare the money for shoes right now, c) any retailer on fuckin’ earth besides New Balance (which supports Trump apparently, lmaooo) sells shoes in my godforsaken size, d) I would ever regularly wear anything that laces up, and e) any boot higher than ankle would ever fit my giant fucking calves

Giant calves of steel...

Uhhh so this is gonna sound like a joke but I assure you it’s not, just got my calves STUCK in a pair of boots lol they were on sale 20 bucks and I squueeeezzzeed them up and then couldn’t get it off for a good 7 minutes

lol I broke out into a sweat

I almost cried lol

I was THIS close to asking the sales woman to help me pull it off

Photo by @james_balog. In ice is the memory of the world. Of sunlight and darkness, of air and water, of molecules hot and cold, of our spinning planet plunging through galactic space. These giant icebergs calve off of the #JakobshavnGlacier and take temporary rest at the mouth of the Ilulissat Isfjord in #Greenland. Sediment from the geologic past mark the bergs like a carefully placed stroke of ink, while the concentric lines where the ice meets the water hint that in time the ice will be gone. Follow @james_balog for more images of these pillars of history. #Glaciers #Greenland #Icebergs #Arctic #Ice by natgeo