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eleven: awkward air & snow days


“Luke how far do we have to walk?” Cara complained as we walked down various hallways to get to Luke’s new dorm room. She practically demanded that Luke take us to his new room, she thought he was making this up.

What she didn’t realize was how far Luke’s original dorm was and now the new one is even further, and she still has a broken foot.

Luke was still extremely angry and I was struggling to keep up with how fast he’s walking. And poor Cara, she was trailing a few feet behind, limping since there’s a giant boot preventing her from moving quick.

“We’re almost there, calm down.”

After a few more turns, we finally reached the outside of his new door. He pulled his new key from his pocket and fumbled a little until he got the door unlocked, causing Cara to chuckle.

I wasn’t sure why I came along with them, why would I want to see Luke’s new room when we weren’t able to have a real conversation without fighting. But since he’s rooming with Shawn now, the thought of seeing him gave me mixed emotions now.

What if things suddenly got awkward? What if he has feelings for me?

“God finally,” Luke muttered, opening the door to the small room. As we walked in the room, I didn’t expect it to look any different. There were 2 small beds, a desk and a few other things that either Luke or Shawn must’ve put up.

One side was full of all things soccer related. Posters, fan items, goalie gloves, and even a few soccer balls. I automatically assumed that was Luke’s half of the room. The other side was quite unorganized. There were posters that were music related on the walls and a few pictures that Shawn must’ve taken himself. I noticed a few from when we went and took pictures together for multiple assignments. In the corner was a guitar stand, but no guitar.

“Cute room,” Cara commented, her gaze fixing on one of Luke’s soccer trophies he had displayed. He grumbled in response, not wanting anything to do with this room.

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Yes, I am 5'11 &no, idgaf

“What I saw around me was surf, skate and valley girl culture, whereas all I wanted was to wear a giant sweater, tights and boots. My style is a reaction to being a California girl. I love Patti Smith and Katharine Hepburn. They had a freedom, wildness and didn’t care. That to me is much sexier than a tight dress where you can’t move.”


Paul is such a nice person really, he loves taking showers under the Niagara falls, singing, stomping houses (eeeeer nope not willingly) and sleep.

He’s also rather cute xD That help a lot isn’t it ? No he’s really a very nice guy who like to help people. It’s easy and hard at the same time when you are a 189 feet tall lumberjack !

Emerald: I’ve decided to be a good guy.
Ruby: what?? Why?
Emerald: *Looks behind her*
Emerald:*Sees watts running from Neo in a squirrel grimm suit*
Emerald:*Sees mercury with giant grimm boots*
Emerald:*Sees cinder and Salem making grimm heels*
Emerald: no reason.
Ruby:Wanna cookie?

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📖 ENTERTAIN ME! DANCE! DAAANCE! I made one up because I am so annoying: 💀 show me a picture of your bias that kills you

Wow, thanks F R I E N D youre killing me

📖 Tell a story - (Another random thing i remembered) So there was this Science lab in 8th grade and it was like a selected group of kids got to go to a river near our school and test the water for cleanliness and we got to capture creatures to test them too. We were told to where these giant fishermen boots that were heavy enough so we dont get swept by the river. They wouldve fit a normal sized student but siNCE IM SO SMALL they were too big. So I couldnt wear them. But I still managed in the water without them. UNTIL i stead on a rock that rolled and made me trip into the middle of the river (Which was hella deep). And I got SWEPT AWAY LOL. But some other kid down the river saved me and i had to grab onto a tree like in the movies, it was insane and scary but I laugh about it now. 

💀 show me a picture of your bias that kills you (Nice addition saTAN): anyway this is totally a way to get your hands on some nice Mark isnt it -_- but same though, i understand :).


ok this pic of jinyoung destroys my hort and sol everytime i see it ok.


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Being friends with Matty Healy would include:

- Rolling joints for him 

- Going into supermarkets and him getting into the cart and standing and nearly killing himself when you start pushing him around

- Being on tour with the band and you and him jumping from bed to bed in the hotel room

- Him asking you if its alright if he steals your clothes

- Having to help him walk in those giant platform boots

- Having “best friend” days where you and him go out and go things you like to do

okay but can we all just take a moment to imagine a couple days before Maka and B*S enroll into the DWMA

they go out mission clothes shopping together to get their generic everyday clothing we see them in like

“Holy shit Maka look a those fucking bOOTS. WE CAN BOTH GET GIANT STEEL TOED BOOTS.”

“We can break cartilage with those boots. We can kick pk’s noses into their brains and kill them without weapons if we wanted to with those boots.”

“Yes yES. That’s it we’re getting these boots.”

The air was starting to already get warm as spring rushed in. Much to Ivan’s dismay as he trotted along the path in his usual mid-morning jog. His tank-top forgotten in his bedroom in a hope to keep himself from dying as he ran. Leaving his muscle cut body exposed to the warm wind that was slowly killing him. Feeling like a melting snow-man in his lighter jogging pants and boots. The giant wished winter would stay forever. 


Watching the Sunset at the Giant’s Causeway

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Giant’s Causeway, renowned for its polygonal columns of layered basalt, is a magnificent, mysterious geological formation resulting from a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago on the North East coast of Co Antrim, and is steeped in myth and legend.
The setting is a spectacular dynamic coastal landscape of Atlantic waves, rugged cliffs, fascinating geographical antiquity, secluded bays and magnificent views.
The Causeway forms a jagged headland of neatly packed columns which point towards Scotland.
They say the Giant’s Causeway was the stomping ground of giant Finn McCool, who lived in these parts nearly two thousand years ago, and that the giant basalt chimney stacks mark his house.
The giant organ he built for his muscial son Oisín, and the giant boot he left on the shore can also be found here.

I’m a 60 year old white Texan woman named Hortense with long silver hair tied in a bun wearing a giant muumuu with cowboy boot pattern on it. if you come on my property unsolicited I will shoot at you with my shotgun and probably miss because I’m wearing coke bottle glasses and can’t see very well, but if I’m in a good mood I might invite you inside and bake you cookies and square dance with you to old love ballads by June Carter Cash. after that we can go feed my horses some oats

The United States of Alfred

“Are you going to finish your meal, Amerika?”

There. There it was again. America. The country he embodied. Not Alfred, or dearest or baby or whatever, not even a simple Jones. But America.

Blue eyes carefully observed the man before him, even as he declined the offer of more food with a simple gesture of the hand. The Russian Federation. Ivan Braginsky. His boyfriend, since several months now. Not that they were a very… typical couple. It had taken them years to get together, to start with. They had lived through wars and an amicable letter-writing phase and secret flirtation crushed under the giant boot of the twentieth century’s harsh reality. They had lived through so much, overcome so many obstacles, and here they were, finally allowed a taste of happiness.

Only, apparently that happiness wasn’t for themselves. It was for their countries.

“Say Russia,” he began, leaning his cheek against the palm of his right hand. “What would you do if I jumped off a cliff?”

A pale brow rose- he had both loved and hate the other’s quirks over the centuries, but that particular gesture always made something in his gut squeeze into a tight, jittery knot.

“And why would you do that, Amerika?” he spoke in that accented tongue of his- rough notes mixed in with odd high pitches, making for a musical ballad that beckoned for his soul.

“The question isn’t why I do the things I do, it’s how you’d react to them, Russia,” Alfred pointed out, eyes shooting up and down his partner’s figure, searching for any reaction. When he didn’t get the ones he so desired, he pursued further discussion of the topic. “Or what, would Russia not catch his boyfriend if he were to fall to his death, Russia?”

The pale man rubbed at his temples, sending him a bemused smirk. “We are nations, Amerikanski. We cannot fall to our deaths. That would be very silly.”

Alfred frowned, growing agitated. “Well then RUSSIA, maybe I am just a silly little country, or a really big one- but I guess that’s all there is to me!”

“Amerika, what are you going on about?” Ivan sighed, brow scrunched together and a sudden tiredness falling over his face. “Fine. If you were to jump off a cliff, I would catch you. And then I would kick your butt you for doing such reckless things.”

Alfred always used to love when Ivan tried out American sayings and slang, it was hilarious to listen to. But right now, he only had ear for one particular word. Again, America. The name of his country. Not of himself.

He groaned, dropping his head to the table. What was with him? He should know it wasn’t easy for the both of them to simply go back to being on first name basis after so many years of distrust and rivalry! Surely they had used Alfred and Ivan in the past, when he was much younger and much more innocent, but even now he wondered if Ivan hadn’t only agreed to doing that to humour that silly young colony from across the sea. They were countries, and nothing would ever change that. But sometimes, it just felt nice pretending to be humans instead.

A creaking sound, a rush of clothes, and suddenly there was a presence behind him. Alfred closed his eyes when he felt cold fingers ghost along his cheek.


He refused to open his eyes. The tone which he used was much more gentler than when he had called him that in the past, so much was true. But it was still not the name he wanted to hear fall from those thin lips, the name that would prove their current intimacy.

“What?” he spoke against the tabletop, trying to make it sound like he wasn’t pouting over something.

“There is something bothering you.”

“What are you talking about? No there’s not.”

“Da. There is. I can tell. I have known you for long enough to be able to tell.”

The frown increased. But apparently you haven’t known me long enough to call me by my actual name.

Some shifting, a pressure along his spine, hot breath at his ear. “Amerika… Is that really what bothers you?”

…He really needed to put a cork in his mouth sometimes. Shifting his head to the side so he could look Russia in the eye, he stubbornly denied any troubles. “No, nothing ever bothers me. I told you, I’m fine!”

Russia stared down at him with that familiar calmth, as if he was contemplating an ingenious idea. Alfred had seen it plastered on his features so many times, both in good and bad situations, both as an ally and a foe. That was a difference between them- Russia thought too much, while people often told Alfred he thought too little. Not that they actually took the time to get to know him, but he could see where they were coming from.

Long well-defined fingers carding through his golden locks, Alfred laid his head back down and closed his eyes, waiting for the preach that was bound to come, about how it was difficult to find trust after so much hardships, they had to give themselves timeeee, and yade yade yade. He didn’t want time, he wanted love and affection! And he knew Ivan was capable of it, he knew.

No preach came. Instead of it, a soft pair of lips gingerly fluttering against his cheekbone, temple, earlobe. A soft chuckle.

“If you say so, Alfred.”

And then the pressure was gone.

Alfred shot up faster than the speed of light, staring at the other with wide eyes and hanging jaw, utterly befuddled. “Did you just- you did, didn’t you?”

Ivan merely smiled, one of those teasing sneers, yet eyes gentle. “You heard nothing, Amerikanski.”

Alfred took a moment longer to recover, before his own lips twitched up in a grin. “Oh yeah you did!”

Ivan giggled, walking back to his own seat so he could begin emptying the table to make room for dessert. “My lips are sealed~”

Yet they didn’t stay sealed when Alfred continued to say his name in every possible manner he could think of.

everything about harry is just so!!!! much!!!!! big swoopy long cascading curly hair!! the shortest possible shorts!!! gold boots!!!! giant butterfly tattoo!! covered in other quirky tattoos!!!! titties out all the time!!!!!! i love harry!!!!