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Hey there :-) Can you make me a rec list about firefighter sterek please? Thanks ;-)

sure! here are some cute and lovely fics that you might haven’t seen before, hopefully you’ll enjoy them!

stiles is a firefighter

  • You Are My Fire by omelet (Not Rated, 8k)  Derek thinks this is getting a little out of hand. Because honestly, he never would have guessed that he would one day come to own a firemen-themed calendar.
  • untitled by bleep0bleep (T, 1k)  Laura punches him playfully in the shoulder, chuckling. “Dude, lighten up on the staff here. It’s not their fault they think you’re one of the dudes going in the calendar.” 
  • start a fire in your heart by dedougal (E, 6k)  Stiles wants nothing more than to keep his head down and get on with his job as a firefighter. Of course, that’s when his photo ends up on the front pages, drawing attention from places he thought he’d left behind.

derek is a firefighter

  • until the clock strikes midnight again by decideophobia (T, 5k) Derek stumbles upon a test then, towards the end of the magazine, and before he realizes what he’s doing, he’s reading out loud, “Are you good in bed?”Stiles drops his pen.
  • untitled by pantstomatch (T, 3k)  Stiles is not stuck. To random passers-by it could appear that he is stuck, but he’s completely capable of getting down off this motherfucking tree all by himself. There was absolutely no reason to call the fire department, Isaac, given that they have a perfectly serviceable ladder in the garage, and Stiles totally has the agility of a jungle cat. Climbing down this tree should be a piece of cake. It’s just that, you know: tiny kitten.
  • stop, drop and roll by thepsychicclam (M, 12k)  Stiles knows he’s in trouble when he invites the Beacon Hills Fire Department into his third grade classroom and he can’t stop staring at a certain scruffy fireman. But after the third graders take a field trip to the fire station and participate in the fire department’s holiday canned food drive, Stiles can’t ignore his crush any longer.
  • boy in blue by kaihire (G,5k)  Stiles gets injured on the job because he’s just awesome like that, and it turns out his usual massage therapist isn’t in. Unfortunately, the masseur who’s replacing him is precisely the reason Stiles ended up getting hurt in the first place.
  • untitled by thepsychicclam (T,2k)  stiles is a waiter at the diner down the street from the fire station, and fireman!derek comes in frequently for lunch.
  • everybody loves good neighbors by stilinskisparkles (M, 7k)  What about an “everything run-down and suddenly a guy falls through the ceiling; now there’s a hole in the ceiling of my bedroom”-AU thing?
  • just when you think you’re in control by trilliastra (T, 2k) While Josh rushes to grab his things and Stiles tries to clean some of the mess on Josh’s table, the door opens with a bang and suddenly Derek Hale is running inside, disheveled and clearly upset.Stiles would feel sorry for him – and in another situation, he would even stop to admire Derek’s perfect body and face – but he crushed a little boy’s heart and that’s unforgivable.
    In which Stiles thinks Derek is the worst uncle when he’s, actually, the best.
  • Through Fire by hazelNuts (G, 1k) “‘you’ve just been saved from a burning building and you’re begging to go back in to save your pet cat’ au - sterek - that cat has been by stiles’ side since forever and his mom give it to him and even tho he’s old and almost blind please save him"Derek watches as Boyd tries to stop a man from running back into the burning apartment building. Boyd towers over him, but the guy is a fighter and his colleague is having some real trouble holding him back. The guy is aiming for the places he knows he will hurt the firefighter the most, his crotch, his solar plexus. He even tries to kick him in the knees. This isn’t going to end well for either man if someone doesn’t stop that guy soon.
  • Emergency Hugs by LadyDrace (T, 2k) EMERGENCY HUGS
    INQUIRE WITHIN The sign looks cheerful enough, as much as a sign can when composed of entirely letters in a sturdy black frame, but Stiles doesn’t know why he’d stopped to stare at it. Okay, that’s a lie. He does know.
  • untitled by mad-madam-m (Not Rated, 1k) “Would you like to donate to the Beacon Hills Firefighters Fund?”  Stiles gapes at the specimen of a man standing beside his car, holding out a giant rubber boot with a cheerful “DONATE” sign taped to it. The man is tall, dark, bearded, and frowning, though Stiles can’t tell if the latter is because he’s genuinely unhappy or just protecting his eyes from the sun’s glare.  “Uh,” Stiles says, because it’s too early for him to think when he’s looking at a firefighter who might as well have walked out of his wet dreams. 
  • Cooking With (A) Fire(man) by literaryoblivion (G, 2k) After a kitchen accident in his dorm, Stiles is forced to take a cooking class as punishment and ends up meeting a very attractive fireman to share his cooking station with… and maybe a few other things.
  • untitled by howlnatural (T, 2k) After Tilly the three-legged jack russell, Dr McCall - the aforementioned vet -seemed to know instinctively which tragic dog cases Derek wouldn’t be able to turn down. Dana the Australian shepherd and Bobby the former police dog who’d gone deaf in a meth lab explosion followed, and then Derek had moved to a bigger place and kind of forgotten about dating. Until Stiles.
  • Emergency Love by Kedreeva (E, 14k) Wherein Derek is a firefighter and Stiles is a paramedic, and they just keep meeting.
  • Hot Like Burning by Leslie_Knope (T, 2.5k)  In which Derek is the grumpy neighborhood firefighter, and Stiles is a bit of a lovestruck idiot.
  • Cupboard Love by mklutz (G, 33k) He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain. If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.
  • untitled by stileshale (Not Rated, 1k) Derek is a firefighter and Stiles likes it when he comes home in his gear.
  • untitled by lycanthrophies (Not Rated, 2k)  Riling Derek up became a fun past time activity for Stiles pretty fast, because Derek tries so hard to be stoic sometimes, it’s really a highlight to see him crack open and either get adorably flustered, or—even better—make him laugh out loud.

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ok but leonard will not take off his parka ever if he's tryin to look the part so the legends are like in some fuckin desert and it's 115° out and they're fighting bad guys and everyone's in a tank top except ray whose suit has an ac and len who is still wearing the fucking parka and concerned time dad Rip is just "please take that off" and len is all "I Will Not" and meanwhile he's turning red and sweating and is about to pass out but he refuses to take the jacket off because AESTHETIC

you know what all of the rogues really value aesthetic over practicality like have u seen Hartley’s giant fuckin lace up boots. How long does it take him to put those on. The rogues r all so dramatic

Strange Magic: Height Differences

[Post written by my artistically-trained sister, based on our discussion of the matter.]

So, let’s talk about Strange Magic’s height problem. If you’re an artist watching Strange magic, one thing that might bother you is the inconsistency in the heights/proportions of the main cast. It’s hard to get a lock on how tall Bog is compared to Marianne (and also Dawn).

The main reasons it’s so hard to pin down are shots like this, where characters are bent/crouched/slouched:

Or flight sequences that put them on unequal footing:

Or just general inconsistencies in their relative heights

Bog is about 8 ½ heads tall, which in terms of art proportion is somewhere between supermodel and Olympian god. Marianne, conversely, is 6 heads tall, which is about the size of an average person. 

The problem is, they aren’t framed as being proportional to each other. Part of the problem is that fairies and goblins are done in different styles; as you can see in the pics above, Marianne’s head is a lot larger and rounder in proportion to her body, whereas Bog’s is smaller and more elongated. The result is that Marianne and other fairies seem to be built on a larger scale, like putting a barbie doll next to an action figure from another brand.

NOW, there are two ways to fix this issue of proportions.

1: Shrink Marianne so that she’s on the same scale as Bog, but also really tiny in comparison. She would thus be much shorter than she appears to be in the movie. or,

2: Keep her the same height, but change her proportions so that she’s on the same scale as Bog. The height difference between her and Bog is the same as in the film, but compared to other fairies, she’s a tall gal.

When writing fics, especially height difference AUs, people looove to go for option one. Tiny! Marianne meets Giant!Bog, and there’s lots of jokes and cute moments surrounding the height disparity. 

But please consider option 2: Tall!Marianne meets Taller!Bog. When they’re together, they look like a normal couple, but put them next to an actual normally sized human and you realize that Marianne is an Amazon before she puts on heels, and Bog is a veritable giant.

Marianne is as tall as Roland, if not taller. While they’re dating, he preys on the insecurities of her gangly-awkward youth, and she has to wear flats all the time so she doesn’t tower over him. When they break up, she pulls out the tallest heel’s you’ve ever seen, and if that doesn’t stop him dead than nothing will. Dawn has taken to wearing heels all the time so that she can be as tall as her sister.

Just- instead of the Pocket-sized Fury version of Marianne, give me the version that’s an un-apologetically tall, imposing Amazon. 


Everything I did, I tried to be the antithesis [of style here]. What I saw around me was surf, skate and valley girl culture, whereas all I wanted was to wear a giant sweater, tights and boots. My style is a reaction to being a California girl. I love Patti Smith and Katharine Hepburn. They had a freedom, wildness and didn’t care. That to me is much sexier than a tight dress where you can’t move.

Fanart Monday!

I’m back on cool leg….. I don’t want tooooooo but I have no choice :C

Anyhow, at least now I’ll have a consistent schedule xD

I have some fanarts to show ♥ They’re all lovely!! Thanks a lot for sending! Let’s get to them :3

Fanart of the week by @gigagoku30!! Lovely fanart of Frisk with the tutu <3 [And Flowey :P ]

More under the sexy cut! ;)

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David and Alison Cowles are the father-daughter cartoon-creating team responsible for “Boots”, the next short in our GO! Cartoons series coming November 21st. 

Here’s a video they did for They Might Be Giants!