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Okay, so my favorite Vox Machina height headcanons are tall!Keyleth and smol!twins. With how long I go on, I’m probably gonna make the smol!twins another post

Just thinking about gangly awkward Keyleth, who hasn’t quite gotten used to her height. Her antlers and giant blooming flowers (because she has to braid the best seasonal flowers into her hair and they seem to take weeks to wilt) getting caught on low doorways. Parts of Kraghammer were a nightmare. She can’t quite make the dwarf size beds comfortable, so she turns into Minxy and goes to cuddle up with Grog (she realizes the Goliath never complains about beds or anything else being too small for him, but everything must feel like it’s not made for him) 

Keyleth, who’s always been tall for her age, finally growing into it. She learns to stand tall, to hold her head up high. It takes time (sometimes she still feels a bit like a stumbling baby deer who’s just learned to walk) but she gets there. Grog tries to teach her how to loom over people (she trips half the time) 

People make weird comments out in the world about her height. Vax and Scanlan like to ask how the weather is up there (she always says that it’s lovely and it’s Pike who gently explains that they’re teasing her) Nobles at grand functions (who should really mind their own business actually) gently pat her hand and say it must be so hard for her to find a dance partner (the looks on their faces are priceless when Pike or Vex or Percy stride up to pull her onto the dance floor)

Though she’s not quite as tall as Grog, she’s found she can run almost as fast as him, even while carrying a gnome. Piggyback races become a regular event (when they’re not busy fighting dragons anyway) Scanlan’s (usually) a perfect gentleman when she lets him scramble up on her back, although she runs a little better with Pike cheering her on and laughing wildly as she tries to steer Keyleth by the antler woven into her hair

Being tall does make kissing a little awkward sometimes, but usually it’s even better. The twins up on tip toe to press matching kisses to her cheeks. Percy realizing the reach is a bit too much when he wants to surprise her, so he presses a gentle kiss to the back of her hand instead. Pike likes to take running leaps into her arms (Keyleth might like that best, when she catches Pike and spins her around) And calm, no nonsense Kashaw still always has to dip her dramatically when he plants one on her (actually it’s pretty hard to pick a favorite method)

Hugs are best though. She’s the perfect height to tuck Vex in close so she can rest her chin on beautiful dark hair. Just right for yanking Vax in to hold him tight for a moment before he disappears into the shadows. But she’s not too tall to fold herself into Grog’s chest (sometimes she just needs to hear his heartbeat against her ear after a fight that went too, too long)

Tall!Keyleth is great okay


Derp Emblem: Method of the Manaketes

…okay, they at least use some fancy special effects if you ask me. I mean, how else do they make a giant flower bloom out of nowhere? The Taguel are no better. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go prepare for the arrival of our new, eternal ruler.

But hey look, new comic! Hopefully this is a sign we’ll be back to a regular schedule soon~


Agastache “Blue Fortune” is in the family Lamiaceae. Commonly known as giant hyssop, it is native to North America. Giant hyssop is an herbaceous perennial primarily grown for use in gardens and landscapes. The variety pictured here, along with many others available in the horticulture industry are hybrids between different hyssop species. Hybridization leads to not only different colors of flowers, which can range from reds and oranges to purples and blues, but also leads to plants that are hardier in the landscape, flower longer, and grow larger. Giant hyssop blooms during the late summer to early fall and prefers areas with full sun or partial shade.

“I wonder if Rose has a version of her dress that looks like Ultimate Madoka, but instead of the obvious wings she has thorns and roses sproutig from her back which make a vague traslucent wing shape behind her, and of course instead of a bow she has a shield made up of curled up rose thorns with a giant blooming pink rose in the middle, also translucent.”


This trail will be by water, and starting at the point where five rivers empty into Mobile Bay. It’s a fisherman and hunter’s paradise, but it’s also a draw for naturalists and history buffs.

Ben Raines, director of the Weeks Bay Foundation, a conservation group, has got a center-console skiff that’s small enough to navigate the more than 40 miles of rivers, creeks, bays and bayous that make up the Mobile Delta.

“You can see downtown Mobile over there,” Raines says. “And then within a few minutes we’re teleported into this totally alien world.”

In moments, we see egret, osprey, pelicans, wild rice, the giant yellow blooms of the American Lotus, and purple pickerelweed. The lower end of the Delta is a wide expanse of water and wetland grasses.

A Few Miles From Mobile, A Wealth Of History, Nature — And Danger

Photo Credit: Debbie Elliott/NPR

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