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hey there, how do you usually decide when pitcher plants need to be watered? I had some purple pitcher plants while I was at school, but they ended up turning brown and dying, even though I kept them pretty moist and gave them a couple ants every so often. I don't really understand what I did, but it was the first pitcher plant i had ever kept. also, is there a beginner species you recommend??

the pitcher plant you had was probably sarracenia purpurea (variety venosa), a popular and easy american pitcher plant species!! these plants are native to california, and die back during the winter (or at least slow down their growth significantly)!  (x)

a super easy carni species that i always recommend is Nepenthes × ventrata, a popular and easy asian pitcher plant species that’s most popular for it’s hybrid vigor which allows it to be sold in garden centers to be grown as a houseplant. this is an asian pitcher plant, which is tropical and grows year round. it’s also VERY hardy and will take 90% of your rookie mistakes (believe me mine is like, 3 years old now and has taken soooo much i feel so bad). (x)

Touhou Game Summaries (PC-98):

  • Highly Responsive to Prayers: Local Shrine gets destroyed. Local Shrine Maiden destroys everyone in her path while attempting to find the culprit.
  • Story of Eastern Wonderland: Local Shrine Maiden stars in the classic tale of “GET OUT OF MY SHRINE”. A lot of youkai were harmed in the making.
  • Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream: Disgraced scientist breaks into Gensokyo and attempts to prove magic’s existence to the outside world via attempted kidnapping. She gets hit with a chair.
  • Lotus Land Story: In “GET OUT OF MY SHRINE” the sequel, Yuuka Kazami Just Wants To Sleep. She’s not the culprit.
  • Mystic Square: Demons invade gensokyo, Local Shrine Maiden & Friends travel to Makai to have a word with the Queen of Hell. The culprits just wanted a nice vacation.

Touhou Game Summaries (Windows):

  • Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: Local Vampire just wants to walk outside during the day and not get burned. This is apparently unacceptable.
  • Perfect Cherry Blossom: Local Ghost Princess wants to see her giant cherry tree bloom. She steals the entirety of the season of spring to do so. This is apparently a really bad idea, for entirely different reasons.
  • Immaterial and Missing Power: Local Oni just wants to see her friends again. They never show up.
  • Imperishable Night: Moon princess creates a never-ending night. This turns out to be for everyone’s benefit, and it comes back to bite them games later.
  • Phantasmagoria of Flower View: Unexpected Flower Blooming leads to all-out brawls. No-one involved really knew what was going on.
  • Shoot the Bullet: Nosy Tengu Reporter takes photographs without permission.
  • Mountain of Faith: Local Mountain Gods from a nearby Outside mountain move in. They recieve the traditional Gensokyo welcome.
  • Scarlet Weather Rhapsody: Bored celestial wants to be entertained. In the process, the Hakurei Shrine gets destroyed. Again.
  • Subterranean Animism: Local Hell Raven eats a dead sun god. Decides the best thing to do with her newfound power is to nuke the surface and turn it into a New Hell.
  • Undefined Fantastic Object: Youkai followers of a Buddhist Monk want to rescue their leader sealed in Makai. Everyone wants to know what’s up with the floating boat.
  • Touhou Hisoutensoku: Something about dreams and a catfish?
  • Double Spoiler: Different Tengu Reporter has rivalry with aforementioned Nosy Tengu Reporter. More unauthorized photographs ensue.
  • Fairy Wars: Literally what it says on the tin.
  • Ten Desires: Local Taoist resurrects from the grave. Resurrected Taoist turns out to be Prince Shotoku. Prince Shotoku is actually a girl.
  • Hopeless Masquerade: Upset Noh Mask collection wants her missing mask back. Everyone is confused and just enjoys the flashy fighting.
  • Double Dealing Character: Inchling unwittingly gets tricked into causing a tsukumogami uprising. Poor girl.
  • Impossible Spell Card: Culprit from previous game takes Gensokyo on a Grand Theft spree to evade capture.
  • Urban Legend in Limbo: Lonely Psychic Outsider breaks into Gensokyo, causes absolute chaos.
  • Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom: Lunarian infighting accidentally spills out into Gensokyo. Gensokyo residents are not amused.

Manga Stories:

  • Silent Sinner in Blue: Local Vampire wants to go to the Moon, enlists Local Shrine Maiden & co’s help. Turns out they aren’t welcome there.
  • Inaba of the Moon and Inaba of the Earth: Daily adventures of Gensokyo’s rabbit population.
  • Eastern and Little Nature Deity / Strange and Bright Nature Deity / Oriental Sacred Place: Fairies doing Fairy Things.
  • Visionary Fairies in Shrine: Fairies doing Fairy Things 2.0, featuring AMERICA Clownpiece, the Local Hell Fairy.
  • Wild and Horned Hermit: Local Hermit makes suspiciously specific denial that she’s not a youkai. She’s a bad liar.
  • Forbidden Scrollery: Local Human Bookworm gets way in over her head. Repeatedly. On purpose.

Written Stories & Trivia Books:

  • Curiosity of Lotus Asia: Local Shopkeep recounts his experiences with some of the rather eccentric personalities in Gensokyo. 
  • Cage in Lunatic Runagate: A bunch of characters reflect on the events of Silent Sinner in Blue.
  • Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red: A collective work of articles from Local Nosy Tengu Reporter.
  • Perfect Memento in Strict Sense: Book from Local Archiver, recording information on various personalities in Gensokyo, part 1. How truthful the contents are is probably another story.
  • The Grimoire of Marisa: Local Thieving Witch really wants to steal everyone’s spell cards.
  • Symposium of Post-Mysticism: Book from Local Archiver, recording information on various personalities in Gensokyo, part 2. Her sources are dubious.

CD Stories:

  • Dolls in Pseudo Paradise: 10 outsiders become the unwitting participants of an Agatha Christie-like murder story.
  • Ghostly Field Club: Local Outsiders Renko and Merry explore a graveyard in the dead of night.
  • Changeability of Strange Dream: Local Outsider Merry recounts the dreams she’s had of Gensokyo. Questions reality. And her sanity. 
  • Retrospective of 53 minutes: Local Outsiders Renko and Merry ride a train! And talk about the current state of the world outside gensokyo while doing so.
  • Magical Astronomy: Local Outsiders Renko and Merry want to take the new space tour of the moon! Turns out they’re too expensive.
  • Trojan Green Asteroid: Local Outsider Merry dreams herself onto an abandoned space satellite thought to be lost. Partner in crime Renko gets jealous and wants to go with. Turns out it’s not a dream.
  • Neo-traditionalism of Japan: Merry gets hospitalized due to events in the space satellite. Has visions of what she thinks is hell. Turns out she dreamed herself back in time and witnessed the birth of japan.
  • Dr. Latency’s Freak Report: Renko and Merry write a book! And discuss the plausibility of youkai existing in reality along the terms of quantum physics.
  • Dateless Bar “Old Adam”: Renko and Merry investigate a bar full of people spreading conspiracy theories and supernatural rumors. They get very drunk in the process.
Rewritten, Chapter 11: Zelda’s Awakening

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“’It’s going to fire, and it’ll hit me, and then you run,’ he explained, casting her the briefest glance over his shoulder as the Guardian began to target him. He savoured looking at her, and tried to tell her, with his eyes, what he’d felt for so long. He had no time to tell her now. It was no use.”

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Okay, so my favorite Vox Machina height headcanons are tall!Keyleth and smol!twins. With how long I go on, I’m probably gonna make the smol!twins another post

Just thinking about gangly awkward Keyleth, who hasn’t quite gotten used to her height. Her antlers and giant blooming flowers (because she has to braid the best seasonal flowers into her hair and they seem to take weeks to wilt) getting caught on low doorways. Parts of Kraghammer were a nightmare. She can’t quite make the dwarf size beds comfortable, so she turns into Minxy and goes to cuddle up with Grog (she realizes the Goliath never complains about beds or anything else being too small for him, but everything must feel like it’s not made for him) 

Keyleth, who’s always been tall for her age, finally growing into it. She learns to stand tall, to hold her head up high. It takes time (sometimes she still feels a bit like a stumbling baby deer who’s just learned to walk) but she gets there. Grog tries to teach her how to loom over people (she trips half the time) 

People make weird comments out in the world about her height. Vax and Scanlan like to ask how the weather is up there (she always says that it’s lovely and it’s Pike who gently explains that they’re teasing her) Nobles at grand functions (who should really mind their own business actually) gently pat her hand and say it must be so hard for her to find a dance partner (the looks on their faces are priceless when Pike or Vex or Percy stride up to pull her onto the dance floor)

Though she’s not quite as tall as Grog, she’s found she can run almost as fast as him, even while carrying a gnome. Piggyback races become a regular event (when they’re not busy fighting dragons anyway) Scanlan’s (usually) a perfect gentleman when she lets him scramble up on her back, although she runs a little better with Pike cheering her on and laughing wildly as she tries to steer Keyleth by the antler woven into her hair

Being tall does make kissing a little awkward sometimes, but usually it’s even better. The twins up on tip toe to press matching kisses to her cheeks. Percy realizing the reach is a bit too much when he wants to surprise her, so he presses a gentle kiss to the back of her hand instead. Pike likes to take running leaps into her arms (Keyleth might like that best, when she catches Pike and spins her around) And calm, no nonsense Kashaw still always has to dip her dramatically when he plants one on her (actually it’s pretty hard to pick a favorite method)

Hugs are best though. She’s the perfect height to tuck Vex in close so she can rest her chin on beautiful dark hair. Just right for yanking Vax in to hold him tight for a moment before he disappears into the shadows. But she’s not too tall to fold herself into Grog’s chest (sometimes she just needs to hear his heartbeat against her ear after a fight that went too, too long)

Tall!Keyleth is great okay

Hollyhock (Alcea rosa) - fecundity, female ambition

Long, sturdy stalks with explosions of colour, flecked with sparkling gold dust. The Hollyhock is a beautiful, majestic plant, bursting through any space in the pavement it can find in my neighbourhood these days. In gardens, too- this is the time when the Hollyhock takes over. From the palest pink to the darkest, nearly black purple, there’s no way you can look past these giant blooms that greet you at eye level, challenging you to look.

Originating in the Far East (in Kyoto, the Aoi Matsuri is a big annual event), traded with the Middle East (where its remains were found in Tutankhamun’s coffin), and then brought to Europe during the Crusades, this plant has undergone quite a journey without experiencing much hardship. Even though it is a biannual plant, its seeds spread and take hold easily in many soils unfit for other plants. Even it wasn’t such an easy plant, the gorgeous blooms make it popular enough to humans and insects alike; it is welcome wherever it goes.

In the language of flowers, hollyhock signifies fecundity, and female ambition. Of course, floriography is a Victorian art, and “female ambition” is no longer merely linked to a woman’s ability to have children: rather, the fertility of her mind, being able to plant herself in many types of soil and passing down her ideas to the next generations that will grow big and strong, anywhere the seeds are planted.

(illustration and writing by Mira Gryseels)

Sizzle, Pop, Boom

Some Johnlock summer fluff

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“Fireworks,” Sherlock grumbles. “Ridiculous.”

“Might as well make the best of it,” John says. “C’mon, it could be fun.”

“Fun?” Sherlock counters sarcastically. “As much fun as that atrocious parade with tractors and the Cattle Queen?”

“You chose the case,” John reminds him. “Wasn’t my idea to fly to the middle of U.S.-fucking-nowhere on the Fourth of July.”

“It was a missing rabbit…” Sherlock mutters, then capitulates. “Fine. Fireworks.”

They drive to a park and find a grassy slope under an oak tree. John spreads out a blanket and produces a bag filled with sandwiches, crisps, and several bottles of beer.

They eat, watching the sunlight fade. Cicadas drone and fireflies appear above the dewy grass, lazily blinking out their luminescent signals of seduction.

They stretch out alongside each other, gazing up through the leaves at the now dark sky.

Sssssssssss Pop!

They both sit up, catching the trails of a giant sparkling bloom filling the horizon. They watch silently, shimmering stars, streaks, and blossoms hissing and shrieking and sizzling in hot reds, electric blues, sulfurous greens, incandescent whites.

Their shoulders nudge closer, knees touching, fingers brushing. John tilts his head up slightly, Sherlock slowly lowers his mouth.

Intense bursts of light, a cacophony of reverberations in their chests, their eyes drift shut, their lips meet.

Boom. Boom.


Happy summer!

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For horrortober, can you do 12 for asgore?

Day 12 -  Your new neighbor never leaves his house at daylight. Then you notice a faint smell of decay.

Asgore liked his new house on the surface. It was a few miles away from the nearest town, on a big field he was slowly turning into a giant, blooming garden. There were two other houses, all standing several yards away from each other, Asgores being the one on the utmost right, while an empty one was on the utmost left, almost in the nearby forest. The one in the middle has been empty not long ago too, most residents only living in this houses for a short time, everything being too far away to be comfortably accessed by foot or car.

Asgore liked the solitude, the quiet. He was used to loneliness, but the often visits of his friends and family made it a pleasant and of loneliness here on the surface. His neighbors, usually being friendly and open, often invited him over for cake, while he, in turn, invited them for tea. But he hadn’t had the chance to do the same with his newest, and now only, neighbor.

He remembered waking up late at night to the sound of scraping, the sound of car tires and engines. He saw furniture being carried into his neighbor’s house. Asgore did wonder why somebody would move so late at night. Well, maybe his new neighbor lived far away, and traffic here on the surface was something neither humans nor monsters found pleasant or fast.

He saw his new neighbor from far away, only a dark shape moving through the garden, rummaging in the shed, carrying things inside and the shed. carry some things out again. Asgore went to bed.

Asgore decided to introduce himself the next morning, the mysterious stranger who lived next to him now had a face. Brown hair, not light but also not dark, pale but still somehow healthy looking. Very normal human being, even though their sense of fashion was…peculiar.

A large brimmed hat, sunglasses, a turtleneck, long pants, gloves, and shoes. And all that inside. The inside of the house was a tad strange too, all windows were covered by thick curtains, it was pitch black, except for the few stray candles illuminating some surfaces.

Asgore greeted them friendly, receiving a short, but polite hello. They weren’t stepping outside, not opening the door fa, only peaking outside through a small gap. Asgore and, how his new neighbor introduced themself, Max, exchanged a few pleasantries, before parting ways again.

Asgore didn’t see his neighbor very often afterward. He saw them shuffling outside at night a few times, often heading for the woods, or rummaging in the shed in their garden. He brought tea and biscuits over a few times and sometimes woke up to a little basket, filled with pastries the next day.

Things were going well, his neighbor wasn’t loud, Asgore himself wasn’t either, no complaints from both sides they lived next to each other for weeks and months. 

At least until the smell became too strong to ignore.

It was..rancid at best. Rotten. Strong and repulsing. The kind of smell that made families move to a different place and even the sweetest grandmas swear like sailors. And it was getting very penetrant, worse with each day.

Sighing, Asgore made his way back home. It was the third time he went over to Max, knocking on their door, trying to ask them about the smell that was wafting over to his house. The first time he mentioned it, Max locked themself up in their house. They didn’t leave at night anymore. They didn’t leave at day either. They didn’t open when Asgore brought over tea and left no baskets in front of his doorstep any longer.

Asgore wasn’t one to snoop in other peoples things. But the smell was getting worser and worser, and he had to think of his family and friend coming to visit him in only a few days. He sighed, walking through his yard, into his neighbors. No fence separated their yards, Asgore often taking care of all the gardens while nobody lived in the houses next to his. He looked through the windows, seeing Max, sitting in an armchair, watching TV through a small gap in the curtains.

Quietly, so he wouldn’t draw attention to himself, Asgore walked through the yard, looking for any dead animals or something else that would explain the terrible smell.

He couldn’t find anything, just following the smell to were it was the worst. The shed. That close to the small, wooden building, Asgore could hear flies, swarms of flies, buzzing loudly inside, some coming trough the sligthly parted door, some others entering.

Asgore had his mouth and nose covered by his shirt collar, coughing and retching every time he breathed in that terrible smell. He took one, deep breath, preparing himself for what was waiting inside, pushing the door open.

He expected a lot of things, he had seen enough in his lifetime to fuel his imagination. A dead animal that got trapped in the shed, piles of dead animals his neighbor hunted in the forest. Humans his neighbor killed and deposited inside. But none of them were, his neighbor, who he just saw sitting inside the house, death, rotten, in a puddle of dried blood on the floor, a heavy piece of furniture covering half their body, squishing it flat.

“You should come inside. We..we have to talk”, Asgore turned around, seeing his neighbor standing in the back door, still dressed in layers, and layers of clothes.

There were a lot of reasons to mistrust them, to just go back home, to call the police, to move to somewhere far away immediately. There were a lot of reasons not to go inside, sit down with a warm tea on the comfortable, but the dusty sofa, and listen to his new neighbor. But Asgore still did the later, still decided to trust them, to listen to them.

Max moved from a far away city, no friends, no family, just wanting a quiet life in their old years, just wanting to enjoy walks in the forest, warm evenings in front of the fireplace. But they were already quite old, moving heavy furniture wasn’t an easy task for them, the heavy wardrobe was too much. They somehow managed to drag it into the shed, not having an empty space for it inside the house. It toppled over, and they woke up inside the shed the next morning, their body still lying under the furniture. 

Trying to walk through the sun, they started fading, barely making it inside, covering every window with curtains, covering every bit of bare skin with clothes. They couldn’t leave at day, taking the walks in the forest at night, bonding with their new neighbor, hoping they still could get some more time. Some more life to enjoy. After the smell became stronger, they knew their body would soon be discovered. They tried hiding in their house, trying to buy themself some more time.

But now they knew it was too late. They couldn’t spend all their life living in this empty house, unable to leave at day. Hell, they couldn’t even buy groceries.

They placed a strangely warm, strangely alive hand on Asgore large paw. “I know it is a lot to ask, especially after I cause you so much trouble. But could you take care of my body? I just want to know it in good hands, that I will get a proper furniral.”

Asgore nodded slowly, promising he would look after everything Max left behind. He would make sure their body wouldn’t be left to rot in that small, cramped shed. Max smiled, looking outside through a gap in the curtains, sighing defeated, but content.

The last thing Asgore saw of his neighbor, was them walking towards the woods, humming a soft melody, fading with each step.

Jungkook - Forgive Me

A/N: Here is the last for the Halloween week… I’m going to give a warning…. This one shot will hurt you, you will hate me by the end, I guarantee it.

word count: 5,140

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The hatred seeping through his veins was plentiful to fuel a jet plane. He knew this would happen, but his emotions weren’t prepared for this. Anything to do with emotions he wasn’t prepared for in general. He hasn’t even fully gotten control over his emotions in the first place. Now with this added on top, he is going to fall.

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Derp Emblem: Method of the Manaketes

…okay, they at least use some fancy special effects if you ask me. I mean, how else do they make a giant flower bloom out of nowhere? The Taguel are no better. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go prepare for the arrival of our new, eternal ruler.

But hey look, new comic! Hopefully this is a sign we’ll be back to a regular schedule soon~